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Gibson Melody Maker

1961 gibson melody makerGibson Melody Maker ( 1959-1971 )
Solidbody Electric Guitar

In the late 50s gibson had plans to manufacture a solid body electric guitar solely for beginners and students, a guitar that was plain, simple and everyone could of afford .

This led to the introduction of the gibson melody maker in 1959 which were produced in large numbers due to their cheap cost . If you were around during that time it was probably the first guitar you owned .

In 1959 the gibson melody maker had a single round cutaway very similar to the les paul junior but the body was slightly thinner, it's slab body was 1 3/8" thick ,

it had a 7/8" single coil oblong pickup with a black cover fitted close to the tailpiece bar , knobs on pickguard , fingerboards had dot inlays and were made in a dark sunburst finish .( Melody maker 3/4 size short scale versions were also available )

In 1960 the pickups got a little smaller and were narrowed to 5/8" , 2 pickup versions were available shortly after .

In 1962 the melody maker d (double cutaway) design was introduced with 2 rounded horns pointed away from the neck and two versions were available with one or two pickups , these guitars were made in sunburst finishes and few in cherry .

In 1963 the body was larger and more round on the edges and cherry colors were more common .

In 1966 another version was introduced which shared the same body features like their sg guitars with pointed horns , white pickguards that covered most of the body , white pickup covers instead of black , and were made in red or pelham blue finishes , some versions of these guitars had 3 pickups and named the melody maker III .

In 1967 the gibson melody maker 12 appeared with 12 strings , no vibrato , 2 pickups and were made in white , red , or blue colors . ( walnut colors were available on all melody maker versions in 1970 )

All melody maker models were short lived in 1971 and replaced by sg-100, sg-200 and sg-250 guitars until 1972 . Modified versions of the gibson melody maker were used by several artists such as billie joe armstrong from green day , and carl barat from the libertines .... In 1977 gibson reintroduced the gibson melody maker d ( double cut away ) and were discontinued in 1983 .

Overview : These guitars are not very sought after by collectors and don't carry much historic significance but if your looking for a light inexpensive guitar for your moneys worth to jam , this axe can do the trick . Extremely competitive in its price range , especially the new ones of today with the single (dog ear) p-90 pickups .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1959 - 1961 > $1 600 to $2 000 ( melody maker )
1962 - 1971 > $1 000 to $1 600

1959 - 1965 > $700 to $1 300 ( melody maker 3/4 size )
1966 - 1970 > $800 to $1100 ( sg body )

1960 - 1966 > $1 500 to $2 100 ( melody maker d )
1966 - 1971 > $1 200 to $1 400 ( sg body )

1966 - 1969 > $1 500 to $1 800 ( melody maker III )
1970 - 1971 > $1 300 to $1 500

1967 - 1971 > $1 100 to $1 400 ( melody maker 12 )
1977 - 1983 > $600 to $800 ( MM double cut reintroduced )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 6% A Year Since 2000 ( For All Models )

Prices are according to 4 different vintage guitar price guides and rounded off to the nearest dollar.

>> You can find used or vintage gibson melody maker guitars for sale on ebay at killer prices if your lucky , however make sure you read the descriptions carefully .


  1. Just picked up a Double Cut on eBay for $750 !

    1. I have a black Melody Maker which, by the serial #, indicates clearly that it was produced in 1991! It is a single-cutaway Les Paul, with a humbucking pickup. Just about every source I check on the production of Melody Makers does not include these models made in the early 1990s. By the way, I have been trying to learn to play the guitar for almost three years and this is the only guitar (of five) that I have TRULY fallen in love with!

  2. Hi,

    I have a double cutaway melody maker, original finish, serial # 35449 stamped on the back of the head with no 'Made in USA' stamp. According to http://www.provide.net/~cfh/gibson.
    html#serial this makes my guitar a December 1960 model. I thought the double cutaway was introduced in 1962. Any thoughts??

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I just bought a Gibson Melody Maker 12, that has been heavily modified. It now has a humbucker in the bridge position, a new pickguard, and tons of mods... Only original piece are the pots. But i got it for 550 Canadian, so i figured it would be worth it.

  4. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Thanks for the info, I want to buy a Gibson Sg Soon.

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I have a double cutaway with the s/n 004526. The stamp is clear; there is nothing preceding the first '0'. Can anyone tell me what year it is.

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    i have a melody maker original finish serial #862?

  7. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Cool Deal Daddy-o ! Mark my words.once the Les Pauls and S.G.s exhaust themselves in regards to the vintage market,think $$$$ !!
    Once this happens,the Melody Maker will be next! So,hold on tight!!

  8. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I need some advise about the value of my Gison melody maker. It has a serial # of 108504, and it looks identical to the one pictured in this blog. I hate to sell it, and probably will regret it later, but I've hit a real down spot, and need the money. It sounds great and the body has very little checks. It is all original.

  9. I've been wanting a vintage gibson for a while. On my way to getting one, I put up GuitarVintage.net so I can easily keep my eye on the market.

  10. i have a 3/4th scale gibson melody maker les paul. the guitar has a snake scale paint scheme, it is a beautiful guitar, i am trying to sell it.

  11. Joran Kok5:49 AM

    The new Melody Maker has a satin finish. Did the old ones have this as well? I'm thinking of buying one.

  12. I have a 1960 Gibson Melody Maker, serial number 0 6952 in original condition with no breaks or problems. Some finish checking and a couple of small nicks on the back but overall in great shape. What's your best guess as to current value? Thanks.

  13. Joran4:51 AM

    Today I bought an 1960 Melody Maker. Hoping to receive it within two weeks.

    I'm really curious about the sound true my Vox AC-30 and my Marshall Bluesbreaker.

  14. Anonymous1:34 PM

    You guys should check out my Melody Maker Pickguard, it sells on Ebay. Just unscrew your pickguard, screw on mine, and you will be in blues/jazz/rock/country heaven with one or two vintage mini humbuckers fatly toneing away! And no routing required! It fits right on with no additional mods.Its item # 260263776699. Or just search for me.

  15. Hi I have a 1962 I think Gibson melody maker serial number
    23380, can anyone help me date it using that serial number. Thanks.

    Here is a link to it

  16. [IMG]http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c94/heydebaser

  17. Anonymous12:23 PM

    please don't buy this guitar unless you are VERY sure that you want it and that it is in excellent shape. I bought a beautiful 1967 sg-style with seeming solid electronics.not so. the entire tailpiece including whammy bar had to come off before this thing would even consider staying in tune. a friend of mine recently saw the guitar when it was out and said he bought nearly the same guitar a couple of years ago and that it just would not stay in tune. vintage collecters, buy it if you don't play, or pony up for the real SG. I'm trading mine in on a tele 72. make sure it stays in tune!!!

  18. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I've had a 65 melody maker D since 1976. Always a pain to tune it. But last year I bought one of these:
    This is a bridge these guitars need. The guitar is so playable now that I can dial in each string.

  19. Anonymous10:14 AM

    My first electric was what I think to be a 68 Pelham Blue with 2 pickups. It is somewhat unique in that it is 1 of only 2 that I've ever seen that the back of the neck and headstock is painted. All the rest I've ever seen have been natural finish. I still have it, but it suffered a severe blow resulting in a cracked body and other stress. Plus being a dumb ass teen, I performed some home made mods that didn't work out too well. But it's still fun to pull out every now and then.

  20. Anonymous8:54 PM

    i have a gibson electric serial # 004535 would like to know what I have inherieted and what it is worth I can be reached at loboy09@hotmail.com

  21. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I need a lil help here. I have a Gibson Melody maker Serial # 283566. it has a Mohogany colored SG style Body and a rosewood fretboard. I would appreciate any info on this guitar, btw, it does have 2 pickups and it has a "whammy bar" thx for the help. I believe this guitar to be around 1965..

  22. Anonymous8:53 AM

    1977 gibson melody maker exellent, sunburst single cut, for sale pmksteele@gmail.com for info

  23. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Jake, If you have the single cut-away, double pick-up as pictured above, you have THE MOST valuable MM. The single PU's are a dime-a-dozen and began production in '59. The double PU began in '60 and was produced as pictured for only '60 & '61. From your ser#, I think your's is a '61. The 1960 'inaugeral' year would be more valuable, but the single cut/ double PU is about 100 times more rare than single PU's. It is also FAR, and I mean FAR more versitile. Virtually ALL of your blues tones come from the neck PU, which of course doesn't exist on the single PU. Hold on if you can, but this one would be worth at least $2k+. The single PU's usually sell for about $600-$1,000 depending on condition. Don't confuse these 2 guitars, your's is quite valuable and rare.

  24. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I have a melodymaker believed to be made 1970 to 1972 period, and plan to install 1966 type single coil pick ups. Do you think I can do it? I mean specs and measures. Thank you.

  25. Hey thanks for the info on the Melody Maker. A friend just gave me an old one that had been sitting in a barn, and had the electronics just hanging out. They tried to put a pair of humbuckers in it and failed.

    So I restored it, and got it going. Turns out the pickups are old T-top humbuckers. Boy does it sound, and play very nice!

    Here is a link to my Melody Maker if you are interested:
    My gibson Melody Maker

  26. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I picked up a 1990 model Cardinal Red with a humbucker , no mods. Sounds like my Les Paul JR. It's a keeper.

  27. Does anyone know the model/year of the Gibson shown in the picture on this page? I own the exact model, and am having trouble finding details on it. This model seems unique to the other MM's I have seen. 4 gold knobs with only one wing on the body. My serial # falls into the '61 (21190)range, but every 61 I have seen looks different than the one pictured. It was purchased used in 1963.
    I wish the author would have captioned that photo.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  28. I have a MM(think it's from the early 60's serial#75729......Had it since the early 70's anybody tell me the exact time period.I've used it playing live,recorded with it....it has unbelievable sound....never needed another guitar ever.

  29. Anonymous7:50 PM

    need help freind of mine had this guitar in his attic as far as i can tell it looks like a 65 mm w/whammy bar setup serial#5077981 i have found out thru the int. that it was made in nashville but no hints to age can anyone help.its in pretty good condition and plays very well, single pickup dbl cut thanks for any help

  30. I have a Gibson Melody Maker serial number 46249 can you tell me what year this guitar is? Thank you.

  31. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I still have a Melody Maker-D, sunburst, double cutaway I bought new in June 1963 from Ray Lammer Music in Cincinnati. The serial number is 106854. The bridge is straight up and down - not angled as some are. The tuners are open, you can see the gears. A friend had one made a year earler. The bridge was the same but the controls were in a different pattern. I still have the case and the strap but the input cord is gone. Great guitar for $122.50 back in 1963.

  32. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I HAVE A 19965 MELODY MAKER ON EBAY YALL NEED TO CHECK IT OUT!!! Should be able to copy and paste this link.


  33. Anonymous11:56 PM

    hi dudes of usa, im a peruvian guitar guy , i have a 1964 melody maker 2BLE CUTAWAY, ONE SINGLE COIL PICK UP, cherry finished ITS in very good conditions, it have all original parts except tunermachines that are Ibanez with lock system. also it brings square hardcase, the guitar its like a relic because its minty...
    the point its that i want a fender jazzmaster, and i want to sell my 64 Gibson MELODY MAKER in 1220 bucks. or change for some Fender Jazzmaster in good condition or new(if it mexican or japanesse plus the difference of course.)
    I live in peru, but its possible to send the guitar to USA. there in not musician here in my country who know to appreciate relics like i selling. THANX EMAIL:fabrizio_ukuko@hotmail.com

  34. I have a Melody Maker Serial No. 223. 1960 I was told they only made 225 of them that year. And also I am looking for the original pickguard and Volume and Tone knobs. Or I will buy the whole assembly. My Dad bought this guitar new. My e-mail address is rippy12@hotmail.com or 931-232-2090 Thanks Jack

  35. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I have a melody maker serial number 927068 19 fret / junior, all original, plays very well. The back of the neck has a ware pattern that leads me to beleive who ever played the guitar useing all (19) frets (up into the cut away). The pattern on the back of the neck is a very distinct. If you have any information on the above guitar please contact us at (903)764-1510 or

  36. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I have a Gibson MM sunburst with dual pickups and 3 way tone swith. Excellent condition, barely ever used.
    Everything is original, except the strings.
    I purchashed it in 1961 or 1962. The number on the back of the head is 0 1833. Can anyone tell me when it was made and what the approx value is now.
    Ken (802) 694-1553 Kmess082040@yahoo.com

  37. Want to sell my 1962 Gibson Melody Maker
    solid body natural mahogany electric guitar
    double cut-away, excellent condition, with original case
    pick-up, knobs and tuning pegs not original
    pick-up (Seymore-Duncan), tuning pegs (Schaller)
    small scratches (normal wear), plays great, sounds excellent,
    perfect playing condition Serial number : 51258
    The guitar is in south germany, Nuremberg
    Anybody interested please e-mail uwe@ragleela.com

  38. Just got a double cutaway 1963 Melody Maker, and I prefer it's tone and feel over that of my 1954 Fender Stratocaster. Usually, I'm Fender all the way, but this is really a killer guitar.

  39. Anonymous5:46 AM

    I have a red solid body guitar that was mine as a kid somewhere back in the 60's , Gibson serial # 006858. any idea what is it worth ? lnurk@aol.com

  40. I've got my dad's MM, it was a high school graduation present in 1964- exactly like the one pictured above (single cutaway, double pickups, 4 knobs) but it also has a whammy bar on it and the original case. I've only seen one similar to it online a while back and it belonged to some famous guy. Any idea what its worth? I've been trying to find out for years...

  41. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I have a 1959 Melody Maker # C 1048. From the research I have done and help from the local music store, it is all original with a P90 pick up and is worth $1800-$2000, which coincides with the info above. Hope that helps someone else in determining what they have.

  42. grlsrock74@yahoo.com2:02 PM

    i have a 1966 gibson melody maker sg red for sale. i am asking 2000.00 it is all original every screw and all mint condition

  43. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I have a 1962 MM double cut away, serial number 57054. It's a little different as it is a 4 string model! Can anyone fill in the blanks as to does this help or hinder the value? Is it a little more rare? Thanks

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