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Gibson Blue Ridge

Gibson Blue Ridge ( 1968-1979 )

1974 gibson blue ridgeIn 1968 Gibson introduced the Gibson Blue Ridge Acoustic Guitar , it was flat top , natural finish , laminated rosewood back and sides , maple on the inside , and in 1979 they were discontinued and reintroduced in 1989 and ended production in 1990 .

The gibson blue ridge is simple looking , has an overall good sound , rich bass and thinny bright highs . Great guitar for blues , slide and bluegrass .

Early models are slowly but surely gaining value on the vintage market .

Gibson Blue Ridge 12 ( 1970-1978 )

Two years later gibson also produced the gibson blue ridge 12 , they had the same specs but 12 strings . The Blue Ridge 12 were also made in natural finish .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1968 - 1969 > $1100 to $1300 ( Blue Ridge )
1970 - 1979 > $1000 to $1150 ( Blue Ridge )
1970 - 1978 > $800 to $900 ( Blue Ridge 12 )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 5% a Year since 2000
Blue Ridge 12 > 1%


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I played a 1968 blue ridge today priced at $1350. it played wonderful, had only a small ding in the finish on the body. it sounded wonderful.. but is this overpriced?

  2. domenic7:54 PM

    Its not the best deal , but its fair . According to 4 price guides a 1968 gibson blue ridge is worth $1000 to $1300

    Keep in mind that the blue ridge was introduced in 1968 ,I always keep guitars that were made on their first years of production

    you cannot loose with this guitar you can easily resell it later on for the same price or more

    ....... domenic

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    what do they call it when the finish seems to crack under the surface? this guitar has that.. it kind of looks nice, and the finish is on the surface intact but beneath it has this funny look. is that good or bad for the value of the guitar? the guitar sounds great so regardless i'm really thinking hard.

  4. Its called "checking" , its normal for vintage guitars and instruments to have that ,

    its caused by age and also can be a good thing because you know the body wasnt refinished ,

    if the guitar looks too new thats when you should be asking questions .

  5. G. Ryckman9:18 PM

    I bought my 1969 Blue Ridge and it still plays and sounds great. Its one of the easiest guitars I've ever played and it's rich, warm tone continues to impress all who play or listen to it. I'm very satisfied with this instrument and would never trade or sell it: it will become a family heirloom as my 3 sons have learned to play using it as well.

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    My Gibson accoustic was made in 1968. It has a small sound box & the neck is smaller than a regular. Its easy to play & sounds good.How can I find out if this is a Blue Ridge?

  7. Anonymous3:22 AM

    according to my knowledge , gibson didn't make any blue ridge short scale guitars .

    Yours seems to be some kind of student model .

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hi. I have a Gibson Blue Ridge, purchased in 1976 in Milano,Italy, with a serial nº A601552. The back and rims isn't laminated. I´m pretty shure it's solid wood. What do you think is the year of production?
    Thanks, Moz

  9. Anonymous4:47 PM

    your gibson blue ridge was made between 1973-75

    here are some early 70s acoustic serial # methods that were used by gibson.

    A + 6 digits 1973-1975
    B + 6 digits 1974-1975
    C + 6 digits 1974-1975
    D + 6 digits 1974-1975
    E + 6 digits 1974-1975
    F + 6 digits 1974-1975

  10. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I have a gibson blue ridge custom made in 1973-1975. Serial number is A030006. it plays beautifully. I cant find anything about this guitar in any website so was wondering if anybody has any ideas about value?

  11. your blue ridge should be worth anywhere from $950 to $1150

    according to the price guide.

    i have a 76 blue rigde , they are awesome guitars. D'ont get it stolen ( lol )..Jake

  12. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I have a Blueridge serial number
    A500474 and I can say with certainty that the back and sides are NOT Laminated. The grain matches spot on. This guitar was set to play easy and the bass is incredible. I was wondering the source of the information as to the construct of this beautifully simple guitar. Any reply would be appreciated.

    Rich (no longer anonymous)

  13. domenic2:35 PM

    hi rich ,

    The gibson literature i have states that they were all laminated , ive also looked in the blue book of guitars and they also state that gibson blueridge guitars had laminated rosewood back and sides .However, it is very possible that they made some in solid wood ... ive seen this before ... nothing to worry about.

  14. Anonymous2:43 PM

    sometimes some guitar features & specs are not listed in any book , if you are a collector you will learn as you go ....

    I have some guitars that not even gibson themselves can help me with due to little or no records found ...

  15. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I have a Blue Ridge 12 string from '78 (so I was told). It has the 6 digits (914628), but no letter in front of them that I can see? I feel I may have been scammed, am I right?

  16. Anonymous7:40 PM

    who told you that its a 78 ? all gibson models after 77 had 8 digit serial numbers.

    if your gibson blue ridge has "MADE IN U.S.A." stamped below the serial number in back top of peghead, and on two lines with "U.S.A." below the "MADE IN" , it was made between 1970 -72

    from 1970 to 1975 , some blue ridge guitars had letters and some didnt but they all had six digit numbers ...

  17. I have a Gibson Blue Ridge that I've owned for pretty much my entire life (it belonged to my father before me). The serial is 805372, and the "Made in" sits above the "USA". Any idea what year this would make it? It has a 4 piece back (is that odd?), as well as gold Grover machine heads, that must have been put on early in it's life 'cause they've been there as long as I can remember (I'm 35). Aesthetically speaking it's beat to hell. It has traveled extensively, (and seen many late nights) as I have performed with it on a regular basis for about ten years now. Aside from it's beat up appearance it's a great guitar. The depth of tone and resonance it has are absolutely magic - I've played guitars valued at many thousands of dollars that can't touch it (that's not bias speaking either). Speaking of value (not that I'd ever sell it), I am curious what you think it may be worth? It also has a Fishman Matrix in it that was installed about ten years ago. I should also mention that the fret board as well as the frets have got some pretty deep grooves (one from fingers the other from strings). How much would it affect the value of said guitar if I were to have those issues addressed?

  18. Anonymous9:39 PM

    according to your serial number your guitar was made in 1973-75 . Blue ridge guitars from 1970 to 1979 are valued at $1000 to $1200 presuming they are in excellent condition .

    I would have to see the condition if your guitar to give it a value .. depends how bad the frets are .. the guitar may need a fret job which will decrease the price value ..

  19. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I have a Blueridge w/ serial A+6 digits, I guess made in 1973-1975. A few modifications were made (schaller machines, rosewood pickguard and truss rod cover. Frets were reone, overall excellent shape, a few top scratces. The issue is there is a "2" above the serial number and a guitar maker told me that represents a factory second, probably in this case from an unconvential truss rod adjusting screw. Neck is great, truss rod adjusts, low action, bone saddle and top nut. Does the "2" diminish the vale? Any ideas?

  20. domenic3:47 PM

    no it doesn't , in some cases ( depending on the buyer ) it actually increases the value ...

  21. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I have a Blue Ridge that I have owned for at least 25 years. It was not well treated before I got it. The serial # has no letter and 6 numbers starting with 850. Any idea what year it is?

  22. Anonymous5:44 PM

    1973-75 .. is my best guess

  23. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I'm looking into buying a Gibson Blue Ridge with serial #820976, it doesn't have the MADE IN USA stamp on the back of the headstock, nor does it have a volute. It has original closed back ivoroid button tuners.

    I know there is a big difference in resale value of a original earlier Gibson (non-Norlin) guitar. I think it could be a 1968 or 1969. Does that sound about right?

  24. Anonymous8:41 PM

    serial # indicates that it was made in late 60s ... to know the exact year find out what kind of wood it has , gibson made some blue ridge guitars with brazilian back and sides in 1968 .

  25. Anonymous10:51 AM

    It is Brazilian Rosewood.
    Any idea of the current worth?

  26. domenic9:54 PM

    Its valued at $1100 to $1200 presuming its in excellent condition all original .

  27. Anonymous2:55 AM

    HI, I've seen a 1968 Gibson blue ridge with a 6 digit serial number starting 90. It appears to have an inlaid logo rather than a screened one? It has individual Kluson tuners with plastic buttons. Are these correct for this model? Thanks, Graham.

  28. Anonymous6:59 PM

    yes .

  29. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I Have just bought a Lefty Gibson Blue Ridge 12 string serial number 618692,what year would that be and what is it worth,i paid $610

  30. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I have recently aquired a Blueridge BR-30. There is no serial number I can see. Would be most interested in finding some info on this guitar such as date built and value. I can find no mention of model BR-30 anywhere on the internet. There is no paper label, only small stamped letters(br-30) directly under the sound hole. Guitar sounds fantastic and condition is Good. I collect Email at PAbashian@aol.com. Cheers

  31. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Do all Blue Ridge Gibson's have the more narrow neck (smaller nut width)? There is a significant difference in my Hummingbird Vrs. Blue Ridge. Are the J 45 and J 50 with narrow neck like the Blue Ridge?


  32. Hi... I acquired a Gibson Blue Ridge from ebay this year, it was advertised as 1969 with Indian Rosewood back and sides. Once home, it was the oddest Indian rosewood I'd ever seen. To your knowledge, what serial numbers from 1969 used Brazilian Rosewood instead of Indian? Mine has serial number 603654 and no 'Made in USA'. Thanks.

  33. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I have a late '60s BR that I've had for about 25 years. I've always been able to see a shadow of the x braching through the front of the the guitar. I recall reading somewhere that this was caused by some experimental technique to cure the bracing glue faster using somekind of radiowaves or something. Anybody have the same condition or any info on this?

  34. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I recently added a blue ridge to my collection. This thing is in sad shape. In order to keep from spending more money than it is worth, I will need to make the repairs myself...gulp...which I have never attempted before. I need to start by reattaching the bridge, and my question is did these have a bridge plate installed under the top?

  35. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hey out there - anybody have any suggestions for me. I have a Blue ridge guitar with serial # 978223, it is worn but it is authentic. Any idea what year and the value? Thanks

  36. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Hi, hoping for a bit of info from other Blue Ridge owners. I just bought one with a serial number of 525xxx, which makes it a '68, I guess. But I don't know for sure. It's in good shape, which makes me suspect its age. There is no Made in USA anywhere on the guitar, and the label is long gone. The bridge has an adjustable saddle. The truss rod plate says "Custom" on it. The rosewood is cheap-looking, but I see no sign of maple inside. Could it be a solid rosewood? It sure looks, to me, like purplish rosewood on the inside. Finally, it's got a tortoiseshell pickguard that's a teardrop but not quite: The upper point is actually fattish and comes up the soundboard to the last two frets of the fingerboard. Odd. Anybody else seen this on a Blue Ridge? (At least I think it is a BR..)

  37. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I recently bought gibson blue ridge which has the gibson label inside and the serial number is correct but the truss rod cover has 3 screws instead of 2. Any others outthere with 3 screw covers?

  38. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I have the opportunity to buy a Gibson blue ridge with serial number 829xxx. Don't know what kind of wood but would love to know if it's a good deal. Guitar seems to be in good shape.

    Any urgent help is greatly appreciated!!

  39. HI.

    I am looking at a '60's(?) Blue Ridge which has some mods on it.. serial # is x66154? has some truss rod issues.. has Austin tuners. . can't find info on these.. not in great shape, but they MIGHT get it cheap.. has a few visible 'repairs' of cracks, but nothing big.. had a strap knob removed from bottom..head stock looks a little rough.. gibson logo looks bit strange.. head stock cover has two screws no Blue Ridge on it.. no mention of Made in USA..comments? Jay

  40. I have a 1968 Gibson #896879 without "USA" stamp. It has all the characteristics of a Blue Ridge. except the gold and brown Label reads: "Gibson Guitar Co. Made expressly for Sherman Clay Centennial model". It has the original Black hard case and red, black and white cloth and leather strap. does anyone know if this is a version of the Blue Ridge.

  41. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I have a Gibson blue ridge serial number 685374. It's well used but still sounds great. It is one of the easiest guitars I have ever played and everyone who picks it up won't put it down!. It appears to have a factory fitted pick-up. Is this rare?
    All the best from the Uk

  42. Anonymous8:37 AM

    hi, ive a blue ridge 12 string serial no962523 with NO letter a b c etc, the tunning keys look like a yellow creamy colour and the metal holdings have gibson delux written on them, under serial nr is MADE IN

    with the usa under the made in,the neck is very very very dark brown and its in very good condition, can anyone give me info on this beautifull piece of workmanship, i might like to sell it , i think its one of the first made ones , i got it in 1970 used , hope to hear from you soon , rob

  43. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I am looking at buying a Blue Ridge that appears to be a 68-69 based on the serial. Whoever owned it last installed a sound hole pickup on the guitar and possibly had a crack repaired on the headstock. How much should this affect the value of the guitar?

  44. I have a 1971 Gibson Blue Ridge. No possible way that this is a laminate guitar. I used a large caliper to match the points that I was comparing on the inside and out. Grain matched perfectly. That would be alot of work to get laminated layers to match that exact.

  45. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Hi, i found a 1971 Gibson Blueridge on a guitar shop. The guitar come with case and original papers, one owner from new and it is completely original. The problem is: it has few capo marks on the back of the neck, one scratch on the top body, the scratch plate is a bit loosee and the label where was write Bluebridge is all black (can't read BlueRidge) The Guitar is a left handed only 20 were made( that what they say). It sound good but I'm not sure if this guitar has some value after all. They asking 650 pound (uk). Should i get it or not?
    Hope someone would help me before it goes.

  46. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I purchased my Blue Ridge in'68 for around $250. Serial # is 845236
    (I kept it all these years because of the way it sounds when I play Embryonic Journey by Jorma). The woods on the guitar are still beautiful. Can you tell me what they are?

  47. My dad has a Gibson Blue Ridge Custom serial #736194...it came in a Black Hard shell case with Gibson written in gold letters on the top. Inside the case is burgundy velvet...it was made in Kalamazoo Michigan...can you tell me when it was made and he wants to know how much it would be worth...any help would be greatly appreciated...

  48. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Hi- serial number imressed in headstock is 891949. No other nmbers on it, but is does not appear to be laminated, just natural wood, just black thin line surrounding the O hole, normal size but the neck feesl narrower than others. I bought it at a very reutable store on Bleeker street in NY 1961-1970. There is no "Made in the USA: stamped on it. Its a little banged up but still has a beautiful sound. Is it a BR ? Has it any value. Friend wants to buy it but I don't think I can part with it. Thanks

  49. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I have A Blue Ridge Custom, Rosewood body in perfect condition. Good frets etc.. Seriel # A014111. Someone wants to buy it.
    I was wondering what the current value is and if I can get a date on production.
    Thank You

  50. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I recently bought what was presented as an early 70's Gibson. The Serial # 971997, along with Made In USA is stamped on the reverse side of the headstock. The truss rod cover has stamped SJN. There are no other identifiable markings in or outside of the instrument other than the Gibson name. Interestingly the guitar looks exact to a Blue Ridge with the blond top and darke sides/back. But it also looks like the Country Western but with the wrong pick guard.

  51. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I recently acquired a Gibson Blue Ridge - 12 Custom, which hasn't been played in a long while. The guitar appears to be in fairly good shape, and the S/N is "B 000500" From what I can determine, I think it was made between 1974 and 1975. I am going to take it in and have it tuned up, and I don't plan on selling it, but I am thinking it is worth somewhere around a thousand bucks. Does that sound about right? Thanks.

  52. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I have Gibson 12 string Blueridge serial #962964 stamped on the neck with Made in USA under it. I'm trying to find the year and value can anyone help me

  53. Anonymous8:57 AM

    blue ridge 12 lefty brasilian rosewood,serial 608532
    what year is it? and what is it worth....in verg condition

  54. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I've got a Guitar that says "blueridge" in cursive on the top of the neck (on the front above the keys). It has a serial # of 260983 M30 and in the soundhole it has "BR-30".

    I looked on Gibson's site and it has a blue book serial # lookup which says that (if it is a Gibson - I don't see the name anywhere) that it would be from 1965 (according to the serial #). However, I see from the comments here that blueridge guitars didn't begin production until after that year.

    Do I have a knockoff? Any feedback is welcome.

  55. rjkey@misn.com3:19 PM

    I have a Gibson blue Ridge bought new in 1974 I need a bridge can anyone help me Thanks

  56. Anonymous4:39 PM


  57. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I have a gibson blue ridge custom. The serial number is a002854, what year would this be?

  58. Anonymous7:44 PM

    just bought a blueridge. was told it was a 69, can you help confirm the year? serial # is 843307. thanks

  59. Anonymous1:19 AM


  60. I have my grandfathers blue ridge orange and white square label built in kalamazoo mi 612516 and made in use pressed on the back top of the head can anyone tell me what year it is.

  61. I have a 73-75 Blue Ridge that appears without a doubt to have solid rosewood back and sides. The outside and inside features/grain match exactly and it has one light crack in the back that would not happen with laminated wood. Has anyone else seen something similar? I've seen several on eBay that were described in the same way.

  62. I have a Gibson Blue Ridge, serial #686405 (no letter), with a stamp below the "Made in USA" that is 407. It's in perfect shape (no dings, scratches, etc.). Kalamazoo red label. What do you think it's worth?

  63. Anonymous1:19 PM

    i have matching 6 string and 12 string 1970 gibson blueridge model for sale if interested email me at bob58@att.net

  64. Anonymous6:07 PM

    According to the Gibson Support site, my Blue Ridge, Serial 6853xx (Made in U S A) was built in 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974 or 1975.

    Any ideas how to find out in which year that model was built?

    It sounds great. But I think the instrument needs some restauration. It’s quite hard to play, because the frets are very low. The bridge has a crack, but works since years.

    Any restauration tips?

  65. Anonymous3:36 AM

    As I read this it is July 2011. Just how recent are all these comments and evaluations?!

  66. Anonymous4:18 AM

    And no answer there came . . . . . .

  67. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The search that I did indicates these postings were from 2005.

  68. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Just to clear things up once and for all...I have a Gibson Blue Ridge guitar that shows rosewood on the inside. The rosewood back was accidentally smashed and needed repair and it was very obvious that it is definitely solid rosewood back and sides and not laminate. I called Gibson and they told me they have no record of these, but that many of the Norlin years records were destroyed or not recorded properly.
    I hope that someone starts an owners registry of these rare guitar because they are some of the best sounding Gibsons out there. Get one now before the word is out!!!

  69. Anonymous10:06 AM

    For what its worth, I have found several Gibson Blue Ridge models that were in fact solid back/sides. I am sure Gibson did not always go by the books on these things--really, a trained eye is the best way to assess a guitar's build quality and specs.

    There are several other folks online who also claim they had solid back/sides models.

  70. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I have a Blue Ridge Custom serial# B006429 with the Made in USA stamp and it has a number 2 stamped above the serial number. What does the 2 mean?

  71. yo tengo una blue ridge que solo tiene 5 numeros de serie quisiera saber de que año es el numero es 735xx y tiene mas abajo mede in U.S.A y mas abajo un 2 eso que significa

  72. mi guitarra es tan bieja que el numero de serie no aparese en los registros de blue ridge es electro acustica tiene 5 digitos en su numero de serie la namde a pintar por q la pintura se le caia solo con pasarle los dedos fuertemente y la prieba de que es original es que suena casi igual a una gibson s3 cuando la conecto el amplificador sin modulador ni nada paresido el estiker de adentro esta todo descolorido y donde dise el modelo eso se le borro y lo bueno del caso es que me la encontre en la basura y sin penzar en lo que diria la gente la coji jaajajajaja ke suerte el numero es 735xx deluxe "2"

  73. I have my father's (1937?) archtop, DOUBLE sunburst guitar, with the serial number 243 stamped inside and with "C" in pencil. Does anybody know anything about this guitar. (DOUBLE sunburst = on BOTH front and back.)