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Gibson es 135

Gibson Es 130 ( 1954 - 1956 )

vintage gibson es-135In 1954 Gibson introduced The gibson es 130 archtop guitar , it was non cutaway , had one pickup , bound body , sunburst finish and was renamed the gibson es 135 in 1956 .

Gibson Es 135 ( 1956 to 1958 )

The Gibson es 135 was introduced officially in 1956 and was discontinued in 1958 , the guitar was very similar to the es 130 .

Specs : archtop , non cutaway , one P-90 pickup , laminated beveled-edge pickguard , bound body and fingerboard , sunburst finish , and the name (es-135) was reused on a thin body in the 1990s .

Gibson es 135 thinline ( 1991 to 2002 )

dave matthew playing on a gibson es-135Starting from 1991 gibson reintroduced the gibson es 135 with some changes , they were archtop thinline ( thin body see pic ) guitars ,

laminated maple bodies ,unbound rosewood fingerboards , they had two p-100 pickups, gold or chrome hardware ,

had a pointed cutaway, and came in various colors . They also made a limited edition in tha late 90s .

Vintage Guitar Price Value :
1954 to 1956 > $1250 to $1500 ( ES-130 )
1956 to 1958 > $1250 to $1500 ( ES-135 )
1991 to 2002 > $850 to $1150 ( ES-135 Thinline )

guitar price guide1954 -1956 > Avg Upward Trend Of 9% a Year since 2000
1956 - 1958 > 10% 1991 - 2002 > 3%

Note : Gibson es-135 thinlines with stoptail are worth a little more than es-135 guitars with trapeze .


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    The photo of the black guitar looks more like
    an ES-446 than an ES-135. The ES-446 has a
    smaller body and has a solid spruce top rather than maple-plywood.

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I have a 1994 cherry red 135 with P90 pickups. I absolutely love it but feel that the pickups are not bright or powerful enough for me. I have seen them with humbuckers and have been contemplating having some fitted to my guitar because I have occasionally had humming problems when playing loudly close to the amplifier, hence the thought of changing pickups.
    135s do not seem to be very common and I like the rarity value, the chunky neck and the feel that you are playing a "proper" guitar and not a plank!
    It is great for jazz and blues rather than rock.

  3. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I have a 2003 model with no f holes, with '57 Classics, and love the tone. It's very smooth and creamy on the neck and can have quite a bite and twang on the bridge. Very loud when played unplugged, too.

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  5. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I am not sure what year but probably just before they were discontinued. It is a es 135 H with a blue to black finish. Very versatile and the p 100 pickups are good for a wide range different styles of playing. can get some smooth mellow sounds for rhythm and jazz with the cutouts. Hot to get some great solid leads. If you are looking for one good all around git while you are developing your style this is the one and when you have a couple this is still gonna get some action cause you just have to pick up this sweet player.

  6. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Mine is a Tabaco burst with humbuckers rather than P90s. I love it and I picked it up for $990 from Craigslist!

  7. How does the ES-135 compare with either the Gibson ES-175 or the Epiphome ES-175 remake below? I know the Gibson ES-175 is a huge deal with many accolades over the years, but the bargain-priced Epiphome clone seems to be making a big stir.

    See review on the Epiphome below.

  8. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Just bought a 1995 es135. Shop said had P90's but note most comments suggest stock pickups were P100's. How can I tell the difference?

  9. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Bought a 1997 135 with P100's in and had them swapped out for Gibson Paf 59 humbuckers.
    Far sweeter and fuller tone.

  10. Anonymous11:45 AM

    ho una es 135 del 1992, io suono blues e i p100 sono i migliori pick up che io abbia usato hanno un suono dolce a meta tra un single coil ed un humbucking, la chitarra per qualita' e prezzo penso che sia una delle migliori peccato che non ne producono piu' con queste caratteristiche. il sunburst della cassa e' di colore caldo fantastico come fai a non innamorati di una chitarra cosi'

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Poster No.1 is right. Black guitar is an ES-446. Carved spruce top with bracing carved into the back of the top rather than glued on, braced into a solid 1 piece mahogany back/sides. 2 pieces of wood for body. Slimmer neck, more like a good Strat but with the Gibson fingerboard quality. 57 Classics. Incredible tones from this baby. Huge sustain. Beautiful harmonics. Sex on strings!

  12. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I own a 1991 Gibson ES-135 which I bought new in August '92. It had been hanging on the wall of the Fret Shop for several months and they had started marking it down. It is just a great sounding and playing guitar and every guitarist that has heard it loves the sound of the P90 pickups. It is as solid as a rock with a wood block inside the middle of the guitar to cut down on feedback so it is just very heavy to pick up and the case is solid and heavy as well. It is now 20 yrs. later and I am 66 yrs old but I just cannot bear to part with this baby.It is tobacco sunburst and I just wish that it had come with a Bigsby. Incredible sound for blues, jazz, country or pop!

  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I just bought a used 2002 black es-135. Cool guitar. More like a 175 than a 335. Another way to think of it is: a jazz guitar that wont feed back. Thats not how i use it though. i play blues and rock with it.
    I love the pickups but I changed the volume pots because I hate Gibson's pots.
    It seemed to open up the sound a bit- and its definitely an improvement.
    Overall, the guitar is definitely a keeper!

  14. Is there anyway to get a work order sheet from gibson or online for a Es135 serial # 03122701