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Gibson es 140

Gibson Es 140 ( 1950-1956 )1968 gibson es 140 electric guitar
3/4 Archtop Electric Guitar

The gibson es 140 was designed for youngsters or adults with smaller hands . The guitar was sort of like a kid sized electric guitar reminescent to the gibson es 175 .

The guitar had a single pointed cutaway , 12 3/4" wide full depth body ( not thinline ) , all maple laminated bound body ,one p-90 pickup , a one piece mahogany neck (22 3/4" short scale) , and a silkscreen logo .

The gibson es 140 was introduced in 1950 and were discontinued in 1956 .

Vintage Guitar price value :
1950 - 1956 > $1700 to $2500 ( Natural Finishes)
1950 - 1956 > $1500 to $1900 ( Sunburst )

guitar price guide1950 - 1956 (N) Avg Upward Trend of 12% a year since 2000
1950 - 1956 (S) Avg Upward Trend of 8% a year since 2000

Note : Natural models in mint condition can sell up to $3000, from 1950 to 53 natural finishes were produced in fewer numbers .

Gibson Es-140t ( 1957-1968 )
3/4 Archtop electric guitar

In 1957 gibson introduced the gibson es-140t which was more or less the same guitar as the original es 140 but with a thinline body ( see pic ) and a gold decal logo , they were made only in sunburst finishes ,

some few natural finishes were available starting from late 1958 and are worth a little more , gibson es-140t guitars were discontinued in 1968 .

Vintage Price Value :
1957-1968 > $1500 to $1900

Avg Upward Trend of 14% a year since 2000


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I have a Gibson ES-140t in a factory natural finish.

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    yes its possible but they didn't make much in natural finishes and are very rare because it was an optional color

    if im not mistaken gibson es 140 t guitars in natural finishes were only made on demand . ( worth a little more in value )

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I have a 50's Gibson ES 140T in blond (natural) finish, the review above mistakenly says Gibson didn't make a blond model. Its gorgeous :)

  4. Anonymous8:22 PM

    i don't know if you have a reading problem but the review says very few natural finishes were made , blonds are worth more .....

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I have a es-140 T 3/4 with two pickups. These where made only in '64 (and maybe '65). The only information i found was that they where all shipped in '65. So... does anybody have a idea about the value of these guitars?

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    i was curious to see how much your guitar was worth since i have the 2006 price guide ....

    the es-140 t with 1 pickup is valued at $1500 to $1800 , and the 2 pick-up version is worth $1800 to $2500 , this is the prices i have in my price guide , it also states that they were produced in 1963-64-65 .... hope that helped

  7. Anonymous9:42 PM

    the picture of the Es-140t is not a standard guitar -- it has a Byrdland neck (notice that the logo is not a gold decal but rather the guitar has an L-5 headstock as does the Byrdland, also the neck has pearl blocks rather than the standard dots of the Es-140, and the scale length is a Byrdland 23 1/2" rather than the 22 3/4" of the standard Es-140) -- according to George Gruhn and Tom Wheeler, Gibson only made one of these guitars, in 1968.

  8. domenic8:07 PM

    I downloaded the wrong picture , i will replace it soon .... thank you for taking the time to post it .

  9. I'm curious... I have a '54 or '57 (I forget which but will check the serial number later to verify) ES 140 3/4 T Blonde in PRIMO condition... I've had a couple of offers at $2500.00 - $3000.00 but I know at least one of the guys is planning to immediately resell it (he stated he has a buyer)... Has the market really gone this high for this model?

    I hate to part with the guitar but, unfortunately, my financial situation is such that I may need to seriously consider selling it and/or an old 1930's Nat'l Duolian...

    Any info/suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Anonymous5:38 PM

    actually your getting a fair enough price for it , a blonde '57 es-140 3/4 t is valued at $1900 to $2200 ... i also want to add that it can't be a '54 , they were introduced in 1956 .

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I'm surprised they aren't worth more since it's not often that you see one for sale. I think it would have been fantastic with a full neck. I bought mine in the mid 70's for $150 and the frets were worn as well as the nut and bridge. I had it all re-done which makes it not original now with the bone inlay on the bridge but it was well worth it. I don't think I'll ever part with mine since it's been a part of my life for so long now. I appreciate finding this site and reading about other owners. Happy playing!

  12. hans schaap7:40 PM

    I have a gibson es 140 3/4 i am verry found of.
    It is one with a full depth body with a P-90 pick and in absolute topcondition, i would like to send a fotograph but don't know how to do it.

  13. the krooked cowboy4:08 AM

    I have a ES 140 the S# dates it in 49 ( I guess when it was made) it beat up pretty good, it was played or loved as I like to say. I got it in a pawn shop ten or so years ago for 400 bucks. I had my martin tuners put on it 'cause the originals were no good and just fell apart. A friend of mine had the correct tail piece for it.
    I've written many tunes on it and love the feel and shape of the instrument. Linda Manzer (canadian Luthier) had a guitar in her catalog that was a short scale arch top; they started at 10,000. I play mostly short scale guitars and i am always on the look out for a good one.

    The Krooked Cowboy

  14. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hi there .. I have just bought a `57 es 140T . I have a feeling that it is rare here in Denmark .. I got it for around 1500 bucks .. I am looking forward to get it this coming sunday ;) It is a beautyfull instrument , and it is in mint condition ...

  15. Bradley6:22 PM

    if anyone has a ES 140 3/4 in natural/blonde finish for sale, please post back. Not a reseller - adding to my collection of 3/4 guitars.

  16. I have a Gibson ES-140 (3/4) #Y67753. Can you tell me where I can get tuners for it, the plastic ends on these have disintegrated. Otherwise it is in great shape. It has one pick-up and sunburst finish.

  17. Hollis8:28 PM

    I have a 1952 ES 140N in mint condition, where can I find out how much it is worth..

  18. I also have a natural 140 3/4. Bought i 2nd hand 30 years ago. I read conflicting accounts of which year the naturals were made and what quantity. One site claims that just 30 were made in 1956. Is there anyone who has a clue?


  19. You should contact Gibson, there are still a couple of older craftsmen there who might know more about these, or who else you might contact for more info. Try the Gibson forums here;

  20. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Looking at purchasing a 1956 Gibson ES-140-T with no pick guard. Other than EBay, where can I find one in Canada or US?

  21. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I have an ES140 3/4T. Don' know what year. I still use it at gigs. It sounds amazing! Such a little guitar and it sounds so big. I use heavy strings (12 thru 54 with a plain 20 third string). Dial out the bass on the amp. It gets a "natural" type of feedback that I can control. I wish Gibson (or others would make something similar. I have a hollow body PRS that is no match on the tone to this little guy...

  22. I have an ES-140, where would I find the serial number?

  23. I have an ES140 3/4 Sunburst, where do I find the serial number?

  24. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I have a Gibson ES 140T in blond (natural) that I got at Guitar Center about 7 or 8 years ago. It was hanging on the wall of used guitars. I glanced up and saw it as I was leaving the store. I'm in the Rocky Mountains and they said it came from somewhere in the East. I bought it almost before they found a tall ladder and got it down for me. I traded my new Cordoba for it plus a few hundred. I think I paid $1600 total. It's in pristine condition with its original case and I'll never sell it. It'll be owned by my daughter one day and if she sells it I'll strangle her.

  25. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I have a ES 140 3/4 T, 1957. Any idea if it worth anything or should I use it for firewood? ;-)

  26. I have a 1950-56 Serial # 6042 in wonderful condition for sale $1850. In Tampa. 727-458-8959

  27. I have a '62 3/4 size bought from Elderly Instruments. Its gears are in tough shape, will start looking for nice aftermarket replacements. If anybody knows a good aftermarket gear set (rack gears, 3 per side), I'm not worried about strict authenticity if something better is on the market. I'll watch this space.

  28. ES140 3/4T 0695 9

    Perfect sunburst.

    Approx value


  29. ES140 3/4T 0695 9

    Sunburst all orig great condition.

    Approx value?