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The Market For Vintage Gibson Guitars

I found a great article from gibson that may interest some of you , has some great gibson history , info , and prices .... Also talks a little bit about the vintage market , Lloyd Loar F-5 mandolins , gibson flying V's and gibson explorers ....

"David Bonsey who is a reigning instrument expert at the Boston-based auction company Skinner Inc. has discovered and brokered some of the world’s most breathtaking and legendary vintage gibson guitars ....

- A 1958 explorer sold for $611,000
- 1959 Les Paul Standard, sold for $292,000
- 1939 Super 400, sold for $14,950

The market for vintage Gibsons has always been strong, but according to Gruhn, the upwards trend in prices “went berserk” starting in 2002"
.... Read more from gibson .

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  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Side note: The earliest date for a super 400 N is 1939, not 1940. It was X braced.