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Gibson Es 150

Gibson Es-150 Guitar ( 1936- 1956 )
gibson es-150
The gibson es- 150 guitar was introduced in 1936 and is historically an important model , it was 16 1/4" wide and it had the earliest truly succesful magnetic pickups . In those days the es-150 guitar was sold for $78 without case and amp .

It was an archtop guitar , non-cutaway , it had a bound body , charlie christian pick ups from 1936 to 1939 , pickguard and rosewood fingerboard , dot inlays , f-holes , pearl logo and were made in sunburst finish .

During this time they also made the an upgrade version which was called the Gibson Es-250 with new charlie christian pickups

In 1940 gibson started making the es 150 with various metal covered pickups , it had a unbound fingerboard and production stopped or paused for world war II .

In 1946 gibson started remaking the es-150 , the guitars were 17" wide and pickups were replaced by the p-90s , the fingerboard had dot inlays , pickguard had a beveled edge and were made in sunburst finish . ( discontinued in 1956 )

Vintage Guitar Prices :
1936-1939 > $4000 to $5000 ( charlie christian pickups )
1940-1942 > $3000 to $4000 ( metal covered pick ups )
1946-1956 > $1700 to $2000 ( p-90 pickups )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 12% a Year since 2000

Gibson es-150 DC ( 1969-1975 )1970 gibson es 150 DC

The gibson es 150 DC was introduced in 1969 , the guitar was an archtop double rounded cutaway , had two humbuckers , multi bound body , most fingerboards had block inlays , 4 knobs plus a master volume , and were made in cherry , natural , or walnut finishes .

Guitar price value :
1969-1975 > $2000 to $2500

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 6% a Year since 2000


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    i have a 1941 es 150 in great condition in the shop for a few bridge adjustments and a restring and i have its original amp in even better condition with the original case i believe and i was curious as to how much it would be worth

  2. domenic7:42 PM

    if you have a gibson es 150 you can probaly fetch 3 to 4 thousand dollars with the case

    I can not give you a specific value because i will have to see it.

  3. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I have what appears to be a Gibson Es 150 DC. I'm confused as to what year it is. The serial number stamped on the back of the head reads "558960". On the sticker inside it reads:
    Style: Guitar
    Gibson ES 150 new
    Number 558960 is hereby GUARANTEED against faulty workmanship and materials.
    Gibson INC. Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.

    The person I got this from said that they got for christmas in 1964. I was curious as to how that's possible when I read on your site that the Es 150 DC wasn't produced until 1969. Do you think that person was lying? I don't see why they would. I'm just looking to find out what year my instrument is and how much it is worth. I have the original case and it's in less than perfect condition but still intact. The guitar, on the other hand, is great except for a couple of scratches. I'm just mainly wondering what year it is and how much it's worth. Thanks!

  4. domenic10:28 PM

    all serial # from

    558000 to 567400 on gibson guitars were made in 1969 ,so your es-150 dc was manufactured in 1969 according to the serial # you gave me .

    the value of your es-150 dc also depends on the color and finish .

    if its a natural finish and in good condition you can get anywhere from $2300 to $2700

    if its in cherry or walnut you can fetch from $2200 to $2400 .

    prices are from the price guide .

  5. Anonymous12:33 PM

    i have a gibson 1938 es 150 in decent condition (there is a crack on the face about 2 inches long). it also has the gibson amp. to go with it,which works. the original guitar case is also there. i was curious as to what it would be worth and where it would be easiest to sell.

  6. domenic7:34 PM

    for the amp ill need the model , as for the guitar without the crack and case , its valued at $4500 to $5000 presuming you have the original charlie christian pickups on it .

    If you want to sell it fast , put it on ebay at no reserve with the case and dont worry about it , collectors will bid.

    Also keep in mind that people wont bid at the begining of the auction , they'll wait for the last minute to bid and buy it .

    i cant give you the exact value of your guitar because i need to see it but the prices above is just to give you an idea of what to expect presuming its all original and in good condition .

  7. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I have recently bought what appears to be a Gibson ES150 DW.
    I have searched the 'DW' with little or no luck.
    Also the serial number is 624711 and i am also having trouble dating it..
    Any Ideas?

  8. Anonymous6:42 AM

    are you sure its an es-150 dw and not an es-150dc ? personally never heard of dw .

    Where is the "dw" written on the guitar ? More info would be appreciated ( features , specs , pic )

    Also , if the serial number is stamped in back of the peghead with " made in the usa " below it , your guitar was made in the early seventies (1970 to 72)

  9. Anonymous9:41 PM

    The ES150 I purchased in 1973 had the DW designation which meant, Dark Wood

    For more info


  10. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I have an early 50's ES 150. It has the P90 pickup, but the body is only 16" wide. I had read that they widened the body to 17" after WW2. I'm a bit confused. I can't find a serial number, but there's a stamp inside that says ""36S". I have the original case, and the guitar has a few dings, (from me, what a jerk), but is otherwise in sweet shape. Any ideas as to value? Thanks.

  11. Anonymous10:15 PM

    are you sure its an es-150 ? do you have a picture of your guitar posted on the internet ? it would help if i could of seen it ...

  12. Anonymous10:18 PM

    you have to find out the year it was made to know its value ..there should be an ink stamped serial number inside the guitar ? ..

  13. HI, I have a 1935 Gibson Charlie Christian Sunburst, in mint condition with case, do you have an ide aon the price for it? thanks.

  14. do you have an es-150 or es-250 , they both had charlie christian pick ups , and how do you know it was made in 1935 ?

    Are you selling the guitar ? do you have pics , Id be interested ..

  15. Anonymous7:40 PM

    anymore info on your guitar ? fon # ? specs ? post your email , im interested too .

  16. Anonymous10:49 AM

    concerning the ES 150 DC/DW: A guy who seemed to be very well informed let me know, that "DC" stands for "double" (pickup) and "cherry", "DW" stands for "double" and "walnut" and there is a "DN" for "double" and "natural". If anybody has further informations, please let me know: ehellmusic@t-online.de . Mine is a ES 150 DW, S# 958073. Any idea about monetary value? Greetings from germany

  17. Anonymous7:20 PM

    DC = Double Cutaway

  18. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hi Anonymous | 7:20 PM (or anybody)
    Are there ES 150 DC, DW and DN?
    Do you know about orange or white label? Is it true, that Gibson used Serial #'s from the late '60ies again in the '70ies? Does anybody know somthing about the different buildup of the neck/peghead - transition in Gibson Guitars? It seems to be a detective story, a puzzle, to get referenced informations about one single guitar ... please let me know: - ehellmusic@t-online.de -

  19. Anonymous10:31 AM

    there were only two models made according to the literature i have ( es-150 and es-150DC )

    Oval white labels were used from 1947 to January 1955

    Orange labels were used from January 1955 to 1964

    There were also Orange label with "union made" on them from 1964 to 1969 .

  20. Anonymous7:01 AM

    I have what appears to be a '68 ES 150TDC (the orange label says ES 150DW. Has a factory Bigsby, no volute, no "made in USA" on back of headstock and a serial number of 9188XX (obviously not really x's). There is no "union made" on the label...any ideas to the actual production year?

  21. Anonymous6:41 PM

    your serial number indicates that it was produced in 1968 .

  22. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I have what looks like an ES-150 DC.
    I was told by the son of the original owner that It was custom made to order at the factory and picked up from he factory.
    The first 3 numbers of the serial number is 557 and It has a made in the USA below the serial number which would sugest early 70's..but here's the catch.
    The label says ES-175 D...and it's tobacco sunburst.
    I've never heard of a double cutaway ES-175 D.
    Any ideas?

  23. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I have a Gibson ES150DW which I bought brand new in Feb 1973. It has "Made In USA" etched on the back of the pegboard just below the SN: 614xxx. In addition, there's a orange sticker viewable from the top f-hole which has the hand-written model & serial # The color is walnut (a medium brown color) with double cutaway, twin humbuckings with (tone/volume controls for each), and separate a master volume. It is a semi-acoustic and is exactly like a ES335 but a thicker body.

  24. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I have a 1938 ES-150 with case. It was my granfather's, he played in a jazz band. It is in good condition, but it was used. I have pictures if anyone is interested. I'd like to know how much I can sell it for. K

  25. Anonymous1:16 PM

    A Gibson ES-150DCW means:

    Electric Spanish 150 Double Cutaway Walnut.

    If it was Natural finish, it would be a ES-150DCN.

    I have yet to see a Cherry model of this guitar. I don't think it ever happened.

    The model designation means nothing else, no secret codes.

    do not look for fish in the
    ground, they're always under water.

    It does not mean "Double Pickup". They ALL had two pickups.

    This guitar is the same shape as a ES-335, 345, and 355, but "fat" and hollow.

    I know, I have one. "W" is for Walnut. "DC" is for "Double Cutaway", to diferentiate it from the original ES-150 which had no cutaways.

    And I disagree about the dates.

    These ES-150DCW guitars started being Sold in 1968, not 1969.

    If I show you a store receipt from August 1968, would you then believe it?

    You would probably say the receipt has been altered?

    If I show you a MasterCard Statement showing the amount paid, to whom, and the Date of the Transaction, matching the Receipt, would you then believe it?

    The Moral in all of this:
    -do not believe everything you read about Serial Numbers and Dates. Use it only as a guide. Only Gibson knows the real story-
    Good day.

  26. Anonymous9:08 AM

    does anyone know if the es 150D is semi hollow or a fully hollow?

  27. I have E150 in reasonably good condition. I still gig with it. It was brought to Asia during the Vietnam War and the GI insisted t was once owned by Charlie Christian. It's a doll but mysteriously to me at least) it has no truss rod and the one pickup has been move center above the sound hole. Have original case too a bit battered but I have the guitar and case on the market here at $2000. Fair price?

  28. Sorry..I meant ES 150 and the pickup is now positioned where a normal acoustic sound hole WOULD be. Email mangodust@gmail.com if you want a recent picture...or if you have any info I might use...

  29. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I have a gibson es? It only has a stamp inside that says Y6941 31 and that is all I can find. What model and year is it?

  30. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hey, I am looking into a 1944 es 150, according to this information production was paused during WWII. Is this just really rare, or not in existence. Thanks

  31. I have what I belive is an es-150 made bet.'36 and'39. numbers on the inside are: lower f-hle, 44003 stamped on w/ 1st 4 smudged and 3 in red ink, upper f-hle wrtn in pencil lxxx w/ 103 below it. have pics, plays well. A few minor dings and small 4" crack near tailpc running w/ grain.
    Does this info give you any idea of its age, origin,etc.

  32. Anonymous1:44 PM


  33. Anonymous7:05 PM

    gibson es 150 numbers inside f hole 1451 30 this is probley the fon # do you know what year and value it might have

  34. Anonymous4:45 PM

    OK try this one...
    Ive got a ES 150
    number stamped inside
    4437 29
    I cant find not one Gibson pattern that fits
    Can anyone help?

  35. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I´m almost buying a ES-150DN. The owner said me that was made in 1968 and he wants $1500 for this Guitar.
    It´s a fair price?


  36. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Hello, first time poster,
    My name is Pietro and am a player who , looking for guitars to play , have also collected a few.
    I have a ES 150 DN # 603031 on back of head and on orange oval label inside. The label actually reads ES 175 DN. Date?
    Plays great although lower volume than with other dual humbuckers I have. Could this be due to the added (factory) master volume knob? Any advice as to switching out the PUs for hotter ones? It is in great condition with only one small neck indent from what looks to be a collision. Neck is very similar to my 75 Les Paul Deluxe "Pro" which, by the way, has proven to be all original although the model didn't hit the gibson catalog until 78.
    I can be reached at
    intoku@sbcglobal.net if anyone has nay ideas, comments, advice etc.

  37. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I have a es150 gibson in fairly great shape. written inside of body is es-150 and under that is written #606. My uncle who use to record in nashville years ago gave it to me and said it was played a few times by jimmy dickens. what does the 606 mean and is it very much money wise.

  38. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I have a ES150 made in 1950 with original case and hang tags. I understand it came from a farmer in Texas. The reputable seller told me he kept it under the bed for years. And it looked like it. Preserved!

    It's in beautiful condition. Neck is perfect. Finish is gorgeous. Not all the little cracks like most. I replaced the pickguard with a duplicate. Saved the old one. It was warped a little. Has Thomastik GB flatwounds on it. Tone tone tone!
    The case has the upper part of a latch missing,the handle is missing the leather wrap and part of a hinge is missing. Seriously considering selling. Have pics available. gle3105@yahoo.com

  39. Anonymous10:19 AM


    does the ES-150DC has a center block like the 335, 3345 or 355 ??

    Or is it fully hollow like an ES-330 ?

  40. Hello - We have a Gibson ES-150 just like the one that is pictured at the top of this page. Model # is T614922. We've always thought it was a 1958 model. Will you help us determine what the value would be today, please ? It does have the case as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much !

  41. have what is supposed to be a 1949 es125 archtop, one owner; taken to memphis and verified as a 1949 es125 archtop worht about 3,00.00....it sure looks like the es 150 on this page...as i dealt in high dollar arabian horses, sometimes the papers cidn't fit the horse. is this such a case or was there some es125's produced in 1949?( i am told there were 80 and 40 went to established stars as gifts for publicity...thewhitesatchmo@yahoo.com

  42. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I have a 1936-1939 Gibson ES-150 ( Charlie Christian). It needs some restoration but nothing serious. Pick-up working and sounds great. Want to swop it for a Gibson SG (Lefthanded model) any year.

  43. Hi!
    I'm about to buy a Gibson Es-150 Charlie Christian.
    I alreday saw it, and I will take some pics today, so wait for pics.
    It has a regular condition (I'd say good to be a 1935).
    Seller claims it's one of the 200 ES-150 Charlie Christian that were produced on the first run.
    ES-150 was officialy released on 1936, if I'm not wrong.
    The guitar's missing the original tuners (has some other ES-150's tuners that didn't fit well) and pickguard. Has some dings and one of the back's support wood is unglued, making the back to "sink" inside. A well skilled repair tech might do it fine.
    Serial number is: DG-2045, original hand-winded blade Charlie Christian pickup, seem to be original pots, wiring, and bridge.

    I'll try to get pics for you as soon as I can.
    Please help me, is there really a 1935 production? Are they rare? How much do you think it's worth?

  44. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I have a es 150 walnut sn 542xxx in good condition any idea what year and how much it might be worth?

  45. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I Have a Super 400 CES,Blond,Alnico Pickups 1956 in very good condition. #A24674. I don't play anymore due to physical problems. A music store offered me $10,000 for it. I saw it yesterday online in sunburst for $27,000 at frettedamericana. I don't expect that much but what do you suggest I do to get more then $10,000 for it.
    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

  46. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Not sure how old these posts are, but I just saw a 1956 Super 400 in a collection. It had a $18,000 tag on it, along with all the original case candy, hang tags, everything. It was truly in mint condition with the exception of minor oxidation on some of the metal parts.

    Instead bought a 1956 ES-150 in excellent condition (very minor nicks and dings) for $1800. At one-tenth the cost, it sure plays and sounds great!

  47. songbird6352@yahoo.com5:48 PM

    I have a 1952 Gibson ES-150 Hollow body Archtop. The serial number stamped inside the F hole is Z2162-24. This guitar is in phenomenal condition for a 59 year old guitar. The only repair that I'm aware that it needs is the pick guard was snapped off at the corner next to the neck by an overzealous teenager. Other than that it's in great condition. The tuners I think are not original as they are metal and I think that originally the tuners were plastic for this guitar. There are no deep scratches and only minor wear. There are no cracks. The case is original and in very good condition. The pickup is P-90 and works well. Any idea what this guitar with case is worth. I have photos I can post if that would help. Thanks

  48. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Date: 10/11/11
    I have a 1938 Gibson ES150 that is looking for a new home. I had it looked at by a local dealer and he told me that he would never in his lifetime see another one of these that was in such good shape. I know he lowballed me because he had a buyer for it. Anyone who would like more information, please email me at kbagsh@aol.com Make sure you put in the subject line GIBSON GUITAR

  49. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I received an ES150 DC in 1969 (a gift from an admirer) when it first hit the display window in MOZART MUSIC in Norfolk, VA, and I dreamed about the guitar for weeks until it was mine.

    On its first gig I found that it fed back when playing loud, so I stuffed it and covered the stuffing paper with red cardboard from a box I cut up. It looked fine and sounded great after that. The only thing about it (and the present 137 model) is in the first position the neck is very narrow which is fine for jazz, but not good for country twang or blues string pulls.

    If I had it to do over I'd have opted for a 335 with a wider neck, narrower body and stop bar instead of the trapeze tailpiece.

  50. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I have a 1936 Gibson ES-150 w/appointments of L4 (Flat back inlay, Mother of pearl inlay). In good condition per appraisal. Still in original case. Someone told my dad its value is $8,500. I have a written appraisal of about $4,000. So confused. What do you say?

  51. Anonymous12:43 AM

    es 150 with Kalamazoo on the headstock in the same font as Gibson, circa 1936. Why Kalamazoo and not gibson?

  52. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I inherited a Gibson hollow body however ther is no serial number only a sticker of a buisness do I have a fake gibson? Email me at southernguy9975@yahoo.com I'm curious and need help on identifying it.

  53. How large is the neck on a 1972 Gibson ES 150? I have a Rickenbacker 330 that is completely comfortable to play. I am afraid that the ES 150 may have a baseball bat neck. Anyone can help please. Also, the owner is asking $2300 that includes the hard shell case. Thank you for any help!

  54. I was lucky enough to pick up a 1938 es-150. She is in very good condition. It would have been in top shape had the pick guard not gassed out. The binding on the pickguard was not broken so I have sent it to Paul Fox in Lowell, Mass. He is hand making a new one using the org. binding. Like a kid at Christmas, I can't wait to put it on. Not bragging but I own 20 some guitars starting from 1973 and this Gibson is be the star on top of the tree.