If you have any vintage gibson guitars that are posted on this site ,you are always welcome to post a review,comment or detailed features ,im sure other guitar players who visit us would love to know ... Domenic

Important Note : Due to the overwhelming amount of comments on this blog i cannot answer all the questions although id love to . You can still post questions hopefully some of our viewers can help you out ... Thank You

Gibson Guitar News & Articles

Les Paul Introduces the New 2008 Les Paul Standard
The legendary Les Paul, pioneer developer of the solid body electric guitar and—ultimately—rock and roll as we know it, checked out the ....

Two Vintage 1960's Gibson Les Pauls In Action ( Video )
Found this video on youtube that id like to share with you guys , its just regular guys having fun and jamming with their les paul guitars ....

The Market For Vintage Gibson Guitars
The market for vintage Gibsons has always been strong, but according to Gruhn, the upwards trend in prices “went berserk” starting in 2002" ...

The Es-335 & History of Gibson's Semi Hollowbodies
" The ES-335 brought hollowbody tradition and solidbody performance together in 1958,and it is still one of the all-time classic guitar designs .. "

History & The Making Of Gibson Guitars ( Video )
For those of you who haven't seen this video you may find it quite interesting , its a cool promo video from the gibson guitar company themselves .....

Legendary Jimmy Page Turns 63
As guitarist and leader of the legendary Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page defined what a rock ’n’ roll band is supposed to be ....

Gibson Melody Maker Recreated
Gibson resurected one of their most popular historic guitars , its an accurate copy of their late 1950's vintage melody maker which was originally .....

BB King Gets Medal Of Freedom
On December 15-06 , B.B. King , one of the most influencial guitar player of blues was honored with the presidential medal of freedom, the nation’s highest ..

Richard Fortus ( Guns N Roses ) & His Custom Les Paul
Richard Fortus from guns n roses takes center stage at an arena date, playing his Custom Shop Les Paul .....

Les Paul Signs Gibson Guitar’s HD.6X-Pro Guitar System
Gibson Guitar has announced the availability of the Gibson HD.6X-Pro Guitar System—the most revolutionary leap forward in guitar ....


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    the parts drawer just opened up a vintage guitar parts website it also has a bulletin board to answer all your questions on vintage gibson guitar parts. they have the largets selection of parts i have seen and plus they are willing to reasearch whatever you need for free!!!!! thought i would let the forum know http://www.thepartsdrawer.com/

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I am looking for some info: i have a gibson (it is writen on it), but no number on it. It looks like an ES140... however, has dots on the neck and had no 'drawing' on the top! So, just wondering? Can you help?
    wkr, Anne