Gibson SG Les Paul Standard

Gibson Sg Les Paul Standard (1961-1963)

george harrison playing the gibson sg standard In 1960 to 1963 gibson changed the body of the gibson les paul standard to an SG type body with 2 symetrical pointed horns (cutaways) , they had thinner necks and were called the gibson SG les paul standard models .

Some prototypes were made in late 1960 with "les paul model" on the peghead, but they were officially produced and sold in 1961 at a list price of $310 with crown peghead inlays,

the guitar had 2 humbuckers (PAF) , had a les paul logo on the truss rod cover , side -pull vibrato , mahogany body , cherry red finish , pickguards was small and black ( covering about 1/5 of the body ) , and had trapezoid inlay blocks on the fingerboard. In 1962 some models had inlaid ebony blocks on the tailpiece .

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson Les Paul Custom ( 1954 - present )
Nicknamed : Black Beauty

1958 gibson les paul custom with 3 humbuckers1956 gibson les paul custom with bigsbyDuring the early 50s gibson went through some crucial changes on the les paul goldtop model with their hardware and electronics ,

their guitars had an intonation problem until the tune o matic bridges was invented by ted mcarty in 1954 .

The tune o matic bridge allowed individual string tonation and adjustments which was incorporated on a new model called the gibson les paul custom nicknamed the black beauty because of its elegantly black finish ....

Gibson Doubleneck Guitars

Gibsons' mission to build doubleneck guitars started in 1958 , it preserved or even enhanced the company's considerable prestige and credibility, the first doublenecks ever produced on a commercial basis by gibson were :

Gibson EDS 1275 ( 1958 - 1990 )

gibson eds 1275 played by jimmy pageThe gibson EDS 1275 was introduced in 1958 ,the guitar was a double neck , double cutaway 6 and 12 string hollow body until 1962 , from 1962 to present they were SG style solid bodies .

The gibson eds 1275 started production in 1958 and ended production in 1968 , In 1977 gibson reintroduced the gibson eds-1275 and further gained popularity with stars like Jimmy Page endorsing them and were discontinued in 1990 .

Due to the high demand in 1991 gibson reintroduced the EDS-1275 double 12 Gibson historic collection Reissue and were discontinued in 1994 .

Gibson BB King

Gibson BB King Custom ( 1980 -1988 )

bb king playing guitarBB King has marveled many guitar players throughout the years with his short hard bending blues licks and scorching blues chops that can be imitated but not duplicated .

Gibson owes a great deal of their success on their es models to the blues man , since the late 50s and 60s, bb king has played on numerous es gibson guitars ( es-5, es-335, ...etc )

thus giving them a great deal of exposure until both gibson and bb king decided to produce an official line of gibson electric guitars bearing the bb king name .

In 1980 Gibson Introduced the gibson bb king custom , it had the lucille logo on the peghead , 2 pick ups , gold plated parts , vari tone switch and were made in ebony or cherry finishes .

Gibson stopped production in 1988 . From then on the guitar was renamed bb king lucille.

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitars ( 1958 - Present)

1959 gibson les paul standardIn 1952 gibson introduced the first gibson les paul model which were and are better known as gibson les paul goldtop guitars due to the gold top finish .

In mid 1958 gibson replaced the goldtop finish with a sunburst finish with the grain of the maple top visible until 1960 and renamed it the gibson les paul standard sunburst . ( 59 models had a thick style neck , the 60 models had a thinner neck )

From mid 1958 to 1960 under 2000 gibson les paul standard sunburst guitars were made , all in "flame" or "tiger stripped" maple tops with cherry red back finishes . Some tops were highly flamed while others were low flamed.

GIbson Les Paul Deluxe

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ( 1969-1985 )
pete townshend playing the gibson les paul deluxe
The gibson les paul deluxe electric guitar was originally released in 1969 , it was a renamed guitar and originated from the gibson les paul standard ( goldtop model ) . The main feature of the gibson les paul deluxe was its mini humbuckers .

The humbuckers produced a nice tite crunch and the result pleased many guitar players including pete townshend who used them in several concerts . The guitar appeared on the gibson price list in 1969 for $425 and was fairly succesful .

In 1969 the gibson lp deluxe featured 2 mini humbuckers ,maple top , mahogany body , a goldttop finish , pantograpgh logo and a 3 piece neck . During the mid seventies regular sized humbuckers were optional and few were also produced with p-90 pickups.

Gibson J-45

Gibson J-45 Guitar (1942-1984)
bob dylan playing a gibson j-45 acoustic guitar
When guitar players think of gibson electric guitars automatically gibson les paul guitars come to mind , because it became a gibson trademark , just like fender strats and telecasters . When people think of gibson acoustic guitars its the gibson j-45 that seems to stand out .

When The gibson j-35 jumbo discontinued in late 1942 , it was replaced by the gibson j45 . There was not much difference between the 2 guitars accept for the pickguard , fancier gibson logos in gold and minor changes to the pegheads .

Both guitars sound awesome ( warm & phat tone ) however , the gibson j-45 became a huge success because they were not expensive and they sounded really good ,that explains why they are still in production 'til this day.

Gibson Firebird Guitar

Gibson Firebird I ( 1963 - 1969 )

1965 gibson firebird I NON REVERSE BODYThe Gibson firebird electric guitar is a combination between fender style guitars and the gibson explorers . In early 60s gibson firebirds were built to compete with fender electric guitars which at that time were main stream guitars .

In 1963 gibson introduced the gibson firebird I , It had a reverse body shape , one humbucking pick up , no vibrato ,dot inlaid unbound fingerboard and a bar bridge-tailpiece , the firebird I at that time was the least expensive and was considered the economy model .

In mid 1965 gibson redesigned the gibson firebird I electric guitar with a non reversed body shape ( see pic) , 2/ p90 pickups and were discontinued in 1969 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 - 1965 > $6500 to $7500 ( reverse body )
1965 - 1969 > $2500 To $4500 ( non reverse body )

Gibson J-50

Gibson J-50 ( 1945 - prsent )
bob dylan playing the gibson j-50
The gibson j-50 acoustic guitar along with its brother ( j-45 ) are probably the most succesful acoustic guitars that gibson ever produced , guitar players love them because they have a natural sweet and loud tone at a reasonable cost .

The body countours , sound and the dynamics of the j-45 and the gibson j-50 permit them to be fairly versatile " its an all around players guitar " you can play country western music , blues , folk , blue grass ......etc.

Gibson Es 100 120 125 Guitars

Gibson Es 100 ( 1939 -41 )

1951 gibson es 125 guitarThe Gibson es-100 was introduced in 1938 and ended production in 1941 ,the guitar was fitted with one pickup without pointed ends or any binding ,

it had a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays , sunburst finish , bound body (archtop) , and was sold in 1939 for $49 without case and amplifier . In 1941 The Gibson Es 100 Guitar was renamed Gibson es 125

Gibson Es 125 ( 1941 - 1949 )

The Gibson es 125 was introduced in 1941 and then discontinued in 1943 ( very few made ) , in 1946 they decided to reintroduce it till 1970 .

Gibson Johnny Smith

Gibson Johnny Smith Guitar ( 1961-1989 )

gibson johnny smith During the 50s Johnny Smith used d'angelico guitars then became a guild endorser , however he did not like the guitar, in 1960 johnny smith turned his loyalty to gibson and offered an

ultimatum so to speak , he told gibson that he would be delighted to sign a contract to use his name but if the guitar does not meet his standards the deal is off .

In late 1960 two sample guitars were built according to johnny smiths' specs , he wanted a fully acoustic archtop with a suspended floating pickup . Gibson decided to use the mini humbucker (PU-120) .
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