Gibson J-50

Gibson J-50 ( 1945 - prsent )
bob dylan playing the gibson j-50
The gibson j-50 acoustic guitar along with its brother ( j-45 ) are probably the most succesful acoustic guitars that gibson ever produced , guitar players love them because they have a natural sweet and loud tone at a reasonable cost .

The body countours , sound and the dynamics of the j-45 and the gibson j-50 permit them to be fairly versatile " its an all around players guitar " you can play country western music , blues , folk , blue grass ......etc.

The gibson J-50 is the same guitar as the gibson J-45 accept for a natural top finish. The j-45 was introduced in 1942 in sunburst finish , in 1945 gibson made the same version of the j-45 but in nautural finish and called them the gibson j-50 .

1968 gibson j-50 guitar In 1945 the gibson j-50 had a natural top finish , double bound top , round shoulders dreadnought shape ,mahogany back and sides ,tear drop pickguard , dot fingerboard inlays and gold logos .

In 1955 the j-50 guitars had larger pointed pickguards ( see pic ) , some had triple bound tops , and an additional 20th fret was added .

In 1968 some had white pickguards with gibson logos and in 1969 they had square shoulders .

Discontinued in 1985 , reintroduced in 1990 till 1995 , reintroduced again in 1999 .

Vintage Price Value For 2009 :
1945 - 1949 > $4900 to $6900 ( round shoulders )
1950 - 1957 > $4100 to $5300
1958 - 1962 > $3500 to $4200
1963 - 1969 > $2500 to $3400
1969 - 1970 > $2000 to $2400 ( Square Shoulders )
1971 - 1974 > $1200 to $1800
1975 - 1999 > $1000 to $1300

guitar price guide1945-1949 > Avg Upward Trend of 17% a year since 2000
1950-1957> 11% 1958-1962> 7% 1963-1969> 7% 1969-1999 > 7%

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson J-50 Guitars
You can find used or vintage gibson J-50 guitars for sale on ebay , however they don't have them all the time ....


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Hey I have a mint J50 from about 1962-1967 (not sure) what is the value? I have the strap, the case (case is beat up) and original picks?

    Any idea thanks

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    if you get the right buyer you can get anywhere from $2400 to $2700

    it would also help if you knew the exact date of your gibson j-50.

  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I have a J50, I believe it is 1958 because is has the "T" serial number, is that correct? Also, any idea as to what it would be worth? It is in really good shape.
    Thank you

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM

    yes its a 1958

    from 1952 to 1961 the letters that proceeds the factory order number denotes the year of manufacturer

    1952 Z
    1953 Y
    1954 X
    1955 W
    1956 V
    1957 U
    1958 T
    1959 S
    1960 R
    1961 Q

    your gibson j-50 is valued at $2800 to $3500 ... hope that helped

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I have a J50 in good shape from 1961. Any idea what its worth?

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    a 1961 gibson j-50 is worth $2700 to $3000 in the 2006 price guides with an upward trend for 2007 . all prices above will be updated for the new year by december-31 ..domenic

  7. Anonymous6:27 AM

    My father has a 1970 J50 Gibson and would love to know its value.

  8. Anonymous4:24 PM

    you'll have to wait after the new year for price values , gibson j-50 guitars went up in value ...

  9. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I have a J50 from the late 60's, round shoulders, with a stamp inside that says, "J50ADJ". What does the "ADJ" mean, and does it indicate the year of this guitar? Thanks.

  10. Anonymous6:37 AM

    ADJ is an abbreviation for "adjustable bridge" , gibson added adjustable bridges to the j-45 and j-50 during the 50's and 60's .... you can tell the year by the serial number found in back of the peghead ....

  11. Anonymous9:41 AM

    ADJustable. Got it, thanks. Looks like the serial # is 50U271. Does the "U" mean it's a 1957, or were they just repeating letters in the 60's?

  12. Anonymous6:10 PM

    No ,the numbers that you see above are FON numbers not serial numbers ...from 1952 to 1961 these numbers are found on the neck block or inside the the sound hole of the guitar ...

  13. Anonymous11:30 PM

    i have an all original 1959 ('s' prefix) j 50. the heel of the neck join is painted black (perhaps hiding a scarf joint?) then tapers to a point into the clear finish of the neck. is this common for this year? is it a factory second? any thoughts?

  14. Anonymous9:22 PM

    if i understood correctly , yes its common its not a factory second , ive seen 60's j-50 and j-45 models with black heels gradually blending with the clear finish of the neck ...

  15. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I have an excellent conditition J50 Deluxe. I have no idea what the year is. The serial number on the back of the headstock begins with 673
    Any Ideas?

  16. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Do you have the whole serial number ? is there a "made in the usa" below it ? What are some features ?

    Could be an early seventies ...

  17. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I have my dad's J50 with the number Y5950 13 stamped inside. It is well-used but with the original hard shell case. Any ideas on how I can go about selling it w/o going thru e-bay?

  18. Anonymous10:03 PM

    try ebay with a fixed price , local newspaper classified adds ,post it in guitar forums , leave it on display at a music store that you trust in your area ...there are plenty of ways to sell your guitar ....

  19. Anonymous10:05 PM


  20. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hey...thanks for the info and ideas. I live in a pretty small town, but we do have one (count them, one) music store.
    I don't know how much I'm going to be asking, since I'm just now starting to gather info on prices, etc. However, I do have pics on my very slow computer and can be reached at
    Thanks again.

  21. Hello! What a fantastic resource this site is.

    I have a J-50 my dad gave me. It has an adjustable bridge and the number 185573 stamped in black on the back of the headstock. Apparently that rules it out of the '52 - '61 window; there is no year-signifying letter to be found.

    One other thing about this guitar that seems different than other vintage J-50s and J-45s I have played is the neck - it is a little more slender than most. The best neck I have ever played, in fact.

    Any ideas?

  22. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Hey, I was just given a J-50 from a friend leaving the country. Its in decent shape other than the top of the body which is rough from use. My question is, is it worthwhile to refinish the face of the guitar? (ie, will the increase in value be greater than the cost of refinishing)?

    I'm sure the answer will depend on the year of the guitar. All I've found on the guitar is the name, "J-50", printed inside the sound hole, and "Made in the USA" or "Made in the United States" (can't remember exact phrase). Where should the serial number be?

  23. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Pin Drop

    Im not sure if i understand your question ... however your serial number indicates that your j-50 was made in 1963.

    if you have "MADE IN U.S.A." stamped below the serial number its an early seventies .

    letters were only found inside the body or stamped in ink on the neck block before 1961 .. these were called factory order numbers .

  24. Anonymous10:16 PM

    J-50 from a friend

    It is impossible to answer that question without seeing the guitar and not knowing the year ,,, the serial number should be behing the peghead at the top .

  25. Anonymous5:37 PM

    The only markings on the guitar are "Made in the U.S.A." on the top of the peghead, and "J-50" stamped on the inside of the guitar (on a strip of wood, visible through the sound hole), and the "Gibson" label on the front of the Peghead..

    Seems odd there wouldn't be a serial number...

  26. Anonymous3:57 PM

    check on the neck block,if there's no serial number i would have to see it , or bring it to someone who knows his vintage guitars .

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I believe I have a 1967 J50 because the serial # on the back of the headstock reads 891222, but It has square shoulders indicating that it is newer. The guitar is mahogany and spruce with a standard thick pick guard. The guitar has been very reliable for over 20 years and has a very warm sound . Is this a J50 or a different model? any comments

  29. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I think you have a 1973 j-50 not 67 , square shoulders were only introduced in 1969 .

  30. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Thanks for your comments but the guitar does not say "made in the USA"
    It must be a 1969 but I am confused by the the serial numbers indicating 1967. my info is from the book "Gibson's famous flat-tops".

  31. Anonymous8:16 PM

    it has to be a 69' unless their literature is wrong ... are you sure its a j-50 ? do you have a pictures online ?

    Maybe its not a j-50 .......

  32. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Any idea on value range for an excellent-to-like new condition 1980 model J50 deluxe? Thanks.

  33. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Price guide values it at $1000 to $1200 ...

  34. My wife got a J50 in the early 70's. Serial # 541154. In excellent condition. She took lessons for about a year or so. The rest of the time it was kept in its case and never used. Except for some strum marks on the pick guard, the guitar shows no signs of wear. However, the top finish has 3 or 4 cracks and just one very small shallow ding about 1/8 inch. Any idea as to it year of manufacture and value? Thanks!

  35. Anonymous6:30 PM

    if it has "made in the usa" below the serial number your guitar was made in 1974 , for the value i would have to see a picture of the damage ..

  36. i have my dads j-50 with a FON of 3804 and #34 in red he told me he thought he got it in 1948, i would say it has normal wear for being played all his yearsand a stress crack is opening up on the back no case with it, what should i have it insured for


  37. Anonymous12:59 PM

    My dad recently blessed me with a gift - his old Gibson Flattop. From the research I have done so far, I believe it is a J50. He says that he purchased it new in 1960. The serial no. on the back of the headstock is 171333. The headstock has a Gibson decal, there is no "Made in USA" on the back of the headstock. It has the "reverse belly" bridge, which is adjustable. It has a natural finish, and on the inside of the body, I can make out the following...."50 ADJ. BRIDGE"...I cannot tell if there is a "J" in front of the "50". It has dot markings on the neck, and has the sloped shoulders. Can you verify that it is actually a J50, what year it was made, and what it might be worth? I do not plan on selling it, but would like to verify this information. Thanks in advance!!

  38. Anonymous7:05 PM

    j-50 with a FON of 3804

    cannot give a value on your guitar , must see damage /// , i recommend you take it to a luthier or a collector to estimate damage .

  39. Anonymous7:12 PM

    My dad recently blessed me with a gift ....

    The serial number indicates that it was made in 1964 ,... according to your description its a j-50 valued at $2600 to $3000 in the price guide .

  40. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I have 1964 (best est.) Gibson J50, ser.#843501, and I am considering selling it. All parts original, except for the tuners, replaced with original type Gibson machine heads. The case fell apart years ago; it's in a Yamaha hard case now. Anyone have an estimate of it's value?

  41. Anonymous3:29 PM

    i wouldn't sell it below $2500 even with the tuners not original ..

  42. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I just had my J50, serial number 190106 repaired. The bridge was comming off of the guitar and needed to be reglued. I brought it to a professional lutiher and he recommended making a new, non-adj bridge and removing the old one. He stated that the mod would allow the guitar to resonate better and would increase vol/sustain. The guitar has extreme sentimental value, and I never plan on selling it. I had the repair done as suggested and he did a beautiful job. Still, I wanted an opinion as to how the value of the instrument is affected. Any opinion?

    Also, can anyone help me with the year?

    Thanks Kindly,
    Paul, Louisiana

  43. Anonymous5:37 PM

    if your j-50 guitar has no "MADE IN USA" stamp below the serial number it was made in 1964 ... if it does have it its an early 70s .

    Repairs always decrease the value on vintage guitars especially if you change pieces , and even more if the job wasn't done right ,,, keep the old bridge in case you sell it one day , at least you can give the buyer the choice to leave the bridge or replace it with the original ...

    I had an old j-45 and i changed some stuff on it and i regret it so much ... i had problems selling it even though it looked and sounded better .

  44. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Many thanks, thats pretty much what I figured. The guitar was my dad's, and I have absolutely no intention of ever selling it. If I were to keep any of my instruments, the J50 would be the one. When I pop open the case I still smell the exact same smell that I remember as a child when he would play it for me. I asked his approval before the repair and simply asked him "what would you do with it" He quickly replied that the guitar is made for playing, and not for a museum. I dont regret the repair, but I did keep the original bridge.
    Thanks a Lot!

  45. i have a gibson j-50 deluxe. it has square shoulders and serial numbers are A000289. i would like to know the year it is an estimated value. thank you

  46. Anonymous3:08 PM

    according to the serial number you gave your j-50 was made in 1973-75 . Valued at $1100 to $1400 .

  47. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I have a 68 round shouldered j-50 with an adjustable bridge. bridge is lifting and must be reglued. trying to decide if i should reglue original and put in non-adjustable saddle only (and, of course, keep the original saddle for resale) or replace the entire bridge with an aftermarket bridge (this latter would likely produce better tone, but make the guitar less original). What are your thoughts on how important it is to keep the original bridge on the guitar (in terms of resale value)?

  48. Anonymous9:15 AM

    did any 60s j-50s come with a fixed bridge, or were they all adjustable?

  49. Anonymous9:28 PM

    68 round shouldered j-50,

    Your sort of stuck in a catch 22 ordeal . It all depends on the individual personally ... if you convert the adjustable bridge to a non-adjustable your guitar is not original anymore ... but you'll have a better tone ...

    if you are planning to sell it you are better off leaving it .. if you know you'll keep the guitar for life and you want to get the best tone out of it ... change it .

    As for me id reglue the original , if it was a later model maybe id change it , but a 68 i wouldn't .. then again everybody has their own opinion ...

  50. Anonymous9:34 PM

    did any 60s j-50s come with a fixed bridge, or were they all adjustable?

    during the late 50s it was an optional feature , early 60s they made it a standard feature ...

  51. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I think I'm going to try to split the difference: I'm going to reglue the original bridge, but unscrew the adjustable woood saddle and have a carved bone saddle dropped in. That way, if and when I do sell it, I can just reinstall the original saddle and be good to go.....

  52. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I've got a Gibson J50 Deluxe serial # A600843 Made in USA stamped on back of headstock. inside on heel looks like DK 1 67 . I need a tuner for the D string (3rd) which the key itself sheared off. Where can I find vintage parts? I'm guessing the year of manuf at around 73? Thanks, Bill

  53. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Hi. Thanks very much for your time and efforts with this site. I have a '71 J-50 Deluxe in a sunburst finish. Is this possibly original, or were all J-50 models natural finish?

  54. Anonymous10:54 AM

    all j-50 gibson guitars were made in natuural finishes

  55. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Where can I find vintage parts?

    your best bet is ebay

  56. Anonymous10:58 AM

    gibson j-50 deluxe


  57. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Does anyone know the serial number range for the 1969 J-50. It looks like things start getting a little confusing in 69? ANY COMMENTS?

  58. Anonymous6:31 PM

    most gibson guitars from 1963 to 1969 had 6 digits impressed in back top of the peghead . If your j-50's serial number starts with an 8 most likeley its a 69 /// serial # from 800000 to 899999 were made in 66 or 69 .

  59. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What year did Gibson begin using the natural color head stock versus the black? Also my ADJ bridge is a wood grain color as well. Any reason or anything paticullarly different about this guitar? I believe it'a a 68.

  60. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I don't think there was a specific year for natural color head stocks .

  61. Anonymous2:44 PM

    The one I own is the only one I've seen with the natural color headstock and saddle.
    They all seem to be black with a white plastic saddle.
    If anyone knows if the natural color is less/more collectable please share.

  62. Anonymous8:52 PM

    J-50 natural color head stock versus the black ........ do you have a picture online of your guitar ?

  63. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Have you ever heard of a J 40? looks like the j 50, serial # on back is j969 something, says made in usa also has e 1 all stamped into the headstock. I am looking at purchasing it .what are these worth?

  64. Anonymous9:23 PM

    j-40 guitars were introduced in 1971 and were discontinued in 1982 , they were made with mahogany back and sides ...and had natural satin finishes ... these guitars are valued at $800 to $900 presuming they are in excellent condition and all original ...

  65. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hi... I'm thinking about picking up a
    j50 with a National neck. It's advertised as a 1957/all original guitar, but the serial # starts with an X (isn't that 1954?)

    Do you have any info on the connected history of National and Gibson? It's a really sweet looking guitar!

  66. Anonymous1:52 PM

    A few years ago I was considering buying a vintage Gibson acoustic that I found in a store. It played beautifully, but was sold before I could make my decision. I never really found out the details on it, so now I'm trying to figure out what model it would have been. It seemed to have a very thin neck that the guy at the store described as being "similar to that of an electric guitar". It had a natural finish and a red pick guard, and the body was definitely not oversized. I think it resembled the J-50's and was from the 60's or 70's, but is there anything else it might have been? Is the thin neck characteristic of any particular year and model? I'd like to try and track down another one.

  67. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I have a 1970's J50 Deluxe...

    Anybody know what the deluxe stands for? What's different about it?

    I have always wondered...


  68. Anonymous7:18 PM

    j 50 deluxe is a revised version of the j-50 ( not much difference ) during the early seventies they were very competitive and compared to martin guitars .

  69. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What is the standard nut width of the J50? Were there any particular years during which the J50 was produced with a decreased nut width and thinner neck? Thanks.

  70. Anonymous3:00 PM

    the standard nut width of the gibson j-50 is 1.725 inches if im not mistaken ...

  71. Anonymous7:46 PM

    A few years ago I was considering ...

    need more info , or pic .

  72. I have a 1964 (based on serial number guide) J-50 Adjustable Bridge (sticker inside). It has a light reddish sunburst finish. The back is the same reddish color as the SJ on

    I thought the J-50s were all blonde. Any idea of value?

  73. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I have what I belive is a very old j-50 "natural finish" Not sure what year yet but apparently my grandfather bought it used when my dad was a kid. Serial number stamped inside on the neck block is 8134 27 no hyphen or identifying letter. no other identifying info other than the script style gibson logo on the head stock. any ideas on the age would be appreciated.

  74. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I have what I belive is a very old j-50 "natural finish" ....

    if its ink stamped chances are it was made in 1946-47 ,, not all serial numbers had hyphens ... you should take to a collector or someone who knows his vintage guitars ... i would need to see it .

  75. Anonymous4:04 PM

    thanks Manny. I took it to a local collector/dealer/restorer and he seems to think it is somewhere around a 1950 to 1953 model. Excellent guitar. Great action and sound. Regardless of the year, it's now a family heirloom that my 14 year old son ,who has been playing around 2 years, can't wait to get his hands on lol

  76. What a great resource! Just googled it today and have learned a lot already. Just purchased an older J-50 (based on what I've read, I believe it is pre-1961) with serial # 774364 (could be 174364 but it looks like two sevens - I'd bet a doughnut that the number is 774364) Can you tell me the year? It has the adjustable bridge (white saddle) and typical 60's markings - looks like a solid maple bridge plate inside

  77. Sorry - left something out of my previous post - the serial # 774364 is stamped on the heel block inside - it is not a label and is not on the headstock - I assume it's pre 1961 because of the location, but the number is the cause of the confusion. I was told it's a 1959 - sound right??

  78. Well - mystery solved!! That first "7" that I was willing to bet a doughnut was a 7? Well, with proper lighting, we can see it is clearly a "T" so - mystery solved, the serial # is T74364 making it a 1958. Cool!

  79. Anonymous6:39 PM

    steve , if you want to sell your guitar please post your email ..thanks ROB

  80. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I have a J50 that I purchased from the original owner in 1977. I have the original sales receipt that shows the guitar was bought in June of 1972. The serial number is 618044. Was it made in 1972 or earlier? It is in great condition and I was thinking of selling it. Just had the action set and put on a new set of Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings and WOW, it sounds great. Original case also. It does not have the label inside the guitar,but the receipt says J50. Any idea of value? Thanks!

  81. Anonymous9:43 PM

    early seventies j-50s are worth $1300 to $1500

  82. Hi
    I bought a Gibson J50 a few years ago. It is of 1954 vintage and sounds and plays great. It probably had a lot of work done before cos the neck and pickguard (small tear drop) looks new. The rest is the usual checking etc. Any idea of its value now? Thanks

  83. I am trying to determine the year of a Gibson J50 with a stamped serial number of 197782.

  84. Anonymous2:47 AM

    i have a 1957 gibson j-50. i was told it was worth from $ 1800-2200. i know it is a 1957 because the serial number starts with a " u". the guitar has the original strings, the fret board is a little worn from playing. the structure is excellent and the finish is excellent. what do you think the value of this guitar is worth?

    gus kelland

  85. In 1970 my husband purchased a J50 Deluxe (square shoulder), serial number B301602; Made in USA below number. Do you have any idea of it's value?

    Thanks, Karen

  86. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Hello, I recently purchased a J-50 and was told it was a 1961 however the number on the Headstock is only 4 digits marked "7810". Why are all the other serial numbers I'm seeing have six digits?


  87. I own a 1948 J-50 that I bought in 1963. It is in near perfect condition. However, I did change the old plastic handle tuners with Grovers because it was difficult to tune and hard to turn the tuners. The Grovers are good looking, but I'd like to know how much I devalued this guitar by making that change.

  88. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I have a 67 J-50 ( ser# 097316 ) that also has the number 2 stamped below the serial number. Is this a foctory second? What kind of flaw would make it a second. Not that it really matters. I have had this guitar since about 1972 and just love it. I also have a 1963 B-45-12 that I bought new when I was 17. Still pickin' after all these years.

  89. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I have a J-50 I bought used in 1967, serial number 144937. Can you tell me the year and value please?

  90. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I have a square shoulder J-50 with serial # 929804 and Made in USA stamped under it. From what I've been able to find, this is either a 1970, 71 or 72. Is there any way to know which year?


  91. I have a 1956 J50 with a double black pickguard that completely surrounds the hole. Is it a country and western version? and what may it be worth?


  92. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I just bought a J50 serial number 634063,"made in U.S.A." with the numer "2" underneath..does anyone know what that means..I would appreciate

  93. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Am I the only one on here that is noticing our post aren't getting answered?

  94. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I am amazed at all of the posts regarding J-50's, and this is just one website! I have a 1964 J-50 in excellent shape, all stock, with the case. I am wondering what I could get for it. If you look online you see a wide range of asking prices but all that matters is what you can really get. Any ideas?

  95. Anonymous9:09 AM

    i have a j-45 with the serial #8753 anyone know what year it might be and the value of it ? its in good condition all original no repairs!

  96. I have an early 70s J50d, serial #623829 and was just trying to figure out the value of it. Pretty good condition and plays beautifully. Any help would be apprecaited, thanks!

  97. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I have a 1976 J 45/50 , what i would like to know is are all J 50's marked with J45/50 or is there a difference. thanks

  98. I have a J50 ADJ with serial number 000023. There is no letter peceding the serial number. Any idea what that says about its age?

  99. Hello,

    Can you please tell me what the value of a Gibson 1972 J-50 Acoustic Dreadnought with an electronic sound hole pick up. Serial Number 856603?

    Thank you for you help!zxbz

  100. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I have a gibson 64 (j-50ADJ) acoustic, it has a large crack across the back, does not seem to effect sound ( still sounds like a dream)...otherwise the guitar is in good condition other than the wear and tear marks that have accumulated over its 44 years of existence. I showed it to someone who seemed very interested in buying it.....I just wanna know what kind of price range I should be shooting for, he offered a $1,000....thanks a lot.

  101. Anonymous10:10 AM

    My J-50 is missing the truss rod cover. It's a 1968 and the cover had "J-50" engraved on it. Took it in for adjustment and the shop lost it. Do you know where I can get one?

  102. I have a j-50 from the mid-60s. I bought it new (I can't remember exactly when, but it was probably 65/66). The serial number is 434918. Can you tell me what year it is?



  103. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I have a 1973 J-50 in good condition, my father gave i to me. All original. What would be the value of this guitaR.

  104. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I have a 1967 Gibson j50 in good condition with the original case the receipt and the tag, how much is it worth?

  105. Anonymous6:37 PM

    This is the same guy as the post above. The guitar has an adjustable height bridge, the case is hard and in good condition.

  106. Anonymous8:11 AM

    The back of my accoustic it has the serial no then J45/J50 and stamped underneath is SECOND any thoughts chaps and chappes's

  107. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I have what I think is an early 70's, J50, serial number is 687xxx. How do you tell the difference from a 1970, 1971, 1972 or 1974. They all can have the same serial number. It has the tear drop pick guard, dark stained head (not black) and the chrome kinda square not rounded head tuners. I have searched so many pictures and articles and it is quiet hard to determine just what year it was manufactured.

  108. My dad claims his guitar is a pre WWII Gibson, but looking at this photo makes me think it's a J50. This is the only picture I have of it:

    It is in fair shape after he lent it to a "guy in a band". Two questions: 1. how do I know for sure whether it's a preWWII or a J50? 2. Who can I trust to restore it?

  109. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I have a j50 and cannot find the S#, is there another way to ball park the year it was made by cosmetics or shape?
    Thanks in advace!


  110. did they make this one in a "ladies" version in the 1950s? if not do you know, what kind they may have. I have an old guitar my grandmother bought in the 1950s that she taught herself to play on. It still has everything original including her original case. It's in storage. I need to get more information on it.

  111. Anonymous1:05 AM

    I have a J50 deluxe #B121160 was wondering what it would be worth and the year it might of been made in thanks.

  112. Anonymous10:08 AM

    My dad left me with this J-50 ADJ. All original. Minor wear and damage. FON# 064924.

    Just trying to find out waht year it is. These are the only #'s on it.

    I'm guessing between 62 and 68? based on info from this site. I realize posts aren't being answered but hoped someone could clarify the year it was made. It sounds real nice! Thanks for the blog!

  113. Hello, I have a very sweet 1955 J-50 (FON W2830 33). It appears to be all original but has a white pearl inlay "Gibson" logo instead of the basic gold lettering on the peg head. Is that common or a special feature?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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  115. Hi, I have a L-12 Gibson 1947 in playing condition, all original with original hardcase too. Please help me know the value?

  116. Anonymous12:20 PM

    My husband has a J50 gibson his father gave him. All we know are the numbers 140871 are on it. He is almost 50 and he said his father had it as long as he can remember. Any idea when it was made?

  117. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I purchased a used Gibson J-50 in May of 1971. The serial number is #892630. What year was this guitar made? I had the bridge professionally replaced because it lifted up. I do not have the original bridge. The tuning machines also had to be replaced because they were broken and I had Gibson deluxe tuning machines put on. Are all pickguards S-shaped because mine isn't? Do you know the value of this guitar? I know it decreases when you replace original parts.

  118. Anonymous11:04 AM

    i have a j 50 that my greatgrandfather gave me and i cant fid the exact date. the serial number one the back of the headstock is 656083

  119. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hey. Great site. I have a Gibson J-50 with the serial number that starts with D and its carved into the back of the top of the neck with MADE IN U.S.A underneath it. Do you think you could tell me what year it is by this info? And is it worth more because it has the squared shoulders instead of the round ones? thanks.

    - Bryan.

  120. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Am researching for an elderly woman who has a J50ADJ serial # 368884, any info would be great, thanks.

  121. Anonymous5:22 PM

    i have a J-50 with Serial number A000310. needs a new bridge, and i dont plan on selling it, just wanted to know when it was produced

  122. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I am helping a friend set up her old J50, given her by her gramma. A wonderful instrument--just starting to wake up tonally. Serial numbers 341128--am I correct that this places it 1965?

  123. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I have a Gibson J-50, i think it is a 1970, 71, or 72..great cond...does anyone know the value?

  124. We have a j50 adj. the serial number is 340143. It looks like most we have seen on the net but ours has gibson written on the pick guard. Can you tell use the year and apx value for insurance purposes?

  125. My J-50 has a number on the back of the head of A004610 with Made in USA under it. The paper tag inside reads "J-50 Deluxe" Kalamazoo, MI. I only took a few lessons with it and it is like new with original hard shell case. It has metal tuners. What would the value be now and year of manufacture? The trim around the body is like tortoise shell.

  126. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Thanks for the blog,
    My Gibosn acoustic has a serial number 345944, otherwise no other identifiers. Can someone advise as to vintage - best i can tell 1965? Any idea on value? It's recently cracked on the face of the body - if i'm looking to sell, would anyone advise repair, or best to keep vintage? Cheers

  127. Hello I have a 1964 J-50 Gibson Acoustic Guitar that we are trying to sell.. Make me an offer.. You can send them to my email address.. I have pictures and it is in Awesome condition. No Damage.. comes with the hard case.

  128. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I have a J-50 that appears to have the 1968 neck and 1969 square shoulder body. Serial number is 952806. It's in the original hard case, which is a bit battered outside but pristine (orange) inside. It's even got the original booklet. The guitar has a couple of small nicks in the neck, but otherwise is in excellent condition. Neck is perfect, no scratches, beautiful sound. Any idea what it's worth?

  129. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I have a Gibson guitar. Not sure of the year. It has J50 stamped in ink right under the hole. It looks like all the pictures of J-50Gibsons that I can find.

    I can not find anything that resembles the serial numbers referred to in posts on this site.

    The only number I can find is in ink block stamped letters. It is inside the guitar on the neck reinforcement block.

    The number is V3710-28

  130. Anonymous11:23 AM

    It doesn't look like anyone's responding to the questions for a while here...just in case they start though...

    I have a '74/'75 J50 Deluxe that has a 3 screw truss rod cover. I've read this is a sign of fakes...however I bought this new back in the '70s from a reputable dealer. I did have the tuners changed out back in the '80s though and I'm wondering if the luthier changed the truss rod cover from a 2 to a 3 screw idea why he'd do that unless maybe he broke the original one. Anyway...anyone know if real Gibsons did or did not use any 3 screw truss rod covers? Thanks, Russell

  131. Anonymous11:24 AM

    hey...Russell is Dec. 6, 2008...just to get an idea of how often anyone's reading this.

  132. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I'm hoping someone can help me out here. My Stepfather left me the Gibson J-50 I learned to play on. I'm not interested in selling it, but I would like to know more about it. There is a stamp on the inside which reads J-50ADJ, the serial number on the peghead has a 2 above the number 947841. The pick guard is the traditional size and shape I have seen in other J-50 photos but it has a Gibson logo on it, which I have not seen before. The pick guard is a turtle shell color. I think it must be an early 70's model. I wished I had asked him when he was still alive. I know he had it in 73 when he married my Mom. I would appreciate the help. Thanks


  133. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Lee...I'm no expert but I can tell you this much...if "Made in USA" is stamped below the serial number your guitar was made in 1970,71, or 72. If no "Made in USA" is there it was made in 1968.

    I got this info from...

    Hope that helps.....Russell.

  134. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Lee...also, the 2 that's stamped above the serial number means it was a "second". Russell

  135. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Lee...well dang, I'll get everything in here in a minute...just noticed the url I referenced didn't show completely...just go to and clic on Gibson serial numbers under Customer Service on the home page to find that info...Russell

  136. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Russell, thanks a ton bud. There was no "made in the USA", so I guess it was older than I thought. I will go to that website later tonight, so I can check out the serial number. One more question, what is the signifigance of "second" is that 2nd edition or something? I just got the guitar the other night, I pulled it out of the case and started playing it, it sounds great, even with old strings. Thanks again for your help. I'll keep you posted on what I find on the site.


  137. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Russell, you were right 1968 SN's 947415-956000. I read in the text that from 1961-69 there was a very confusing serial number process being used by Gibson. Some serial numbers were used multiple times. I'm wondering if this is the reason for the "2" above the etched serial number in the headstock. Thanks again for the info.


  138. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Glad to help Lee. The 2 or "second" means there was some type flaw or blemish in the manufacturing of the guitar so it was sold at a discounted price. It's been my experience however that you can often look for hours on end without being able to find the blemish or flaw. High end guitars such as Gibson, Martin, etc. have extremely high manufacturing standards so if a particular guitar falls even a tad short of those standards, it's labeled a "second" and sold as such with a discount....Russell

  139. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Russell, got it. There are numerous dings in the guitar anyway. Some I put there myself when I was about 12 years old. We had a Siamese cat for about 5 min who did some scratching as well. I do appreciate all of the info. I have a 7 year old who has taken an interest in playing. Maybe I can give it to him when I'm a REALLY old fart. Thanks


  140. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I'm not looking to sell. I just want to know what I have. Dad gave me my Gibson in the mid 60's. I swear, before I die, I will learn how to play it. I have a 4 year old grandson that loves to strum it, and it is bequethed to him. That aside, I have a J50 adj with the number 216879 stamped at the top rear of the peg head. I'm sure one of y'all can tell me what I have. thanks

  141. I have what seems to be a unique J-50, nut is 1 9/16" neck is 3 piece, with number: W942-34 on back of peghead. Has small pickguard, seems to me to he a 55 with the "W" but others have told me different. Any thoughts? Great sounding guitar, willing to sell, excellent for small hands.


  142. I purchased a Gibson J50-ADJ in 1966. Serial #357268. I believe it was made in 1965. I have seen complaints on adjustable bridge. Strings were elevated and somewhat hard to play. After a few years playing I had it tuned and the neck straigtened. A metal shim was found under the bridge and removed. Plays really smooth now with light gauge strings. Can you tell me the value?

  143. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I have a J50 with seriel number 956380. The pick-guard is uncurling slightly for the guitar. Can you help me with the date and aproximate value?

  144. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I have a Gibson J50 ADJ serial number 94503. There is a number 2 stamped above the serial number. Does that mean this guitar is a second. There is no Made in USA. The guitar is in good condition with original hard case. Any idea of value?


  145. Hi there, I have a J50 with a serial number on the neck (no letters) and J50 Deluxe in the sound hole. An "ex" girlfriend of mine picked the guitar up from the soundhole and split the front deck up to the neck. is this easy to repair and who should I go to to do this? I live in Sydney australia

  146. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I have an adj. J50 flattop and it has no letter on the back of the peg head but the sereal number is 187057 can anybody tell me what year it is

  147. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I'm trying to establish the date of manufacture and value of a Gibson acoustic guitar with serial #166445 stamped in ink on the back of the headstock. Does its natural finish imply a J-50? It's a 12-fret model with FJN stamped inside the body.
    Thank you.

  148. any help appreciated. gibson j 50 deluxe with 735561 stamped on back of headstock. no "made in usa" there. only inside soundhole on label. also says "union made" and kalamazoo, mi.

  149. need help dating a gibson j 50 with 735561 stamped on back of headstock. no "made in usa" on headstock, but has the label inside soundhole where it says "made in usa" and "union made" and kalamazoo, mi.

    any ideas? thanks

  150. Hi, where can i require a sound hole interior stamp to my J-50 1969 - # 917318 ?

    many thanks
    Bruno (

  151. I am the original owner of a 1966 J-50 serial #821348(fortunately still have the original bill of sale and waranty/care instructions/price tag). It is in great condition - no checking, few tiny dents, few tiny scratches, but I have never done anything but wipe it down with cotton cloths. I would like to wax and polish it. Can I use Gibson Luthier's Choice Polish? Or should I use straight Carnuba wax? Use lemon oil on the fingerboard?

  152. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I have a j-50adj the number on the headstock is 309335 2
    I beleive it is from 1964 0r 65 but I am not sure. Can anyone tell me what year this was made?

  153. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I am looking into the value of a Gibson J50 serial no. 71738047, which was supposedly owned by Paul McCartney. Any help would be appreciated on this.

  154. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I have a 1967 Gibson J50 serial no. 862746. It does not have the original tuning pegs but sounds great. Any idea what to ask for if I sell it? Thanks for your help.

  155. Anonymous11:08 AM

    My J-50 doesn't seem to fit any of the broad descriptions. It's square-shouldered, with an adjustable rosewood saddle (bridge). The pickguard is tear drop tortoise shell, not the larger pointed style. "J-50" written in white on the bell-shaped thing at the top. "Gibson" in gold at the top of the headstock. Pearled white dots on the fingerboard. White plastic heads on the tuning machines. Serial number is 903xxx. I bought it used in the summer of 1971. Maybe it's a 1970 model? Any help appreciated. Thanks...

  156. Anonymous2:07 PM

    A friend is selling a 1964 Gibson J-50. He says the bridge has been changed out to a rosewood fixed like a 50's. And the neck has also been changed to a 50's LG1 neck. I don't have a serial number. Anyone have any idea regarding value, given this info? thanks.

  157. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I HAVE A J-50 1953 GIBSON SERIAL NUMBER Y5242 19, could anyone tell me what it would be worth, it was given to me by my uncle and it also has a case with it, the orginial. Thinking about selling it

  158. Anonymous10:51 AM

    PS -- Another confusing thing (see "My J-50 doesn't seem to fit.." blog above), is that there is no "Made in USA" stamped on the back of the headstock (which would indicate 1970), nor are there any letters in the serial number. All of the 1970s I've seen have Gibson written in white (or silver), with fat letters. Mine has a more delicate script, written in gold.

  159. Anonymous10:50 AM

    i have a 1947 j-50 gibson for sale

    if interest of purchasing this one of a kind guitar, contact at


  160. Christos2:17 AM

    Hello. I have a gibson j-50 deluxe. Its serial numbers are A006395. I would like to know the year it is made and an estimated value.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  161. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Hi I have a Gibson J 50 acoustic with adjudtable bridge, serial # is 57439. Does anyone know what year that it was made in?


  162. Anonymous7:36 AM

    My J-50 Deluxe is circa 72 - 73, as best I can tell. Sound board has a crack from the top of the sound hole going beyond the bracing up towards the neck. There is one at the bottom of the sound hole, too. I took it to shop and am having cleats placed to try and stop the crack. Certainly, value drops from the damage. The action is high and everything is as low as it can go. To lower the action would require the removal and rebuild of the neck for better playability. 1) Is it worth it? 2) This will really trash the value of the guitar, won't it? Thank you, BigPapaK

  163. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I have a 60's J 50 that I believe is either from '65 or '67. The serial number is 306672. Any idea what year it was made?

  164. Anonymous8:19 AM




  166. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I have a Gibson J50 serial number 956839 with Made in USA stamped underneath. I'd be grateful if anyone could advise me of its year of manufacture. Many thanks RW.

  167. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Hi all,

    I still own a J-50 ADJ that I purchased in 1970 for $100.

    The serial number on the headstock is 877383 with the number 2 stamped below the serial number.

    I believe this makes it a 1966 second. Would someone be kind enough to confirm?

    Also, as for value, I'd really appreciate if someone would guesstimate it given the guitar has two holes drilled on the bottom, the tuning pegs have been replaced, the bridge has been glued and the rod straightened? The guitar itself still looks and sounds beautiful.

    Thank you!

  168. Anonymous10:31 AM

    my father has a Gibson 1963 J 50 acoustic with the shoulder strap, one original pick, original string, and the original case in very good condition. what is value of this.

    thank you

  169. Anonymous10:59 AM

    A Gibson 1963 J 50 with original shoulder strap and one
    pick and case. what do you think it is worth.

  170. My J 50 was made in 1957, serial # U3091 20. Got it from a pawn shop in Dallas for $200 in 1988, when these guitars were underappreciated. When I got it, it had no pickguard, although someone had obviously tried to glue on a standard dreadnought pickguard where the original had been. I had to have the tuners replaced, with Schaelers, and had the luthier reglue the bridge. It was obviously refinished, and not well. It has other cosmetic flaws, including a hole drilled to accept a 1/4 inch jack. Now it has a Barcus Berry Insider which plugs through the strap button. It looks beatiful and beastly. It is the best playing acoustic I ever played, and everyone who plays it agrees and tries to buy it.

    My question: Should I consider trying to address the cosmetic issues? I know the resale value is killed by my wear and tear and the bad choices of previous owners, and by the absence of original hardware. And I love the way it looks like a warhorse. But I think of having it stripped and refinished and maybe having an original pickguard installed. I am afraid of losing some tone, but I wonder if some of the collector's value could be restored by fixing her up.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  171. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I have a J-50 in great shape. The serial number is 905182 and there is no "Mad in the USA". I am trying to find what year it is, but this number seems to be missing from serialization guides. My guess is 1969. Any thoughts from you experts out there?
    Thanks, MikeD

  172. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Awesome site! I just inherited my Grandfather's 1976 gibson J-45/50. It's in mint condition, everything is original including the hard case. I haven't been able to find very much info on this particular model though... Just wondering if someone can give me a little history on why the J45 combined with the J50 in '76, and what it would be valued at? The serial is 00170194 which verifies it's year, and does have a MADE IN USA stamp on the back of the head stock.

  173. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I have a 1962 Gibson Flattop (Peghead Serial #84182) J50 ADJ. Can anyone tell me information on where it was manufactured? (Other than USA) or anything else about the specific guitar?

  174. Anonymous1:18 PM

    What would be the difference between a 1973 J-50 and a J-50 Deluxe model?
    Thank You, Al Henderson

  175. Anonymous11:14 AM

    My serial number on my J-50 Delux is 71608005 and has the Made in USA. I'm just trying to figure out what year it was made. It has been in the family for over 20 years.

  176. Can anyone please advise me re: '67 J50. Were the original saddles rosewood or other?

  177. RE:'67 J50. Should read: '67 J50 ADJ

  178. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I have a J50adj and trying to find out the year of manufacture. The serial number doesn't seem to coincide with the numbers I've seen listed. Serial #985040, any ideas?

  179. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Can a 1967 J50 serial number be 120752? I saw a guitar listed on craigslist for $1900 with that serial number and I wanted to make sure it was legit. I thought a saw one of your postings saying all J50 SNs from 66 - 69 were in the 800000 - 899999 range.

  180. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I have a gibson J50 deluxe, the serial number 70179133, suggests it was made in January of 1979, but the tag on the inside of the sound hole is orange and white, has Kalamazoo Michigan stamped on the tag. On the back of the peghead below the serial number it is stamped, "Made in USA". I was told that Gibson acoustics werent made in Kalamazoo after 1972, so Im wondering if the year is actually 1979 or if it could be earlier.

  181. I just aquired an old Gibson J-50. The serial number on the back is 14 32 23
    What year would this guitar be?
    John Beland
    Flying Burrito Brothers

  182. Bart Putnam11:22 PM

    Hello, I see no one has been answering these osts for awhile. I just found this site. My dad left me a 1964 J50 so I have been interested in them for some time. I will try to start answering the posts - be patient and I will get to your posts

  183. Bart Putnam11:23 PM

    I forgot to mention that the date of my post is: Feb. 5, 2010

  184. lowrider8:22 AM

    i believe i have a 1954 j-50 guitar but my mom said its a junior guitar? does that make it worth less?

  185. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I believe that i have a 1955 j-50 with a rosin finish. In the sound hole is stamped j-50, on the neck block is w 2828 2. I have the original case. What if anything could this be worth.

  186. Anonymous7:17 PM

    My brother owns a 1947? J-50 Gibson with a serial # of 9141 22. Does anyone know the value of this guitar and can we know for sure of the year it was made? Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - contact ---

  187. Anonymous5:54 PM

    what year is serial # 627750 J 50 D

  188. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Thank you for posting information pertaining to the J50. I've conducted brief research on this model before and never came up with a lot. At first I thought I might have had a J55 from the little white foam strip that is glued inside the body but from looking on here, I'd have to say it is a J50. It is identical to the picture of the one listed on this page at the top. Take that guitar, age 40 years on it, take the pick guard off and put a hairline seam down the bottom where the bottom has been repaired per being busted out per cold weather and that is my "Gerri".

    Gerri has been with me through good and bad times and like Les Paul used to say, your guitar is like a best friend or a bartender, etc. I learned how to play guitar with Gerri and she has taught me lots of things. She was put into my life as a result of a tragic event; the death of a family member but from that and or in spite of that, she has continued to make pretty music and has even lifted the Lord's name up in praise during church service. My Papaw used to come over when I would come home from college and show me new things to play and that was a unique bonding experience that I will cherish since he is no longer with us after cancer has claimed his life.

    Today, even though I have two more guitars in addition to Gerri, she remains to be my main guitar in which I play the most. As she ages, she seems to pick up more flaws, however, I prefer to attribute them to "character".

    Praise God for me Gerri.


  189. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I have been given a beautiful Gibson guitar, but am having trouble determining what it is exactly. The label inside the body says it is a J50 Special. The serial #848241, which I believe dates it to 1966 or 1969. What I can't figure out is my guitar has no pickguard and a classical head stock with nylon strings. I would appreciate if any one can shed a little light on this beauty. Thanks.

  190. Anonymous12:47 AM

    This week I plan to play and possibly buy a J50 from the early 70's. I've heard that the 70's model Gibson acoustics employed a double x bracing that diminished the tone and consequently the value of this vintage. Anyone have information about this?

  191. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I have a Gibson j50adj vintage guitar serial # 118001, and I'm wondering when this guitar was manufactured and what the guitar might be worth to sell this guitar?

  192. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I have a Gibson J-50 Deluxe serial number 622761 with made in USA below it on the back of the head. Can you date it? Also the top has cracked at the hole above the pic guard and the bridge is pulling up. Advise me on repair should I send it to gibson for restoration and will that affect the value? Thanks for the help!

  193. Anonymous3:36 AM

    I have a J50 Adj Bridge that has the numbers 156794 on the neck behind the tuners. The tuners also have DELUXE stamped on them. Any ideas on when it was made. Thanks for any help. John

  194. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I own an early fifties J-50 and I do know for a fact that during WW2 that Gibson did mark their heads stocks
    stamped into the wood Made in the USA.
    I have noticed alot of comments stating that this wasnt done until 1970. May want to check your references as mine is a round shouldered J-50 with that particular stamp on the back of the headstock.

  195. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Could someone help identify this Gibson Acoustic guitat?
    Its a J-50 or J-45. (I think)
    What year was it?

    Here is the neck:
    And here is the body:


  196. If a 1971 j-50 is in such a bad condition that it won´t serve as an active instrument but rather a decoration, how much is it worth?

  197. I have a gibson guitar that was my father's . He probably obtained it through a mail order in the 50's. Should I restore it?? Is there a devaluation in it if I do??

  198. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I was just given a Gibson J-50 serial number A002813 and is stamped made in usa on the headstock. can anyone tell me what year it is and approximately what it is worth. The neck had pulled away and someone had squirted glue in it but I had a local luthier fix it and he did a good job.

  199. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I have an early 70's Gibson J-50 it's in excellent condition except that the finish has hairline weather-checked cracks. Is there anyway to repair these hairline cracks?

  200. Anonymous3:16 PM

    help!!! supposedly a j50 but serial number is 7 digits 7315250 stamped into the wood/back of neck and below the number is stamped LON or L0N


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