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Gibson Flying V

Gibson Flying V ( 1958 -1959 )

gibson flying v guitar In 1957 gibson announced the flying V electric guitar but were only in production in 1958 , the unusual futuristic shape of the guitar fascinated people , however the guitar met with little success .

Only 81 flying v guitars were shipped in 1958 and 17 flying v guitars were shipped in 1959 .

In 1962 to 1963 gibson built more flying V guitars with left over parts from 1958-59 .

In the late 60s the guitar caught on and started gaining popularity , rock stars started using them such as jimi hendrix . The gibson flying v guitar became a household name after the flying v heritage was introduced in the early 80s .

The original 1958 and 59 flying v guitars had 3 knobs in a straight line , Korina wood body ,2 humbucking pickups (PAF), strings ran through the body,

the body shoulders were square at the neck , they had gold plated parts , had white or black pickguards , and were made in natural finishes .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1958 - 1959 > $120 000 to $145 000

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE 1958 - 1959 : Avg Upward Trend of 8% a year since 2000

Gibson Flying V mahogany body ( 1966 -1980 )

jimi hendrix playing on a gibson flying v guitar In 1966 gibson reintroduced the gibson flying v with some changes , they had mahogony bodies , strings did not run through the body they had a stud tailpiece and 2 pickups . From 1966 To 1970 these flying v guitars were made in cherry and sunburst colors , from 1970 to 1980 they made them in various finishes (colors) .

In 1971 they made a limited edition and called it the gibson flying v medallion , it had quite the same specs but with a numbered limited edition on the bass side of the v .

In 1981 to 82 gibson also made flying v guitars that had mahogany bodies , and strings that ran through the body ( no stud tail piece ) only 100 were made . colors were white , black and red .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1966 - 1971 > $10 000 to $15 000 ( cherry or sunburst )
1971 - 1974 > $5500 to $6500 ( flying v medallion limited edition )
1975 - 1980 > $2500 to $3500 ( various colors )
1981 - 1982 > $1800 to $2600 ( string through the body)

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE1966-1974 > Avg Upward Trend of 24% a year since 2000
1975-1980 > 9% 1981-1982 > 19%

Gibson flying V II ( 1979 - 1982 )

In 1979 gibson also introduced the flying V two, it had a five piece maple and walnut sculptured body , ebony fingerboard with dot inlays , 2 v-shaped pickups , gold plated hardware and were made in natural finishes . In 1982 they replaced the pickups with 2 dirty finger humbuckers .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1979 - 1981 > $1300 to $1600
1981 0 1982 > $1300 to $1600 ( dirty finger pickups )

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE Avg Upward Trend of 13% a year since 2000

Gibson Flying V I alder body ( 1981-1989 )

In 1981 gibson also introduced the gibson flying v one which was renamed the flying v '83 in 1983 and renamed again "flying V" from 1984 and on . They had 2 exposed humbuckers , ebony fingerboard , dot inlays maple neck and alder bodies . Discontinued in 1989 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1981 to 1989 > $700 to $950

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE Avg Upward Trend of 3% a year since 2000

Gibson Flying V Heritage ( 1981-1984 )

The gibson flying V guitars with korina bodies were introduced in 1982 and were more or less reissues or tributes to the original 1958 flying v's . The guitars had korina bodies , strings that ran through the body , and gold parts . Known as the flying v heritage , and discontinued in 1984. These electric guitars were made in several colors such as , black ,candy apple red ,white and natural .

In 1982 gibson also introduced the flying v CMT , it had a stud tailpiece , 2 pickups , maple body with a curly top , 3 knobs in a straight line , and were available in natural or sunburst colors .

Vintage Guitar Prices For 2007 :
1981 to 1984 > $3500 to $4500 ( korina body flying v heritage )
1982 to 1984 > $2200 to $2500 ( maple body flying v CMT )

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE 1981 - 1984 > Avg Upward Trend of 11% a year since 2000 ( korina body )

Through the 90s till present gibson introduced several other flying v models like :

Flying V 90 Double ( 1989-1991 )
Mahogany body , one single and one double coil humbucking pickup ,floyd rose tremelo , worth $600 to $800

'67 Flying V ( 1990 to present )
These guitars are more or less reissues of the 66-67 models , they have mahogany bodies ,some with tune o matic tuners , bridge tailpiece , 2 humbuckers and are made in various colors . Estimated price value : 1990 to 1993 > $750 to $1000

Hendrix Flying V ( 1991 - 1993 )
The gibson jimi hendrix flying v was introduced in 1991 and discounted 93 , it was a limited edition and only 400 were made . The guitar was black , had 2 humbuckers , jimi hendrix signature on white pickguard and a bridge tail piece .

In 1993 to 94 gibson also introduced the lonnie mack flying v , it had a mahogany body with a bigsby vibrato .

Guitar Price Values For 2007 :
1991 - 1993 > $2200 to $2500 ( jimi hendrix flying v)
1993 - 1994 > $2600 to $3500 ( lonnie mack flying v )

GUITAR PRICE GUIDE 1991-1993 > Avg Upward Trend of 8% a year since 2000 (jimi)
1993-1994 > Avg Upward Trend of 7% a year since 2000

You can find used and vintage gibson flying v guitars for sale on ebay .On some occasions there are great deals.


  1. Well, I'm confused with a price of 1974-75 non medalion (suposed is a right year). Can enyone tell me aproximately value? Serial is 400567
    Thanks in advice .....

  2. domenic5:31 PM

    Gibson made lots of models of the flying v with different specs during the 70s and eighties , i wouldn't want to give you a price on what its worth without seeing a pic ....

  3. Any idea what the 1985 custom shop Scorpions Flying V is worth. I also own the Explorer.

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    not in the price guide ...

  5. V with medallion number 36 all origanl with case any guesses on what it would go for?

  6. I have a case for the '81-'84 Heritage V, I want to try and sell it but haven't really a good basis for price. I don't have a V anymore, and even though my Firebird fits, I have its OHSC, so the case is just wasting space.

    I'd appreciate greatly any help you could give.

  7. Anonymous9:02 AM

    can anyone give me an estimate as to what a 1989 flying V should be worth? i know it's not exactly a "collector's item" but i'm looking into buying one... seems to fit the description for the Flying V I alder body described on this page. it's in pretty good shape--used but hey it's 18 years old. serial #83439705 if it'll help. does the listed $750-900 range seem about right?

  8. Anonymous9:05 AM

    about 1989 flying V... i meant $700-950 range

  9. Anonymous10:46 AM

    we have a v that might be one of the ones from 58-59 where should we go to find out if its authentic

  10. Anonymous2:15 AM

    I recently purchased a Gibson flying v (the "V")is printed on the head stock cover plate above the nut... as is the Gibson logo across the top of the headstock.What year were these made...I found it at a garage sale ,but i don't see a serial number on it....any info is greatly appreciated.

  11. Anonymous9:01 PM

    lookin at a v
    it has an ebony fretboard w/moon inlays i havent seen one w/moons
    is it possible its original?

  12. Tim76239@yahoo.com10:43 AM

    I have a 1988 white gibson V, with 1 humbucker, no tremelo , 1 volume control no tone controls a steinberger lap bar and grover machine heads. Does anyone no whats up with this guitar? Is it rare because I can't find a simular example anywhere.

  13. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I have a 1994, from the custom shop, Flying V 100th year anniversary. Trying to sell it. They made two models of the anniversary that year. One had all gold inlays, etc... and they were 12K guitars I believe. This one however, is one of 1000 that were made celebrating 100 years of gibson. I need to sell it, great guitar, and in great shape. I can be reached at brock.k@comcast.net

  14. Anonymous4:09 PM

    This site is pretty cool for recent values. Though there needs to be some updates here and there. I am referring in particular to the Gibson Flying V 90 (both the single humbucker version as well as the double pickup version). These guitars in nice shape are selling for at least double the estimated value listed here if you can find one. Anywhere from $1200 to $2000 especially for the white and silver finishes. They were excellent guitars inspired by the Jackson lines of V's with a 25 1/2 " scale and 24 frets on an ebony board with split diamond inlays. The pickups were not very good but they played exceptionally well.

  15. How about "The V" from 1983, it wasn't on the list either. Mine was just stolen, and I'd need an estimate of the price for insurance.

  16. Anonymous4:55 PM

    hello, got a (2nd chance) offer to buy a 2002 cuwstom V (repainted)
    what would the value be about? don't know if it is ligit. the picture is from another site I think.
    check: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=150293276790

  17. does anyone answer these things or what...?

  18. Anonymous12:16 PM

    apparently not....

  19. I have a Flying V, I believe it was part of the 90's series. It has reverse diamond inlays, Ebony fingerboard w/24 frets. It was originally white with a black pickguard, single pickup, one volume and a Steinberger lap piece.
    I had the Flying V refinished with "Indigo Blue" Black base with Purple and light blue flakes. I had it done by Pete Moreno in 2000. I bought the guitar with the unusual fading on the white finish. Usually the whole guitar goes yellowish. It was as if someone's arm was on it and it chemically altered the finish. Before the paint job. I had replaced the bridge pickup with the George Lynch Screaming Demon. SH-12 and I also had installed two Ultra Sonic humbucking single coil pickups. There is a five way switch and on/off and still only a single volume and no tone.
    This guitar sounds awesome and looks like no other Flying V.
    I have been doing some research and found that it was called Flying V double? Makes no sense to me why it would be called that.
    I saw a sales catalog with that Flying V and a SG both with Ebony fingerboards and reverse diamond inlays on the 24 fret necks.
    I am curious why I can't find any information about it.
    I am sure I have the catalog in my magazine collection.

  20. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I have a 1975 flying v first 2 serial # 00 w/22frets half moon /ivory/inlays/ cherry wood finish/ any idea what that one is worth. in mint condition

  21. Anonymous4:31 AM

    where can i find a decent v2 with boomerang pick ups that isnt a silly price

  22. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I'm an artist researching the 1967 flying v Jimi Hendrix favored... I need the exact measurements and they are really hard to find....anyone have suggestions?

  23. Anonymous4:48 PM

    My friend wants to sell me a Gibson Flying V. It's in pretty good shape. But I wonder what year it is. The only characteristics I can name is the fact it has a blot-on maple neck and I think the body is alder. The body finish is white. Anyone know what year it might be or how much it's worth?

  24. Anonymous1:26 PM

    i collect gibson flying v basses and the gibson exp flying v guitar...

    323 632.4512 edwardprzydzil@gmail.com

  25. Anonymous1:19 AM

    i collect gibson flying v basses and the gibson exp flying v guitar...

    323.632.4512 - edwardprzydzial@gmail.com

  26. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I have a Gibson Flying V Cherry Wood Serial #024250580, What year is it? Thank you

  27. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I have had my flying v since 1970 i want to know if it is a real gibson the truss rod cover was not on it but the case was correct the serial number is stamped and running up the back of the head stock top side and is 000946 all the numbers i have seen run across the head stock. anyone know about this

  28. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I have a V medallion nr 280.Red with everything with in the golden style.Quite nice..
    The tuners and the knobs are not like most original, but clearly a 71-medallion.Searching for the original case,haven´tthat.
    Anyone else with flying v:s with medallion?email:

  29. I am confused,
    I used to own a 1964 Flying V. A beautiful rare dark sunburst finish from light natural wood to dark/black - fully verified as genuine - bought from a London shop in the late 70's.
    The axe had original gibson 1958 old humbucking pickups other than 100% original.
    Why isn't this year listed ?

    btw. regret selling it to a chap in Sweden (Nysse) who later sold it on to a band member - where told that it later ended up in Yngwie Malmsteen's hands (and here's the weird stuff) rumour is that Yngwie then cut the wings off and painted it black - talking about destroying something beautiful.

    Boy how much I wish I still had this axe.

    Can I post pics of the axe here or...?

  30. I have a medallion flying V 1971, special edition 208 with original case, email me if you want pics, up for sale to best offer argent-24h@live.com