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Gibson Kalamazoo

Gibson Kalamazoo Guitar - Award Model ( 1978-1984 )

gibson kalamazoo award model guitar archtopIn 1978 gibson introduced the gibson kalamazoo award model , this guitar is not only a fine piece of art but also plays a significant role in gibsons history . In 1974 a new factory opened in nashville tennesse which slowly led to the closing of the production factory in kalamazoo in 1984.

The gibson kalamazoo award guitar was a limited edition , built in memory of the glory days when archtop guitars were at their extreme prime . The kalamazoo award model has the beauty , finesse and craftsmanship of the gibson citation and the characteristics of the johnny smith guitar combined ( floating pickup .....) .

The guitar is a single cutaway archtop, has bound f-holes , multiple bound tops and back , one mini humbucker , gold plated hardware , woodgrain pickguard with bird and branch abalone inlay , Kluson tuners , hand rubbed varnish finish , the kalamazoo award guitar was and remains one of gibsons finest hand carved guitars ever made. Discontinued in 1984 . ( click on pic to enlargen , courtesy of gruhn.com )

Vintage Price Value :
1978 - 1984 > $13 000 to $16000

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 6% a Year since 2000

I would love to get my hands on this babe , if anyone out there has this guitar for sale please post it in the comments I would be interested in buying it ... Domenic


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Dominic - I was interested in your account of the Kalamazoo Award. I have a very near mint one in dark sunburst from June 1980, signed by the designer, Wilbur Fuller. It is the only one I know of in the UK. I'll be interested in anything more you have or know about this model. Please contact me on my e-mail weist@tiscali.co.uk Roger, Yorkshire, UK.

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Dominic - I was looking for an old lp deluxe guitar I used to own. I had it customized at Boston Music Pro shop in the early 70's 70-73. It used to be a Gold Top. I had it striped and refinished with a clear coat finish. It came out beautiful. I also changed the pegs to Grovers and added Gold finish hardware. I noticed that someone by the name of Brian posted on your blog referring to an lp deluxe finished in a similar fashion fashion. I gave it to my nephew to use about 26 years ago. He traded it for a flying Vee and I have'nt seen it since. I can't remember the serial number but it did end with 78. In the post I noticed he sent you some pictures. Could you send them to me? If its the one I would be really interested in getting it back. Can you help? Please contact me. My email address is Billg@d-world.net

  3. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I have inherited a Nick Lucas antique guitar. It is an "f" hole with his signature on the peg head.I have never been able to find another to determine the value . I would like to sell, but have no clue as to the value. I have researched hundreds of pics but can't find a match. emailme with any data or inquiries.at floydbird@comcast.net thanks

  4. I have aearly 1930 kalazamoo guitar given to me after the death of my dad.I remember sitting in his guitar case while he sang and played.I am now 71 years old then. would this be a possible sell?It has been playedfor years and years.it is fairly worn with the years,but still looks good.Maby you could give me a price on its worth.Grannyof26@gmail.com THANK YOU

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Ihave a 1930 kalamazoo guitar given to me after the death of my dad.I use to sit in the guitar case while he played and sang.I am now 71 years old and I was 4 at that time.It has been played and played and worn with the years but still looks good.Wondered if anyone would be intrested in buyingit?He bought it when he was maby 18 or 19.he was born in 1911.Would love to hear if it sellable.Thank you Grannyof26@gmail.com

  6. hi i have a 1940 upright bass gibson made in kalamazoo mich. are u interested or do you know someone interested in this bass??
    thanks alot

  7. Anonymous11:19 PM

    i also have a guitar with nick lucas scribed in gold on the headstock with f-holes. does anyone know who made these guitars?

  8. john chamberlain2:30 PM

    Hi there, can anybody out there let me know of the top U.K expert on Kalamazoo acoustic of the 30's. I have one that I believe to be rare and need to get it looked at.
    Regards John

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I have just closed a deal on a 1978 kalazoo
    A/A award winner.

  10. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I've got a near mint Kalamazoo Oriole Arched front an rear acoustic Guitar from 1940-42.The bridge has slipped and needs an adjustment using the thumb screws.The only negatives are the scratches on the frets. It has the f holes.Measures 15 inches or so, across the widest point. I have no case. I would like to sell it,as well as a Mandolin Harp made in 1915 with the Panama Canal picture on it...great condition too. Instruction book and song book included.Email me for pictures, if interested.mrtrivia@vdn.ca

  11. Hi, I have a 1934-35 Gibson Kalamazoo,sunburst finish
    f hole,tortoise pickguard,archtop. would appreciate
    estimate of it's value. e/mail noffke@clear.net.nz

  12. Placida6:44 AM

    My husband inherited a1930's Kalamazoo, Gibson Guitar. I believe, it is one of only 4 or 5 made of that model. The number stamped on the inside neck block is "58 B followed by a red pencil mark of number "5". It has an inlaid Mother of Pearl neck. It has been a "working" guitar not a display. It has some wear but still looks good and plays & sounds beautiful. interested in selling it but need to know its approx. value. Thank You. placida521@hotmail.com

  13. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I have acquired my Dad's old Gibson Kalamazoo guitar and don't know what to do with it! It is quite worn with lots of scratches and needs re-stringing. I would be most grateful if someone could let me know if I can take it to anyone in the UK to have it serviced / valued, etc with a view to selling it.
    If you can help at all, please email mel@melandjohnsworld.com. Many thanks. Mel (UK)

  14. Anonymous1:20 PM

    anyone know if any fake Award models are turning up in the states...

  15. Re Gibson Kalamazoo Award The anonymous person Roger, Yorkshire, Uk has used my email address for some sad reason. Please note I do not have this guitar so please do not contact me in this regard. Hopefully Anonymous Roger will find some new way to communicate with others!!!