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Gibson Advanced Jumbo

Gibson Advanced Jumbo ( 1936-1940 )

Lee Roy Parnell playing his gibson Advanced Jumbo In 1936 through 1939-40 gibson introduced the gibson advanced jumbo guitar , if you get your hands on one of these guitars , dont let it go , these gibson guitars are highly collectible and sought after by high end buyers ,

They are hard to find and considered one of gibsons' best dreadnought shape acousitc guitars because of its crisp , clear tonality and history.

They were made with brazilian wood (back and sides) , 16" wide bodies and sunburst finishes .

Their advanced jumbo models were very similar to their gibson j-35 models but were more shallow in body , more round shouldered , and were more expensive .

The gibson advanced jumbo was listed at $80 ( a competitor to the martin d-28 ) at the time while the j-35 was priced at $35 .

Gibson Advanced Jumbo Reissue ( 1990-1999 )

In 1990 gibson has introduced the gibson advanced jumbo reissue were discontinued in 1997 , they came in sunburst color , some with indian rosewood , some with brazilian and some with flamed maple , limited editions were also available . Various other quality reissue models were sold after 1999 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1936 - 1940 > $39 000 to $55 000 ( advanced jumbo )
1990 - 1999 > $1800 to $2200 ( reissue sunburst )
1990 - 1999 > $2200 to $3000 ( reissue flamed maple )

guitar price guide1936 - 1940 > Avg Upward Trend Of 11% a Year since 2000
1990s Reissues > 7%

If you want to buy a gibson advanced jumbo , you can find used or vintage Gibson Advanced Jumbo's For Sale on ebay if your lucky at a bargain ...


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Ive read some stuff on the net about gibson kinda losing the plot when it came to mid sixties to seventies acoustics, ive a 73 Sj and it sounds fantastic, what's the truth behind all this and was there a low point.

  2. domenic4:25 PM

    it wasn't only gibson ,

    in 1965 fender sold to a company called cbs , and in late 60s gibson sold to a company called norlin.

    Because of the management changes ,new employees ,company policies ,reissues ,and other factors many musicians and collectors started buying older guitars and thus the vintage market began .

    Many believed that pre 65 guitars were more superior when it came down to quality .

    As the vintage market expanded during the early seventies , the demand grew for out of production guitars .

    This also created a whole different market for new guitars because fender,gibson and other major guitar companies started making replicas ,and reissues of older classics.

    New terms such as vintage look, vintage feel or vintage sound started appearing in ther catalogs

    I wouldnt call this a low point , it was more like a new marketing approach to a new demand.

  3. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I have, what I think is a 1938, J-35, or Advanced Jumbo Gibson Guitar...FON # on back of tuner headstock is DG-2865, Never been worked on, all original, scroll work on tuners, sunburst color, played once, by Merle Travis in So. Calif. in early 50`s. My Dad about passed out after hearing & seeing Mr. Travis play his guitar.....Advise where to send pics. Any help please reply to EESCR@AOL.COM Thank You !!

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM


    My father in law has a jumbo gibson
    he has had it for 55 years and he thinks it is a 1939 model it has no numbers on it,and looks like the one in your picture.Where can we find out its worth


  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I just purchased a sunburst advanced jumbo with flamed pickguard and no electronics. It is the best sounding and easiest to play guitar that I have ever laid hands on. I have had some j45's in the past and a j50. I ended up selling them all because they either sounded somewhat flat or maybe it was the factory pickup that comes with gibsons that kills the unplugged sound. This advanced jumbo with rosewood back and sides has no electronics and it sounds alive and full. I highly recomend one of these reissue guitars to anyone that is thinking of getting one.

  6. Anonymous6:46 PM

    My uncle has one of those. He bought it for 50,000 dollars. He has lots of old martins and gibsons. hes opened for johnny cash and a bunch of people

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    i just bought a white explorer just like james hetfield of metallica and i need to know if i can just take off the pickguard because i want it to be just like his so please help me out. thanks

  8. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I was wondering if anyone can help i have my grandfathers gibson accu. gitar looking at it and the adj on the pic they look the same how can i be sure the center hole has 150 adj.bridge stamped in it is this a adj model or something elese thanks

  9. Anonymous2:28 PM

    You should double-check your research. The '30's Advanced Jumbos were made with INDIAN rosewood, not Brazilian. Even though Martin and other makers were using Brazilian at the time, Gibson chose to use Indian. It's anyone's guess as to why.....

  10. doctor_gogol1:45 PM

    No, the author is correct, they were made from Brazilian.

    If anybody would know, its George Gruhn.


  11. Anonymous6:09 AM

    My dad just passed away at 91 years. He is the orginial owner of a 1936 Gibson Advance Jumbo. He purchased it new in 1936 and now has left it to me. I know Gibson produced only 300 in 1936. The guitar is all orginial and in very good condition. For years I have read about the 1936 AJ and I know the value. My mother wants to sell, I don't, but well do so for her.
    WHERE DO I START................?

  12. Anonymous5:51 PM

    i'll help. email me at dustlucky at aol dot com