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Vintage Guitar Prices

How Much Is My Gibson Guitar Worth ?

Whenever you are dealing with vintage gibson guitars or any vintage guitar nobody can determine its true value ,

Guitar vintage price guides can only give you a ball park figure on how much its worth , but there are also many factors that determine the price of a vintage guitar .

The seller usually knows basically how much its worth , but its true value really depends on the buyer and how much he loves and values that particular guitar .

Who's the buyer ? ( Collector ? Reseller ? Enthusiast ? )

The buyer sometimes can determine the price ,and can play a major factor on how much money you can get for your guitar . For example , true collectors usually pay more than what

its actually worth because they tend to keep their guitars for investments , and they know their historic values . Resellers on the other hand tend to care less about the guitar and more about price to make profits .

Is it all original ?

If the guitar is all original and in mint condition prices can be valued at more than 150% than what its worth in any vintage guitar price guide , and sometimes 200% if its a hard to find rare guitar .

Has it been modified ? ( Repainted ...etc )

If a guitar has been refurbished in anyway especially on the guitars body or neck ,prices can drop up to 50 to 75% of its true value , therefore before buying any vintage guitar make sure you make a vintage connoisseur take a look at it .

How many guitars were produced ? ( limited edition ? rare ? )

The number of guitars made during its time can also raise prices and determine its collectibilty, if the guitar is highly sought after ( high demand - low supply ) , obviously you can get more money for it .

Note : All guitar prices for the gibson guitars on this web site are only estimated prices presuming that the guitar is in fairly good condition and all original , they are according to 4 different guitar price guides and rounded off to the nearest dollar ,

you can use it as a vintage guitar price guide but do not rely on these prices to buy or sell vintage gibson guitars , there are

many factors that can determine a price for used , old or collectible guitars .I strongly recommend you make an expert or collector examine and value the guitar before buying or selling any vintage guitars regardless if its a gibson , gretsch or fender ....domenic


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Okay a little old lady I know wants to get rid of her late husbands guitar. Gibson b25-12n 12 string acoustic. It looks in great shape. If anyone could tell me any info on this guitar it would be awesome. Old lady cant afford appraisal so I'm trying my best. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    hi dauna ,
    these gibson guitars were introduced in 1962 and were discontinued in 77 .

    according to the guitar price guide your guitar is worth $900 to $1200 if its a 60s model and $700 to $900 if its a 70s model.

    Presuming its in good condition and all original.

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM


    I have a 1962 (or so) Les Paul Custom, all original. It has a "2" stamped before the serial number - indicating a second, I believe. This plays like a dream. What is approximate value? I do not see many Customs on your site.



  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    hi dave ,

    i would definitely have to see the guitar to value it , during the sixties gibson made some signicant changes to their les paul custom guitars that can determine the price value.

    However ,Gibson les paul custom reviews will be posted by this month along with their prices , im sure it will help you determine or give you an idea on how much your les paul custom is worth ...domenic

  5. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Thanks, Domenic;

    I will check back for reviews and pricing. My LP Custom has really seen the road. Belt rubbed the finish off to the wood grain on back. Gold finish is worn from machine heads. It looks the part of a 40 year-old-instrument that has been played extensively.

    Even in well-played state, I need to get a sense if this is a "collector" piece. If it is, I want to take it out of rotation.



  6. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Hey, I just inherited a Gibson from my late Father-in-law. The best we can remember, he said he bought it in the early 70's and it's fairly clearly printed in it J-60ADJ. Everything I can find on the J-60's though says they didn't make them that far back. Am I missing something?


  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    there were no j-60 guitars made in the seventies. Not according to the gibson literature i have .

  8. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I have a 1961 Gibson Kalamazoo KG, origionally with two single-coil pickups and a bolt-on tremolo. Since the guitar is in peices and has been repainted two times before I inhereted it, i decided to overhaul it with Dimarzio fast track 1 and chopper humbucking pickups, a leo kwan bridge, and mini goto tuning machines, as well as a red pearl pickguard (custom made and ordered) and cherry red pain along with a tung oil neck finish. I think it will be pretty badass. However, since I'll be spending close to 500 bucks redoing this thing, i would like to know what it would have been worth in its glory days.

  9. Anonymous9:02 PM

    it depends what you want to do with the guitar , if you like the guitar and you want to play on it and keep it maybe its worth spending $500 on it

    but if its to resell i wouldnt invest $500 for a gibson kalamazoo kg

    They are worth today around $300 to $400 all original and in good condition .

    my opinion .

  10. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I just bought a SJN C/W acoustic, I believe a '68. It sounds awesome and plays like butter, which is why I bought it. I think someone has replaced the adjustable bridge with a later, non-adjustable version. No other modifications as far as I can tell. It has a hairline crack in the top, from just below the bridge to near the bottom -- about 8 inches long. It also has slight buzz or dead fret on high strings at about 14 - 16, (where I never play). Anyone have an opinion about what, if any, repairs I should have done? The retailer had light-guage strings on it due to the crack and I'd sort of like to go to mediums. Thanks, Phil

  11. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Hi phil,im a luthier and i repair only vintage guitars, i strongly recommend you take it to a professional guitar luthier in your area who knows what he's doing,

    i don't see how anybody can help you without seeing the repairs on your guitar.

    there can be so many factors involved.

    some costumers bring me guitars with frets to change when in fact the necks are warped due to tension and poor maintenance .

    is the crack a surface crack or does it go all the way through the wood ? is it repairable ? will it get worse overtime ?

    theres no way someone can answer your question without seeing the guitar unless he's presuming and guessing .

  12. Anonymous7:03 PM


    Just a quick question. How much would a 1965 Gibson LG-1 or Lg-2 in poor condition be worth? I say poor in that the finish is scratched, the pick-guard is missing, the action on the strings is bad (a good half inch away at the 12th fret, which may indicate that the neck is bowed), and the bridge may need replacing, - in other words, poor condition. The reason I ask is that I have seen some in fairly poor condition listed for much more as well as much less than I expected. Thanks for any help!

  13. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Gibson lg-2 guitars were discontinued in 1962 and replaced by the b-25.

    a 1965 gibson lg-1 in good condition all original is worth anywhere from $800 to $1100

    now its pretty hard putting a price value on a guitar without seeing it.

    according to your description its not poor but very poor condition,

    i figure $300 to $400 and this is being generous .It also depends on how bad your neck is warped , if it cannot be repaired its worth $0-$100 ...

  14. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Check this out. My Girlfriends Mothers dad died and one of the iteams he left behind was a Gibson. She took it to a guitar shop to see what exactly it was and it turns out to be one of the First Acoustic Electrics every produced by gibson. Can anyone tell me what model this would be. It is like the 7th one ever made or something!!!

  15. Anonymous4:42 PM

    do you have a serial number ? pictures ? some features of the guitar ?

    How do expect anyone to answer your question .

  16. Anonymous2:02 PM

    1960 Gibson LG0. Should I have a split in pack panel and crack in back of head repaired before I sell?

  17. Anonymous2:45 PM

    thats up to you , either way it will definitly affect its price value ....

    depends on the extent of the damage...

    many collectors i know prefer dealing with the repairs themselves.

    if you want to sell it you should leave the guitar as is ....of course my opinion .

  18. Anonymous6:13 PM

    What would be a ballpark value for a 1963 Gibson LG-1? All original, good to very good condition, with Gibson case (so-so condition) and original hang tag. Thanks.

  19. Anonymous7:48 PM

    according to your description on your gibson lg-1 you can ask for $850 to $1100. The price guides list it at $750 to $950 without the case .

    Don't sell it below $700 unless you really need the dough .

  20. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Help with this Epiphone?
    I have a EJ 200 that was soposed to have been purchased in 1970 the ser#S97070077 is on a tan, oval shaped label with brown type set it doesnt say where it was made??? It is in minty condition and is all original and has the Gibson plastic shield right above the nut?? Can you give me a ball park figure of its value???
    Thanks in advance

  21. Anonymous5:23 PM

    in 1970 gibson epiphone production started in japan , im pretty sure although not certain that your epiphone was made in japan according to your serial number,

    epiphone japanese models are not very sought after by collectors,they are not even in the vintage guitar price guide .

    it is very hard for me to give it a value without seeing it , there are many variations of these guitars .

    more info would help , is there any numbers in back of the peghead? what kind of pickups ?

  22. I have the option to buy a 1991 Gibson Les Paul Bass, sr# 93521340 It is in original condition, color, and in very good shape with only one very miner nick in the body, what would be a good offer to make, the original suggested retail was $899.00.

  23. Anonymous9:23 PM

    How much would a crack on the front where the two pieces are joined together reduce the value of a 40 year old guitar? The varnish is not cracked, just the wood underneath.

  24. Anonymous9:40 PM

    hi randy , theres quite a few gibson les paul basses that were made in the nineties.

    do you know the exact model name

    is it the les paul LPB-1 special bass ?

    is it the les paul deluxe LPB-2 bass ? ....etc .

  25. Anonymous10:18 PM

    As soon as you mention a crack it scares off buyers especially if they are collectors, so the value will definitly be reduced .

    How much reduction ? it depends if it affects the sound of the guitar .Is the crack repairable ? how deep does it go...and so on.

    If the guitar is in fact 40 years old and you know its quite valuable you should take it to a guitar luthier in your area or someone you trust who collects guitars for an opinion.

    As for me, Its very difficult to give your guitar a value without seeing the damage or crack.

  26. Anonymous5:56 AM

    All I could get from Gibson was that it was a 91 Les Paul, cant remember what color they called it, but it was a color of black and sunburst and cost $899.00 new

  27. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I have a SG Special with the serial # 221880, I believe it was purchased around 1964. I am the original owner and it was played. It has all original parts,except for the wammy bar, which was removed and lost,and some of the metal parts are tarnished. I was wondering about a ballpark value. Also do you think it will increase with more age or is now the time to sell? Thanks for any input you could supply.

  28. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Gibson says that the Les Paul bass started at $899.00 and went up from there in 1991. That must mean the one I have a chance to buy is the bottom of the line. Does thia give enough info to guestimate a value? It is just short of perfect, just the one nick in the front on the top edge, not even visable with out realy looking for it. If I buy it, it would just be for personal use, not for resale.

  29. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Sg special

    $2600 to $3400

    5 years ago they were valued on the vintage market at $1400 , so if you do the math i think you'll see that they will increase in value ( the guitar has a good upward trend )

    is it time to sell ? well thats up to you, and how much you need the cash . If it were up to me id keep it , but were not all in the same shoes .

  30. Anonymous11:36 AM

    i wouldn't pay more than $650 for the gibson les paul bass .

    its not a sought after bass in terms of collectability but a pretty good bass to play and gig for its moneys worth .

    i had a 92' gibson les paul lpb-1 bass ,im pretty sure were talking about the same bass .

  31. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Thanks Mark, is this an easy bass to play? I had a Fender Pression and the neck was too wide for me so I traded it for a Fender Jazz, and it felt good but money got tight and I traded it for a truck. I now have a cheap Fender Squire, and again the neck is a little too wide for me to be comfortable plus it has several chips in the blue finish.

  32. Anonymous2:31 PM

    the one i had was very easy to play , neck was just right for me but were all different.

    why dont you try it before buying it ?

  33. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hi Folks...Great site.

    I have a 1972 ES 335 td Walnut finish guitar. The 1st owner ( I am the 2nd) replaced the tuners with grovers.I under stand that he most likely drilled a larger hole to make these new tuners fit.
    I have found some tuners for sale that will fit the holes. They say Gibson Deluxe in two vertical lines.They also have the tulip knobs.
    My question is...finally...Do the correct original 1972 tuners have 1 or 2 "rings" on the knobs and say Gibson deluxe? I think I would like the look of these Deluxe tuners better. Are the grovers alot better than the original? Thanks you very much. Lance

  34. Anonymous7:27 PM

    lance you have an awesome guitar , i had a 1976 es 335 and i regret selling it . Mine had gibson deluxe style tuners with no name on them .

    Although im not 100% sure on what exact tuners they had ,

    i've also seen a 1971 all orginal es-335 ( walnut )at the namm show with gibson deluxe tuners ( with the name gibson deluxe on them and 2 rings on the knobs )

    Grover tuners are considered more reliable and durable however many people prefer maintaining the look of the originals .

  35. Anonymous7:34 AM

    My father is about to sell a 1957 Les Paul Junior in excellent but not perfect condition,(3 or 4 very small chips in the finish). I think he is making a mistake taking the first offer. How much would a guitar like this sell for generally? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  36. Anonymous12:53 PM

    between $4000 to $4500 easy , ive seen some sell on ebay for $5000 and up .

  37. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I have a friend who picked up a Gibson 1981 Flying V Bass (black) at a flea market for $100. We would like to find out some kind of a ball park figure on what it's worth.

  38. Anonymous1:31 PM

    thats a hard to find bass , they only made them in 1981 ,

    value also depends on color. Blue stain , black or ebony finishes are worth $1400 to $1600

    the silverburst finish is more sought after and worth anywhere from $2300 to $2600

  39. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I have a 1956 SJ Natural finish that sounds and plays beautifully. SN V6149-8.

    Any idea of it's worth?

  40. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Its value is listed at $3900 to $4500 , i think you can actually get more if you get the right buyer .

    Then again why would you want to sell it ? its an awesome guitar that will only gain value as time goes by .

  41. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Re the 56 SJ - it truly is an awesome guitar - I call her Sally and she is featherlight but has such deep and loud tones - I feel truly honoured to have her in my life.

    I'm not looking to sell her but was just curious what that year/model was worth generally.

    This guitar has a pretty interesting story.

    I played piano and guitar in rock bands when I was 16 - 22. I'm 56 now and back to music as my full time existence. I busk with the guitars and do happy hour gigs on the piano.

    In 1967 I was in Arizona and got busted - 40 miles from Tuscon under a full moon with my girl, I played her a few tunes - peyote was in bloom. We got busted by a couple of state troopers who saw our car parked in the middle of no-where and snuck up on us. I had a Gibson Dove and during the bust, as the cops were divying up my money, I objected. The money was in the pick compartment of my guitar case and when I said "hey you can't do that" the cop stomped on the top of the Dove then asked "what else can't we do".

    I had a new spruce top put on it by a well known luthier in Tuscon but it was never the same.

    I wrote a song about that night, called Cactus Sally.

    I had a friend whose dad died and he inherited the SJ but he didn't play the guitar. Whenever he and his wife would come to visit they would bring the guitar and I would play it. One day, when they were leaving, I started putting the guitar back in the case and my friend – Dave Marlar - said "I really like that 10-speed Puegot bike you have - why don't you keep the guitar and I'll take the bike".

    10 years later she was leaning in the corner of my porch - a cantilevered one about 8 feet from the ground. My sister had been playing it and put it down when my young son and I started up a gas powered radio controlled model boat that we had built. There was a canoe propped from the ground up onto the side of the porch.

    When the .049 motor barked to life a bunch of other kids who had been playing in the house all ran out onto the porch and the whole think came loose from the house and crashed down. There were at least 8 of us who went with it - huge rusty spikes sticking up everywhere but amazingly, none of us were injured.

    The SJ was the only casualty. The end of the canoe whacked it and broke both the sides, a bit of the front and smaller bit of the back.

    The neck was OK and I released the strings, picked all the broken bits out of the grass and put them in the case.

    I was renting and filed a claim on the owners insurance. this was in 1980 and the insurance company paid me out $5,000 Canadian and when I asked to keep the guitar they let me.

    17 years later I finally met a luthier who I trusted enough to let him do the restoration. His name is Paul Iverson and worked at Calder Music (now Tom Lee) in North Vancouver. It took him about a year but he did an incredible job. He couldn't hide the fact that it had been damaged but it sounded better than it ever had, and just gets better with age.

    Given the damage I don't imagine it is worth much to a collector but I wouldn't sell it for $50,000 anyway. Was just curious.


  42. Anonymous7:00 AM

    on every vintage guitar theres a story behind it , thats what makes them unique and personal .

    great post ...mark

  43. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I have Gibson Hummingbird that was left to me by my father. The serial # is 421682 I athink it is a 1966. Can ayone tell me if this year is correct for the serial # and what it would be worth. I am NOT getting rid of it, I just need to know if I need to add a rider on my homeowners policy to cover it. Any help would be appreciated.

  44. Anonymous8:45 PM

    the serial # indicates that its a 1966 and its worth anywhere from $2800 to $3300 according to the price guide regardless the color ( natural or cherry ).. hope that helped

  45. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Keep it and don't sell it , the hummingbirds will boom in price value in the few years to come.

    First square shouldered guitars made by gibson .

  46. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I just bought a gibson from a vintage dealer.It is a very pretty guitar. He says it is a L-12 but stamped into the wood next to the serial number paper inside there is stamped L 5..tThe serial number is 97807..What is it..

  47. Anonymous9:30 AM

    it would be much easier if i could of seen a picture of it , heres some specs that might help you .

    - 1934 to 36 gibson l-5 guitars had a flat tailpiece with l-5 engraved on it .

    - in 1936 and on l-5 had bound f-holes l-12s' did not .

    - in 1937 the l-5 had a silver center insert tailpiece with 3 engraved diamonds, and grover tuners , the l-12 had a flat tailpiece with cutouts .

    - in 1939 the l-5 had a single cutaway,wider tailpiece with hole at bottom for allen wrench adjustments .

    - l-12 guitars with cutaways were only inntroduced in 1947 .

    the serial number you mentioned indicates that it was manufactured betwwen 1942-43

    1942-43 l-12 guitars are worth $3200 to $3500

    1942-43 l-5 guitars are valued at $7000 to $8000

    if it doesnt have bounded f-holes chances are its an l-12 although i cannot confirm without seeing the guitar ,

    and i dont think the guy who sold it to you would make that huge mistake .

  48. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I could send you pictures but I am not sure how to get them directly to you ..The gibson L-12 has double paralellagrams ,it has F holes and it has no cutaway..It has a tail piece like I have seen on the L-5 but there is nothing stamped on it such as L 5 it is just clean at that part..Thanks for your help..If you have E-mail I will try to attach some pictures..

  49. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Does anyone know what the L stands for in Gibson models L-0, L-00, L-1 and L-2? Does anyone know what the L stands for in LG? Does anyone know what the B stands for in B-25?

  50. Anonymous9:23 PM

    thats a very good question , doesnt mention anything about this in the gibson literature .

    I know the l-1 and the l-0 were the first gibson flat top guitars to leave the kalamazoo factory , thus starting a line of L-guitars and models , but what the l-stands for beats me ....

  51. Anonymous9:27 PM

    sorry for the late post ( out for the weekend ) you can email me the picture here domenic@videotron.ca if you'd like


  52. Anonymous5:44 AM


  53. I have been trying to find someone who can help me with this. Everything I've read states the J-30 began in '85, yet I've owned an '84 for about three years. It has a red tint back and sides like a Hummingbird and a real nice tight top turning that vintage amber color. I have pics..not sure where to post them. This guitar is one of 4 Gibsons I own and yes, I know how to read serial numbers. Even if I didn't, it has a 90th Anniversary sticker in it. Any comments, suggestions? email eric95076@yahoo.com and I'll shoot you a pic...oh yeah, it BREATHES:)

  54. I have a 1974 Les Paul Custom. All original everything, played a lot from 74 to 97. Some belt scrathces but not many. Unbelievable condition for its age and use. Could I get a ballpark value for this love of my life? Thanks!

  55. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Gibson 335 ( 1972 )

    Thats an awesome guitar , its valued at $2400 to $2600 in several price guides but im pretty sure you can get more ...

    Im also presuming that your talking about the es-335 td .( gibson made several 335 models but were introduced later on ) ...

    I have a 69 ..and luving it ..its my babe ..

  56. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Hi eric , its very possible , in some cases gibson introduced guitars a year earlier before they listed them in their catalogs .

    Or , some guitars were made at the end of a particular year but only introduced on the market at the beginning of the new year .


  57. Anonymous8:53 PM

    >> 1974 Les Paul Custom

    Jimi , they made two models of the les custom in 1974

    One with 3 pickups and the other with 2 pickups .

    I checked the prices according to the price guide and the one with 3 pickups is worth $2400 to $2600

    and the custom with the 2 pickups is valued at $2100 to $2300 ...hope that helped ....MATT

    Just want to mention that one price guide had the 3 pickup model at $2800

  58. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I had my mom's 1963 Es 175, beautiful guitar, in good condition. Just a few slight scratches & nicks. Unfortunately we just lost our house & everything in a fire, and I am wondering what it may have been worth. Also had her original Gibson amp that she bought with the guitar new. Anyone have any idea? Thanks

  59. Anonymous11:21 PM

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  60. Anonymous11:24 PM

    theres actually two types of es 175 gibson guitars( es-175 ) with a single pickup or the ( es-175d ) with double pickups

    however both are worth easy $5000 to $6000

    as for the amp ,i need the model

  61. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Thank you! That's about the value I was putting on the guitar. I don't have the model # on the amp, all I remember is it had 3 or 4 jacks for cords and had knobs for bass, treble, and volume, and on/off. Was about 20 - 22" wide and about 12" deep I suppose, maybe 18" tall. That's all I can remember.

  62. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I have a Gibson that I need an insurance value for. It is an ES-350 in very good condition and all original. Serial # is : A-14291. Thanks in advance!

  63. Anonymous5:52 PM


    Gibson made two versions: the es-350 with a full body which was introduced in 1947 to 1956

    These guitars are valued at $5000 to $6000 easy , and you can get more if the guitar has a natural finish .

    They also made the es-350 t ( thinline )which was introduced in 1955 to 1963 during the mcarty era , these guitars are worth $4500 to $5500 ( p-90 pickups ), humbucker versions are valued at $7000 to $8000

    in 1977 till 1981 they reintroduced the es-350t ( $2500 to $3500 )

    i had an es-350t and i sold it in 82, until today i still regret it .

  64. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Love the history and perspective on the guitars. Interesting to see the upward trend on the Flying V2's which get little respect as instruments although I love mine. Any chance of an article or analysis of the 1980's Modernes from a player and collector standpoint?

  65. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I disagree with you , i think the v2 has a great deal of respect , the reason why you dont hear about them is because they are rare and there wasn't much v2's produced ( 1979-1982 )

    ive seen some on ebay sell for over $2000 when they are listed in the price guide for $1700 max ... this is a good sign if you have one .... i actually had one and i regret selling it ...

    my opinion ,,, guitar freak - mich

  66. Anonymous5:35 PM

    v2's are great guitars but the flying v guitars that followed during the later eighties ( glamour rock era ) are not very much sought after by collectors , they were manufactured in big quanitities , and when production ended in kalamazoo in 84 values and quality decreased even more .

  67. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I have a gibson super 400 that i bought in 1972.the serial #is 81220104.can anyone tell me what year it was made and possibly how much it is worth thanks frank

  68. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I have a 1971 SG Standard in mint condition and I'm thniking of selling it, does anyone know how much I should get for it?

  69. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Gibson Super 400

    Your guitar was produced in 1973-74 , Gibson super 400 guitars were introduced in 1934 and were discontinued in 1955 , several other model versions were introduced later .

    You probably have one of these models :

    1. Super 400C : single cutaway sunburst finish - 1973/74 Value = $6500 to $8000
    2. Super Super 400CN : Natural version of the 400c - 1973/74 Value = $10 000 to $12 000
    3. Super 400CES : electric version of the 400c - 1973/74 Value - $7500 to $9500
    4. Super 400 CESN : natural version of the 400ces value - $8000 to $10000

    Whether you have a new , old , vintage super 400 ,these are fabulous guitars ,,, i have a 75 super 400ces and i wouldnt trade it for the world ..

  70. Anonymous3:57 PM

    hi alberto ,

    Your guitar is worth $1500 to $1900 if its all original and good condition ....according to the price guide .

    Don't sell below $1400 unless you really need the money ... jake

  71. Hi.. Im from Argentina, so excuseme for my english, I'll try to do my best.. Recently I have bought to a guy who is broke, a 1981 Les Paul Custom, I wanna know if you could tell me wich is the price for a guitar like this in the States..
    Salutes from Argentina

  72. Anonymous9:26 PM

    it depends on the features of the guitar , gibson made several versions of the les paul custom .

    very hard to put a value on a guitar when you can't see it ....

    i figure $1500 to $2000 > 2 pickup version .

  73. Anonymous9:27 PM

    price guide lists it at $1600 to $1800 ( all original and good condition )

  74. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I am looking for information on a Gibson Hummingbird serial #370024.

    I am doing this for a friend who has no idea about guitars.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  75. Anonymous10:20 PM

    hi mal ,all serial numbers from 370000 to 370999 on gibson humming birds stamped in back top of peghead with No "MADE IN USA" stamp below were made in 1967 .

    All models with serial numbers in the 300000's which had "MADE IN U.S.A." stamped below the serial number were made in 1974-75

    61 humming birds are fine guitars especially the ones with the maple backs , these guitars are valued at $3900 to $4500 with a good upward trend .

    74-75 models are valued at $$1800 to $2500 ..

    hope that helped ......

  76. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Hi, A friend has a black Les Paul Custom, serial #3 3069. It is in beautiful condition except for a broken jack plate. According to the Gibson website, it was made in 1953, but it has a decal on the back of the peghead that says "Custom shop edition". Any idea what it's worth?

  77. Anonymous8:00 PM

    are you sure its a les paul custom ? do you have a picture ? can you give more detailed specs on the guitar ?

    Gibson les paul custom guitars were introduced only in 1954 , but your serial # indicates that its a 1953 /// weird ??

  78. Anonymous8:20 PM

    im pretty sure you have a 90s model , gibson introduced some gibson les paul classic guitars with "custom shop edition" decal in back of the neck . They also had the same sequence of serial numbers . 1 digit followed with a space , then 4 other digits .

    example: 3 7968

  79. Hi I have a 1980 Gibson SG with active electronics. It has a very thick body. I've never seen another like it. it's black and in very good condition. anyone know what it's worth.

  80. Anonymous5:15 PM

    According to the guitar price guide an 1980 sg standard is valued at $1000 to $1400 if all original and in good condition ....

    If you have a 1980 sg custom its worth $2000 to $2700 .

  81. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hi -
    I have a mystery Gibson 12-string. Photos I find on line of these models don't look like mine... the pick guard is different, and the front is a solid color, not sunburst. The inside label says "Gibson, inc. Model B-25-12 DELUXE" The serial number on the back of the head is 675809. Can you tell me something about this guitar model, including an average value?
    Thanks - Diane

  82. Anonymous7:50 AM

    From the serial number you gave me your guitar was made in the early seventies ( 70-74 )

    in 1962 gibson introduced their line of b-25 12 string guitars

    The b-25-12 was made in cherry sunburst finishes with pointed pickguards .

    The B-25-12N had the same specs but were made in Natural finishes .

    Later on they also introduced the b-25-12 deluxe models ( late 60s ), they were made in cherry sunburst and natural finishes but they had rounded pickguards .

    these guitars in good condition are worth $$800 to $1200 , natural finishes can be sold for a little more ( $900 to $1400 )

  83. Anonymous6:23 PM


    My Dad left a Gibson Hummingbird to my sister and I when he passed away. We're not interested in selling it, we just want to establish its value so that one of us can buy the other out. It has serial number 963721 and "Made in the USA" on the back of the head of the neck. Its in excellent condition. Any idea what we have?

    Thanks, Mark

  84. Anonymous5:15 AM

    if the "made in the usa" is stamped below the serial number , your hummingbird guitar was made in the early seventies ( 70-72 ) and its valued in the 2006 price guide at $1600 to $2000 , price is expected to go up in 2007.

    if the pick guard is screwed on ( which i doubt ) its a 68 nodel which is worth over $3000 ... hope that helped ...

  85. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I have a 1966 L-5 custom with a double McCarty pickup/pickguard, (serial #406811). I'm getting back into playing it more lately, and wondered what it may be worth. I've owned it since 1982 and purchased it at a police department evidence sale in St. Johns, AZ.

  86. Anonymous7:41 PM

    gibson made several models of the l-5 , i need the exact model .

    l-5 custom shop guitars were made only in 1990 .

    I think you meant you have the l-5 c : ( single rounded cutaway )

    if you have the l-5c you have an outstanding guitar and its valued at over $12 0000 easily , it should be worth even more in 2007 .

    if your planning to sell the guitar do not sell it before 2007 , wait for the 2007 vintage guitar price guide ..... theres supposed to be a spike in price on all l-5 guitars ...

  87. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Thanks for your response about my L-5!! You are right about the model. It is an L-5C. It has the single rounded cutaway with the McCarty double floating pickup guard. At the base of the headstock is a screwed in label that says "custom". I looked through the web and found the closest match to be this 1968 L-5C:


    That guitar has the Charlie Christian bar pickup and four control knobs. Does anyone know more about the McCarty floating pickups and how they are constructed?

    Any responses are greatly appreciated!! Thanks again.


  88. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I,m trying to identify what I believe is a es 335 Studio,the Serial No.on the rear of the headstock is 81426561 and has a Made in USA stamp.It has Gibson Deluxe tuners and what appears to be a ebony fretboard.What is it and is it highly rated?Thanks!

  89. Great blog. So I have a 1960 something b45 ? 12string, mint, no case. I have someone offering $1000, should I take it and pay my rent or hold on to it as an investment? 15% a year is that the case with this guitar? Curious to what you all have to say. Thanks

  90. Anonymous1:43 PM

    "GIBSON L-5 "

    do a search for "mccarty pickups" in google books ,theres some great info and history on them .. im sure you'll find the info quite useful ...( from 1948 to 1971 )... do not change the mccarty pickups on your guitar it will depreciate in value ...

  91. Anonymous1:51 PM


    The gibson es 335 studio models were introducted in 1986 and discontinued in 1991 .

    these guitars are valued at $1200 to $1550 , they were built with no f-holes , and were fitted with 2 dirty finger humbuckers . Your5 es-335 studio was made in 1986 , its a very nice quality guitar but its not highly sought after by collectors because its fairly new .... give it a couple of years ..

  92. Anonymous2:12 PM

    "GIBSON B-45"

    do you know the exact year ? whats the serial number ?

    if your guitar has a natural color finish its the "b-45 12n" which were introduced 1962 and discontinued in 1979 ( sixties models go for $1500 to $2400 )

    if your guitar is a sunburst color , its a "b-45 12" which were made from 1961 to 1979 ( early sixties models can be sold for more than $2000 )

    Note : early sixties models had pin bridges , late sixties models had non pin bridges ... both guitars are expected to go up in price in 2007 ....

    personally i wouldn't sell it , but im not in your shoes ... depends on your situation , i still think you could get more if you sell it on ebay ( with a good description )...domenic

  93. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I have my Fathers gibson ES-295 it has a small crack in it, otherwise in good condition despite wear from use. All parts are original, (not the original case, I replaced the case with a gibson hard case).
    serial number is white oval, reads A18291
    I'm having difficulty determining a price/value for it and am not sure of the year.
    Years ago an instrument dealer/repair fellow said they made only 500 of this model and I believe he said it was a 1958.
    Can you kindly help me out with an estimated value?
    thank you

  94. Anonymous11:50 AM

    gibson only made white oval labels until 1955 , orange oval labels were used from 1955 to 1971 ... your guitar was made in 1954-55.

    i also presume you have single coil pickups ( p-90s ) since they made es-295 guitars with humbucker pickups only in 58'.

    your guitar all original and in good condition without the crack is valued at $6000 to $8000 with an upward trend after the new year ... i cannot estimate the value of your guitar with the crack , i will have to see the damage ... domenic .

    Depends where is the crack , how deep , how long , does it affect the sound , will it get worst over the years .... and so on .

  95. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I have a 1961 Gibson B45 which does not have a tailpiece. apparently gibson engineers were skeptical about the ability of the top to resist being pulled out of shape by the force of the twelve strings and recalled those guitars sold to add a tailpiece. my B45 has been strung and played for 45 years,with no ill effects from having no tailpiece. it has a comfortable,easy to play action and a rich mellow voice. after 45 years,it has some marks but no cracks or other faults. awesome guitar.

  96. Anonymous5:43 AM

    i do agree with you , i played on several b45 12 string guitars and i was impressed ... they are also getting harder to find as the years go by ... been trying to buy one for several months ( no luck )

    Great info on the tailpiece ,,,

  97. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Im not so sure on what excatly the guitar is...but the inside of it reads as 1992 EAS CLASSIC II and it is an acustic that can be plugged in...has blues look to it and not as thick as most acustics and so I was wondering how much is it worth?

  98. Anonymous6:20 AM

    hi jennifer, gibson made 4 models of these type of guitars .

    - EAS classic
    - EAS classic II
    - EAS deluxe

    when gibson designed high end acoustic electric models at the same time they developed another line of guitars that played very well but would be less expensive to produce , these guitars were called the EAS classics which are valued at $600 to $800 .

  99. Anonymous6:00 PM


  100. Anonymous9:04 PM

    buyers who shop on ebay for vintage guitars expect deals , and most people who sell their guitars on ebay don't even know what they have , that is why you see them for less expensive . ebay does not determine the price of vintage guitars .

    A true collector or a serious buyer will give you what its worth in the price guide and sometimes even more .

    ebay is a great place to sell your guitar if you need money fast and your planning to take a loss , im a collector and i would never sell my guitars on ebay , however its a great place to buy ...

  101. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Hi all!
    I just want to know about the Citation model...
    I know that 69 serie is very rare, but what about the 73 and 93 series (I'm not sure of the dates)??
    What's the price estimation of a 93 serie???

  102. Anonymous6:17 PM


    Im looking for a ballpark figure for my 1962 SG Les Paul Custom, in pretty good condition all original with the sideways vibrola,



  103. Anonymous8:21 PM

    gibson introduced the gibson citation in 1969 with a 17' full body depth and were discontinued in 1971 . The company introduced the first reissue of the citation in 1979 to 83 . In 1993 until today gibson introduced a 2nd reissue with a limited production via gibson's historic collection .

    All citation guitars are worth from $10 000 to $15 0000 regardless the year . This guitar is awesome and was always built with basically the same specs from the very beginning with impeccable precision and craftsmanship . Its a guitar that reflects some of gibson's best work and are mostly ordered on demand ( you won't find music stores that will carry them in stock ).

  104. Anonymous8:39 PM

    hi matthew ,

    i looked it up for you and 4 price guides lists a 62 sg les paul custom at $8000 to $10 000 with an upward trend ... i wouldn't sell the guitar if i were you unless i really needed the cash .. your guitar has historic value in gibson's history . 61 to 63 is when gibson made the transition from normal les paul custom bodies to sg type bodies .

    i wouldnt be surprised if it spikes to $15 000 by 2008 .....

  105. Anonymous10:03 PM

    hi, My father recently gave me his gibson les paul custom its a 76 or 77 serial#C925413. It has a natural finish with 3 peice maple neck and a maple fretbord gold hardware and two pickups. It is in exelent condition except on the top the fretboard has started to come unglued on the sides of it down by the neck pickup. I was wondering if this would effect the playability or tone of the guitar if so what would it cost to fix. It sat without strings on it for about a year before i got it is this what caused it. Also i was wondering what the value of it is and how many were made i was told gibson didnt make many les pauls with maple fretboards. any help will be grately apreciated, thanks.

  106. Anonymous7:18 AM

    they made those models with gold hardware ( some with maple necks )in 1976 , they are valued at $1900 to $2200 according to the price guide in excellent condition . the repair shouldn't affect the sound , you should take it to a luthier to repair it ...

    i cannot comment to much on the repairs without seeing the guitar ....dom

  107. Anonymous11:03 AM

    My Mom recently passed away and she had a Gibson guitar. How do I research to find what type it is? The serial number is 218968. Does that tell me anything?

  108. Anonymous12:17 PM

    if the serial number is located in back of the peghead and theres no made in the usa below it your gibson guitar was made in 1964 , if there is a "made in the usa" stamped below the ser # it was made in 1973 ....

    you should have a model # or name somewhere on the guitar or try to post a picture online , im sure someone will know what type of gibson model .....

  109. Anonymous12:19 PM

    is it acoustic ? electric ? more details would help ... could be worth alot of money ...

  110. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I have a Gibson Heritage Custom acoustic guitar, serial #B122734, label says Kalamazoo, and would like to know the value of the instrument. It's in very good condition, no cracks. Thanks for the help.

  111. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I came across a mid-60's SG (Special?) the other day...serial # 600703. It's not in the best condition--the body where the electronics are stored was broke off and badly repaired. The pick-ups (look original) are a bit tatterd. However, the neck is in wonderful condition.

    My 9th grade son is interested in purchasing the instrument from $$ he's saved from officiating youth sports contests. Any info and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  112. Anonymous9:16 PM

    gibson heritage

    The serial # dates it a 1974-75 gibson heritage , its valued at $1400 in 3 vintage guitar price guides with an upward trend for 2007 .

  113. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I came across a mid-60's SG (Special?) ...........

    I would'nt touch it if i were you .. if there is "no made in the usa" below the serial number it was made in 1966-67 or 68 .

    all serial numbers from 600000 to 600998 were low end or student model guitars ... these gibson guitars don't play very well and on top of all that its been badly repaired and not to good condition ??

    I wouldn't purchase it, whats the point of having a guitar that you son cannot resell and most important enjoy playing .. my opinion .

  114. Anonymous3:21 AM

    hello im julius from the philippines, i have a gibson sg pro with a serial no.615267 i inherit this from my father. it just happend that i lend it to my friend when he returned it all the important hardware was replace such as machine head,pick guard,tunematic,knobs and the arm and spring of the bigby. i want it to have restored can u help me where can i find vintage parts for a low price so i can returned it to my father as a gift before he retired playing,this guitar has a very big sentimental value to him ...thanks more power and god bless

  115. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I have a Gibson ES 350 #A 20867. It is in mint condition, everything original,it belonged to my Father. Case in good shape. I would like to sell this but don't know how to price it or where to go to sell it. Can someone help me?

  116. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I have a Gibson Custom Guitar J200, Serial # 176316. Can anyone tell me what year and value?

  117. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I have a '90 Byrdland, sunburst in outstanding condition, signed by James W. Hutchins. It has a sunburst back of the headstock...unusual that I can tell. It has no issues other than the first two strings are low for my taste. Metal parts look new. Beautiful flame throughout. High gloss. What is it worth? I can send pictures. Thanks a lot. Anon

  118. Anonymous9:48 PM

    We have a Gibson 335 BB King "Lucille", real pretty condition, w/ the Varitone adjusts, etc. The Serial # is 91948451. We're fairly sure it is not a "Reissue" or a "Super Lucille". We'd like to find out when and where it was made and approximate value. As I said, it is in excellent condition.
    Can you help?
    Thanks so much!!

  119. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Hi, great blog/thread. A friend has a B-45 12, pin bridge and pickguard, serial number 112435. It plays beautifully, surprising low action and big sound. It looks to be in pretty good shape, but it's dusty and hasn't been played in donkeys years (the strings are quite old and it still sounds pretty good) I'm thinking about making him an offer, but he's a good friend so I especially want to make a fair offer.

    Any thoughts about the guitar or its value would be appreciated

  120. Anonymous5:39 PM

    hi david ,

    depends the year , if there is no "made in the usa below the serial number the guitar was made in 1962 or 63 and is worth $1700 to $2100 according to the new 2007 price guides .

    if theres " made in the usa" below the serial number its an early seventies , $900 to $1200 would be a fair price to pay for it .

    Gibson b-45-12 guitars were made in sunburst colors , b-45-12n were made in natural finishes .

    Note : natural finishes are worth a little more ... b-45 guitars are great guitars both for the player and collector .... very competitive with high priced guitars of today.

  121. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I inherited my dad's guitar it is a Gibson J45 1952. Serial # Y6898 28 His dad bought it for him while he was in high-school. Would appreciate if you could tell me value. Thanks

  122. Anonymous5:49 AM

    1952 gibson j-45 gutars in excellent condition are worth $4500 to $5000

  123. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hello, I found an old fender guitar. It looks just like a telecaster, but all it says is fender. I believe it is from the 50's. It has been refinished to the wood, but still plays nice. Serial number is 0652 on the metal plate. The owner told me it is all-original except he stripped the paint. How much should I pay?

  124. Anonymous7:10 AM

    the serial number indicates that it was made in 1954 but i don't see how anybody can give you a value without seeing the guitar ,,, and your missing so much info , its like saying i have a corvette from 1954 it has repairs on it and its been repainted , how much is it worth ? ....

  125. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I NEED HELP GETTING PROOF OF PRICE FOR MY GUITAR...BC MY GUITAR WAS DAMAGED IN MAIL AND IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME OUT I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL... so feel free to email me at fluffqueen@mindless.com and.. below i have info i posted on here about the guitar...and someones reply

    Im not so sure on what excatly the guitar is...but the inside of it reads as 1992 EAS CLASSIC II and it is an acustic that can be plugged in...has blues look to it and not as thick as most acustics and so I was wondering how much is it worth?

    Posted by Jennifer | 8:31 AM

    hi jennifer, gibson made 4 models of these type of guitars .

    - EAS classic
    - EAS classic II
    - EAS deluxe

    when gibson designed high end acoustic electric models at the same time they developed another line of guitars that played very well but would be less expensive to produce , these guitars were called the EAS classics which are valued at $600 to $800 .

    Posted by john | 6:20 AM

  126. Anonymous6:01 PM

    gibson eas classic guitars are worth $650 to $800 according to the 2007 price guide ....

  127. Anonymous11:42 PM

    How much does having a Gibson prototype stamp on the back of the headstock effect pricing? I have a '58 Flying V reissue, Serial # B 012 with the prototype stamp, in excellent condition, and am thinking I might need to get insurance for it. Any guesses on the value of the guitar?

  128. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I have a 1954 Gibson SJ200. The lacquer finish is checked a bit, a small crack 2" on the side, otherwise beautiful condition. Original case. Not played since the 1980's. Can you give me an idea of its value?

  129. Anonymous4:50 PM

    '58 Flying V reissue,

    if your talking about the '58 flying v korina ( natural finish, gold hardware ) which was a reissue of the original 1958 flying v , its worth $4500 to $6000 regardless the stamp .. these guitars were introduced in 1991 , prototype stamps on more modern guitars are not worth much more ... and if im not mistaken quite a few had the prototype stamp .

  130. Anonymous5:04 PM

    1954 Gibson SJ200

    the checking on the laquer is normal for a vintage guitar , its due to aging , a 1954 sj-200 is valued at $10 500 to $12 000 according to 4 price guides .. the depreciation of the crack depends on the buyer but i don't think it will affect the price value that much ... its already hard to find a 1954 sj-200 guitar , but to find one in mint condition is almost impossible ...

    Awesome guitar you have , you should take care of it ..domenic

  131. Anonymous5:14 PM

    gibson sj-200

    i think you can sell it for a little more to the right buyer even though the price guides list it at $10000 to $12000 ....mike

  132. please help my uncle had left me to guitars i don't want to sell them but i would like to find out what they are worth so i can find out if i should insure them or not one is a mel gibson sn 83119739 i think it was hard to read it was ingraved in back its in awsome condition he bought it 1988 please help the other one i have buried i will have to get back thats a les paul black thats all i got
    please thanx

  133. Anonymous4:14 PM

    hi i have gibson nighthawk serial no 94037590 made in usa under the no. it has 2 pickups one is straight and one is slanted. it has a 5 way switch. they stopped making them when i don t know.how much do you think its worth it has a few nicks and the gold is wearing on the pickups

  134. Anonymous6:36 PM


    you can get all that info here .. ( click on the linc below )

  135. Anonymous6:41 PM

    please help my uncle had left me to guitars i don't want to sell ....

    your missing lots of info and besides i don't think theres any gibson guitar models called mel gibson ..( at least not that i know of )

  136. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I have a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Studio". It has a standard body amd a dotted neck. It is not altered but is a studio. It is in mint condition (Black) with the case. Can you tell me what it is worth? I was told Gibson only made this Standard Studio from 1981 - 1984.

    Jim Nyman

  137. Anonymous8:25 PM

    hi jim , im not to familiar with this model and theres hardly no literature on it .. do you have the serial number? and are you sure its a studio ?

    Gibson les paul studio guitars were introduced in 1983 and are still in production .. different model variations were made on the studio but only after 1983 .

  138. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Hi, I have a Gibson J-50 ADJ I bought new in 1967. It's all original and in great shape. I have always taken good care of it. It has the original Kludson Deluxe tuners and never had to have any work done to it. There are some varnish cracks on top of the shoulders but no where else.
    I know these were exactly like the J-45, only natural. This guitar looks great and sounds wonderful! Nothing like it with the proper strings.
    Just curious as to the value these days.

  139. Anonymous8:42 PM

    if its a 1967 gibson j-50 its valued at $2100 to $2500 in (3)2007 vintage guitars price guides .The varnish cracks does not decrease the value , its called checking due to age and its normal for vintage guitars to have them .

  140. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I purchased a new gibson sg standard back in 1984 and don't see any around quite the same could you give me some info on it.
    Its a 1984 gibson sg.standard the serial # is 80554542
    the color is WHITE or IVORY what ever it was called.
    some odd but cool things are it has the quarter scratch plate, and the rythem/treble switch is center above the volume and tone knobs ,also the jack plug-in is on the bottom SIDE of guitar NOT in the front like all the others I see. and the tuning keys are like a green plastic,also the strap holders are diamond shape.could you let me know anything about this guitar.Is it rare or not? I really would appreciate anything you could tell me.and what the value might be around
    Much Much thanks

  141. Anonymous8:18 PM

    gibson made numerous model variations and added new colors to the sg standard from 1983 to 1987 , then added new specs in 1988 to present .. this and amongst other reasons caused the value of the sg standard to drop considerably... from 1983 to 2005 sg standards are valued at $900 to $1200 ... very popular and quality guitar , but not sought after by collectors .

  142. Anonymous3:03 PM

    hi just wondering when you change string gauges you have to set the intonation.what are the most popular gauges for blues .what guage did srv use. thanks

  143. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Hello, I have just obtained a Gibson J-45 and the serial number is (I believe) F923081 It's a little difficult to read. The guitar is acoustic in excellant condition and all original. How much is it worth aproximately?

  144. Anonymous2:41 PM

    blues strings ...

    I think i can answer this question because i work in a busy music store and the most popular string gauges requested from blues players is 10-13-17-26-36-46 . But this does not really answer your question because everybody is different and it really depends on what your most comfortable with,,...

  145. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Gibson J-45

    If the serial # you indicated is in back of the peghead with "made in the usa" below the serial number, your guitar was made in 1974-75.

    Its valued at $1000 to $1300.

  146. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I have a Gibson Firebrand The SG STd model..i was wondering how much it's worth

  147. Anonymous7:05 PM

    why do you have to set intonation when you change string gauge thanks

  148. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Gibson Firebrand

    hi eddy , your guitar is not listed in any price guide , but ive seen some sell at $600 to $800 , im figuring its the 80s model with grover tuners , and walnut finish . Firebrands are very hard to sell because many people are not familiar with them ..... if you get $800 consider yourself lucky .

  149. I need to sell my black 20th anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom (no Gibson case unfortunately) and wonder if you could give me a rough idea of what I should expect for it? I bought it new as a student about 1973/4. It has been with me over that time but was loaned to a friend who played in a band for about 3 years. Its number is 508319 (top back of neck) and is black with white trim (now cream), is completely as bought (all original parts) and shows some wear on the gold plating on the pickups (about 10% worn) and similarly on bridge. It has a nice true, low action and fret wear is not excessive. It has minor marks on front and some rub marks and scratching on the back area where it rested when played from use plus five very shallow indentations (2 of about 7mm-3-mm and 3 smaller ones).

    I live in the UK and wonder whether you think it would be more sensible to try and sell to a dealer or on Ebay and what reserve price? I very much appreciate any help you can give me with a ballpark price.

    Many thanks for your advice


  150. i have a 1956 j-50 gibson round top.... dreadnaught good conditon.....what is a good guess on the appraisal

  151. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I have a Gibson Heritage Custom and I am needing some info on it. the serial number is 70819088. I am wondering when it was made and what it is worth and if it is laminated or solid indian rosewood. I am pretty sure it is not brazillian. It may be mohagany, I dont have a clue. Thanks in advance for any info.

  152. Anonymous7:54 PM

    "1956 j-50"

    According to 2 vintage price guides its valued at $3700 to $4300 presuming its in excellent condition and all original ...

  153. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Gibson Heritage Custom

    The serial you gave indicates that it was made in 1979 , should be indian roswewood according to gibson literature , these guitars are valued at $1300 to $1500 according to the vintage price guide .

  154. Anonymous9:54 PM

    20th anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Hi Micheal , if your guitar has 2 pickups with the 20th anniversary inlay on the 15th fret , its indeed a 1974 les paul custom ( 20th anniversary ) , you can sell your guitar anywhere from $2500 to $3200 .. i would personally try to sell it on ebay , dealers tend to pay less because they want to make a profit which is normal .. also make sure you put great pictures .. don't go crazy over the description because most guitar players who bid on your guitar will know what they are buying .. its the pictures that will sell your guitar .

  155. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I would like to sell my 1976 Gibson Dove (natural finish). I have no clue how much it might be worth. It's in pretty good condition. Some minor nicks here and there as one may expect. I played it a lot in the 80's, lost interest, and then bought two fingerstyle guitars. So it's pretty much been in the case for 15 years or so.

    I'm the original owner. In fact it never even saw the inside of a store ( I acquired it directly from Gibson's Kalamazoo facility.) The only things not original are the the case and the bridge pins.

    Any idea what it might be worth?

  156. Anonymous6:19 PM

    a 1976 Gibson Dove is valued at $2200 to $2700 according to 2 price guides . ... Great guitar .

    You shouldn't sell it below $2000 unless you really need the cash .

  157. Anonymous10:27 AM

    hey there! was wondering if you could tell me about how much to pay for this guitar my son wants. It is not an "old" one, I guess it's from the 70's, and from the comments I've read it is not sought after by collectors but he wants it. It is a Gibson Orville Series,epiphone, made in Korea, model # EO-2BB with a serial number that starts with YO. This is all on a sticker inside the guitar, with a Gibson tag up by the strings. I know NOTHING about guitars, but I've looked around this thing and couldn't find any other writing or numbers on it. It has a decal (or something) of a butterfly on the front of it,below the opening, and it is a brown guitar. I guess it is an acoustic/ electric because it has two knobs on the top of it.It has a curved half moon with a star in it up on top of the neck. Any chance you could tell me what would be too much to pay for this? It seems to be in great condition, except for a small chip out of it on the lower back side. Any help would be appreciated!

  158. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I have a 1939 Gibson J-35 in very good condition. My question is, 40 years ago I replaced the tuning pegs with kluson machine heads and I would be curious to know whether this devalues the instrument a great deal? At the time who knew and the tuning gears were loose and worn out, and I was using the guitar.

  159. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Gibson Orville Series,epiphone

    I would love to help you but im not to familiar with gibson guitars made in korea ... too many models , these are low end guitars that simply bear the name gibson ... also depends how much the seller wants , for example if he wants more than $300 you probably can get something better at your local music store ...Do you have a picture of the guitar ?

  160. Anonymous9:02 PM

    1939 Gibson J-35

    you have a great guitar and i don't think the tuning pegs will stop any buyer from buying it ... you will probably lose $300 to $400 , but this is petty change compared to what the guitar is really worth ..

    a 1939 gibson jumbo-35 in excellent condition is valued at $10 000 to $12 000 .

  161. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Thank you so much for answering and for the info. I do have a picture but (of course!) I'm not sure how to put it on. The man is asking only $149.00 for the guitar so I guess it's worth it. Thanks again!

  162. Anonymous11:26 AM

    sorry about that, the THANKS for the info was for the Gibson Orville Series, epiphone.

  163. Anonymous9:51 AM

    hi I have a 1978 Gibson Les paul custom in natural finish I'm the 2nd owner, the 1st owner replaced the pickups , I'm wonder what's the original pickup set & it worth? Thanks! Ricky

  164. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Yeah so I want to buy a gibson "blacknird" Nikki Sixx's signature bass and I was wondering how much it would be valued at in mint condition and also one with several scrathes and what not

  165. Anonymous7:27 PM

    1978 Gibson Les paul custom

    most of them had factory gibson pickups with gold covers .... they are worth about $200 to $250 , click on the linc to see them i found a pair on ebay .


  166. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Nikki Sixx blackbird bass

    if im not mistaken they made that bass in 2001 and retailed for $2800 , the Nikki Sixx blackbird bass is not yet listed in the price guide , however you shouldn't pay more than $1600 for the bass ....

  167. Anonymous11:20 PM


    I have a Gibson Les Paul-Standard. Serial No:181361 in Tobbaco Burst. According to Gibson USA website this is a 1964 model. All parts are original, although it has had a recent neck varnish.
    Can anyone offer a Valuation on this model...sorry. Not selling, just for insurance purposes!


  168. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Hi- I have a Gibson Les Paul Jr SN 51133 in it's orginal case that I'm looking to price and sell. It has some scratches but is in pretty good condition. Believe it has orginal strings on it however two are not connected to the top of it. Thanks

  169. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Sorry that SN is 511133 for the gibson les paul jr.

  170. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 1990 Gibson SG Special from a friend, the serial number is: 91210589

    The specs are:
    colour - TV Yellow
    pickups - 2x humbuckers
    vol/tone - 2x volume 1x tone
    selector switch - 3 way
    pearl dot inlays

    It also has a kahler tremolo bridge and locking nut which I'm not sure are original. I'm also not sure whether the vol/tone control knobs are original, they are of a black metal variety.
    There are a few chips and scratches in the paintwork but it plays and sounds really nice.

    Could you please help me find out exactly what model it is and what the approx value of it would be.
    The seller is asking about £400 ($800) is this a reasonable price?

    many thanks, dave

  171. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Just wanted to know if anyone can help valuing this; it is a Recording King guitar made by Gibson for Montgomery Ward in 1939. serial # EWE122. A Roy Smeck model A104. an electric archtop. sunburst coloring front, solid dark back. all original.

  172. Anonymous8:03 PM

    1964 Gibson Les Paul-Standard

    Are you sure its a les paul standard and not an sg les paul standard ... more features would help ..

  173. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Gibson Les Paul Jr SN 511133

    Would have to see a picture .. do you have a picture of your guitar online ?

  174. Anonymous9:08 PM

    1990 Gibson SG Special

    From 1985 to 1999 gibson produced many sg specials with different colors and specs ///

    These models are worth $800 to $850 if they are in excellent condition ...( no scratches or dents ).. its up to you to figure out the price based on the condition ..

  175. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Recording King guitar

    I don't think you'll find that guitar in any price guide , you should call gibson for an evaluation.

  176. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I have a Gibson "Super Lucille", which came signed by BB King on the pickguard, gold sparkles in the black finish, abalone inlays, and is in dead solid perfect condition. Any information on when they were built, how many were made, and current market value would be appreciated

  177. Anonymous7:03 PM

    The gibson super lucille was made recently ( 2002-03 ), its not considered vintage and you won't find it in the price guide .. you will have to call gibson or your local music store for price values .

  178. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I have a 1993 les paul standard with an ebony neck and push-pull pots, serial # 91043351. There is no custom historic label

    Did gibson actually make such a guitar, or were these modifications?

  179. Anonymous3:46 PM

    How much should I pay for a gibson explorer bass that was ivory but now has a yellowish color aslso I can't seem to find anything on the bass itself

  180. Anonymous8:03 PM

    1993 les paul standard

    I don't think they are modifications , gibson made some les paul standard guitars during the 90s with Push/pull pots for series/parallel switching..

  181. Anonymous8:09 PM

    explorer bass ,

    gibson made these basses from 1984 to 1987 , they are valued at $850 to $1200 in the price guide .. also , most ivory finishes turn yellowish after time , its normal ...

  182. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I have a 1985 Exploer 425, totally original with the exception of the pups, it nhas a set of EMGs that were installed back in the eighties (2 single coils & a humbucker). I can find very little info on the 425 let alone an idea of its value, any help would be apprecited.

  183. Anonymous9:21 AM

    A friend of mine is trying to find the value of his guitar. Its a 1964 Gibson SG Special, white w/ maestro vibrato. Its in near mint condition w/ the original soft side case w/ the red plush interior. Serial # 225822.

  184. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Hi, I live in Nashville and have a 1958 Vintage Les Paul Black beauty for sale. Any idea the value of it? My Dad bought it new in 1958. The neck was damaged several years ago, I know, bummer, and it was replaced. It has 3 pickups, original black case. It has been in the case for the last 30 years or so. Any ideas on the value?

  185. Anonymous3:40 PM

    ...continued from previous comment (3/08/07 5:40 pm) 1958 Les Paul Black Beauty. The serial is # 8 3908.

  186. Anonymous6:47 PM

    1985 Exploer 425

    Very hard to give a value on your guitar ,gibson made lots of explorer models with different features during the glamour rock era ( 80s ), would have to see the guitar .

  187. Anonymous6:59 PM

    1964 Gibson SG Special

    Your sg special is valued at $4200 to $4500 according to 2 price guides ... seen some early 60s sell for $5000 , depends also on condition and buyer .

  188. Anonymous7:55 PM

    1958 Vintage Les Paul Black beauty

    would have to see it , prices vary depending on specs , and condition.. If you want to sell it , you should post your email .

  189. Anonymous2:54 AM

    i have a Gibson SG (left handed)
    serial number is 507142,
    colour is cherry red (but faded on front)
    any idea of value please?


  190. Anonymous9:43 AM

    For Sal 1958 Les Paul Black Beauty. Pics and any other info requested available on request.


  191. Anonymous8:00 AM

    i'd like to know the value of my 1976 gibson les paul deluxe. all original exept the curl.

  192. Anonymous5:44 PM

    1976 gibson les paul deluxe

    your guitar is valued at $2400 to $3000 .. according to 2 vintage guitar price guides .

  193. Anonymous6:03 PM

    hI DAVE :

    do you know the model ? is it an sg standard ? sg special ? sg jr ?... there are several sg models .. prices can vary significantly .

  194. Anonymous4:30 AM

    L/H Gibson SG (serial no 507142)
    my guitar is a std.
    it had a Bigsby on but i took it off years ago and lost it.
    like i said earlier, it is cherry red but faded on the front, general condition is ok but not pristine.

    a value would be much appreciated.

  195. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I have Gibson SG s.no. 127201, without any tremolo with grover tuners. It seem to be 1963 Gibson.
    How much is it worth. Thanks

  196. I have a Gibson EAS Deluxe that appears to be unique and I'm curious to find out how many were made. I purchased it at a large Gibson retailer on the west coast and was told it was part of Gibson's "Heritage" series. It is basically the same as an Eas Deluxe except that is was made with Gibson's Gold tuners and vintage-looking "aged" cream binding and pickguard.

  197. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi dave sg std

    If you have a "made in the usa" below the serial number the guitar was made in 1974 , if you have no "made in the usa" below the serial number and a small pickguard its a 65 model or if you have a full size pick guard its a 68

    Here are the 2007 values according to 2 price guides ranging from good to excellent condition , i also want to conclude that prices went up on the sg standard :

    1974-75 > $1800 to $2000
    1965 > $14000 to $17 000 ( cherry )
    1968 > $5000 to $6000

    left handed guitars are a little harder to sell but can be sold for more to the right buyer ... I've sold some vintage left hand guitars for way more than what it was worth in the price guide ... domenic

  198. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Gibson EAS Deluxe

    I think only gibson can give you an answer to your question ,, they have a toll free number on their web site .

  199. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Gibson SG s.no. 127201,

    need more details and specs ...

  200. Anonymous6:57 PM

    1979 Les Paul "The Paul"
    all orginal but has had a headstock repare many years ago and is stamped second ,has the usually wear but plays like butter nice looking Axe
    what do you think it is worth?
    does the fact that the guitar is a second affects the vaule?
    how about the repair?
    I just paid $500. for this from a guy online and he didnt mention any of this I found this out when I oped the case.Remember buyer Beware!!!