Gibson Guitars For Sale

If your a collector of gibson guitars or any vintage guitars you will probably agree with me that they are difficult to find , the supply is very low and the demand is extremely high ,

and its not because vintage guitars are better built than modern gibson guitars , its because every vintage guitar or shall I say old guitar is unique in its own way , theres no 2 alike , and they carry their own history along with them . The buyer must decide " how much do I love this instrument and how much do I value it " .

Vintage Guitars Vs New Guitars

Its not true that old gibson guitars are built better , new gibson guitars are built and sound awesome just like their vintage guitars , many guitar players buy vintage guitars to capture the exact feel and sound of the 50s , 60s or even 70s which can be immitated today but not duplicated .

However , it doesnt mean they are better ,its also a matter of taste , many guitarist prefer the sound and dynamics of todays guitars .

Vintage guitars also have a big advantage vs new guitars because they keep on gaining value as for new guitars its like buying a car , they depreciate as soon as you walk out of the music store.

But then again there are many musicians who like to buy their guitars new with all papers and guarantees , which is a smart way to buy too .

How To Find Vintage Gibson Guitars For Sale

If your looking for vintage gibson guitars for sale , or any vintage guitars here are some great ways which I use to buy old guitars that worked for me ...

#1 . Always take a peak in your local newspaper classifiefds .

#2 . Go to local music stores , give them your number and tell them that if they come across old guitars to give you a shout , ive got some great deals by doing this .

#3 . Hang around other collectors that collect guitars . Many collectors collect certain types of guitars , if they fall on guitars that they are not interested in or can not afford they can pass on the deal to you .

# 4 . Always attend local auctions . Some of my best vintage guitars and deals came from local private auctions .

# 5 . Ebay is an excellent place online not only to buy vintage gibson guitars but also to make friends with other collectors .

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New Gibson Guitars For Sale

If youre looking for new gibson guitars , always get prices from several music stores in your area you dont want to get ripped off , but you dont want to be stingy either . Always consider service , it is extremely important .

Buy from music stores you trust and have a good reputation even though their price is a little more expensive .

Make sure that when you receive your guitar its sealed and brand new in the box . I worked at several music stores and believe me ive seen the good the bad and the ugly .

a great place to buy gibson guitars online and guitar accessories which i can recommend with confidence is musicians friend , they have great prices and above all.. They have awesome service .

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  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Hi Guys
    My wife inherited a Gibson guitar that apparently dates to 1930. She knows nothing about guitars and do not really care for it.
    Any advice on how to go about selling it?
    Thanks very much

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    VG Buyer buys guitars and pays fair prices but typically 50's and later. I think they have advice on packing and how to sell your guitar.

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I have a 1936 Gibson Nick Lucas Special flat top acoustic guitar that belonged to my father. He purchased it as a very young country western performer during the depression, using his entire month's paycheck to buy it at that time. Does anyone know of it's approximate value? It is in good condition in the case, however he had an electric pick-up installed in it in the early 70's. Also does anyone know if it is better to store it with the strings on and tuned regularly? That is what we have been doing. It has been played off and on over the years, mostly by my father himself, who is now deceased. Answers, anyone?

  4. What those guitars are worth depends a great deal on condition. I'd be interested in your Nick Lucas and maybe that other old Gibson if you want to provide details. (I'm just a guitar player, not a dealer)

  5. Anonymous4:30 AM

    would be VERY interested in your father's Nick Lucas guitar if you ever consider selling it. I owned one in the past regret having sold it.

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hello, I have a 1940's Gibson L-00, its pretty beat up... but man does it sound good! sounds better than my taylor 310E! I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to sell it???

  7. Anonymous3:41 PM

    i believe they are both worth 200 dollors. i will be happy to write you a check ;)

  8. HI i have ES-330 with original parts in a very good condition anyone knows the approximate price, anyone intrested in buying it?

  9. My Gibson Es-330 Serial no is 513292

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  11. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Hi - My friend is selling a 1965 Gibson L-5 in tobacco sunburst,a Charlie Christian,early 1930s Gibson 175 1966-68,Epiphone Seraton 1962-68,Epiphone Emperor 1945, and a Gretsch Super Chet 1976. Any advice on pricing?

  12. Anonymous8:29 AM

    becarefull of just great guitars they asre poor to deal with

  13. I am going to purchase a J-45 Rosewood modern classic... all retailers (in their description) say that this guitar has a rosewood fretboard... however, if you go to the official Gibson website ..their description says that the fretboard is ebony. Thanks to anyone who can clarify...

  14. Anonymous4:07 PM

    looking for pickguard for 64-j45-50 or alternate any help on direction would be really appreciated tks dave canada

  15. Anonymous10:04 AM

    well get your wife to email me and i may be interested in buying it.


  16. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Just found out I have a 1980 Gibson SG R1. Very Good condition with original case. Supposedly they only made 200 because it didn't sell. Any Idea of worth? I'm missing a small section of the back plate that holds the battery. If anyone has this part I would be interested in purchasing it.

  17. Found out that I have a 1949 ES-125 with all orginal hardware and pickups that work and sound bloody amazing. It's got a sunburst finish and mother of pearl inlay. It's serial number is 2133. Very interested in selling it. Make me an offer.


  18. I am very interested in buying any older Gibson acoustic or electric guitars.

    My e-mail :

    Greg Price

  19. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Buy sell trade consign all guitars,check my website(s) Greg

  20. Anonymous12:02 AM


  21. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I have a Gibson guitar that I purchased for my husband in 1967. He has played it a couple of times but other than that it has been sitting in the closet. I am going to sell it, but am not certain how to go about doing this. Ann U

  22. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I have a '59 double cut LP Jr thats been stripped and has a tung oil finish, Grover tuners, Leo Quan BadA$$ bridge and an EMG pickup under a modified chrome P-90 dogear cover. It's a killer guitar.

    Fewer than 10,000 were made, so even if the finish isn't original, it's still worth a pretty penny.

    I will sell mine for $3000

    Send it back to Gibson and have it restored for about a grand and it would easily be worth a whole lot more.

  23. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I have a '59 Les Paul Jr double cut that has been stripped and refinished in tung oil. It has nickle Grover tuners, Leo Quan Bada$$ bridge and an EMG-85 humbucker under a modified chrome P90 dogear cover. No serial number or Gibson logo. Serial number was 942142. The neck was repaired 20 years ago where it cracked around the nut area. It is very stable and plays extremely well.

    I will sell it for $3000. There were fewer than 10,000 ever made, so get it before it's gone.

  24. I need value of 1961 Gibson
    Tenor Guitar mint condition #252639

  25. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Value of 1961 Gibson 4 string tenor guitar, mint condition. wanting to sell.

  26. Anonymous7:11 PM

    have 3os model j35 thinking of selling

  27. Anonymous7:07 PM

    gibson les paul ebony ; stand+ampf crate gtd 120 jus for 1400 $.

  28. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Wanted: Gibson Marauder.....please e mail me @ you. Greg in Colorado Springs.

  29. Anonymous10:34 AM

    i have a gibson flat top guitar need info and price v 5863-19 is what i have found on it

  30. kathy3:50 AM

    gibson flat top v5863-19 need info thanks

  31. j-200 62-63. sunburst. mint cond. orig. case. very sentimental. may have to sell. anyone interested. 25k.

  32. I have 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black)
    With original hardcase
    Good condition
    Looking to sell to the right person, I have treasured this beauty since I was 13 and circumstances force me to sell it.
    Anyone seriously interested in buying it, please let me know and I can send photos.

  33. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I have what I believe is 1968 approx. gibson explorer
    in faded cream also worn gold fittings and gibson deluxe pegs the serial number and the pot numbers
    confirm this, any one interested in buying this
    wonderful guitar.can send photos.

  34. Anonymous2:50 PM

    you cannot "take a PEAK" - it's "PEEK"

  35. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I have a nice Gibson C00 in fine condition - believed to be 1928 - will sell.

  36. dfmaida@gmail.com1:16 PM

    I have a 1969 gibson les paul I would like to sell . What is the best way to advertise. It's a tobacco sunburst, plays like butter and is original, except for th egrover tuning pegs

  37. Anonymous1:17 PM

    1969 gibson les paul for sale

  38. Anonymous3:52 PM

    1964 Gibson J-45 Cherry Sunburst Acoustic Guitar for Sale: Excellent condition. A real closet queen for 45 years.

  39. Anonymous3:27 AM

    In 1959 Gibson introduced the EDS-1275... I acquired one in 1978 that was exactly like the ones you purchase now, with one exception.. it was a semi-hollow body... It along with a few other vintage gibsons and a small load of other guitars were stolen from a local studio I was one of the staff writers and an engineer trainee with.. will leave that part of it there!! what my question is, the only other one I believe I have ever seen as one Don Feidler played with the Eagles in his early days with them.. But I can't swear to it.. It was the reason I purchased mine when it crossed my path in 78.. can anyone tell me if gibson did in fact ever produce more than the one I had??? a prototype maybe? or an early gibson forgery?? I know they were selling fakes that early, I purchased a fake gibson in 1981 at a then well known north nashville music store, so I know fakes existed that early on! but can anyone advise about the 1959 double neck?? maybe I should try to email and ask Feidler?!? or George Gruhn??? with any elaboration...

  40. Anonymous8:50 PM

    what would a 1924 Gibson in mint condition and in original case be worth?

  41. I have a '57 original not reissue I am willing to let go for $12,000 which from what I've seen out there is a great price for it's condition. The guy at my guitar store said that restoration of a vintage guitar is a dirty word meaning you DON'T MESS WITH IT!
    Let me know if your interested.

  42. Anonymous3:37 PM

    My buddy owns a pawn shop and he just pulled a 1977 gibson deluxe out for sale. Its gold in color scratched and pretty rough looking, but it plays like a dream. Does anybody know what its worth.


  43. Anonymous6:47 AM

    May 2010
    I have a Gibson J 30 natural finish top, red stained back/sides (No 80635626). Been kept in Gibson hard shell case and not played too much so in vg condition.
    Anyone wish to make me an offer?

  44. Anonymous10:12 PM



    I have a just shy of NM ORIGINAL Howard Roberts Fusion, in tobacco sunburst, CIRCA '79 to'81? The back of the lovely headstock says 0051034. There's absolutely NO 8th digit on the far left, or right side of this serial number. It has the Mich. sticker inside the body. with, "H.R. Fusion" typed on it. This guitar is all orig, & it plays & looks like a dream!
    I bought it in '93

    For 6 months, or more I've been on ebay & poking around the internet,trying to see what they're selling for. No luck.

    The Orion "bluebook" website doesn't even have this version from the short-lived H. Roberts era of Gibson's heritage. It only lists the 1st H. Roberts, then the "Artist" version... then straight to the reissue era of the late 80s!!

    Did anyone see the Orig H. Roberts "Fusion" on eBay a few months back? This guitar shop in Seattle had this model with a serial "#1" & a pic of Mr. Roberts strumming along on it. They had it at "Buy it Now" for 6.2K if I recall correctly. Tobacco burst too.
    But no one took the plunge,(maybe they should've displayed the pic of Mr. Roberts with a more decadent frame, ha! ...j/k)

    Anyway, info to settle this anomaly of a serial # ...and any market info. would be very helpful. If anyone recalls seeing one of these things sell anywhere recently in similar condition- I'd be much obliged to know how many plummeting Federal Reserve Notes it commanded.

    Also, anyone know HOW many Gibson made of this Les Paul on Steroids in the, what is it? 2 or 3 yrs they made the "Fusion" model?

    Locating another like mine has been more difficult than pricing my single P-90 1952 es-175 was!!
    This curio of a Gibson model has been harder to find than the Rickenbacker SRV abandoned in the bowels of TX during his teens would be.... Sheesh.

  45. Hello All!! Hope this works....I have a WASHBURN made by GIBSON between 1938-1940. It is model 5241 "THE CLASSIC" It sounds great and looks to be a 8 out of 10 (in my very unprofessional opinion) for the age. All stickers inside are easy to read, model 5241 #3223. Has red lable that aslo says WmC. BREHM BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS,(etc). Can anyone help with value, more info or want to buy it?? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

  46. Hi, I have a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickups, in GREAT condition, I have the paperwork when it was purchased. How can I get it valued?

  47. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I have a 1937 Gibson "Capital" Guitar. I know that Gibson only made these and sold them to Jenkins Music Co. for one year. It's not in the best condition and I had a guy that was going to restore it stop. He didn't want to finish. How can I get this thing sold. I need to know how much it's worth. I looked on the remake of it and they were going for 5,000 but my model is even more rare than the Kalamazoo's so I really would like to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about. Thank you.
    Marcelo Trillo

  48. Anonymous1:52 PM

    1957 les paul custom 3 pickups
    If you look around on the internet for the price, most likely the people are posting the higher end of the priceline so you should probably talk to an expert in your area. I may interested in buying it because I love playing les pauls from that era.

  49. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I HAVE A 1967 Gibson SG finish is not original but looks good.1 pick up P90, bat wing pick plate
    2 control knobs,( vol and tone) wammie bar
    Ser#535264 still plays good
    if you are intrested in the buying of this guitar send me and e-mail
    I am not a dealer

  50. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I have a 1964 Gibson Student Guitar for sale. It was used just for lessons when I was a young girl. It has been in the case ever since! Needs to be tuned up but other than that, ready to go! I am looking for $500.00 for the guitar. If you are interested...please e-mail me at Thanks! Trish

  51. Anonymous10:15 AM

    57 gibson j-185 for sale call jimmy 615-424-0654

  52. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Looking for a bridge for 1978 Gibson Heritage with MOP inlay. Anyone know a sourc.

  53. Anonymous5:45 AM


  54. Anonymous5:49 AM


  55. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Hi i have recently inherited a 1967 gibson classic les paul and was wondering what kind of price i could sell it for could someone please help

  56. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Hi i am interested in buying a Gibson les paul my number is 218-349-6583

  57. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I Have a Gibson Sunburst Guitar, FON # on back of tuner headstock is DG-2865, Think its a 1938, J-35 but not sure, its in real good shape, 2nd owner since the early 1940`s, any idea of value ? I saw on an earlier post some guy said 200 bucks and he`s got his checkbook ready......hmmmmm Really ?? If I can get some good pics I`ll send them if anyone is interested . EESCR@AOL.COM

    1. Send some pics I might be interested for more than 200. Send pics to

  58. JAY M6:40 AM

    What is the difference between an ES-330 and an ES-335? Is it the length of the neck from attaching point at the 15th fret versus the 19th fret or are there other differences and what are they? I have a 1961 ES-330 (I believe) serial #30394 and a 1972 ES-335 (I believe) serial #926947 MADE IN USA. Also why is there no info regarding the ES-330 and any of the websites. The sites skip the ES-330 and jump to the ES-335. Was the ES-330 a poor guitar? I enjoy playing my ES-330 more than the ES-335.

    1. Anonymous2:24 PM

      The 330 has p90 pickups and is fully hollow, whereas the 335 has paf humbuckers and a solid block running through the centre. This makes the 335 seem more like a les Paul with hollow sections grafted on. As for the 330, it is more prone to feedback and doesn't respond so well to modern high gain amp settings. As for the neck joint, Gibson introduced a 335 style joint onto the 330 in '68, giving much better top fret access.
      Hope this helps and by the way I adore 330s!

  59. Anonymous2:40 AM

    I am just curious if someone can assist with a date for a Gibson L-12. On the back of the headstock is stamped EA 5625, on the label inside there is Style L-12, then 5625 for a serial number. The pick guard also has 5625 on it as does the saddle. If an approximate value is available, that would be great. I've just had the instrument restrung and cleaned, it is not mint, but most likely in excellent condition. The finish is not cracked or spider webbed, there are two imperfections in the pick guard from the adhesive. That seems to be something that show quite often on these, from the pictures I have seen. Thanks in advance.

  60. Anonymous4:19 PM

    hi there,
    got a les paul custom 1977 black beauty, MAPLE neck ,gold hardware, all original serial number is 72917111 probably Kalamazoo factory, no dot above I in Gibson logo ,marked SECOND below serial number, sounds awesome,.Any idea about price or details by number ??thank you

  61. Anonymous5:22 PM


  62. Hello Guy's. I have a 36 Gibson Trojan for sale Fon 12b40. Gibson has confirmed it is in fact. A Trojan one of very few 39 built. 5 know to still exist. I will send pictures to serious inquiries and offers. Thanks

  63. I would also like to add. The guitar has now been authenticated by George gruhn. 1936 Gibson Trojan. Anybody seriously interested in buying this rare piece email me ill send pics. Again only serious inquiries.

  64. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I've got an 83 SG Standard in very good condition....I wouldn't say it's mint but close. I have no idea what it's worth. Anyone?? Thanks...

  65. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Hi Guys, great site. I have a 1959 LP Custom Black Beauty I bought in 1975. Original Pick-Ups and heads but the first owner had removed the Bigsby. I am considering putting it on the market and noticed 1957-60 vintages can sell for around the 100K mark? Just thought I would mention it here first before investigating auction houses, Japan collectors etc. If you are interested - All the best.

  66. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I have a 1943-1944 J45 vintage Gibson guitar that I inherited from my father. It is in excellent condition. Has the logo "only a gibson is good enough" has the FON 2565 and in red pencil looks like a 50 or 58. I have the original case it came in but it is barely holding together, my father refused a new case. How do I find out how much it's worth and finding a buyer?

  67. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I have a 1943 or 1944 J45 vintage Gibson acoustic guitar that I inherited from my father. The FON is 2565 and in red pencil it is either a 50 or 58. It has a gold banner that reads “only a Gibson is good enough”. The guitar is in excellent condition. I have the case he bought it in but it is not in good shape. Do you know what the value of this guitar would be and how I could find a collector that wants to buy it. My e-mail address is

  68. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I have 2 1960 Gibson Les Paul's for sale, $288,320 and $266,560.
    prices are non negotiable, wire transfer and 72 hour return policy.

  69. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Does anyone know if Gibson produced ebony sg/les paul standard's back in the ealy 60's?.

    Angus Young used a '62 sg/les paul during the Razor's Edge tour and Ballbreaker tour in 1991 and 1996 respectively.
    I would be very interested in owning a black '61-63 sg les paul standard.
    My email is:

  70. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my '57 Gibson Les Paul VOS Custom in ebony, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it? Or failing that if anybody knows the best way to go about selling it? Not including eBay! My email address is

  71. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Hello! I have a Gibson Marauder '78 to sell, please contact: /// Portugal

  72. Anonymous3:44 AM

    I'm in search for a Gibson C1-E. If someone has one for sale, please contact me. My e-mailaddress is hendriksibma at hotmail dot com. Thanks a lot!

  73. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Hello all, I have a 1970 Gibson Dove Cherry Sunburst for sale it is a second but looks Great!! I would like to sell for $2400. Email me @ Thx!

  74. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Can anyone give me more info on a guitar that was left to me. It's a Gibson Howard Roberts Custom. Sunburst in color, made in Kalamazoo, vine inlay on peghead in mint condition. Serial #508352. I'm not sure of the year and really don't know much about guitars. I took it to the local music store and had them go thru it to make sure everything worked. The owner wanted to buy it, but said it was from the 80's a Gibson didn't make good guitars then. How would I know? Declined his offer and just trying to educate myself on what it is I have. Any help would be appreciated

  75. Hi guys, I am writing from London. I have a Les Paul Double Cutaway in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish with Chrome hardware, made in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. In 2007 the Les Paul Double Cutaway was part of the standard product range but this particular colour was made exclusively for Guitar Center. Serial Number: 005971328. It is in excellent condition, immaculate really. Used only for a few hours by friend who then kept it safe in its Gibson case. Still have receipt of purchase. Any interest?

  76. Hi, thought I would show it here first.
    Selling 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, All original.
    Time capsule under the bed guitar, played once in a while.
    Bigsby at Gibson factory installed.
    I use it sometimes but not enough.
    Plays fantastic. All A1 True collector item.
    Near mint (9.5), Factory BIGSBY, original case Lifton.
    Great action. Plays and sounds fantastic. 2nd owner. No issue.

  77. I have a 1956 Cherry Sunburst Gibson ES-125TCD in MINT condition. All original with hard case. It was gifted to me in 1988 and only taken out of its case a handful of times. Just a beauty! If interested, email me at

  78. I have a 1956 Cherry Sunburst Gibson ES-125 TCD in MINT CONDITION. All original...with hard case. It was gifted to me in 1988 and only taken out of its case a handful of time. A real beauty! If interested, email me at

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