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Gibson Es 175 Guitar ( 1949-1971 )
1957 gibson es 175
The gibson es-175 guitars were one of the most important electric archtop guitars ever to come out of kalamazoo , its an all time classic and was a true players guitar .

During the 50s the gibson es 175 was extremely popular because it was affordable ($175) , and it had that deep body , warm , distinctive woodiness sound which was found only in more expensive gibson guitars such as the johnny smith and the L-5 .

The Es-175 was introduced in 1949 , it has a single pointed cutaway , one sunk in cavity pickup in the neck position (p-90) , bound body top and back , double parallelogram fingerboard inlays and were made in natural and sunburst finishes .

herb ellisIn 1957 the p-90 pick ups were replaced with a humbucker pickup , es-175 guitars were Discontinued in 1971 .

Vintage Prices For 2008 :
1949 - 1951 > $4500 to $5500 ( p90 pickups)
1952 - 1956 > $4000 to $4500
1957 - 1959 > $6000 to $7000 (Humbucker)
1960 - 1964 > $4500 to $6000
1965 - 1966 > $3500 to $4000
1967 - 1969 > $4500 to $6000 ( Black )
1967 - 1971 > $2400 to $3000 ( various colors )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 12% a Year since 2000

The es-175 was played by jazz guitar virtuosos like Kenny Burell , Jim Hall , Herb Ellis ,Joe Pass ,Pat Metheny , and some rock guitarists such as Steve Howe , Mark Knopfler and more .

Gibson Es 175 d ( 1952 To Present )

joe pass playing an es-175d In 1953 gibson also introduced the es 175 but with double p-90 pickups and called it the es-175d , in 1957 the p-90 pickups were replaced with humbuckers , these guitars are still in production .

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1952 - 1956 > $5500 to $7000 ( p-90 )
1957 - 1959 > $11000 to $13000 ( Humbuckers )
1960 - 1963 > $5000 to $7500
1964 - 1966 > $3900 to $5700
1967 - 1969 > $3300 to $4000 ( various colors )
1970 - 1979 > $3000 to $3500
1980 - 1999 > $2000 to $2500

guitar price guide1952 - 1967 : Avg Upward Trend Of 12% a Year since 2000
1967 - 2000 : Avg Upward Trend Of 4% a Year since 2000

Note : 60s models with PAFs can be sold for more .

Other gibson es 175 guitar models were made along the way such as the es 175 t and the es 175 cc . The es-175t was introduced in 1978 , it was the same guitar but thinline , single pointed cutaway , 2 humbuckers and were made in natural , sunburst and wine red finishes , were discontinued in 1980 . Price valued at $2400 to $2700 .

The es 175 cc had one charlie christion pickup and were made in walnut and sunburst colors
discontinued in 1979 . Price : $3000 to $3300

In 1991 , gibson also introduced the es 165 herb ellis model which is based on the es-175 ( single pickup , parallelogram inlays , hollow body , later on gibson started making the es 165 with a floating neck pickup and a volume knob on the pick guard . )

Gibson Es-175 Guitars For Sale
Used and vintage gibson es-175 guitars on ebay.

New Gibson Es-175 /165 Guitars For Sale
Info and prices on gibson es-175 reissues .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello,- Is the Es 175 made in Ebony in the late 80´s?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I recently obtained a Gibson ES-175 thinline that was made in 1971...its a spectacular guitar and is by by far the best playing guitar that i own


  Posted By : Blogger John and Susan

Hello, this may be a silly question but on reviewing pics of a tune-o-matic bridge I've noticed the intonation adjustment screws facing both ways. Some pics show the screws facing the tailpiece and some show them facing the neck. Any thoughts?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1979 in what appears to be burgundy.
Maybe it's a wine red but it's darker than all the wine red's I've ever seen.
I bought it new and am the original owner. It's barely been used/ played all these years, been in my closet.
Any Idea what it's worth? (So I insure it properly).


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello - was the ES-175 made in either red or wine color in the 60's or 70's, please? (I'm new to the Gibson hollow body line) Thank you!


  Posted By : Blogger dolike

Hello , I own a Es 175 1964 one pick- up great guitar .. good shape .
I'm ready to let it go . dalecky@gmail.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I own a 1959 es175d. 2 PAF pickups
If you are intereted in purchasing, please contact


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I was given an ES 175 by a friend and I'm interested in finding out the year. Is there any place that I can go to type in the serial number to find out what year it was made and perhaps how much it is worth?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Re: Serial#,age,value:

Try Mandolin Brothers in NYC
Go to their website to get the phone#
Stan Jay (owner) is a certified Gibson Guitar appraiser and was very helpful over the phone. He also did a great appraisal for my
'59' 175D


  Posted By : Blogger mrgibson01

I have a 1968 Gibson ES-175 D in black for sale if interested email me at mikesmisc.com@comcast.net

Also, I have a question...did any of the ES-175 T thinlines come without the trapeze tailpiece and possibly a tune-o-matic type tailpiece? Let me know via the same email and thanks.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just got a Blonde Gibson ES-175D serial 80180109. So Jan 18, 1980 Kalamazoo. I just have a question, what type of humbuckers were used in this beauty?


  Posted By : Anonymous Scott

I have a 1957 ES175D serial number A25996 for sale in fair condition minus the humbucker pickups, needs some repair work otherwise she's a beauty! Make me an offer. I can be reached @904.248.1979 or scott@americanhomefunding.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Kim Fahnoe

I have a 1958 ES175D serial number A30421 for sale Original case perfect condition, for sale!


  Posted By : Blogger enzmusic

I wonder about neck shapes. I am looking for a 175 with a slim neck and low action.


  Posted By : Blogger enzmusic

I wonder about neck shapes. Which ones have slim necks and are made for low action? cheers, pat


  Posted By : Blogger brandon

you can go to Gibson.com and go under costumer severe and there is a place to tell u when it was made


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Why the price of the 165 it´s so cheaper than the 175, if it´s almost the same guitar?


  Posted By : Anonymous Mike Pignataro

Hi,I have a 1978 es175t sunburst finish had the front pickup raised a little,got deeper low tones that were cutting out. also changed the tuners from the gibsons that keep going out of tune to Schallers. This guitar was made in Kalamazoo Mich. Plays very nicely and has a very clean tone excellent for jazz or standards.Atthat time I payed $400.dollars for the guitar & case new,wounder what it's worth now ?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1960 ES175-D. {A34260}. Sunburst, both pick-ups have the PAF stickers. OHSC {Lifton} Can be seen at mygear.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

looks like noone responds here anyway!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a 1958 Gibson 175-D A28408 guitar. And, of course, Humbuckers have exception tone qualities. its left handed, i was told that Gibson only made 3 left handed 175-d that year. can anyone tell me if this is correct? and can anyone please tell me what you think it would be worth today? the condition is 8.5 / 10 i can send pics thanks please email me at bworth81@gmail.com


  Posted By : Blogger Jonathan Teal

Hey, Ive gotta 51' gibson es175 thats had it's share of "Dings". I've had the back and sides re-finished and the plug 4 the amp cord pulled itself into the side, so I've had that patched up as well and installed on the top instead.If you could give me any advice on up-keep or anything else it would be greatly appreciated. My E-mail is crackkills.teal@gmail.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

MY Gibson was handed down from my uncle in 1985 ,He purchased new from Sears in 1959 for $350 it has double Humbuckers,color blonde pearl frett inlays on neck. Has been stored in case for most of the time I have owned it.Model #ES 175 ,SERIAL #U213221.I am trying to determine the value if I decide to sell it.My e-mail craigmorrisphoto@yahoo.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

What is the value of a 1969 es 175-d with tuners replaced with Grovers? It is in excellent condition.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi I have a Gibson ES 175D S/N 71248006 build by "Gibson inc.,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA"

does anyone know the build year and est. value (mint condition)?



  Posted By : Blogger jfender

I have an ES175, 1963. Very good condition- some finish light cracking on the front body-otherwise great condition. Case fair. 2 humbuckers. Sunburst. Aby idea what the value is? Thanks! Jay


  Posted By : Blogger Clyde

I have a gibson es175 serial#A4493. it was purchased in 1950 and is fair condition with some ware on back of neck due to use of clamp. Sunburst, one p90 pickup and org. case. I would like to know what it is worth. please email me at eldmacd@yahoo.com. Thank you.


  Posted By : Blogger Bob

Yes this is a dumb web site... for valuation of a guitar look for music shops in your city. Don't go to Guitar Center or the like. Also contact Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. George Gruhn is the expert. Valuable guitars were made between 1920 and 1970. Not all of them are collectible either. Counterfeits abound these days.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Doesn't look like this site gets too may respones but here goes. I havea 1967 Gibson ES-175D Factory Left Handed guitar. It is all original. Anybody have a clue the value? I can't imagine they made too many of these. I bought it in 1993 from a woman who told me her old boyfriend had left it to her in lieu of rent in the late 60's and it had sat unused for decades because she thought something was wrong with it and nobody could play it.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello, who will sell his es 175D lefty to me?
A super 400 or L5CES will be fine too
Hope to receive some reactions


  Posted By : Anonymous Izzy Feldman

I came across this site in a search for info on my 1991 ES-165, Herb Ellis model. Verified by Gibson thru the serial #, mine has a couple interesting traits that has befuddled (& amazed) the Gibson folk. There is NO "Herb Ellis" signature on the headstock,only the Gibson logo; it appears that a label was never glued inside the body (no traces of glue marks); no strap button on the top of the body. Been playing for 48 yrs, this is the finest axe I've ever owned & I've owned many Gibsons. Any ideas or comments appreciated.


  Posted By : Anonymous Billy Z

I am in the market to buy an Es 175, Must have wider neck 1 11/16, prefer a medium to full neck profile. One pickup or two. prefer original frets and pickups. Original case. Humbucker models only. pre 1965 preferably. Have late 60's es335 to trade cherry nice condition, original trapeze tail.



  Posted By : Anonymous Dave

From what I'm seeing on Ebay and The Gear Page, pricing seems to be just about the same or a little cheaper than it was three years later (i.e. your 2008 prices). Then again that was probably the height of the vintage gear bubble. Now's probably Good time to buy a vintage es 175.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1963 ES-175 in sunburst. I have the original non Gibson case and everything is original except one tone knob. Entertaining offers before fleabay. Contact me for more info if interested.




  Posted By : Blogger msylvah

I own a 1960 ES175N. Gibson only shipped 5 that year, none in '59, none in '61. 1 of 5 guitars shipped in 3yrs
In 2000 it was appraised @ $15,000. It is in great shape
with 1 small ding in the binding, re-issue 175 case.
I had to replace the Gibson tuners (with vintage). They crumbled, but I still have them! Factory order # stamped inside & orange label S# jive with early 1960. If anyone is serious in buying, msylvah@hotmail.com


  Posted By : Blogger Fabio Zeppetella masterclass

salve a tutti vorrei avere un consiglio, sono interessato all'acquisto di una gibson es 175 del 1967, numero di serie 061615 tutta originale e tenuta benissimo, sunburst, con un pickup al manico. quanto dovrebbe valere secondo voi? 3000 euro è un prezzo buono? grazie apresto!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Bonjour à tous
Pouvez vous me dater cette gibson ES175 couleur Naturel....Série number 7487...etiquette ovale blanche
Merci à tous


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

ES175 couleur Naturel. Pouvez vous me dater cette, etiquette ovale...Bonjour à tous


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