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Gibson SG Les Paul Standard

Gibson Sg Les Paul Standard (1961-1963)

george harrison playing the gibson sg standard In 1960 to 1963 gibson changed the body of the gibson les paul standard to an SG type body with 2 symetrical pointed horns (cutaways) , they had thinner necks and were called the gibson SG les paul standard models .

Some prototypes were made in late 1960 with "les paul model" on the peghead, but they were officially produced and sold in 1961 at a list price of $310 with crown peghead inlays,

the guitar had 2 humbuckers (PAF) , had a les paul logo on the truss rod cover , side -pull vibrato , mahogany body , cherry red finish , pickguards was small and black ( covering about 1/5 of the body ) , and had trapezoid inlay blocks on the fingerboard. In 1962 some models had inlaid ebony blocks on the tailpiece .

In Late 1963 they had gibson maestro vibrolas ( lyre-style covers) , gibson took out the les paul logo on the truss rod , made the necks a little larger ( better built ) and renamed the guitar the :

Gibson SG Standard ( 1963-present )

sg standard and angus young Basically the gibson sg standard guitars stayed the same except for some minor feature changes. In 1966 gibson started manufacturing the sg standard with larger pickguards surrounding the pickups .

In 1973 they had black plastic covers covering the humbucking pickups , in 1975 gibson added a tun o matic bridge , during the late 70s bigsby vibratos and stop tailpieces along with more color variations were added such as walnut , tobacco and white .

During the eighties metal covered humbuckers were installed and they went from small pickguards to large to small again in the early 90s , more colors were added and basically until today the bulk of the guitar stayed the same .

The gibson sg was fairly popular but really hit it mainstream when rockstars and guitar players such as george harrison from the beatles ,and eric clapton from cream started exploring its capabilities .

Angus Young from ac/dc took the sg standard to a new level when he plugged this guitar in his old marshall amp and created one of the most influential guitar sound in the rock n roll and hard rock business , the sound was simple ,BIG , bluesy , Phat , raw and powerful .

In 1986 gibson also made an SG reissue model , these gibson guitars had 60s style pickguards (small), trapezoid inlays , crown pegheads , cherry finishes , nickel plated hardware , and plastic tuner buttons , they were renamed Sg '62 reissue in 1988 , discontinued in 1991 and were reintroduced as the gibson Sg '61 Reissue in 1993 to present.

In 1988 they also introduced the gibson sg '62 reissue showcase edition with emg pickups . ( only 200 were made )

Vintage Price Value For 2009 :
1961 - 1963 > $19 000 to $25 000 ( SG les paul standard )
1963 - 1965 > $18 000 to $25 000 ( SG Standard )
1966 - 1967 > $7 000 to $8 000
1968 - 1969 > $6 500 to $8 000
1970 - 1975 > $2 500 to $4 000
1976 - 2000> $1 200 to $1 600

1986 - 1991 > $9 00 to $1 300 ( sg reissue /'62 sg reissue )
1988 - 1989 > $1 200 to $1 500 ( Sg '62 reissue edition /200 made )
1993 - 2000> $9 00 to $1 500 ( SG '61 Reissue )

guitar price guide 1961-1963 > Avg Upward Trend of 36% a year since 2000
1963-1965> 33% 1966-1967> 22% 1968-1970>16% 1971-1975>11%
This is just a brief review of the gibson sg standard guitars but there are also many factors that can determine the value of the guitar such as colors , factory bigsbies , pickups ( PAF or not ) ...etc.

Always verify first with someone who knows his vintage guitars for consulting before buying or selling ....

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson sg les paul standard Guitars
If you want to buy used or vintage sg standard guitars , you can find gibson sg standard guitars for sale on ebay , however they don't have them all the time ...


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    excellent commentary on a really cool axe. I appreciate the market value assessments. I have a few old Gibsons, and they are really great guitars, well worth the money if you like music and have decent ears - they are toneful and a real blast to play. Rock on! peace...

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    I just bought a 1971 SG Standard with the lyre Maestro tremolo... I love it!!

    I love my Volute!!! I got the bump!!

    The volute was added to improve the unstable neck that theses guitars have. It does its job and has no affect on the playing or tone. Long live the volute!!!

  3. lightningfings7:31 PM

    I have a 1989 Gibson SG Standard and it is my favorite guitar to pick up play. It's very interesting in that the input jack for the amplifier cord is on the side bottom of the guitar (similar to a les paul) rather than on the face of it a little under the pickups like we know SG's have. The people at Gibson told me they only made these in '88 and '89, but I have never seen one like this other than my own. Does anyone know if this is really rare and this is a real collector's peice?

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I torture myself monthly when I look at the rising value of the 1964 SG Std that I sold for 280 bucks in 1981....to buy a Peavey T60....@&%#@(_@*^!

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    My father-in-law who hardly plays guitar at all showed me his guitar that his uncle gave him many years ago. It was down in the corner of his basement. I saw it and thought, "what the heck!" an old Gibson SG but it said Les Paul on it and it had a bigsby. He was going to give it away. I told him to hang on a bit and let me check into it. It is a 1962 Les Paul SG and we found one on Ebay going for $24,000. WOW! He is going to hold onto it now.

  6. Does every gibson les paul sg 1961-1963 have serial numbers

  7. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I have one of the cleanest 100% original 63 Les Paul Customs white, 3 pickup, side pull vibrola, 3 pickup, gold hardware (some very slight tarnish), with super clean original case and unused original strap, plus all hang tags and case candy. No receipt, but know the price because he started to fill out warranty tag, but never sent it in.

    I've seen a few other white LPCs around from this era, but most have had refretting, refinishing, neck repair, replaced parts, etc. and they still go for over 20k

    i can only imagine what mine would go for now, let alone another 5-10-20 years

  8. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I am looking to purchase a vintage SG and I am looking at 2 not so popular models - looking for a recommendation from this more experienced group - play mostly hard rock (Sabbath, AC/DC from the 70s) - they are made in 71-72 - one is an SG Series 2 (2 - mini-humbucker pickups) 1972 and the other is a SG 200 - from 71 (2 single coil pickups - same as Melody maker) - both have that odd knob configuration accessable from the front of the guitar - only 2 knobs with slide switches - they are both about the same price - between $1000 and 1300 - both are all original and in excellent condition - any recommendations???


  9. Anonymous11:43 AM

    While I am asking - one more question - if I purchase a non-vintage Gison SG 61 reissue or the Tony Iommi customer version of the same - (both are about $1,000 more than the vintage models listed in teh porevious post - but they are new or near new) - would that be a smart option - is the quality and tone of these new Gibsons the same as the vintage? or is there a noticable difference -


  10. I have a 1967 Les Paul Custom and was wondering what it's worth? It has been in it's original case for 25 years and has been maintained.

  11. I have a Les Paul SG, serial# 106397, apparently a '63. I have had it since 1968. The sideways tremolo was replaced with a stationary Gibson bridge. At least one original pickup was replaced, maybe both. The tuners were replaced with Schallers. I may or may not have the original parts in a shoebox in the garage. Anybody have an idea of the worth of this guitar? duster5150@yahoo.com

  12. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Get the SG George has!

  13. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Very interesting blog. I am thinking about buying what I think is a 73 SG standard (serial number 056539). Can anyone confirm that this is in fact a 73? Also, what is the approximate price range for this guitar? The one I am looking at has had no repairs, but has a few dings and scratches.

  14. Anonymous3:34 AM

    I have a gibson sg with bigsby. I don't know how old the guitar is. I have 'm for more than 16 years now. There is a serial on top (030050 made in USA) Can anyone telle me the age and value
    Thnks !

  15. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I have a vintage all-original 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG with PAF (Patent Applied For) Humbucker pickups. I have personally owned this guitar for 47 years. I purchased it brand new in 1961. This guitar is all original and has never been worked on or refinished. The guitar has all the original hardware just as it did when it was new in 1961. The finish is a cherry red, (Faded on front). There are a few minor dings and scratches, There are hair line aging cracks in the clear coat finish, not in the wood. It also includes the original case. The case is missing the handle and is not attached to the case but it is there.

    The serial number on the back of the headstock is: 40751

  16. Anonymous1:48 AM


    I am interested in buying a Gibson sg standard @ 1964 should serial number on the head match that to the body's number which is 155992.

    Any idea as to the value buying from a private seller?


  17. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I have a Gibson SG serial #121811. I believe it's a '63. My friend lost the spring for the vibrato system and I stored it in the basement for about 5 years so there's a little rust. Can I get this restored in order to get it's vintage value back?

  18. I have a Les Paul Custom SG,might be for sale.
    Serial 971811 (1968) from what I have read.
    Fine condition with maybe 3 nicks.
    # gold humbuckers...all original.

    Anyone wanna tell me a lil more about it,or wut they thinks it's worth?

    Excellent case too.

  19. I have a 1960 Les Paul in white.
    I have posted pics and it has created some controversy.
    The guitar is all original as far as i can tell and i truly believe that it was probably one of the proto-types made before it went into production in 61.

    see pics at: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/vintage-les-pauls/32990-my-rare-1960-les-paul-white.html


  20. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have what I think is a very rare 1965 Gibson SG with a factory blue color, rather than the traditional cherry red. I have never seen another one, have been told that this was an extremely limited color from Gibson. The guiter is in great condition, with two silver humbuckers, a Maestro vibrato bar, and all original parts. It has the original black custom hard case.

    I bought it new in 1966. It has been played by Rick Derringer (when he with The McCoys in 1966) and Tony Hicks (lead player for The Hollies in 1966) during live shows.

    I am interested in selling this guitar. Anyone intersted?

  21. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I have a 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul Jr would might consider selling - any takers? it's been painted but it is definitely the vintage guitar. What should I do to get the most money out of it./

  22. Anonymous2:14 PM

    i have a 63 sg/lp custom with a factory bigsby. how many were shipped that year with the bigsby tailpiece?

  23. Anonymous9:26 AM

    To the gentlemen interested in selling the blue 1965 SG, I would be interested in purchasing. Please post contact info.

  24. Anonymous3:46 AM

    my vintage sg is black and awsome

  25. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I have a 1969 SG Standard in Walnut for sale. Its a very great guitar in Exellent Condition! With Original hard shell case included. Two Orginal Gibson Humbucker. Nice Lyre Tremolo.

    Anyone intersted?
    send a E mail to me (YannickLehmann@gmx.net)


  26. I learned how to play guitar on a vintage 1960's SG. I don't know anything about what model it was, but I can describe it with intimate details.

    The tuning pegs were Kluson-type but without the covers (open gears), the body had the classic SG pointy horns, the finish was a dark brown, the pickup was a single coil covered in black plastic and mounted on a diagonal near the neck with a chrome metal plate surround, the controls were a master volume - master tone - input jack all mounted on a similiar looking chromed metal plate as the pickup surround.

    The bridge looked like a stamped chromed metal plate with a sleigh back end curl (where the string slots were) - the string saddles looked like a separate tune-o-matic bridge piece that was also stamped out of thinner metal (it was square -not rounded- with open ends and the string saddles were plastic but fully adjustable) - and the whole bridge had a chromed stamped metal cover with the Gibson name-scroll etched into the top, the neck had single dot inlays with side dot markers, the headnut was bone.

    I haven't found ANY INFO on this particular model. Some bloke at Guitar Center thinks it might have been a Melody Maker. No way. When I got it back in 1969, it was told to me that it was a "student version" of the SG. A Jazz guitar collector once claimed that it might have been a custom made SG.

    Well, NOW you all are going to kick my ass around the block after you hear this - after I graduated from high school (1980) I promptly bought a new Yamaha electric and ... took my electric saw and ... yes dumbass me ... I chopped up the SG and tossed the remains into the garbage. ONLY NOW DO I REALIZE MY FOOL-HARDY MISTAKE. Because now that SG could have been sold for well over $5000 to $8000, even in it's beatup condition. Well, live and learn.

    Anyone wanna help me figure out what SG it was, you may contact me at (hienz1@juno.com).

  27. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Does somebody know when gibson made a SG model "without" color? I mean that there's no paint at all, as a natural wood body, and the guitar looks wery old! Is a friend of mine that have this guitar and i really doesn’t know the year has been made.

  28. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I have an all original 1961 Les Paul SG for sale. Serial # 27xxx. George Gruhn calls it "fine original condition." PAFs. Kluson DeLuxe. Sideways vibrola. Cherry red. No cracks or repairs. No major dents or dings. Some minor finish crazing. Never been gigged. Remarkable. Will sell internationally. angular.banjos@yahoo.com This is being posted 8/21/09

  29. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I have a 66 Gibson SG standard purchased new in Pelham Blue. It has the small pickguard, frames on the patent pickups, and Maestro Vibrato. It is absolutely flawless without any chips or scratches. With much research, I have not seen another in this condition. It has been hard to determine a true value due to the rarity.

  30. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I have a 1964 gibson SG jr, cherry in good shape, original finish and hardware for sale. email contact info: mstritz@yahoo.com

  31. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Anyone have insight into the 70's tobacco sunburst SGs regarding their quality and features? I'm thinking around '74 they came out. Are these worth considering to play, not stash away. Cheers, Gerry Brown, FL

  32. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I would like to purchase the Blue SG Please contact at swisstime@gmail.com

  33. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I have an old Gibson serial number 520929 can any one tell me what year or model it is?

  34. Hello People

    Iám from the Netherlands. I would like to know, what my sg special alpine white is worth. It is from 65, serie number is 274xxx. It has had a headcrack, but is profesionel repared. It has an origanal mounted bigsby. It had a origanal refret and pots are also origanal. P90's and tuners replaced by schallers. This is what i know. Thank you Marco

  35. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Hello I dont know what my Gibson sg special 65 in alpine white is worth. It had has a headcrack, but is proffesionel repared. It has a factory mounted bigsby, and a origanal refred . serie number is 274xxx. origanal pots are still there. Tuners replaced by better Schallers. Is there anybody who can tell me more, Or with in intrest. Thank you Marco

  36. Anonymous11:27 AM

    My uncle found a guitar in his garage heard i had been playing guitar.So he gave it to me i found out that its a 65 gibson special with a tremolo arm.Is there a website that lists the value of vintage guitars im definetely not selling it because it sounds awesome im just curious

  37. I would love to own one of these beauties

  38. Anonymous9:58 AM

    The 1986 SG ReIssue had Tim Shaw pickups in them. They are not date stamped as this was the last year they put them in anything. I did read an interview with Shaw where he mentioned them specifically so I'm not pulling that out of thin air.

  39. hi guys ... I was very pleased to read the information in this article ... was of great interest and would love to get a lot more information about Gibson Sg Les Paul Standard (1961-1963)

  40. Anonymous4:44 AM

    i just bought an sg yesterday coooooolllllllllllll

  41. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I have a 1986 in bright red with a "bigsby" but reads Gibson. Not sure of value, all my bandmates want to by it but I think it might be worth hanging on to? Any ideas?

  42. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I have 24 guitars to sell ranging from Gibson Les Paul's to Fender to Silvertone amp-in-case 1968

  43. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I bought a 1961 Gibson LP/SG on Ebay for $1500 and just received it. It is mostly original, but has the painfully common re-set neck due to an injury. It's a pro repair and rock solid. Still an amazing deal, especially given the fact that, to my amazement, it has original PAF pickups! When I was unscrewing the pickup rings to find out if the pickups were original, it was like Christmas, and I got a very pleasant surprize.

    I've been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember, and it looks like I really lucked out that I could get one at a price point I can actually afford.

  44. what do you think about Gibson releasing 3 acoustic guitars to celebrate John Lennon's Birthday?

    Visit My Vintage Gibson Guitars Squidoo Lens

  45. It is one of my favourite guitars. I prefer SG over classic Les Paul. LP's thick bodies are not giving that rock punch, which is a big plus of SG.

  46. Anonymous4:24 PM

    We have a '61 red SG Les Paul serial Number 150. Great condition. Any idea what it could be worth?

  47. Anonymous4:30 AM


  48. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Hi I have a question I am looking for a price on a 1968 SG Standard Gibson guitar all original execllent condition its burgundy in colour and has the gibson silver piece at the bottom with the engraving its gorgeous just looking for a current price the actual serial number is 914187 was purchased in 1970

  49. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Hi guys,

    Could you help me? I lost my Dad to cancer 2 years ago now and he collected guitars and just so happens to have one of the SG's and I know for a fact it's between the 1960 and 1964's.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction to get it valued? As my mum really could do with the money.



  50. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I have a 68-69 SG Gibson and wouldnt part with it for the world. #531267

  51. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Worth? est.1971 or 73 Gibson SG, full pick guard. Not perfect but good+ condition and definitely rocks -no nicks or scratches, and holds perfect tune. However, modified w/ retro Floyd Rose (? -can't remember brand off hand) tremolo system and string lock nut (professional job on install btw) then mahogany body refinished natural clear coat. Any idea of the value?

  52. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I am trying to find out the worth of a Gibson 1960-62 cherry sunburst 2 button elec guitar, with original hard case with five snaps, and orange plush inside............serial number 810513 contact mustangrobyn@yahoo.com

  53. Thanks for the information, I want to buy that guitar someday.

    Pousadas Ubatuba

  54. Anonymous3:25 PM


  55. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I'm thinking of buying a 1989 Gibson SG Special in Ferrari red its all original but I don't believe it comes with a matching Gibson case. the guy is asking 600 for it but I think I can swing it at 500. does any one know any information on this guitar and if it is worth it or not. Also, would it gain value over time ?
    please email me at puding4all@hotmail.com

  56. I have an early '70's SG that I was told was a Special, but it looks like it's probably a '72 Standard or a '71 Deluxe. Factory Bigsby, rectangular fret markers, and a two-piece pickguard (one actually under the strings, one around the knobs). Serial number is 632109, and it does say "Made in USA" underneath. Pots are from 1971, marked 1377141. The finish (is that cherry or mahogany?) is a little cracked, as you'd expect after 40 years, and there's some belt buckle scratching on the back, but otherwise it's in great shape. Everything is original apart from the case.

    Anyone know what it is for sure? Ideas as to value?



  57. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hannah, Thanks for the pics. I have the twin to yours. Stamped 632347 Made in USA. Sorry I can't give you any info since I picked this one up without any history. I'm thinking it's a '71 Deluxe but I would be interested to find out more info on these myself including an estimated current value.

  58. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ78brlXIC0
    check out my 1966 gibson sg for sale owned and played on several world tours by larry crane while on tour with mellencamp

  59. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Just another ignoramus story of a '61 "Les Paul" with a Bigsby vibrato.First I decided in '71 the red finish should come off the body.It became impossible to keep in tune so i traded it for an Ovation Legend. !!@&*%$!#W$%!! The guy who got the guitar told me the PAFs had been swapped out. In '68 I had Grovers put on.It was the only time the guitar had been worked on and I suppose that was when the pickups had been swapped.I still play the Legend and I added a Fishman acoustic pickup system to it and it sounds awesome.Had my SG had been retained and untarnished by me, I guess it would have been worth a bundle.

  60. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I Have a Gibson Les Paul SG Standard, Cherry Red, Serial # 46093. Also has a "little" number 2 above the serial number. Any one know what this little number 2 means? My mom gave the guitar to me. She says she got it in 1958! But, all the serial number research I did points at 1962. Guitar is immaculate, all original and I have a Gibsonette Amp w/ it. Guitar is in original brown (reptile scales I think) leather hard shell case. Still has original strings in packages inside case. Thinking about selling it...

  61. Anonymous7:45 AM


    I have a Gibson SG "Deluxe" (at least that's the
    trussrod cover) SN#937000. Although the neck has never
    been broken, and all the electronics (p90's) work,
    it's not in perfect cosmetic condition, but still
    a nice vintage SG. Is there anyone in the DC/Maryland
    area who you trust to give an appraisal? No one appears
    to have sold one of these on ebay lately.


  62. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I have what looks like a gibson sg that my father had in the early 70s. Im not sure what year it is. The only numbers on it are ( D 27264 ) Its cherry red in fair condition. I have no idea what its worth anything.

  63. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Doesnt a 2 above serial number mean its a factory second

  64. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Not sure on the "2" above serial number. I've been told it's a number representing a special/trial edition guitar made when these guitars were first coming out - perhaps this is why it is quite possible that the guitar was indeed made in the very late 50's as indicated by your mom! If so, very rare guitar!

  65. Ragakalinga5:47 AM


    I would like some help because i'm new at buying vintage instruments. Im thinking of buying a 1972 SG standard. It has some body and neck time issues but the tone is great. I dont now de serial but I will get it later to check the date. The person who offer the guitar wants about US$ 1670,00. It is supposed to be all original. Is the price ok? What else I should look to help to define the value?? And what is a factory second?? How can i know that this is not one? (jopagameiro@gmail.com)

  66. Ragakalinga5:49 AM


    I would like some help because i'm new at buying vintage instruments. Im thinking of buying a 1972 SG standard. It has some body and neck time issues but the tone is great. I dont now de serial but I will get it later to check the date. The person who offer the guitar wants about US$ 1670,00. It is supposed to be all original. Is the price ok? What else I should look to help to define the value?? And what is a factory second?? How can i know that this is not one? (jopagameiro@gmail.com)

  67. I have a Gibson SG STd. all original and working in very good shape and fender deluxe amp for sale. Pricing should be based on this site's analysis which for the guitar alone goes from 2009 at $18-25 thousand with a 33
    % upgrade for each year afterwards. Let me know by email if interested. I AM NOT DESPERATE TO SELL...so please legitimate offers only in a "private manner."

  68. How long does it take get approval... I do not see any of my postings yet?

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