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Gibson Folksinger

Gibson F 25 Folksinger ( 1963-1971 )

The gibson f-25 folksinger acoustic classical guitar was introduced in 1963 and stopped production in 1971 . The guitar was 14 - 1/2 " wide ,

most of them had double white pickguards ,it had a classical body shape

( flat top , mahogany back and sides ) , 12 frets ,dot inlays , and were made in dark walnut natural finishes .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 to 1964 > $1200 to $1400
1965 to 1971 > $850 to $1200

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 15% a Year since 2000

Gibson FJN Jumbo Folk Singer ( 1963-1967 )

Gibson also introduced the FJN folk singer jumbo acoustic guitar during the same years , it was a jumbo flat top ,it had square shoulders , natural finish with red back and sides ( mahogany ) , braced for classical strings and bound fingerboard . Discontinued in 1967

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 - 1964 > $1700 to $1900
1965 - 1967 > $1500 to $1700

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 14% a Year since 2000


  1. I had one of these passed on to me by my father in law that has been in the family since new.
    Mine is a 1964, and is all original, except I had the saddle replaced to drop the action (but I kept the original saddle and it can go right back in)
    Other than the normal dings and crackling of finish, and a bent tuning key, this has been a fantastic guitar with an unusual sound and fantastic action.

  2. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I thought the gibson folksinger would be worth a little more ,i have this guitar too and i would never sell , great guitar .

  3. I've had a F-25 for about thirty years , the tone and sound just gets better with age.

  4. steve9:56 AM

    ive been searching for an f-25 guitar for sale , if anybody has one please post your email ...sold the guitar 9 years ago and regret it.

  5. Anonymous4:28 AM

    The Gibson FJN is the most underrated flat top Gibson there is. I have had one since 1975. It is a great fingerstyle guitar because of the wide fretboard and it has terrific bass response its a 12 fret and the placement of the brigde is closer to the center of the body. If you get a chance to play one or by one... y0u should check it out.

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    great post , i found a gibson folksinger for sale and i bought it , plays lovely ...

    i thought i was the only one in the world that had this guitar until i found this site .

    interesting .

  7. jreilly0078:44 AM

    I am very happy to have come across this site. I too enjoy the sound of the Gibson FJN. However I have to sell mine. Anyone interested can find it on ebay. Look for 1963 Gibson Folk Jumbo. Great action, no buzz, interesting finish, l.r. baggs I-Beam active pickup, aftermarket "dove" style pickguard, hardshell case, etc!!!

  8. jreilly0078:46 AM

    above blog posted 12/8/06

  9. Anonymous7:01 AM

    im keeping an eye on it .... i will place a bid if my bidget allows me ...thnx

  10. Anonymous11:15 AM

    E-Mail post for a F-25 for sale.
    privite sale, I'm not a dealer.

  11. just put money down on one. can't wait. exactly what i've been looking for. a quality, small-bodied, vintage gibson with excellent tone and bass response. no buzzing, or intonation issues. anyone have a pic of the original case?

  12. I got my '64 when I was 12 for $30.00
    and have treasured it for the last 34 years. What a wonderful instrument.
    Nobody's ever seen one, but everyone who plays or hears it is astounded.

  13. Anonymous8:30 PM

    dont sell it unless you really need the cash , they are extremely hard to find . a few years ago there were so many on ebay , people were selling them for peanuts , now theres hardly any ...

  14. I have a 1963 Gibson F25 and will consider selling. I just don't have time to play it anymore and hate to have it not being played.
    The tone is awesome!
    My email is catoohey@aol.com if anyone is still interested.

  15. I own a vintage F25 in very good condition. I've owned it since 1974, and simply don't play anymore. I'd be happy for someone who really wants this to have it, if the offer is reasonable. The guitar is in good shape. I have folk strings on it right now, and the only thing that isn't "original" is one of the pegs. I lost one somewhere along the way, and had to replace it.

    Feel free to contact me at Gordon College where I teach.

  16. I have a 1963 Gibson F 25 for sale.
    It is in good shape but no case.
    I live in Texas...asking $1400.00.
    Email if interested.

  17. i HAVE A GIBSON FOLKSINGER FOR SALE # 303641. Am taking reasonable offers.

  18. steven8:06 AM

    Hi. what a great site. been reading for hours..

    I have a Gibson F-25 acoustic guitar. in good condition, all original. the guitar came with soft shell case. I bought it used 30 years ago.

    some varnish cracks, scuffs, etc on guitar back. lightly used.

    Serial number is 300495. machine heads say Kluson Deluxe.

    any info on a ballpark worth would be appreciated.

  19. cokealug1:41 AM

    My first FJN looked like it had had Willie Nelson as its previous owner there on the pawnshop wall in 1981-really horribly beat up but tone that would haunt you long after you put the guitar down. I regretfully gave it to my son for 1986 HS graduation and he lent it to a thief. I found another one a few years ago that is almost dead mint and has that amazing sound that only a 12 fret neck and mahagony body can produce. Hold on to your FJN's friends. Someone told me that their production numbers were only 900 total between 63 and 68

  20. I would say these values are high...I watched these guitars on ebay for almost a year before buying a 1964, which I got for just over $900.

  21. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Hi there,

    i have inherited a folk gibson guitar 6 string that has been handed down from my g/g/mother.
    From the serial numbers this was made around the mid 1930's. I also have the original case. It was made in the USA.It will only need minor work to bring back to it's former glory. Any idea what this vintage would be worth??
    Cheers, Johnno.

  22. i have a very unusual f25. It has a double parallelogram neck. very nice, very pretty.

    plays great, action was set by ross teigen.

    the pickguard is unusual as well -
    only has lower pickguard - usual paddle shape,
    but in tortoise shell, rather than the standard issue white...

    looking to sell.

    asking 1500

  23. I bought the FJN in 1964 and have had it ever since.It has a great bass sound and that's what sold me originally. Mine's in great shape, all original and still sounds fantastic. I use silk & steel strings on it, and it's AWESOME!

  24. Just bought one, it's in amazing shape. Sounds so warm.

  25. Wow. I too thought I was the only one on the planet to own one of these. Mine is a FJN with bound fretboard and double inlays rather than dots. The tone is incredible. There is a number 2 stamped beneath the serial number. I've always wondered if the 2 means it's a production second. If so, I can see no obvious defect. If anyone knows more, I'd love to hear about it. I bought it in the early 70s for about $200. Everything looks original, including the Kluson Deluxe machines. Those are the one thing I've considered replacing over the years.

  26. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Thanks for this site. I have a Gibson F25 in wonderful condition - all original. Serial number 237801 Built in 1964. No cracks, chips - neck is as true as new - wonderful action and sound. Normal checking. Asking $1500.
    Email kasvirga@yahoo.com

  27. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Ok so i have what i believe is the guitar that is being talked about, although it has no pickgaurds I bought it at a yard sale like 10 years ago of some guy who died, inside the sound hole is stamped in red F25 and on the back of the headstock is stamped the serial #269042 anybody know if this is it and how much its worth? Im not looking to sell just looking for info I love this guitar...

  28. Looking for a 1964 FJN, my favorite guitarist Bradley Nowell from the band Sublime had one and i've been looking for one ever since. Contact me please if interested in selling.


  29. I just picked up a f 25 from a kid for 80 bucks. I had no idea it is worth so much. I found the f 25 stamped inside but I can't find serial number. Can anyone help me out on where I should look? I guess I have to use a flashlight, and look more carefully inside.
    Anyway I scored huh. The thing is in great shape, it only has pick marks on it. But absolutely sounds great with that 12th fret up against the body.

  30. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I just found a jumbo FJN at a Garage sale for $100.00 yesterday. I did not know what it was but knew with Gibson on the headstock I would be fine. Here is a web site for dating your Guitar that I use all the time: http://www.guitardaterproject.org/default.aspx

    Terry - AZ - April 2010

  31. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I learned to play on my dad's 64 jumbo FJN and over the past 20 years its remained the guitar I love to play. The tone, especially bass, is special. And I love the feel of the neck. Much wider and more playable than other acoustics I've used. I'd love to know where to pick up an original case for it. Anyone?

  32. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I bought a F25 Gibson Folksinger at a yard sale in long beach Ca. in 1978 from a man named Bradley. I am assuming he was Bradley Nowell before Sublime. Exellent sound and action.According to serial # 526324 it was made in 1968.Anyone interested in buying it, I am willing to sell.Please E-Mail me at mikie1758@aol.com.

  33. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I have a Gibson F25 for sale. I think it is a 1963 model, serial # 859952 and is in good condition. It has been refinished, and the bridge has been reset. The tuning keys are not original (but are actually better quality). The body and fretboard are both in good shape. I'm asking $800.00 If you are interested, please contact me at shwnprtr@yahoo.com

  34. Hello from Seattle,
    I have a 1964 FJN I bought at Gryphon's in Palo Alto. They set up the intonation for light guage steel strings. Due to it's light bracing it has a fantastically rich tone. It has an under saddle pickup which needs an external preamp to sound good but a mic is what this guitar wants to sound best. Cheers from Seattle
    PS Why don't I see time/date stamps on these posts?

  35. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I have an F25 Folksinger for sale. You can bid on it at Ebay. All details are there. Thanks! You can email me at: tahoenow@aol.com

  36. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Gibson Acoustic Guitar Model F25 Serial # 204155 Made in 1964
    1964 200000-250335; i.e. 47 years old as of January 1, 2011
    For Sale with original case; please let me know the current price.
    Michael at MDGuillot@cox.net
    November 30, 2010

  37. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I have a 67 FJN that I just love. I bought it at a shop in Healdsburg Ca on consignment back in about 2000 for just under 800 bucks. They thought it was a Southern Jumbo. Mine is missing the pickguards, but is otherwise original and in great shape. It still has original tuners. Great tone. It's my number one player. Fits like a glove.
    Gary hdtaxman@comcast.net

  38. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I just purchased a F25 for 600$ with nicely repaired surface cracks on the back. I am conflicted as to whether i paid too much. Cool player and i think it has a great look to it as well.

  39. I have a '63 FJN (#162824).. Interesting thing about the 1963 is that only 25 of them were made, just by circumstance. I got a peek at the Gibson factory production log and it just so happens that they started manufacturing the FJN in late December of 1963, and only got 25 of them done before the end of the year.

    So if you are holding a 1963, think twice before letting it go(or call me).. rare!!! The opinions on this guitar are pretty uniform that the 1963 & 1964 guitars are great, then the later years are hit or miss.

    Jim - Jun 2011

  40. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I have had one for almost thirty years, it's got great tonation; has a built in pickup....will sell for $1500....sandsynar@yahoo.com or facebook, Sandra Synar, nw Arkansas, can send picture

  41. I have a 63 f25 in original case got it from dad it hasprobably almost never been out of the case its like new. j1956nelson@gmail.com