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Gibson Byrdland Guitar

Gibson Byrdland ( 1955 - present )
Thinline Archtop Acoustic Guitar

1957 gibson byrdlandThe Gibson Byrdland i believe will be one of gibsons' most sought after guitars in the future , these guitars are part of Gibsons' historical collection .

The name byrdland was named after Billy byrd and Hank garland who contributed in the making of the gibson byrdland guitar .

In Mid 1955 The gibson byrdland was introduced and has famoused the music industry over with its Thinline archtop , rounded single cutaway and alnico single coil pick-ups.

They had byrdland engraved on crosspiece , raised bound pickguard , trapeze tailpiece , 2 tone controls and 3 position switches , maple back/sides/neck , and were available in sunburst and natural finishes until 1969 , in 1970 they started adding various colors .

Various pickups were also fitted in these guitars throughout the years ( alnico , p90s, Paf , pat # , humbuckers ...etc )

During the late 50s and 60s the gibson byrdland was extremely sought after by guitar players , they were must have guitars for jazz musicians and country players because of its narrow short-scale neck. ( very popular until today )

In 1956 The gibson byrdland had more or less the same features , rounded single cutaway , single coil alnico pick-ups and were made in natural and sunburst colors .

In 1957 to 1960 The byrdland guitar had a rounded single cutaway , humbucker pick ups ( not alnico ) and were made in natural and sunburst colors .

In 1961 to 1969 gibson started making the byrdland with a pointed cutaways and were also made in sunburst and natural colors .

In 1970 to 93 The gibson byrdland were reintroduced with its original rounded cutaway , in 1972, 74 and 81 were the only years that they made them in wine red color , in 93 they introduced new gibson byrdland in burgundy colors .

ted nugent playing on a gibson byrdland guitarWhether you have a 1955 gibson byrdland or 92 model , this guitar remains highly collectible, and regarding its value ,

the gibson byrdland guitar is definitely one of Gibsons' best work of art and will never decrease in value due to its history and of course quality & sound .

Pictures courtesy of sprucetreemusic.com and gibson.com ( pic is Ted Nugent playing on a Gibson byrdland - click to enlarge )

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1955 - 1957 > $9 500 to $10 500 ( alnico - p90 pickups )
1958 - 1959 > $12 000 to $14 000 ( PAFs )
1960 - 1962 > $10 000 to $13 000 ( PAFs )
1963 - 1964 > $8 500 to $10 000 ( Pat # )
1965 - 1969 > $6 500 to $7 500
1970 - 1992 > $4 500 to $5 500 ( various colors )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 7% A Year Since 2000( for all )

Prices also can vary due to finishes , natural finishes tend to sell for more . Guitar prices above are according to 4 price guides and rounded off .

You can find gibson byrdland guitars for sale on ebay once and while ... If your lucky you can find a bargain but they are getting harder to find ..


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Hi, I own a 1982 left handed Byrdland which was the last lefty made by J Moats prior to the kalamazoo factory closing. I bought it in 2003 off Mark Silvers who used the guitar while playing in Ray Charles band. It is unique in several ways:
    1) Top grade “Citation” quilted maple back and matched flame bout.
    2) First factory-custom maple pickguard ever fitted to a Byrdland model.
    3) Factory-custom coil tap selector switch.
    4) Only lefty Byrdland made with combined master volume pot.
    not sure what it would be worth...

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    should be worth at least $4000 ...

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    The Byrdland is an outstanding guitar. It plays very easy and can be used in almost any genre of music, be it jazz, rock, or blues. It is very, very comfortable to play, even if you have large hands. If you've been playing LPs and Strats you'll love the Byrdland. I love the slightly shorter scale and the tone of the spruce top. It really is a must have if you can afford one.

  4. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I'm looking for a sunburst vintage Brydland 1978; or close to date. Mine was destroyed when a limo hit me from behind. People are trying to locate the same and put feelers out...construction wasn't too different before and after date, I've heard. But would like the vintage aspect replaced. Great guitar. Ginaborn@worldnet.att.net with any leads.....or contact Vintage Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ to sell to me.

  5. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I have a question
    In what year did they change the neck to the standard L5 neck. going from 1,6 at the nut to 1,7 and 1,9 at the 12th fret to 2,3 at the 12th fret?

    I want to buy a birdland bt I want it to have the original thin neck.

    any help would be appriciated.

    you can contact me at maestro_drs_t 'AT' hotmail 'dot' com

  6. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Great question , not to sure what year they changed , your better off calling gibson ...

  7. Anonymous1:35 PM

    i have what i believe is a '78 byrdland in wine red finish with a 20 fret neck. has anyone ever heard of a 20 fret '78 in wine red? i know they supposedly did not make them in wine red in '78.

    1. I have a Byrdland from 1978 in wine red with usual 22 fret.I've seen others (youtube)

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    i'm the anonymous question above. i guess i should've put an email address. its

  9. Anonymous4:31 AM

    they did make them in wine red , in 1970 to 1992 gibson made byrdlands in various colors including wine red .

  10. Anonymous1:47 PM

    anyone seen the Jerry Garcia Byrdland that George Gruhn has? Thay are asking $60,000.

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM

    wow $60 000 thats alot of money !!

  12. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Hey folks, check this out,

    You can date and see were your Gibson was made and the number it was on that day!
    Very cool!!!!

  13. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Hi all,
    I'm interested in buying a used Byrdland. I see that the guitars from the late 80's and 90's are cheaper. Was there a known lapse in the quality during time period?

  14. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I have heard that construction of the Byrdland is pretty much the same during the 70's up to the 90's. After that the construction changed. Has anyone else any more info? I was wondering if any year the Brydland was a lighter guitar, weightwise?

  15. Anonymous12:53 PM

    My dad (late guitarist Wayne Bennett) left us a bone colored Byrdland guitar given to him in the late 50s early 60s by none other than BB King. What do you think it is worth?

  16. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Cant seem to part with mine. #A004907. I'm glad it worth a little chunk of change.


  17. My Dad has a 1976 Gibson Brydland Electric Guitar and case in EXCELLENT condition. Can someone let me know what the value of this guitar might be? Thanks, mimawretha@gmail.com

  18. Anonymous4:17 PM

    i have a 1960 gibson byrdland i am selling it is in great shape, it is a sunburst .if anyone is intrested let me know how to get ahold of you on here.11/25 /08..thanks

  19. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Hi Eric,

    Dontt know how old this post is but i was interested in the provenance of your Byrdland I have a 68 which I love. I am looking for a 12 string , they made 20 in 1976 so its a big task to find one. I have put a thread on the Gibson Forums, with photos of famous Byrdland Guitar players, Dennis Coffey, Dennis Wilson, John McGlaughlin too name a few. I can't find any photos or sign of Mark Silvers on the web have you got a reference or photo of the guitar being played by him preferably on stage with Ray Charles. These are wonderful instruments and it would be great to add another piece of history to raise their profile in the Gibson Community and beyond.
    www.gibson.com/forums Semi/hollowbody Byrdland famous players

  20. IS the 1960 Byrdland above still available?

  21. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Have a 1964 Byrdland. Dad great friends w/ D'Aquisto and in 1969 he put a New Yorker Neck on it. Guitar in good shape. Everything else 100% original. What do you think it did to value of Guitar? Many mixed opinions, I would like to hear some more.

  22. Great write up on the Byrdland. Check out my blog post and my 1965 Byrdland I just put up on my site.

  23. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Hi..i like this blog. I just sharing info for all.
    I receive direct comments from Hank Garland Family about Gybson Byrdland Guitar History.
    Please,view comments from hank garland family at:
    http://1st-guitars.blogspot.com , at recent comment.

  24. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I am interested in purchasing a LEFT HANDED Gibson Byrdland. Prefer a vintage one but will consider any and all. Please send me an email with data, pictures, price etc to; michael@loxinfo.co.th or mjo2005@gmail.com

    Many thanks

  25. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I have a Gibson Byrdland that was giving to me by my late Great Uncle. I believe that it is between 1963-1965 vinatge. It looks EXACTLY like the one held by Ted Nugent in the above photo. Can anyone give me a ball park figure of its worth??

    Many Thanks;

  26. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Can anyone shed information on post 2000 Byrdlands. Are the neck profiles anywhere near the originals. The new ones list the nut width at 1 5/8 but the ones Iv'e seen seemto all be 1 11/16. Ar these things worth the big bucks tht the dealers are asking. Any info would be appreciated

  27. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Intrested in purchasing a byrdland,50 or early 60.Rounded cutaway.Contact me at bmccina@zoominternet.net.3/1/11.Thanks

  28. Anonymous8:15 PM

    My mother is interested in selling my father's 1963 Gibson Byrdland. He passed away in 1994. It has remained in the original case ever since. The guitar is in excellent condition. It only comes out for cleaning. If you are seriously interested contact me at maryjackson60@gmail.com 3/15/11. Thanks

  29. Anonymous8:44 PM

    i have a 1959 Byrdland custom in really really good and completely playable condition, was cased for most of its live and its still got a full intact seriel number, FOR SALE!

  30. Anonymous1:57 PM

    give me your email,im very interested

  31. Anonymous11:48 PM

    i have a gibson byrdland 1961 model serial 35025 sunburst with bigsby in the original california case. i have had it 42 years been play very little in good shape. would consider selling it for the right price..................kenny email - ksmith21@bellsouth.net Pictures are available on the gibson guitar site under collection edition...01/01/12

  32. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I iust aquired a byrdland.It has mother of pearl birds inlayed on it.where would the seriel # be ?

  33. What are the production numbers for blonde 1964 byrdland?