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Gibson Dove Guitar

Gibson Dove Guitar ( 1962 - 1996 )

Gibson Dove GuitarIn 1962 Gibson introduced a flat top acoustic dreadnought guitar , matched maple ( back and sides ) and square shoulders and called it the gibson dove model .

The guitar had a 3 piece maple neck , 20 fret rosewood or ebony fingerboard , and an ornate dove inlaid pickguard.

During early 70s the gibson dove model became the gibson dove custom guitar which gained extreme popularity ever since Elvis Presley toured with it in 76-77 .

There is hardly no difference between a dove custom model and the so called dove guitar accept for little minor finishes , (considered the same guitar) . From 1962 to 1986 these gibson guitars were available in natural and cherry sunburst colors .

elvis presleyIn 1987 to 93 they made them only in natural finish , and in 94 they went back to sunburst . Exceptional sound very much like the gibson hummingbird in style.

Vintage Guitar Value For 2008 :
1962 - 1964 > $5000 to $7000
1965 - 1967 > $3500 to $4500
1968 - 1970 > $3000 to $3500
1971 - 1983 > $2400 to $2700
1984 - 1996 > $1700 to $2200

guitar price guide Avg Upward Trend Of 18% a Year since 2000

Note : in 1985 gibson made a 90th anniversary dove model which is worth about $1500 to $1900 > Prices are according to 4 different price guides .

If you want to buy a dove guitar , you can find some gibson dove guitars for sale on ebay at bargain prices from now and then ..


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    My husband bought me a Dove in '75. It's tone has deepened and mellowed and it's sound is incomparable, very bass-y. You strike a string and the sound lasts a longggggg time. It is simply marvelous. I feel I have a treasure that cannot be replaced. I have had to change brands of strings over the years as it matured to get the completely un-bright sound I love. I am a finger-picker. Thank you, Gibson!!

  2. Hi

    I have a 70ies black dove custom, anyone knows anything about these models?

  3. Anonymous9:53 PM

    i have a late 60's model it was my fathers and he passed it down to me when he died.. the sad thing is i don't know how to play... someone please help me out e mail me at grappler7002@earthlink.com

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I inherited a Gibson Custom Dove guitar. Any help on how to determine what year it was made? It looks exactly like the one pictured on the main page of this site…at least the coloring…
    I’d like to know more about it. Cupcrazy52@aol.com

  5. Try this site:


    If you can read the serial number you should be able to work out when and possibly where it was made.. good luck

  6. I have a black Dove Custom purchased new by me in 1977. In all these years I have not seen another black Dove like it.

  7. r scragg3:08 PM

    I have a Gibson Dove "Cherry Sunburst" in mint condition. Serial number 6001xx. I want to learn value and year????

  8. i bought a 1967 gibson dove from a guy at a garage sale for only 600 bucks its got one sun spot from when someone flipped the pickguard around but it plays amazing

  9. Michael R. Anderson1:50 PM

    I purchased a new Gibson Dove Custom in 1974 through the PX whiler stationed in Germany. It came with the custom hard case and is sunburst. I still love the way it plays and it looks as good today as it did when I bought it. I would be very hard pressed to part with it.

  10. Anonymous11:22 AM


  11. Would really like some help in identifying a guitar that my wife bought for me in the mid 60's.
    I have been told it is a Gibson Dove and it does look exactly like the one pictured on the Gibson Dove main page. It has the exact same pic gurad, the little doves where the strings are anchored, sorry, am not a player do don't know all the correct terms. It also has the bell above the neck for adjusting and had the funny emblem above that between the tuners. HOWEVER, the name on my guitar is Memphis. There is a sticker inside the body that says Memphis and had a serial number of 690 D
    I haave three people trying to buy this instrument but an not in the market for selling. BUT, would like to know if it is truly a Gibson Dove.
    Thanks for any help. Chuck Holloway

  12. In the mid 60's my wife bought me a guitar that sounds great after all these years. I never really knew how to play but loved cording and playing in the Churches we pastored and only in the past couple of years have I really picked it up again. I have been told by 3 guys I know that I have a Gibson Dove. I looked it up on this main page and mine does look exactly like the one pictured. It has the dove pick guard, the little birds where the strings are based, sorry, told you I wasn't a player, so don't know all the terms. It has the little bell where you adjust the neck. Kicker? the name on the top says Memphis> inside the body is a sticker with the name Memphis and a serial No. 690 D. Second kicker: the sticker says Japan.
    Can this somehow be a real Gibson? or is it some knock off?
    PS. the three guys that told me it is a Dove all are trying to buy it, so they think it is rea.
    Thanks, Chuck Holloway

  13. Anonymous1:51 PM

    i have a case. it is suposed to be original. it is from 1993. but there is no logo on the case. It is a case with code numbers and have a green inside - the blanket is also green. Is that org?

    1. Would you be willing to sell it? I just got a 1996 dove with non original case and would like an original if I can find one

  14. In 1979 I bought a used Gibson Dove for $379.00 from a dealer in the Twin Cities, including a hardshell case(not original). Guitar Serial#518736. Not sure if it is a 1965 or 1968 model. Used Sparingly over the past 30 years so it is in the generally the same condition as when bought. The only flaw are hairline cracks only in the finish on the face of the guitar. My questions are: What year is the guitar? Do the hairline cracks affect the value?

  15. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I used to own a 68 Gibsom Dove. Had to sell it, but it was a beauty.

  16. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Memphis guitars were imported from Japan probably by Kaman Music.

    Good luck
    DC Smith

  17. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Just bought a "used" Dove on E-Bay. It was built in October 09 and is perfect. It plays better and easier than my other Gibson and has great sound. Gibson make some terrific guitars.
    By-the-way, did anyone edit this web site? So many grammatical errors!

  18. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I have a unique guitar, The body style is exactly like the Gibson SJ-200. The back and sides are made of Maple and it has a natural spruce top.It has the scallop x bracing. The neck is made exactly like the Gibson Monarch with the deep dove tail. The design on this guitar is the "Doves In Flight" Doves on the fretboard which is Brazilian rosewood, it has the doves in flight pickguard and brazilian rosewood Doves in Flight bridge.It has real abalone not plastic. It has a bone saddle and a bone nut. I was told it was re-built from Gibson parts sold on ebay. It sounds great. How do I detirmind what its worth? united101usa@comcast.net

  19. Anonymous2:24 AM

    My 1979 Dove is not cherry burst, but black burst: I mean, they used the dark brown lacquer they usually use on sides and back of sunburst painted guitars. Probably to cover an imperfection on the top (paint or glue stain). Everybody loves this color (makes that MOP dove look even prettier) but I never saw a second one in this color. Do I have a unique guitar (and selling point)?

  20. does anyone knows where i can find the dove pickguard, i was trying to customized my black 2010 dove, but i haven't found a dealer, i want to make it look like the black 70's

  21. Anonymous8:24 PM

    In 1974 I purchased a new Gibson dove custom It came in a Gibson hard case and is still in mint condition and plays like a dream. The serial number is A206357 and the sticker inside the Guitar says made in Kalmazoo Michigan. I love this guitar and also have another Gibson Epiphon. I have no Idea what the value of either of them are but would appreciate any information. My e-mail is m.anderson@cebridge.net

  22. Anonymous3:20 PM

    To answer the question above about the Black Dove of around 1978, I purchased one of a very few that were made in that year because i loved the deep bass resonance over the Humming Bird. I didn't realise at the time how rare a guitar it was as not many of the Steinway Black finish were manufactured. ( They are different to the Elvis black Dove model) I still have it all these years after and absolutely LOVE it!

  23. Anonymous4:46 PM

    My post did not go thru so I will repost it. I have a gibson dove purchased in 1964. It is the cherrywood and sunburst on the front. It is in mint condition and I have a hard case that was purchased when the guitar was. It also is in mint condition. The serial number on the guitar is 124078. Made in Kalamazoo, MI. I would like to know the value of this guitar. My email is slow@eurosteam.com

  24. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I have a Gibson Dove, serial number 514263, stamping says made in Kalamazoo, MI...it's a dark cherry color, not one that i've seen anywhere else or even read about...it was my dad's, he passed away 14 years ago so i'd like to know it's history. please email at e1lindsay@yahoo.com if u have any info!!

  25. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Anyone having any idea how many Ebony Doves were made in the mid to late 70's or where I could find out this information? Not to many I believe. I note Ken above purchased one and has never seen another. I purchased one too around the same time so Ken is the first guitar owner I know who also has one.

  26. Anonymous12:48 PM

    any news about the number of Steinway ebony doves made? i got one as well, from 1978. is it true that these ones were all from the custom shop (there s no patch/sticker in the guitar defining it as a custom model). thank you so much for your help, a miracle i try to solve for years now. chris

  27. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Mine is a dove but seems to be covered in seagull droppings. I think maybe it is a SEAGULL brand. It sounds rather dead and lifeless like a seagull on a beach. Never mind...wrong blog.

  28. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Can someone help me identify the year made of a Gibson Dove serial #533160? If I'm reading a link correctly, it's a 1969? packrat@cablespeed.com

  29. I bought a black dove in the USA. in the 1970, I still have it,never heard anything sound better,would like to know the real value, anybody !! Mick.

  30. I have pearl dove gibson guitar want to find out the value of it

  31. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Looking for a used, very good-excellent condition Gibson Doves in Flight. Very serious buyer. Cash
    faithhughes@live.com Thank you!

  32. Michael R. Anderson8:29 PM

    I had made an earlier post on my 1973 Dove Custom I purchased thru the PX in Germany. I found the original receipt and I paid $199.00 for it with the case. What a deal. In Feb of last year I had it refurbished by Jimmy Foster who had actually made the guitar in Kalamazoo and it is amazing. Unfortunately Jimmy passed away in April of that year and we lost a great musician and Luthier.

  33. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I have a Gibson LG1 with Serial #400403 with a 2 underneath the serial number. It is a Sunburst color. Can you tell me what the year model is and the approximate value?