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Gibson Classical Guitars

Gibson C-O Classical Guitar ( 1961-1971 )

gibson c-o guitarIn late 1961 Gibson introduced the Gibson C-O Classical Acoustic Guitar , It had a spruce top , mahogany back and sides with a bound top , and were made in natural finisheS . Gibson Dicontinued these guitars in 1971

Gibson C-1 Classical Guitar
( 1957-1971 )

The Gibson C-1 Classical Guitar were first made in 1957 , more or less the same features like the C-O but with bound body instead of only top , and were discontinued in 1971 , were always made in natural colors .

Later On in 1960 they introduced the gibson C-1 E which was fitted with a ceramic bridge pickup ( e for electric ) , discontinued in 1967 . In 1961 gibson also produced a classical guitar called the gibson C-1 S Petite Classical which had a smaller student size body ( 13 1/4 " ) , these guitars were discontinued in 1966 .

Gibson C-2 Guitar ( 1960-1971 )

gibson c-2In 1957 to 71 Gibson introduced the gibson c-2 classical guitar , the body was made with maple wood back and sides , bound body and were made in walnut and natural colors.

Gibson C-4 Classical ( 1962-1968 )

In 1962 to 67 they also produced the c-4 which had more or less the same features as the c2 ( maple wood , few made with rosewood ) ,gold tuners and were only made in natural finishes .

Gibson C-5 Classical ( 1957-1960 )

The gibson c-5 was actually introduced as the GS-5 in 1954 , gibson renamed the guitar as the c-5 in 1957 , it was made with rosewood back and sides, gibson stopped production in 1960.

Gibson C-6 Classical Guitar ( 1958-1971 )

The gibson c-6 guitars were made in 1958 and ended production in 1971 , these classical guitars were made in natural colors , brazilian Rosewood back and sides , mahogany neck , rosewood bridge ( wraparound ) , wooden inlay rosette , and were fitted with gold hardware .

Gibson C-8 Classical ( 1962-1969 )

Later on in 1962 gibson offered the gibson c-8 , which had the same features like the c-6 but with different rosette pattern . Discontinued in 1969 . ( beautiful guitar )

Gibson CF-100 ( 1950-1958 )

Gibson CF 100 The gibson cf-100 guitars are more of a rare find and are becoming more sought after as the years go by, they were introduced in 1950 and discontinued in 1958 .

They had a flat top pointed cutaway which was unheard of in the 50s , mahogany back and sides , bound body ,20 frets , bound rosewood fingerboards with trapezoid inlays , nickel tuners and were made in sunburst colors . (see pic)

A year later gibson introduced the CF-100 E basically the same guitar but with a single coil p-90 pick up , discontinued in 1958 .

Vintage Guitar Price Value 2009 :
1962 - 1971 > $450 to $650 (c-o)
1957 - 1971 > $500 to $725 (c-1)
1963 - 1965 > $600 to $800 (c-1d)
1960 - 1967 > $650 to $850 (c-1e)
1961 - 1967 > $550 to $700 (c-1s)
1960 - 1971 > $650 to $850 (c-2)
1962 - 1968 > $800 to $1000 (c-4)
1957 - 1960 > $950 to $1150 (c-5)
1958 - 1971 > $1100 to $1800 (c-6)
1962 - 1969 > $1600 to $2300 (c-8)
1950 - 1958 > $2500 to $3100 (cf-100)
1951 - 1958 > $3300 to $4100 (cf-100e)

guitar price guide C-O ,C-1, C-2 > Avg Upward Trend Of 4% a Year since 2000
C-4 ,C-5 ,C-6 , C-8 > 15% CF100 , CF100E > 16%

Prices are according to 4 different price guides and rounded off to the nearest dollar .

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson Classical Guitars

If you want to buy a Gibson classical guitar, you can find used & vintage Gibson Classical Guitars for sale on Ebay .


  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I have a C-0 which I bought new in about 68-69 time frame. It was with me through a couple of years of high school, nine years of college and still gets played. It has had to have repairs to it, early on, since the top cracked the first year I had it. It has a loud mellow voice and although well used, I wouldn't trade it in.

  2. domenic12:48 PM

    thank you for the post, i just realized that i made a mistake , gibson actually discontinued the C-O classical guitar in 1970 .

  3. TheArtistArt11:38 AM

    I have a Gibson CO that I purchased in 1963, and I intend to keep it. Considering it was an entry level classical guitar it plays well and has a good tone. In 1968 Angel Romero was in my apartment and played the Concierto de Arujuez with it. Even he remarked on how nice it was. At the time I paid $109 for it. Fortunately it has been in a hard shell case throughout my ownership and I now regularly use an humidifer.

  4. great guitar i have a c-o classical too, except mine is pretty used but i intend to keep it anyway. I thought these gibson classical guitars were worth more,

    i checked on ebay and i saw one that ended at $350 , so i guess the author of this web site knows what hes talking about .

  5. Anonymous6:04 PM


  6. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I have a gibson c-o too and its great i also love the touch , beats most classical guitars in this price range by far .

    you got a deal !

  7. Anonymous8:15 AM

    In case anyone is interested,
    Here's a C-1, purchased new in about 1963; Pickguards are add-ons.

    Front - http://www.pbase.com/joe_tn/image/54241699
    Back -

  8. Anonymous2:59 PM


    Interesting descriptions but some information is missing. The C-0 has laminated back and sides (whereas the C-1 is solid mahogany) and was first made in 1962.

    Also, I see no information on the C-L. The C-L has the same construction as the C-0 (solid spruce top, laminated back/sides) except that it has no body binding, a mahogany neck without the maple sandwich, a narrow headstock with a black "Gibson" decal, a single hole sound ring. These were made from '67-70.

    The C-4 was listed in the catalogs through 1970 but the catalogs always had a picture of the C-2. The C-4s that I have seen had flame maple back and sides with a light stain or light burst to bring out the tiger striping.

    My C-2, BTW, has dark stained back and sides with creme binding. It's the only one like it that I have ever seen.

    There was also an F-2, the flamenco version of the C-2 finished in natural maple. It had tap plates and some may have had a different headstock.

    Variations on the C-1 included the C-1-E with an electric pickup, the C-1-S -- a 3/4 size student version and the C-1-D that had a Spanish style headstock (similar to the C-4 and C-8) and an inlaid rosette.

    I own an interesting "Frankengibson" It has a C-1-E pickup and a C-L neck on a C-0 body. It is clearly a factory jop and may have been a prototype. I call it a C-0-E when I list my Gibson classicals. It is the only Gibson classical that I have ever played that needs a neck re-set.

    My Gibson classicals include one or more of the following: C-L, C-0, C-0-E, C-1, C-1-E, C-1-S, C-2, C-6.

  9. I have never seen a C-6 with a rosewood bridge. Mine, like all others that I have seen, is ebony. From '66 on, there were mother of pearl inlays in the tie block, also.

  10. domenic10:53 PM

    thanks for the great posts guys , really nice info and im sure guitar players who read this blog will find them quite helpful as i did since i dont have any gibson classical guitars.

    ( Always learning no matter how much you know about vintage guitars ).

    I also want to mention that all the info above is from vintage guitar books and literaure ,

    it does happen that they may not include all guitars and detailed specs.

    For instance,i know that they made c-6 guitars with 2 pearl ribbon bridge inlays from 66 and on because i've seen them myself

    but i double checked with the books and it clearly says that some early models had rosewood bridges.

    I called gibson myself and they said its possible although they couldn't confirm.

  11. I bought a new Gibson Classic C1, Serial # 36553, around 1960 as I recall. Still have it and it sounds great. Is there anyway to check the date of manufacture based on the serial number?

  12. Anonymous1:41 PM

    if the serial number is stamped in back of the peghead it was manufactured in 1961 .

    all serial numbers from 0100 to 42440 that are stamped in back of the peghead were made in 1961.

  13. I have a 1958 Gibson C-6 that has an unusual history. I have it posted on my web site, which is ksdaddy dot com (not sure if I can use links). Rather than go into detail here, I invite any other C-6 owners to check it out. My main reason for posting is to find out if the finish is normal for a C-6. It is very thick!

  14. hi scott ( ksdaddy )

    i took a look at your web site , you have some really nice guitars .

    the 64 southern jumbo is awesome .. is it for sale ?

  15. I have a C1E (i think!) it is a 1966 serial number but does not appear to match any spec I can find. Unfortunately the paper label is missing. It has totoise binding front and back. It has a mahogany body (solid), rosewood bridge and fingerboard with low wide frets. a "sandwich" mahogany neck with a maple strip in the centre. The neck also has a strip of mahogany one each side carrying the tuners which are chrome. It has an elaborate cream purfling round the soundhole. Any ideas as to what it is? Thanks.

  16. Anonymous6:21 PM

    if it has a ceramic bridge pickup its a C1E , if not its a C1 or C0 classical . It has to be one of the two , the rest of their C models were made with maple , or rosewood back and sides .

    C1 models have bound bodies , CO models have bound tops .. C1E guitars are the same like c1 models but electric ...

  17. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I have a Gibson C-1 Great shape with case that is in fair condition for sale I live in baltimore Maryland if interested email me . vanlambert@verizon.net

  18. jamdanny4:36 PM

    I bought my C-0 in 1995 for $350 from a local vintage guitar shop. I was searching for a Gibson classical guitar similar to one owned by a friend. Mine has the sweetest tone and finest action, and for the money, I think it's a fine guitar. I would not trade it.

  19. ioMy C-1 was given to me in /69 or /70. It has been played a lot, but is in excellent condition. It has a pick-up that was added before I got it, but it is not a C-1E. It has the beauty of simlicity, sounds great and is easy to play. It came with a generic case (not a Gibson case) that has protected it all this time. sheilao@shaw.ca

  20. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I have a Gibson CO classic model # 855744 how much is it worth? really good shape

  21. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I have an old Gibson Bossa Nova that I enjoy playing a lot, but haven't been able to find any information on it. Does anyone know anything about this particular model?


  22. devorah3:59 PM

    I have 2 Gibson CO's and a C-1. One of the CO's and the C-1 were purchased new in the 1960's (my mom played the C-1) I purchased the other CO on Ebay last year. All three are in beautiful condition and sound wonderful. My CO and I went through Jr. High, High School, College and two marriages together and it never let me down. Great guitars with wonderful mellow sound. They truly improve with age and tender loving care.

  23. I've a Classic guitar "Granada by Gibson Mod. G 300". This guitar was purchased in 1993, may someone provide me any information regarding this particular model? Thanks in advance.

  24. I've a classic guitar "Granada by Gibson - Mod. G 300". This guitar was purchased in 1993. May someone provide me any imformation regarding this particular model? Thanks in advance.

  25. i have a 64 c-1s. I recived it as a gift for my 16th birthday 3 years ago its an amazing instriment im a session guitarist so iv played on easily thousands of instriments from prs, vintage fenders, high end gibsons, and many many more brands and i will honistly say mine is a perfect instrament its a guitar that i love and though i rarly get the chance to just sit down and jam with this is my the most amazing guitar iv ever played and my personal favorit

  26. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Gibson Classical guitars are really good instruments for classical guitar players.

    I have got one from http://gibson.guitarhood.com/store/

    Thank you for the post

  27. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Hey I have just brought a 1969 C1 and it was in such good condition i had to pay £595 for it. I have only had it two days but my God do I love it already!!! As I live in England they are so hard to get your hands on so if you are thinking of selling and want to get more money look to get it to England...just thought I would help anyone who needs some dosh!!

  28. I have a C-1d that I purchased new in about 1963 when I was 13. It took me through the summer of love and still looks like new.

    What is the "d"? A finish designation or some other?

    Thanks for your site.

  29. Anonymous12:01 AM

    My dad was deployed to Nam in 1969 with the Screaming Eagles F-4 Fighter Squadron. While heading back home they stopped in Tokyo, Japan. On a whim he purchased a C2 at the Navy Exchange for $80. He thought this was somewhat extravagant, as you could by a decent playable guitar for about $35 oversees at this time. Years later he left it in the trunk of his car overnight while staying in Gila Bend, AZ. It got so cold that night it fractured the finish on the C2 into myriad webs of spidery subsurface cracks. Needless to say my Dad sought out numerous Luthiers for restoration advice. Nearly all recommended against restoration, as this unusual fractured finish was considered an "enhancement". It still plays well to this day. The thin line neck is a joy.

  30. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I have a Gibson Classical...not sure what year it might be from though. It has a FON stamped on the bottom of the neck stock inside the guitar, the number is 502f with a hand written red number 3 underneath....any clues as to the age of my guitar??? It also has the pearl script logo, with no slant to the letters, and pear dot inlays on the neck with two diamonds.....thanks for your help!

  31. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I have a Gibson cf100e black in color.It is also acoustic electric. I was told that it is a 1956, but I can not find another like it. I have found one on the internet but it is sunburst. Did they make any in black?

  32. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I have a 1969(?)Gibson Classical C-1 that has been professionally restored from lefty to righty with a new nut, bridge. and lowered action; it's got 1 hairline crack on the front and 1 hairline crack on the back which do not affect the sound quakity. Photos are available. This is a nice guitar. recz99@yahoo.com

  33. Anonymous1:52 AM

    I have a Gibson Classical guitar. Inside the label is oval Orange. On the Orange label , style is hand written that says classic, under that is printed Gibson and hand written Bosa Nova number of the guitar is 6 digits 9016*2. The # is also on the neck. The tuning parts are made in w Germany, seem like excellent quality. On the neck of the guitar where is reads " Gibson" it looks like it is mother of pearl. It has a ceramic pick up and a cut away. My brother picked up this guitar many years ago but I thought it needed some work although the body is in great shape. Under the ceramic pickup it has about 5 very thin slices of wood. All the years I have it, it had 1 string on it. Recently I decided to string it up, it took about a week to keep tune but it really has a beautiful sound. I haven't plugged in yet but I really like it. I just want to find out some information on the guitar. I normally play my Guild D25m. I prefer playing acoustic Rhythm. My Dad had an old Gibson J 45 that I played when I was about 9 years old. I am waiting to get that guitar,and he also had and old Washburn. If anybody has any knoledge of the Gibson Bossa Nova,
    mine says boso nova , Please reply Thanks

  34. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I have a C-1 that I bought new in the early 60s. It has a serial number in a different format than those of previous posts. Can anyone shed some insight on the significance of the number: R-6617-29? Thanks.

  35. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I have a CO sn 867231 that I purchased new in 1967. Due to my lack of talent it's spent most of it's life it the case. No point in keeping it! any suggestions of best way to sell it for a fair price.

  36. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I have one of the GIBSON Classics - inside is a label with "C0 CLASSIC) stamped, plus the serial number. It has a bound TOP only.
    I guess this is a 1961.
    I am not a "classical" player so would like to sell it off, but will not "give her away".
    A very responsible Luthier in Truro Nova Scotia priced it as a collector's item at $1250.00 Canadian.
    Is he out of line? I do'nt think so.
    Thanks for the site.
    Nels at Pictou N.S.

  37. Anonymous1:00 PM

    $1250 for a C-0? Never happen. Top dollar on these is $450 and that is rare. If your guitar has a headstock decal, it is 1962 or later.

  38. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I have a C-1 I purchased new in 67. Can you tell me if the finish was a French polish or lacquer?. I have some thin spots I would like to touch up but am not sure how to approach it.

  39. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Thanks for posting this. My father in law has a cf-100 that his dad bought new in 1950. We could never figure out the model until I found this site.


  40. I have a C-1 with serial number 262195 stamped on headstock rear and inside of opening on paper. Is the year 1961-2 as stated earlier? I'm trying to determine the age. I paid $20 for it because it had got sat on and needed $100 repair to fix crack through the body. I really like it and have it handy to pick up and play all the time.

  41. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Saw in a post that the C-O's are laminated back and sides...not solid. Is that info correct?

  42. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I have a C-0 and it is fantastic. Perfectly straight neck, great intonation and a nice folky tone. I wouldn't call it a classical guitar but a nylon folk guitar.

  43. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I have a C-O made in 1967. sn 095990. My father purchased it new in Pennsylvania during the folk boom. I learned to play on that guitar but don't play it much anymore as I prefer steel strings. It does have a nice sound. I would feel bad selling it since it's been the family so long.

  44. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I have a 1969 C-300 Classical Electic Gibson. I can't find any good info on it anywhere. I was told that it was a prototype from the Gibson factory which jives with the fact that there are two machine screws that hold the bridge section down. I saw somewhere that the C-300 was run from 1970-71 but the paper inside shows the manufature date as 1969. There are three nobs on the top side of the body with B, T, and V on the knobs (Bass, Treble and Volume I assume). I have photos if anyone can help shed some light on this. I'm also interested in what the value of this odd little devil may be.


  45. I cannot seem to find any information regarding the Gibson C-8 model. I recently purchased one at an auction with SN#: 62530 that was produced in the now closed Kalamazoo plant. It has been extremely difficult for me to find any information regarding this guitar. It has a hairline crack below the bridge or "tie block"? (I'm new at this). Any information or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


  46. Russell4:38 PM

    I have a Gibson C-0 classical with a number stamped on the back of the head that looks like 34156 it has a bound top only and a gold stamped Gibson logo on the front of the head. it also has a square sticker inside that is too dirty to read. can anyone tell me anything about it and possible worth. I,m preparing to do a full restoration on it and wondered if it will be worth the expense.

  47. My Gibson is a CO Classic which I bought second-hand while serving aboard a nuclear-powered submarine, in 1968. It's been all over the world with me and was used in dozens of for-fun and professional gigs in those days. A cellist friend of mine on the boat took it with him when he went to visit Maestro Pablo Cassals in Puerto Rico. (I didn't go - long story.) The maestro played guitar also, of course, as well as cello and other stringed instruments. I used to have a copy of the reel-to-reel tape he gave my friend, on which he played two pieces on my Gibson. He said it was a very good guitar. That certainly doesn't seem to have been 42 years ago, but it was.

  48. jim Keefer1:37 PM

    In response to the posting of a C1 with FON number R6617-29, I also have a C1 with FON number R6618-16. Does this mean they were manufactured on successive days in 1960? (R=1960) What a 51-year old coincidence!

  49. I also have an original C-O CLASSIC, but the owner before has changed the original colour into black :-(. I like to restaurate it. Also I have one original Guitar Suitcase from the late 60th. Both were bought together in the States, at TRESTMAN Music Center, Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis, where Prince often bought his Instruments. I think the shop doesn´t exist anymore. Except the different colour, the guitar is in a good repair (the suitcase not).
    If somebody is interested in buying, you can contact me under: progressiveattack@hotmail.com

  50. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I have a 53 cf100 that I obtained from a deceased uncle. The guitar plays like a dream after all these years.

  51. I have a gibson CO classical and love playin the blues on it ..nice fast action and great tone for a smaller guitar.Best of all with the nylon strings my fingers don't get beat up! Beware of e-bay though although I bought this guitar there and it was great ..A Gibson Blue Ridge I bought there was damaged and could not get a refund!!

  52. Anonymous6:56 PM

    My Gibson C-O Classical has been my friend for over 45 years. It still sounds great and I play it at least once a week at group sing a longs. Although it has hairline cracks they only add to the sound.

  53. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I'm in search for a Gibson C1-E. If someone has one for sale, please contact me. My e-mailaddress is hendriksibma at hotmail dot com. Thanks a lot!

  54. Mark Davenport7:03 PM

    My father bought his c-1 at a music shop in Bloomsburg, PA in 1962 as a high school student. It's now been passed down to me and I cherish it. Plays and sounds beautifully. Serial number 43558.

  55. Trying to find out if the Gibson c-2 had hole for a pickup normally in the side,or if this might have been something an owner may have done themself.
    Please contact: akulian53@yahoo.com

  56. Anonymous4:26 PM

    i have a 1950,s gibson cf100e..excellent cond...w/origional hard case ex cond...marylsnd...call me..301-573 4532

  57. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Just bought a Gibson CF-100 from an old guy who told me he bought it in Newark in the summer of 55...After doing some research, I found out from the FON number that it is a 1951...Its in great shape with no cracks and she plays great....I paid 1,000...How lucky was I?

  58. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I on ebay bid and won a said to a 69 C1. It HAD a clear stick'on sticker. The top and bottom has no binding . The guitar has a thin ring around the sound hole. The guitar has a narrow heel. The guitar had a satin finish. the guitar is as if it were made last year. The guitar doesnt seem as heavy as the C-1. The guitar looks new. Could it be a C-O, or fake # 890xxx.

  59. My wife gave me a C-6 10 years ago and it's still one of my favorites. Does anyone have any idea how much a C-O nowadays would cost?

  60. Anonymous3:05 PM

    We have a C-0-CLASSIC marked Lyon-Healy Anniversary Model - SN#: 215149

    Any info regarding this?

    Thank you.

  61. Wow I have to say this beautiful instruments are the dream of any guitarist

  62. Curious to know what the heck I have... My ma purchased a "student-level" nylon string for herself in 1969 from a local music store. The tag reads Gibson "C1" and the price. It has a cedar top; mahogany neck, back and sides; rosewood fingerboard and bridge; nickel tuner plates with white plastic tuner buttons; no binding and a single black ring soundhole rosette.
    The guitar doesn't really fit any of the model descriptions I've found - certainly not the description for the C1.

    1. Sounds like a C-L model from your description

    2. From your description it sounds like it is a C-L model which were only made a couple of years or so........scroll up and see the info on C-L 's above