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gibson citation guitar Gibson Citation ( 1969-present )

In 1969 Gibson introduced the gibson citation guitar , the guitar had a 17" full depth body , 1 or 2 floating pickups , sleek fancy inlays , were made in natural or sunburst colors , and only about 8 to 10 citation guitars were shipped between this period .

The gibson citation was short lived and production ended in 1971 . However due to its popularity in 1979 , gibson reintroduced the reissue of the 1969 - 71 model with the same specs and features , these gibson citation reissues were again discontinued in 1983 .

In 1993 to present gibson debuted a 3rd reissue of the gibson citation and is now part of gibsons' historic collection .

Besides its astounding looks , throughout the years the gibson citation is known to be one of the finest hand made carved guitar made by gibson .

In 1994 till present Gibson makes gibson citations only on special orders .

Vintage Guitar Price Value 2008 :
1969 - 1971 > $15 000 to $20 000
1979 - 1983 > $13 000 to $15 000 (1st Reissue)
1994 - 2002 > $11 000 to $12 000 (2nd Reissue)
2003 > $9 700 to 11 800 (2nd Reissue)

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson Citation Guitars

1. If you want to buy a Gibson citation guitar, you can find used & vintage Gibson citation guitars for sale on Ebay .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

anyone that would spend that much is RETARTED!!!!!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

anyone that would spend that much is RETARTED!!!!!!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Went into Belmont Music back in the mid '70's.
I had planned to buy the Citation, but after I
played the guitar I wasn't at all impressed.
Back then Belmont's had it for about $3,500.
I should have bought just for the price


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

saw one of these yesterday for the first time, $20,000. Beautiful guitar but too much money


  Posted By : Anonymous Bobby

Folisch to spent so much money for a piece of wood with six iron strings. My old Aria sounds much better and cost my $245.
I invite you to hear the difference.........oooooooo.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Right now Gib$on charges $33K for one. In the (in my opinion) butt-ugly natural finish. Not cool...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I'm sure that Gibson sells enough of these at 33K that they'll make money. I wouldn't want one for 5K, but it's not my thing.

Then again, I LOVE Les Pauls but wouldn't pay anywhere near what people ask for nice 50s Standards and Customs either. If you got the money, great.


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