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Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Gibson Les Paul Model ( 1952- present )
Also Known As The Gibson Les Paul GoldTop

1954 gibson leas paul goldtop Gibson les paul goldtop guitars were introduced In 1952 , they were gibsons' first les paul models and solid body electric guitars , these guitars were named the "les paul model" but they are better known as the "les paul goldtop" due to the goldtop finish .

Although the gibson les paul model guitar is collectable and is a significant part gibsons' les paul history , in 1952 to 53 they had an intonation problem due to the trapeze tailpiece ( strings wrapped under the bar ) this made it dificult to keep the guitar in tune .

In other words the guitar can be well cherished by collectors and is an historic gibson guitar but not very playable for the guitarist . However , in mid 1953 gibson replaced the trapeze tailpiece with a stop tailpiece ( the strings wrapped over the tailpiece making the tuning problem better but not stable) .

As the years went by , gibson improved the goldtop les paul models and their flaws by replacing the tailpiece bridges with a tune o matic bridge in mid 1955 and amongst other parts . From then on, gibson les paul guitars famoused the world over as an icon for rock and roll , and contemporay rock music .

1952-53 lespaul goldtop models had a 3 piece carved top , goldtop finish , trapeze tailpiece bridge , 2 soapbar p-90 pickups with cream covers , kluson tuners , nickel plated parts , 5/8" knobs , bound top and fingerboard ( very early models had unbound fingerboards ) ,"Les Paul Model" silkscreened on peghead in gold , mahogany back and neck .

buddy guy playing a gibson goldtop guitar mid 1953 to 55 gibson replaced the trapeze tailpiece to a stop tailpiece and also replaced the 5/8"knobs to 1/2" knobs .

In mid 1955 a tune o matic bridge was added and the four knobs change from barrel shape to a top-hat shape .

In 1957 humbuckers (PAF) replace the 2 p-90 pickups . In mid 1958 the gibson les paul goldtop model was renamed the gibson les paul standard which branched out to other guitars such as the gibson sg les paul standard and the gibson les paul deluxe .

In 1968 gibson introduced the les paul standard goldtop model with a tune o matic bridge , goldtop finish and p-90 pickups , this guitar is also considered by many as the first reissue of the 56 goldtop model with few minor changes . ( renamed the gibson deluxe in 1969 ) .

In 1971 gibson introduced the gibson les paul standard 58 , but was set up like a 1954 goldtop model with goldtop finish , 2 soapbar pickups and a stop tailpiece . Discontinued in 1975 .

In 1882-83 gibson introduced the 30th anniversary les paul which had the features of a 58 les paul goldtop (2 humbuckers) with a thirtieth anniversary inlay on the 19th fret .

In 1983 gibson introduced the " official les paul goldtop reissue " with two p 100 pickups and renamed it the "'56 gibson les paul goldtop" in 1991 with 2 p-90 pickups . In 1993 they also reissued the "'57 gibson les paul goldtop which featured the 2 humbuckers . ( Now all part of Gibsons' Historic Collection) .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1952 - 1955 > $35 000 to $85 000 ( prices vary depending on features )
1955 - 1957 > $65 000 to $100 000 ( tune o matic bridge, p-90s .....)
1957 - 1958 > $$55 000 to $95 000 ( p-90 pickups )
1957 - 1958 > $130 000 to $175 000 ( PAF humbuckers ,bigsby... )

1968 - 1969 > $8 000 to $11 000 ( first goldtop les paul reissue )
1971 - 1975 > $3 500 to $4 500 ( goldtop les paul standard 58' )
1982 - 1983 > $2 500 to $2 700 ( 30th anniversary les paul goldtop )
1983 - 1991 > $1 400 to $1 900 ( Official Reissue with 2 p-100 pickups )
1991 - 1997 > $1 700 to $2 000 ( Les paul goldtop 56' - 2 p90s )
1993 - 1998 > $1 700 to $2 200 ( Goldtop 57' reissue with 2 humbuckers)

guitar price guide1952-1955 > Avg Upward Trend Of 39% a Year since 2000
1955-1957> 36% 1957-1958> 46% 1968-1969> 25% 1971-1975> 16%

If your seeking to buy gibson goldtop guitars , you can find used or vintage Gibson les paul goldtop guitars for sale on ebay on several occasions . If your lucky you can fall on a great deal ... I also recommend you read descriptions carefully ... Domenic


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    DATED 9/30/2007 - I have seen recent prices on 1968 goldtops from $5,500 to $21,000. While the lower end ones are worn, the prices asked for top quality seem driven by greed rather than the market. A friend who knows vintage guitars said Gruhn over-appraises. That's nice for insurance purposes, but not necessarily reflects relative sensability in the asking price of vintage guitars.

    MD - Boston, MA

  2. Check this one out.. I purchased it in 1958 as a "leftover model" and got a great deal on it but I did have to use the installment plan..
    Still have it to this day.. Go to:
    to see some old and new pics

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    i have a freind who has an original 56 goldtop. the serial numbe reflects 1957 (probably mad very early in the year before adding the humbuckers) my friend is the original owner, they took lessons for about 2 years and never played it again... they are interested in selling it and asked for my help... How do put a price on that?

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I could give your friend a couple of lessons and a Gretsch White Falcon + $5000!

  5. Anonymous6:36 PM

    When I was a kid (about 16) I got an interest in electric guitars (who didn't). My Dad had an old Les Paul, and so he gave it to me.

    It is a Goldtop, and according to the serial number cross referenced in the Bluebook I downloaded from this site, it is a 1955 model. It has the Tune-O-Matic bridge and the p-90 pickups. It has barrell knobs (not top hats).

    I notice that only halfway thru 1955 did they begin using the Tune-O-Matic. How rare is the Tune-O-Matic on 1955 models?

    Anyway, I love the guitar - even though I never learned to play it very well. If anyone is interested, I'll upload some pics.

  6. Anonymous1:41 PM

    In the summer of 1971, I bought a Les Paul goldtop reissue, brand new from Arnold & Morgan Musicin Garland, Texas. Sold when I married in 1974, and have regretted it ever since. Had the P-90's, great sound...now 33 years later I am looking for it again....

  7. Anonymous5:16 PM

    what was special about the 1976 and did any have a lightin bolt.

  8. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have a circa 1958 bigsby B7 tailpiece recently verified as the Les Paul model, should someone need an authentic one for their classic guitar!

  9. I have a Les Paul Deluxe goldtop which I purchased in 1970. It is in mint condition with only a couple very minor dings. I haven't seen references in this forum to the serial number that I have. The serial is 631843 and it says Made in USA directly below the serial. Does this make it a 1969 or a 1970 model? I remember it was produced before Gibson sold the company in the early 70's. How much should I be looking for in a sale? Thanks for any help.

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

    I purchased a solid goldtop LES PAUL guitar and LES PAUL amplifier combo in 1954. The number stampt on back of the neck is 4-1266.It isilike brand new condition, no scatches not played,stored only.What is it whirth? Any one interested? Email me at martinchrapko@hot mail.com

  11. Anonymous12:35 PM

    just wondering?
    I have an old s-g
    all stock in rough shape but
    still plays great. Here's my
    problem the s-g didn't come
    out till "61" so I've read.
    It has 1957 as the last digits
    in the serial # on the back of
    the headstock. What the heck is
    it??? I've had it over 30 + years.

  12. Anonymous11:55 PM

    I have a 1989 standard goldtop with p-100s. Gibson told me this was a 1 year only combination. Mine has a "standard" truss rod cover and speed knobs. I have seen several 1989's with blank truss rod covers and top hat knobs with pointers that claimed to be reissues with p-90's. On top of that there is a "showcase edition". Any info greatly appreciated.

  13. Anonymous12:52 PM

    In 1969 I bought a 68 reissue goldtop brand new for only $340. I've been offered more than 10 grand for it in the last 5 or 6 years. It's not for sale.

  14. Anonymous9:55 AM

    i just bought a 1956 goldtop brand new for $499 sounds grate the best guitar i have had yet!!!

  15. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I have what appears to be a 72/some kind of reissue maybe 56???
    goldtop, stop tailpiece, tuneomatic, p-90's embossed with gibson, small headstock,
    1 piece neck and body , thin binding in the cutaway.
    What the hell is it???????? serial dates it 71-72
    Anyone out there know??

  16. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I have a 1968 Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe, original case
    that is in good condition. Any advise of the best way to go about selling it & its value?

  17. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I'm trying to determine the year & value of my Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe. Serial #9160xx. 1969? Can anyone help.

    Thanks- J

  18. Anonymous5:44 AM

    i have a 1957 Les Paul Goldtop which I have owned since 1957. Guitar is completely original and in very good condition. No repairs or modifications have been made. Sounds great. I am trying to establish a fair value for this collectible.


  19. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I have a 1952 LesPaul with the trapese Bridge. This guitar has been in the family since June of 1951. Was purchased out of Kalamazoo Mi. My father bought it for an anniversary present for my mom. Beautiful piece and plays wonderful. Never have had problems with it staying in Tune. I use 52/10 gauge strings, any lighter strings then I would say yes. 52/10's only. The sound is awesome. I am interested in selling for reasonable price. My e-mail address,

  20. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I Have a verified 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. All Gold Does anyone have any Idea How many of these were made? or how much this may be worth so that I can Insure it

  21. F. Vigil9:08 AM

    I currently have a Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe, s/n 966534. My guitar has been with me since 1970. I bought it for $375 back then and is still in very good condition.
    How can I determine it's value? I need to insure it accordingly.
    Any help is appreciated.

  22. My gold top deluxe has it all to show it is a 68 or 69, but it has the Made in USA stamped in also. Does this make it a 70's?. Also the clear finish has marble like cracks all over. Previous owner said it happened after it was left in a car over night in -35 weather. Should I get it re finished or leave it all original. It plays great and has it's own sound. I would sell it but it would have to be alot of moolah!

  23. Anonymous3:39 PM

    My Father's estate has a 1954 Goldtop in excellent condition,in it's original case.Can you tell me it's value.We found 4-22-80 on the guitar.

  24. Greenman6:01 PM

    I have a goldtop deluxe, and as far as i can figure it's a '68 or '69. bought it 15yrs ago as a '69. does not have Made in USA which is great. Totally original with mini humbuckers. has original case also. if anyone out there is interested in purchasing this guitar, please contact me. gecko.69@hotmail.com can provide photos for viewing.

  25. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I have a 1952 Goldtop, all original in "near mint" condition. If you're interested in purchasing it I'm interested in selling. Contact me at genesis_96@yahoo.com

  26. Anonymous3:24 PM

    hello, I own a 1952 les paul gold top. The omnly thing that would make it a rare guitar is that it is left handed.
    Does anyone know how many of the 1952;s were made lefty?

  27. We have an awesome vintage 1954 Les Paul Goldtop in great condition on our site for >$25k It has a few little scratches in the paint, but after all it is +55 years old! Check it out! Especially if you are in Tallahassee, FL

    Thanks for an incredible Blog!

  28. tonyia2:43 PM

    My Grandmother(91)has an original 1954 Les Paul Goldtop in excellent condition. She still loves to play it at her "gigs", mostly senior centers etc. She loves that guitar but is getting to an age where she is ready to sell. The serial number is 4-0546. Please email if interested. tcanales@smith.com

  29. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I believe I have a '57 gold top Deluxe.
    How much is it worth? land1@live.com

  30. Chris7:38 PM

    If anyone has a 52-57 Goldtop for sale for a reasonable price please email me chris.sexton@hotmail.com any condition considered, thanks = )

  31. Anonymous1:07 PM

    My mom received a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop on her 13th birthday in 1956 and was told it was a year old. Since it has the original trapeze bridge and is not serialized I believe it to be a 53’ or earlier It is also completely gold instead of just the top It is all original with the Gibson leather case and the pinkish velour interior. Original pickups,tuners,etc and has never needed repair of any kind. I’m afraid to pull the cover to look at the electronics because I don’t want to strip any screws or wood. I know you’d really need to see it to appraise it but it will not leave my sight. Ill try to get some pics for you. I was just wondering if you could give me a ballpark figure as to it’s value? THANX Kevin

  32. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Looking for an old Gibson les paul gold top, 1950s model. Im serious buyer, looking for one thats been played.


  33. barry9:12 AM

    I have a cherry original finish goldtop '53 Les Paul that was retrofitted with a tune o matic bridge and a bixby whammy bar in '55 or so. This guitar as perfect and sings. I checked the pan pots and they were made in Feb '53. The guitar does not have a serial number so I figure it was originally sold in late 1953. Guitar stays perfectly in tune all the time. I will consider serious offers.

  34. Anonymous8:22 PM

    So if I'm looking to buy a late 50's or a 61 custom Les Paul what should I be expecting to pay?

  35. My Dad bought a Les Paul gold top in either 1968 or 69. He played many gigs with it and gave it to me 22 years ago. It's in beautiful condition with the original case. Serial no. 529310.I Would like to know what it's worth. My E mail is Gsepulvida@yahoo.com

  36. I am a very serious buyer of mostly any vintage guitar and pay top prices. We deal at the high end of the market and like to see guitar owners realize the value of their guitar. Please give me a shout 416-222-8222 or simply email me EpiCenter@TundraMusic.com , we ship and deal worldwide.

    Cheers to all!

  37. Nothing sounds as good as an awesome gibson! the best guitar in the world!