Gibson Es Guitars

gibson es 5Gibson Es-5
In 1949 Gibson introduced the gibson es-5 guitar , it was a single cutaway archtop guitar , it had three p-90 pickups, maple body and rosewood fingerboard . The gibson es-5 was the first production models to incorporate three pickups ....

gibson es 125Gibson Es 125 - 100 - 120 Guitars
The Gibson es-100 were introduced in 1938 and ended production in 1941 ,the guitar was fitted with one pickup without pointed ends or any binding ... The Gibson es 125 was introduced in 1941 and then discontinued in 1943 ( very few made ) ...

gibson es-135Gibson es-135
In 1954 Gibson introduced The gibson es 130 archtop guitar , it was non cutaway , had one pickup , bound body , sunburst finish and was renamed the gibson es 135 in 1956 , archtop , non cutaway , one P-90 pickup...

gibson es 140Gibson Es-140 Electric Archtop Guitar
The guitar had a single pointed cutaway , 12 3/4" wide full depth body ( not thinline ) , all maple laminated bound body ,one p-90 pickup , a one piece mahogany neck (22 3/4" short scale) , and a silkscreen logo ....

gibson es 150Gibson Es-150 Archtop
The gibson es- 150 guitar was introduced in 1936 and is historically an important model , it was 16 1/4" wide and it had the earliest truly succesful magnetic pickups . ...charlie christian pick ups from 1936 to 1939 ....

gibson es 175Gibson Es-175
During the 50s the gibson es 175 was extremely popular because it was affordable ($175) , and it had that deep body , warm , distinctive woodiness sound which was found only in more expensive gibson guitars ....

gibson es 225Gibson Es-225 Thinline Archtop Guitars
The gibson es-225 guitars were built in 1955 , very similar to the 1960s es-125tc and the es-125tdc ( better known as the george thorogood guitars )The es-225 t had a different tailpiece , the strings looped over the bridge .....

gibson es 250 charlie christianGibson Es-250
In late 1938 the gibson es-250 had carved maple back , special charlie christian pickups with 6 individual mini blades for every guitar string which gave a maximum tonal response ...In 1939 natural finishes were available , In 1940 they were discontinued .....

gibson es-295Gibson Es-295
From the very beginning since scotty moore ( guitarist of elvis presley ) played on the es-295 , it was coined as the ultimate rockabilly guitar , the ....

gibson es-300Gibson Es-300
What made the gibson es-300 different from other pre war guitars was the electronics and look of its new style pickups.....

gibson es 320 td Gibson Es 320 TD
The gibson es-320 td is one of gibsons' guitars that was just forgotten over time , in 1971 gibson introduced ...

gibson es-335 Gibson Es-335 TD
The guitar was called the gibson es-335 , the first semi-hollow body guitar .The wood block not only made the es-335 guitar ....

gibson es-340 Gibson Es-340 TD
In late 1968 the gibson guitar company in kalamazoo michigan introduced the es 340 TD , these guitars were more expensive and very similar to their more popular es-335 models but instead had a laminated maple neck ....

Will Add more gibson es guitar reviews and es guitar models in the near future .


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    My ES150 is from the early 50's. It has the P90 pickup, as expected, but the body only measures 16" wide. According to the data, after WW2, the ES150 went to 17" wide. Also, there is a stamp on the inside that says"36S". It's the coolest guitar. The original owner bought it new, and it lived in the closet till I bought it in 1990. I would appreciate any input about my guitar, or ES150's in general. Thanks.

  2. I have a Gibson Hollow Body ES-330TC from the 1960s. It is in excellent condition, having been used very little. It is Cherry Red. I am wondering if anyone has an idea of the value.

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I have a Gibson Hollow Body ES-330TC from the 1960s ...

    i would need a specific year ,,, whats the serial number ?

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I have a Gibson Hollow Body ES-330TDC that I think is a 1962. It is in good condition, it has a Bigsby Tremolo, Kluson Deluxe Mahine Heads, single coil silver pickups and it is Cherry Red. The serial number is 841037.I am wondering if anyone has an idea of the value.

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM


  6. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I have a "Sunburst" Gibson Hollow-Body serial # ES 225T with dual pick-ups in its original Gibson case. The serial # is V8276-17. Would someone please help me identify the year and maybe it's guesstimate value. It is in excellent condition!

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    In reply to "Ken" 2:35 p.m. The guitar you questioned is a 1957 Gretch Country Gentlemen. It was purchased in Memphis, Tn. and delivered to me by the current owner, Chet Atkins. I know this because I am Grady "Foots" Brown and was the leader of "The Raindrops".

  8. Anonymous12:10 PM

    have a ES-330TDC. The serial # is 846186 so it could be 1966 or 1969. (I am told) It is more likely a 1966 because the neck meets the body at the 15th fret instead of the 19th. It is in pretty descent shape, all original parts. I thought value was in $3000 - $5000 range, but a shop owner told my dad it is worth about $25,000. What is it really worth??--Tim 8/9/07

  9. I've got a 1978 ES-350T, serial #70488143. All original, showing minor wear from playing only. Any ideas on the value? Thanks!

  10. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Ihave a ES 125TC and I am trying to figure out how old it is and it's value.. it has a stamped serial number on the back of the head 41893 and the nut cover on the front of the head (silver or stainless) has JB PENNEY MUSIC CO A Treble cleft, #9 and some other symbol i can't make out.. Please help

  11. I have owned a 1953 ES 175N (single P90 natural finish) for 8 years. I loved the sound of the P90, but hated the noise. I have replaced the original pickup 3 times now. First with a Mini Humbucker out of a Les Paul Deluxe, too microphonic. That arrangement only lasted a few months. Next a Mini Humbucker out of a Gibson SG 1, much like what you'd find in a Firebird. This set up lasted until about a year and half ago. Currently the guitar has a Duncan P90 stack. Neat pickup. Sounds near to the Ol' P90. Wired it to a Push/Pull Series/Parallel DPDT switch in the volume knob position. In addition to the afore mentioned pickup I have installed a Fishman Piezo Archtop bridge pickup. Sounds kind of Django. I've played the hell out this guitar, it's been everywhere. It's had two fret jobs to prove it. I have to say that in general I like the era of 175s made from 1949 up till the late 60's. The originals were constructed with the concept of an acoustic guitar in mind. For a least the last 20 years the 175 has weighed twice much as mine, more of an electric animal. All the old Jazz guys, like Herb Ellis and Kenny Burrell used this guitar. For it's time it was affordable and the pickup, with it's controls, were built right in. No need for this clunky DeArmond stuff. 1947 through 1949 was the dawn in a new era of guitar. After Gibson introduced the ES models 350, 175, and 5, the sound of Jazz music changed. The answer is both, but the question is - Did these guitar contribute to the advent of the Bebop sound or was it the players? I do think the new models of guitars that Gibson came out with over these 3 years I mentioned had something to do with the development of the Jazz era known as "Cool". It would take until 1951 before Gibson started making electric versions of their other archtop guitars such as the L5 and Super 400. So if you're looking for the authentic Bebop sound, you found it. The ES 175 and ES 175D made in the 40's and 50's are great guitars. My advice is, if you're looking for a great sounding Jazz guitar, would be to look in the period of time before the advent of the PAF. You'll be happy you did. You might even find yourself in the middle of the Bebop revolution.

  12. Anonymous5:27 PM

    i have a gibson es-175D hollow body in the original case and lots of great old country history,is in really good shape and plays sweet!!!!!!Whats she worth ????fire insurance ,etc. anything more on the info.My father started playing this guitar in 1954 and when the weather is right he can still smoke those strings !

  13. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I hace an ES 350 t Gibson guitar. It was purchased new and I have had it since. I got the guitar when I was 11 years old because I was being featured on a TV show out of St Louis, MO. I believe we got the guitar in 1954, but all info says they didn't make this guitar until 1955. I believe that is wrong. They had to have made these guitars before 1955. I have one.

  14. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Looking for a new hard case for an
    es 125.not sure what to buy.
    Is it the same size as the es 175?
    you can find these but not sure if the 125 will fit as it is the thicker body...thanks

  15. Anonymous5:13 PM



  16. I have a 1952 ES-150. It has some issues--the pickguard was snapped off by an overzealous 14 year old. I still have the pickguard but not sure it can be repaired or if I should just replace it with a reproduction. It has a few dings too but not many. The sound is good. I'm not sure where to find the sn. All I can see inside are the numbers
    Z216234. I'm not sure that is the serial number. Most of this guitar is original. The tuners are not original I don't think, but I don't really know. They are metal and I think the original ES150 tuners are plastic or something. I got this guitar at an antique show in Atlantic City in 2001.
    As you can see I don't know a lot about the history of this guitar, although I love it. The sound is really smooth and it's easy to play. It's a beautiful guitar.
    Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar?rm

  17. While reading these interesting comments, one stands out. Uniquely, that is, and the reason for that is this: I am a *longtime* resident of Ventura, Ca, and one of my favorite places to buy sheet music or records(and other related stuff) was a downtown shop called J.B.Penny Music, and while I cannot assure you that we are talking of the very same place, I can say for certain that I'd enjoyed purchasing stuff(guitar strings, valve oil for my trumpet and such from *a* J.B. Penny. I hope that I've helped you to know where that guitar of yours came from. Now, if only I could find a photocopy of their(Penny's) cool logo/sign...lovers of Mid-Century Modern, aka 'Googie', named after a coffee shop of that name(Googie's) that inspired the famous 'Space-Age' style of buildings during the 50s and 60s, I just *know* that you would absolutely *adore* that sign! It was neon of a drummer together with a trumpeter.

  18. While reading these interesting comments, I noticed one in particular. In fact, I found this blog while doing a search for a defunct local(Ventura, Ca) music shop: J.B.Penny Music, which is a place that had purchased odds and ends throughout the decades, although I'll admit that Penny wasn't my exclusive store, nor am I solely a guitarist. In fact, I'm as much, if not *more so* a trumpeter(and some piano and drums, also), but trumpet is what I seriously began on, and from there, a cousin introduced me to guitar, via two chords, the mirror-image of D and D7. And, from there, I found a book on guitar, which had this HUGE photo of a pick(and caption "this is a pick"...ok, I figured that THIS book will be easy:-D
    So wo, string by string I learned where the notes were, and did so by playing simple songs, such as "I've Been Working On The Railroad" and so forth. By the following day, I could(kinda like) play guitar from my Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Souvenir Songbook! Well, anyway, back to the main topic, and that's identifying your git-fiddle. What you may do is access "San Buenaventura Conservancy", which is an organization that is devoted to preserving historically-significant buildings; I'm fairly certain that the Conservancy *can* give you an idea just how long J.B.Penny had been around, and from there, with serial(and model) no., you may be able to determine the likelihood of your guitar's vintage...provided that Penny had sold it *new*.
    I'll just (try to) close by mentioning that J.B.P. also sported a nifty neon sign of a drummer together with a trumpeter, and for lovers of a style known as 'Mid-Century Modern', or 'Googie'(named after a coffee shop that seemed to have inspired the entire 'Space-Age' motif of boomerangs, cantilevers and such that dominated 50's and 60's
    'arki'<---- that's my abbrev. for 'architecture'.

  19. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I have a ES 350 that i belevie was build in 1947 It has 2 pick up hollow body single cut away with 2 f-holes. Can anyone tell me about this guitar and what it could be worth..Andy

  20. Anonymous3:56 AM

    I have my '51 ES-300 for over 10 years now.
    And I still play this beauty almost every day.
    I former owner sold it as a '52-er but I checked the
    original pots and they reveal 1951 codes.Just minor
    details I know. It still has the two original P-90's
    that can growl for sure. The bridge pickup has two
    extra bar magnets screwed underneath the bottom.
    The top and back of the body have a beautiful deep sunburst flame. The neck plays effortlessy with low smooth action. A joy to play. However it conceals a secret I haven't been able to figure out. It seems
    the neck was reset a long time ago. And it got a new fretboard which was done professionally. Maybe a factory repair? The fretboard appears to have the
    same amount of frets of the 50's ES-175. One less that is.
    The accoustical tone is nice but not great. The amplified tone however is unbelievable! I happen to love ol' Gibson amps too and have three of them.
    A '56 GA-6, a '55 GA-77 and a '51 GA-50 that match
    up seemlessly with the ES-300. I do play it at jazz and jump blues gigs but the P-90 can be a problem at places where there have halogens and dimmers.
    The non cutaway has never bothered me. You just learn to adapt a different playing style not using the high screaming notes. The old P-90 have fairly low output but with the right amp (GA-77) or with a quality clean boost pedal they can growl and scream if you want it. But even at low volumes you get an instant Danny Cedrone's 'Rock around the clock' solo. Or a Wes Montgomery smooth tone.
    I'll never part with this guitar. Richardnkfzb

  21. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Yesterday in a shop, i played an ES-140T and liked it a lot. The guy said it was from 1964. It had a natural finish. He said that was rare; he said it was all original except for a repaired headstock crack. He was asking $3000 for it. This is quite a bit higher than the Vintage Guitar Price Guide and a couple that are on eBay right now, both around $2000 give or take a couple hundred. The prices given on this site are also lower.

    He said, clearly, that it was an ES-140 D. He did not say T. but having looked around on the web, i can't find a D, so i think it is a T, or a TN meaning natural finish. But it must've been an optional finish because they are not listed in the price guide or Gruhns guide with natural finish in the 60s.

    In judging what would be a fair price, i was looking on the web. On this blog, it has prices around what are in the Guide. But what i can't find is a date on the posts in the blog. Are these current posts, or from sometime in the past?


  22. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hey! I have a 1964 Gibson ES320T with a sunburst design. I haven't been able to find into on it anywere except for one guitar book I found in a bookstore once.

  23. I have what I believe to be a 1955 es225t that is in mint condition, in the original case, that I bought new. Does anyone have an idea of what this guitar is worth in the current market? (Jan. 2009)

  24. Anonymous4:49 AM

    I have a Sunburst es 335 that I purchased new from Sam Ash Music in NY in 1968 that has Stereo and Varitone like a es 345. I have never seen or heard of another like it. Does anyone know how many of these were made or what its value might be? Condition is near mint

  25. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I have a 1953 es-295 which was given to me as a present from the "MAN" yes Les Paul. The guitar is in mint condition as are all the guitars in his collection. Les has taken many photos with the guitar which I was told to put under my bed for a rainy day. However I play it almost every day. Les also autographed it for me. In my eyes the guitar is priceless. What do you think?

  26. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I have a ES-125TC that I bought in 1975 while stationed in Misawa Japan. I love the guitar but have recurring neck problems. I believe it is due to low moisture during the winter months here in Illinois. I have managed to rememdy it by running vaporizers in the room with my guitars. Does anyone have an idea of the period that the ES-125TC was made?

  27. Anonymous10:47 AM

    to 'Music Man', I would not only think that your guitar is priceless, but what's more, I would also imagine that it has the potential for becoming a heirloom, so treat it with the care that it deserves!

  28. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I have a Gibson ES-150D in the original case that I piched up on a job site. It was headed for the dumpster by the owner of the site so I grabbed it. Anyway, I took it to a local "expert" who told me it was a 1972 based on the type of pickups on it. They are embossed with Gibson on the face. He says this is the only year they did this. Can anyone confirm this. The serial number is damaged as well. It appears that they stamped it and then dug it out and re satmped it but I cannot read it yet. I am convinced this was done at the factory because the varnish appears to be original over the top of the number. Other than that it is in perfect condition. The interior of the case is yellow as well. From all of my research that is indicitive of an earlier model since the 70's cases were red inside. I am also wondering of course what it may be worth.

  29. Anonymous1:01 PM

    My first "good" guitar was a 1956 Gibson ES-350T with blonde finish, which I purchased in 1971 for $250 including the original case from Noyes Music Shop in Colorado Springs, Colo. The two factory P-90 pickups were replaced with PAF humbuckers sometime in the late 1950's, which I've been told was a common practice after humbuckers came out. I played rock-n-roll with it, but it was difficult to keep in tune for some reason and, of course, it fed back easily. Sure wish I still had that guitar!

  30. Anonymous11:40 AM

    i have a gibsonES135 and it plays verry nice,it have a have two black p90 elements nice and clean,second hand i payd 2500euro pricy it is but worth every penny.

  31. kathy7:22 AM

    we have a gibson flattop in great condition we think it is 1955 we found no v5863-19 my motherinlaw would like to sell this can anyone give me a fair price or info i do have pics

  32. I am sadly selling a Blond ES5 with Alnico VI pups - it is a reissue, but amazing - thanks

    If you want to see it check out

  33. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I have a 1951 gibson es-5 sn a11831 all original and orignal case any idea of value

  34. I have been trying to identify the year and value of a vintage guitar I have. My guitar is an ES-130. In trying to id year of manufacture it appears to be 1956 (the year my parents purchased the guitar as I recall). I have an original tag from the piece with Factory Order Number V7415-1. I haven't been able to find any info on this model on the Gibson website other than what I can take from the Factory Order Number, do you know where I may find more info and the value of the guitar? I've been the only owner of this instrument its original other than replaced tuning machines.
    Best regards,

  35. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I want to build an es 335 copy. what was the original
    plywood for the top and back?

  36. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Can anyone tell me what the original materials were for tops and backs for es 335's?

  37. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Can anyone tell me the materials used for tops and backs of original ES 335's?

  38. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I have been trying to identify the year and value of a vintage guitar I have. It's a Gibson ES-125, no cutaway and 2 black "soap bar" style pickups. In trying to id year of manufacture it appears to be 1958. Serial number is T3435 25.
    Do you know where I may find more info and the value of the guitar?

  39. Anonymous7:39 AM

    What about an ES-175 serial number 92211323

  40. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Gibson es 355 black refinish from cherry bought this guitar almost 25 years ago and was
    told that it was a 1961 model and having not
    researched it due to internet not being used by
    any one at the time I took it as a 61 model having
    researched it thoroughly now I am not sure if it a
    very rare 61 or a 1964 model. I think the rare
    61's beginning with a 1 refers to solid bodies as
    this is a hollow body with the serial number
    177383 it seems to be a 64 model. what do You

  41. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I have just bought a Lucille 335 serial no 81459532 from a seller who identifies it as a 1989 model produced in Nashville by the Custom Shop. Having read the blogs I can't establish that this is a Custom Shop product. Can anyone help?

  42. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I have a custom shop gibson es 355 1968 curly maple sunburst finish, 3 piece maple neck, triple bound body, fingerboard and f holes, bigsby tailpiece, mono wiring, bow tie inlays, almost mint some checking..had it since 6 months old.. none like it, very rare! any idea how much it is worth? price?

  43. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I have a 1963 ES 355 cherrywood simi hollow body guitar that I got new in 1963. This guitar is without a doubt in mint condition. I know the term "mint" is relative in terms of its use, but even the finish has yet to have a finish checks in it. One thing about the guitar is its orginal case. The guitar always seemed a little small for the case, so I padded the case slightly. Does anyone know if Gibson used one case for many different models, and in doing so, just over looked the fit of the 355 guitar into the factory case.
    I would never sell the guitar for any amount of money, but would like to see if there is a better fitting case.

  44. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Can anyone make a guess at the total number of Gibson electric Super 400's produced. Two estimates - 126 Super 400's between 1951 and 1955 and 462 Super 400's between 1951 and 1965 - Given that no Super 400's were made between 1984 and 1993 and sales of Super 400's since 1994 may be slower due to them being made to order, is it possible that the total number of electric Super 400's ever made could be slightly more or less than a thousand in total?

  45. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Regarding that guitar from J.B. Penney Music, and the symbol that you can't make any sense of, if that guitar was purchased from the J.B. Penney's that *I* knew, the symbol may be a highly miniaturized version of their store icon. It was used as their neon AND their listing in the Yellow Pages, and what it was consisted of a drummer in the center with a trumpeter just off from the right, but it may not be discernible to someone that is unfamiliar with it. If it's what I have described, then you have a guitar from *the* J.B. Penney Music. If you used Street View, type in California St and Main Ventura CA. Go left on Main to where you see Dexter's Cameras and Busy Bee Restaurant(which used to be Warren's Restaurant...btw, Busy Bee is owned by the Warren's. Ok, now bypass Anacapa Brewery, and the next door down was Travis Music, and two doors down from there is Gold Lion Gallery, former site of J.B. Penney Music. In Ventura, we had both J.B. Music AND(still do) have J.C. Penneys, the Dept. Store. Now, if that emblem is what I think it is(the drummer and trumpeter) you also know where your mystery store was:-)

  46. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I have a 1957 es-225t hollow body gibson guitar and shell case guitar is mint conditon could anyone tell me what it worth Thank you very much James

  47. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I have a gibson es 355 tdw-sv serial # 829876 orange oval label ,does anybody know what year it is

  48. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Joe ,I read your comment about the es335 with the stereo and varitone bar. Well I have one like it,made in 1968 have played it for many years,and still play it .Best feeling guitar neck I've ever held.
    Hope you love yours like I love mine. I had mine reviewed by Gibson some time ago .the only comment I didn't like is ,because it has the stereo and the variton handle ,it is not as popular as the newer Gibsons

  49. Anonymous7:04 PM

    i am holding a dear old friends es-175 elect-archtop 1-pickup #A-16487 in used, very good playing condition what year and value would it have w\case besides irreplacable smt-value

  50. Anonymous7:36 PM

    i am holding a dear old friends es-175 archtop #a-16487 great playing condition but used w/ sent-value what year and value would it be thanks

  51. wayne4:01 PM

    In am 62 years old, I was nine years old when my parents bought a used Gibson guitar for me. I think its a es 125? It use to have a tag on the inside that is no longer there. But inside there is a stamp that says "X7377 24" rosewood sides,star burst, body starts at 15 fret, Two F holes, one P 90 pickup Two controls, I believe the neck is cherry wood with white enlays on the face and on top when holding correctly. This hollow body is 3.5 inches. This guitar is the easiest to play than any other that I have tried, no matter what the cost. This guitar stays in tune longer than any other guitar that I have had. Does anybody have a clue, what I have, and the value? I can't find a case anywhere that fits it.

  52. I'm looking at at 1967 ES-330 with a tremolo. Good condition. Any idea what it's worth?

    Also, is there an article on the ES-330??

  53. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Hey Guys great blog here! Unfortunately i have a very sick dog at the moment! The vet needs payment at time of service so my money options are very limited! I own a gibson es 335 serial number 640479! Its a walnut finish, trapeze bridge , white inlay around the body ! All original and totally mint front and back , no buckle marks or anything! Can anybody let me know what year it is, and what the value may be worth! Im prolly gonna run to the pawn shop in next couple days ! Dont wanna take a chance on getting really ripped off! Thanks for any help i get on this ! Thanks

  54. Anonymous2:16 PM

    have a 63 ES330TC, serial#116589...what are these going for?

  55. Great! You have given me some great ideas for birthday presents. Thanks!

  56. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I have a 196? ES125TDC in good condition.And would like to know what it might be worth?

  57. Anonymous4:25 PM

    My 1966 ES330 TDC was appraised at $3,000 by George Gruhn. All original, no repairs!

  58. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I have a 1958 es125t thinline archtop with the original case. Any thoughts as to how much it's worth?

  59. I am the original owner of a 1963 cherry red Gibson ES335 TD (Serial No. 139407)that I play on a daily basis at gigs and at home. The only item ever changed on guitar is a nut replacement about 3 years ago. In 2010, I had it appraised at a Gibson authorized restorer/dealer at $25,000. Don't know if that's still a real number or not. Not tht I'm interested in parting with it. Thinking about purchasing the SG Diablo with the Floyd Rose tremolo bar.

  60. Es125 with ink stamped 88422 space 7, and in the other f hole es125, can you tell me anything about dates and such.

  61. To Anonymous, with the sick dog and the ES 335 with serial number 640479. Because of the six digits and the fact that it's higher than the range used in 1969, it was probably made in 1970,1971 or 1972.

  62. To Anonymous, with the sick dog and the ES 335 with serial number 640479, Because of the six digits and the fact that it's higher than the range used in 1969, it was probably made in 1970,1971 or 1972.

  63. To Anonymous, with the sick dog and the ES 335 with serial number 640479. Because of the six digits and the fact that it's higher than the range used in 1969, it was probably made in 1970,1971 or 1972.


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