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Gibson Corvus Guitar

Gibson Corvus I ( 1982-1984 )

In 1982 Gibson came out with an electric gibson odd shaped guitar , it had a solidbody with an offset v-type cut , bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard , volume and tone controls , ,one humbucker pickup and called it the Gibson CORVUS I guitar .

The standard finish was silver gloss , other finishes include yellow , orange and were available at a different costs ( not much differnce in price ) . These Gibson guitars were discontinued in 1984

Gibson Corvus II ( 1982-1984 )

During the same time (1982 to 1984 ) gibson also introduced the Gibson corvus II guitar , the guitar was the same as the Corvus I but with 2 humbuckers and two volume controls , one was a master volume control .

Gibson Corvus III (1982-1984 )

The Gibson Corvus III electric guitar was the same as the Corvus I, but with three single coil pickups , a five way switch , one master volume and one tone control . ( see pic ) Courtesy of ebay . Discontinued in 84.

These gibson electric guitars were also made in silver , yellow , orange and several other colors .

Vintage Guitars Price Value For 2009 :

1982 - 1984 > $475 TO $525 ( Corvus I )
1982 - 1984 > $475 to $575 ( Corvus II )
1982 - 1984 : $550 to $650 ( Corvus III )

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  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Gibson Corvus is wicked :D
    If you want more photos of this guitar, feel free to e-mail me :)

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    The Corvus is probably the ugliest Gibson guitar ever. By the way, great blog for Gibson players.

    A. Allard.

  3. Anonymous11:09 PM

    lol - i do agree with you its a little awkward looking .

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    got one. bought a silver III about 10 years ago, for $250 at a pawn shop. sounds great. hard to hold sitting down. when looked at front on it looks like a bird in flight, wings down, going rightward.

    corvus is latin for crow.

  5. Anonymous9:42 AM

    These guitars were actually popular during the early eighties ( kiss era ) ... but were short lived ... i dont like the corvus guitar very much but i wouldnt mind having one just for keeps .

  6. Anonymous11:23 AM

    had one for 15 years. great guitar.

  7. I've had a Corvus II for over ten years. I bought it a a guitar shop for $200. Had never seen one before or even heard of one but i'm into Flying V's and Explorers so i thought it looked cool and it was a Gibson(big plus). I always thought it looked like an executioners axe. Well it is a great axe and it sound and plays terrific ( just like a gibson)

  8. Anonymous6:18 AM

    got one too. the neck is heavier than the body so it tilts down. annoying while you're playing.
    i always a bit embarresed playing it in public.
    anyone know how much it's worth??

  9. Anonymous8:15 PM

    seen some gibson corvus guitars sell on ebay for $450

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I just got a black Corvus III off ebay a week ago (this is late May '07). I paid about five hundred bucks for the guitar and original case, plus shipping. In my opinion it was worth every penny and more. The only downside is I'm a large person (6'255lbs), and the body looks humorously dinky when I'm wearing it. But it plays and sounds great, and I'm quite happy with it.

  11. I'm confused with the description of the Corvus. My Corvus doesn't have a bolt-on neck and has different pickups, knobs and toggle switch. The previous owner might have changed the hardware, but it still doesn't explain the single-piece body. Would love any thoughts on this.

  12. There was also a set neck version with dual humbuckers called the Futura. I bought mine as a custom shop order (in a lovely shade of purple) somewhere back in the 80's, still enjoy its goofiness.

  13. Anonymous5:58 PM

    the corvus is sosososososoooooo sweeeet! i want a yellow one. there is never a good one anywhere!

    if anyone finds one, TELL ME!

  14. Anonymous3:57 PM

    i recently found one on ebay and had to battle another guy for it. a yellow '83 corvus I. it just came in today but i cant pick it up until tomorrow. in all including shipping and whatnot i paid $585 for the guitar and original case, which i need a new one because its all scratched up from the previous owner's cat. if it werent for that jerk i woulda saved 50 bucks. ha. life in the big city.

  15. I have a Black Corvus II with mirrored pick guard, black knobs, ebony fretboard, and sounds deep south blues style. I love it, and have had it since 1997.

    If one of you are seriously interested in buying it, I'll sell it for a realistic price.


  16. Does anyone have a yellow Corvus to sell? I'm looking for one and here's my price range based on models condition..
    1982 - 1984 > $300 TO $500 ( Corvus I )

    1982 - 1984 > $410 to $500 ( Corvus II )

    1982 - 1984 : $500 to $650 ( Corvus III )
    If it is in perfect condition or with case I will pay more. Send me an e-mail with pictures. Thanks. my e-mail is diputswabsb@hotmail.com. And if you post after me i will get it in my email.

  17. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Gibson Corvus Is My Favorite Guitar, I Love Anything Out Of The Ordinary And BINGO! There It Is!

  18. Anonymous8:12 PM

    i love how the corvus looks. all of my friends think it is the ugliest they have seen. the few people who like it told me they like it because it is different. i dont like it because it is different, i like it because it is the most beautiful ive seen.

  19. Anonymous11:35 AM

    i love my Gibson Corvus. I just bought one of ebay so ignore my offer above. I got it for $550. I would have got it for $350 but i had to fight someone. It feels super light. When i got it i thought it might have been a kids size but i put it agaist my other guitar and it was about the same size. The only problem is that its neck heavy but the best way to play it is setting down.

  20. Anonymous3:03 PM

    i posted a comment a few months ago the day before i picked up my corvus. as i said its a corvus I that i paid 585 for (a little pricey) including the original case and shipping but i love it. it has great tone and a sound unlike any guitar ive ever heard. the action was high when i got it (much like an SG's) but it was easy to adjust. there are a few dings on it and a previous owner actually scratched a game of tic-tac-toe into the back of it on the upper side of the v-cut. i would highly suggest buying one to whoever is thinking about it. they are neck heavy but it doesnt take long to get used to playing it. I LOVE MY CORVUS.

  21. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I think the corvus is one of the coolest guitars i have ever seen. I first saw it on guitar hero and now i want a white one. It would be sweet

  22. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I have a corvus III and I find it to be a thing of great beauty. It also sounds excellent ! Had the original case but lost it at the old Grammercy Park Hotel. *sigh If you have my guitar case, please give it back.

  23. Anonymous12:46 PM

    P.S. That was the Grammercy Park Hotel in New York City in case you have my case !

  24. I do want to add a side comment. I have owned a Gibson Corvus iii for quite sometime now. Mine has 3 humbuckers in it and I do believe that they are factory. This is a slight variation of the original entry. Yes, this is the ugliest guitar in the world, but so fun to play in public. It is definitely a conversation starter.

  25. Anonymous1:47 PM

    The band 'Compact Deity' uses the Gibson Corvus exclusively.
    You can see them in pictures on their homepage and myspace page.
    Pickup configurations aside, they're a bit like Strats (same wood, i believe). They look and sound great!

  26. I have had my Corvus for about 20 or so years. When I first got it, it had two humbuckers, two volume knobs and two tone knobs. I have since modded it to have one mater volume and one master tone and added an on off switch for each pickup. I still can't figure out what series the guitar is but I love to play it. Great Gibson neck and tone for days.

  27. Anonymous1:10 PM

    DAVE-how much will you offer for you'r beautiful gibso corvus which i mostly dessire. I live in wales and my dream is to own a corvus and would you pay for shipping if you do then i worship a picture of you man. My email address is(cjc3612@hotmail.co.uk)rock on dude.

  28. Anonymous1:13 PM

    could u send me a few pictures please

  29. Anonymous10:51 PM

    somone stole my corvus last night

  30. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Im trying to find out the value of my 1984 Gibson Corvus. It's all original in good condition. It has a red wine colored finish with black covered dual humbucker pickups,and a tremelo system that has the gibson logo ingraved in it. I also have the gibson hard shell case for it that is in fair condition.

  31. Anonymous7:53 AM

    my grandpa just gave me a corvus. its in perfect condition with the origonal case and the key to the case.it is my favorite guitar now and it has an awesome sound to it.

  32. I had a Corvus III in natural finish. Thought I would comment because I didn't see this finish mentioned above. It was a very cool guitar. Very light and nearly made the Strat sound, but was warmer in tone.

  33. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I'm a Corvus II owner. Got It 20 years ago for $300 with original case. A competitor shop owner dissed me on a floral Jem, so I ended up with an RG550. The extra cash me to buy this guitar. My friend won a Ventura in 86,and it was the only other type I have seen in person. Mine is yellow and mint (KEEPING IT). Glad to hear others like theirs as well!

  34. Matze3:29 PM

    This guitar is extremly wicked. I love it since I first saw it! Now I got one and I'm so pleased about that...

  35. Daveinspain2:22 PM

    I just bought a Corvus III, all original and in mint condition with the original hard case. No nicks dents or scratches... the only issue is some slight pitting on the chrome tuners and bridge. I hope I can clean that up. I paid $666

  36. got my corvus one last week easy play great sound my wife sz its
    beautiful so it must be original case traded a bass and a guitar for it
    may be a bad deal but im happy....got it at subway guitars
    berkley ca best guitar shop i have ever been in

  37. Anonymous6:16 AM

    The upscale version was the Futura, as noted elsewhere here, with gold-plated hardware, ebony fingerboard, and two humbuckers. The 1983 Futura is the one I own, bought in 1990, brand new, as it sat on the shelf for seven years in the store, overlooked. While I have a 1979 ES-335, I often enjoy something a little different in both looks and sound. The Futura delivers on both counts. Even though it is somewhat unbalanced (neck-heavy), the playability and sound is among the best, and it is often my guitar of first choice.

  38. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Had the prototype SN 0001.Set neck, 2 weird pickups,gloss black. Sold it on Ebay for many times the $400 I spent at Guitar Center in '81

  39. Anonymous4:18 AM

    i have 1 havent played it in years my girlfreinds son is restoring it for me for his senior project

  40. Anonymous5:16 PM

    had a purple one in the early eighties it was nice came with gold hardware

  41. I have a 1983 SN corvus l ( all black, single humbucker ) willing to sell... please e mail me for information, photos...etc

    ScottEdwards33@gmail.com peace!

  42. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I have a 1983 Corvus I in gloss black.
    It's set up perfect and plays beautifully.
    It's in great shape with only minimal finish
    wear, perfect frets and is in all original condition.

    If anyone is interested, it's for sale.
    Contact me for pictures!


  43. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Got a mystery one.

    It's a Corvus III (3 single coils, 5-way switch, tone and volume knobs). The headstock has Epiphone (in cursive) and USA. The back of the headstock has "Original Gibson Prototype" and is serial number 001.

    Any thoughts on how it came about or history? I can't find much information on prototypes and the fact that it's an Epiphone made in the USA is weird.

  44. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I have a new Corvus, stored for 28 years, in the original case.
    It's white. Single coil and humbucker.

    Perfect except for one scratch on front where my daughter threw a toy and hit it....uggghhhh!

    Corvus I. I believe.
    Best offer over $500.

  45. I will buy each and every Corvus III that is original and in good shape. Hit me up at Groovylessons@aol.com and consider it sold. Yep, it has 3 single coil pickups, no whammy etc. Just to weed out the tons of modified stuff out there. Thanks.
    Scott Grove

  46. Again, anybody selling an all original Corvus, I'm buying them all. So, email me at groovylessons@aol.com
    Scott Grove

  47. Got hooked on them years ago. They are the best. Really can't decide which one of my ebony neck Corvus II's is the most serious contender for my favorite guitar, but I love 'em all - and I also have Les Pauls, Firebirds, SGs and various Fenders in the stable. It's so ludicrous to read all the negative BS about how "ugly" they are ... they are TOOLS for the "working musician" and that is the ONLY criteria they should be judged on. I think on that basis they are BEAUTIFUL. And they do the job much better than 90% of the guitars that I've ever played. KILLER TONE, "FRETLESS WONDER"-TYPE ACTION AND LIGHT WEIGHT ... these guitars were designed for serious players, NOT for the "follower of fashion."