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Gibson Heritage Guitar

Gibson Heritage Flat Top Acoustic (1964-1982)

1970 gibson heritage flat top acoustic guitarGibsons mission in 1964 was to create a gibson model guitar that was affordable and embraced by guitar players who followed folk ,country and bluegrass music . This model was the gibson heritage .

It was introduced in 1965 ,the guitar was simple looking, it had square shoulders , spruce top ,brazilian rosewood body with tortoise binding ( back and top ) , tortoise pickguard , and came in natural finishes .

In 1968 gibson started making the same heritage guitars but with indian rosewood bodies and black pickguards .

During the 70s the heritage guitars had large block rectangular inlays , and large curly pointed bridges . Discontinued in 1982 .

Vintage guitar price value :
1964 - 1968 > $2200 to $2600 ( Brazilian rosewood )
1968 - 1982 > $1100 to $1500 ( Indian rosewood )

guitar price guide1964 - 1968 > Avg Upward Trend Of 22% a Year since 2000
1968 - 1982 > Avg Upward Trend Of 7% a Year since 2000

Gibson Heritage - 12 String ( 1968 -1970 )

In 1968 they also made the heritage 12 string guitar with basically the same specs like the heritage 1968 model , flat top dreadnought , indian rosewood or brazilian rosewood back and sides , bound body ( top and back ), were made in natural finishes .

Vintage price value :
1968 - 1970 > $1200 to $1600

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 9% a Year since 2000


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I would like to correspond with anyone who knows Gibson history. I have a Heritage dated 1968, which was a transitional year. My guitar appears to be Braz. Rosewood (not Indian), it has the newere w/b/ binding, but the tortoise pickguard and the new headstock inlays, also a "belly-down" adj. bridge. I cannot find too many of these around. kjander0330@msn.com

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    In early 68 gibson still made heritage models in brazilian rosewood wood with tortoise pickguards until mid 68 when they decided to use black pickguards and indian rosewood.

    Its possible that your guitar was built in late 68 with early 68 parts and design . Its not uncommon , fender and gibson did this with many of their guitars during transitional periods .

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Hey what's up I just wanna let you know that I'm 13 and I own A 1968 Gibson Heritage 12 guitar in sunburst and it is probably my favorite guitar I own and my other guitars are 1998 Gibson Les paul Studio 1 of 640 and A 2003 Gibson Blues King. Therfore you must be saying it must be A really special guitar.Well it is. if anyone can tell me what my heritage in mint condition is worth please leave a comment on this site cuz I don't wanna leave my E mail.thanks your fellow guitar fanatic, jammin2praise

  4. Are you sure its a heritage ? According to the books they made them only in natural colors but then again they are sometimes wrong.

    Anyways , they are great guitars i have one too , you can get anywhere from $1000 to $1400 according to the post above .

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Ya man absloutely sure it's a heritage 12 in sunburst i actuelly am not the original owner my grandfather traded for it about 20 years ago but i actuelly still have the original factory tag so it definately is thanks for telling me man

  6. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Hi this is a dumb question but what do you guys think is the best cleaner for a 68 Heritage 12 and 98 LP studio thanks

  7. Anonymous10:48 PM

    hey could someone possibly tell me what kind of wood a 1968 heritage 12 in sunburst is cuz i don't have a book

  8. most of them had rosewood bodies with mahogany necks, any guitar cleaner at your local music store should be fine .

  9. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I had an early Gibson Heritage that I am very confident had a solid Braz. rosewood back. Had very nice warm tone, but only moderate volume. I sold it at a show in Nashville a few years back to a Japanese buyer for $750.00. Not one of my better deals. I missed it so much that I bought another 60's model with laminated back. Sounds the same, but even less volume. If you have one of the few solid back models, pass it on to your grandchildren!

  10. Anonymous3:19 PM

    lol , i do agree with you , i have a late 60s gibson heritage and i would never trade it for any guitar .

    at one point i wanted to sell it but i don't want to go through the "don't know what you've got till its gone" thing ...

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Every Heritage 12 I have ever seen was made with laminated Brazilian rosewood. The Brazilian that Gibson used was a brown to chocolate color with prominent black streaking.

    Most of the 1960s Heritages were laminated Brazilian but a few of the early ones were solid. All of the Blueridges were laminated.

    There are reports that Gibson switched to East Indian rosewood in the late '60s. I am pretty sure that this didn't happen until the 1970s -- I have owned one of those guitars and it was solid.

  12. Thats interesting because i have a 68 heritage 12 and im pretty sure its made with indian rosewood ....

    i can also supply pics to back my claim ....

  13. Anonymous5:51 PM

    As a collector ive seen quite a few guitarS from gibson with indian rosewood that were made during the late 60s. I don't know where you get your reports but i don't think they started building guitars with indian rosewood only during 70s . However I do agree with you that most heritage guitars were made in brazilian , but not all .

  14. If you have a Heritage 12 made of Indian, I would be very interested in seeing a picture. To my knowledge, all were made with laminated Brazilian rosewood. The 1970 catalog shows this although Gibson catalogs are often notoriously wrong...

    Gibson's only other rosewood guitars between 1968-70 were the Blue Ridge, the Bossa Nova, the C-8 classical and the C-6 Richard Pick Classical. Like the Heritage, all were laminated Brazilian except the C-6 and C-8 which were solid Brazilian.

    The few Heritages made with solid rosewood were the early 6 strings in Brazilian and the '70s 6 strings in Indian (like mine).

    If you have pics, please email me michaelthalloran@comcast.net

  15. gibson literature , and other guitar guides by alen greenwood and gil hembree states that they made some heritage guitars both 6 and 12 strings in indian rosewood from 1968 and on .. now as to how many it doesn't mention ...gene

  16. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Hello Heritage Fans, please help! I looked up my heritage on the Gibson website by the serial number which says that the guitar was made in aprx. '68. However there is no pickguard nor does it seem that there ever was. The design around the sound hole has three black lines in a yellow circle enclosed by another single black line in a yellow circle. The neck has pearl dot inlays and the bridge is not the wavy design pictured on this site. The back is made of two pieces that are fused with a funky pattern about 1/4" wide. The serial number is: 952550. Any info would be appreciated.

  17. hi, i have a 68 heritage but the label is missing. does anyone have a picture of what it should look like??? oval??? bridesri@yahoo.com

  18. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I am looking at one of these from a friend that is used, and for some reason is stamped w/ a "2" on the back. Any thoughts?

    1. I also have a Heritage 12 that I bought as a second - it has a '2' that is stamped into the finish by the serial number. I understand they made a lot of 2nd's in that period; I bought mine new - and cheap.

  19. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Check this out,
    Date place and number produced that day of your Gibson.

  20. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I have a gibson melody maker with a serial # of 108564, in very good original condition. A couple of small dings and very little checking. anybody know what the value is ?

  21. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I forgot to mention it has a double pickup and sounds great.

  22. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I have owned a '67 heritage since 1969 and love its ease of play though the volume is a bit low.
    The tortoise binding is bleeding slightly into the top. Is this a detriment or an asset of age?
    The binding has a couple of small chips. Can this be repaired?

    Why don't guitar makers use tortoise shell materials any longer? Is it because it is too expensive?

  23. Anonymous12:28 AM

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  24. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I'm looking at buying a Gibson Heritage (post 1980 model) that is a factory 2nd, but otherwise appears to be in pretty good condition. Does anyone know how much of a discount from market price a factory 2nd should be?

  25. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Can anyone help me here? I think my guitar is a 1976 (?) Heritage. The serial no. is etched in the headstock (then lacquered over) and reads B00-947. Bought recently for $1000. Some checking (cracking) in the lacquer but cosmetically ok otherwise. Is this a good price or did I get ripped off?

  26. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Hi, I have a Gibson Heritage dated 1976. FYI you can call Gibson customer service at an 800 number they give out on their website. They dated my guitar and suggested I send pictures via their email to get further info as to whether the guitar was solid wood, customized etc.

  27. Anonymous9:31 PM

    In 1972 I bought a 1970 Heritage that was new and had been hanging around the guitar store. It is Brazilian rosewood, back and sides and the neck. The top is German spruce and the fretboard is African mahogany. It was low toned and quiet, so I had a bone saddle installed and a custom action done and this guitar plays like butter and sounds awesome. This guitar was made at a time when Gibson was having trouble with their serial number markings. My guitar could have been made between 1964 and 1970. I have a card from Norwood saying it was made in 1970. ?

  28. Anonymous9:25 AM

    My mid-sixties Heritage is a favorite of mine. Very warm, and easy to play. Only moderate volume.
    Has laminate back and sides, however its sounds just like a prior Heritage that I owned that I am sure had a solid back. Early ones Prone to bridge problems, but still sound wonderful. I highly recommend.

  29. Anonymous2:18 PM

    My husband has a 1966 Brazilian Rosewood he would like to sell. He has called Gibson and was told it is a more rare than other years.

    It is in excellent condition, he just doesn't have any interest in playing and would like to get in the hands of someone who does.

    Any suggestions of how much to ask for it? Or where would be best to sell it?


  30. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I have a Gibson Acoustic Ser.# 632290 Model # B-25-D. What is the meaning of the letter D.Also what is the value of this fine sounding Guitar, I have had this many years and paid 200.00

  31. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I just purchased a 69 Gibson Heritage Brazilian Rosewood. I love the Tone. It is a little warm but no warmer than an old Martin Dreadnaught. String selection will most time cure "Warm Guitar Blues"......I am retiring to West Virginia to take care of an aging parent, mother. Lost my wife to cancer Dec 07, kids are grown and moved away. Plan to do a lot of front porch sittin and back porch pickin. I love these ole Gibson's, they were what I learned to play on. Here's to the good life...... James

  32. Anonymous5:40 PM

    A family member gave me a gibson heritage custom acoustic guitar to re string and clean up after years of storage under a bed. Everything is original and neck straighten up nice and sounds great. This was bought in early seventies for $350.00. Original tag inside has
    MODEL Heritage Custom
    Talks about guarantee union made
    Gibson inc Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
    No serial # any where I find this odd. I have inspected this inside out and cannot find one. This was bought at a music store back in 1975 and they are the only owners of this guitar. What could I be missing? Thanks for any info.

  33. jdrsparky5:35 PM

    I just purchased a heritage 'made in korea' acoustic advertised as a gibson heritage. It doesnt say gibson anywhere. I need help to fix the situation quickly. Thanks.

  34. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Hi ! I bought an 1976 heritage recently : sounds great, looks great !
    but I'd like to know if it's normal that there's a round screw in the inside, in the big piece of wood that maintain the fretboard ; the luthier says it could have been added later... then I'm a little bit worried because it could mean it's to prevent the bending of the fretboard... please could an owner of an heritage tell me... thanks !

  35. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Same as the above post, I was given a family member's Gibson Heritage Custom with original tag inside (union made, Kalamazoo, Michigan, etc). However, this one does have a serial number (back side, top of handle). Excuse wording, don't know much about guitars. Serial number is six digit with Made in USA below number. According to Gibson, this serial info would mean the guitar was made in the years 1969-1975.

  36. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Does anyone have an old brige off of a mid-70's Gibson Heritage that has the pointy ends with pearl inlay? If not I would settle for a tracing. I need it to make a new bridge from a blank to restore as original as possible...Thanks

  37. Hello friends...
    I wonder if anyone has a Gibson custom heritage 1973-75,
    for sale?
    just an old singer/songwriter..
    from the `70s.
    this was the first acoustic guitar i ever bought.
    got stolen back in 77.
    You could email me at...robinandsons@gmail.com

  38. I have a Heritage serial numbered to 1969 It has a back belly bridge, black pickguard and tortoise binding. No headstock decoration except GIBSON in pearl. Fretboard with dot inlays. Multi lined sealed gold tuners.

    Sounds great and the volume is fine. The back and sides are rosewood but I have no idea if they are Brazilian or Indian. good grain and some figure but not extravagant. Seems to be solid.

    A nice easy playing guitar with a bit clearer tone than the base washed sound I get from my martin D.

    apparently, Gibson blended lots of different characteristics into these late 60's instruments. This one has the tortoise binding and no headstock decoration of the first models but the back belly bridge and the black pickguard of the late 60's instruments.

    the narrow nut and long scale should make it hard to play but not so. Picks fast and easy and has jo bad habits.

    My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy, even for such a big box.


  39. truckturnout7:11 AM

    I bought a Gibson Custom Heritage in a music store in Brockton Ma.Back in 68.I use Elixir lights and a Fishman pickup.I would NEVER sell or trade it for any other instrument.Its a beautiful classic that plays like satin.Durable as can be and the eyeballs still click when I open the case in a club.Truckturnout

  40. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I wanted to know if anyone knows what year a Gibson Heritage with a serial number of A005992 would be. It has the tortoise pickguard and the tag inside says it was made in Kalamazoo, the orange tag. Tried Gibsons' website and it was a bit confusing.

  41. Anonymous5:29 AM

    helloo :)
    i have a heritage guitar that is rose wood i believe its got square shoulders square bridge heritage printed in block writting the number W 300 M printed on the inside with custom made for australian music or something like that underneath the serial # is 808303...no pickguard..anyone no if its real or fake and/or the value? id really appreciate someone emailing me :) simply.compliKATEed@hotmail.com :)

  42. Anonymous6:21 AM

    am selling my 1976 Heritage, made in Kalamazoo, has #2 on back of headstock but cant find a blemish. Want $2500. also have Epiphone acoustic, no name banjo, and other instruments. email Mike@hmsys.com

  43. Anonymous9:44 AM

    hello i have a gibson custom heritage 6string with hardshell case with a rise in the case serial# is 092830 could any one tell me what year this is by chance it was bought at a local music store it plays great sounds great as well i would like to see if anyone could tell me the year of it. it also could be 4 sale?

  44. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Anyone know where I can find a bridge for 1978 Heritage with MOP inlay same as the one posted on this website?

  45. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I have a gibson custom heritage 6 string. It has the orange label. Kalamazoo, union made etc. The serial # is on back of headstock A60562. Everything I can find says that it should have 6 numbers. Any ideas of when it was manufactured?

  46. I have a 1973 Gibson Heritage Custom, with US-MADE Grover tuners,that have "Gibson Patent Pending " on them.I have had this guitar for over 20 years.Inside the soundhole is an orange " Union-Made" sticker.

    Original tuners,case,bridge pins.I even have the store hang-tag and register receipt!It's a bit beat,but I would never VOLUNTARILY sell it.The guitar was purchased brand-new back in '73 by our church choir director;it has a lot of sentimental memories.For those who still have theirs, HANG ON TO IT!!

  47. I have a 1979 Gibson Heritage Custom made in Kalamazoo, that is in very good to excellent condition with OHSC. I will take $1800.00 for it. Here is a link to the pics.

  48. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I have a 1965 Gibson Heritage i bought when i got out of the Air Force.I promised myself a nice one and it hasn't disapointed.I'm 71 now and i play it more than ever.Got the nice hard shell case.Still sounds great.

  49. Anonymous5:54 PM

    i have a 1965 heritage with a hard shell case,i bought it in 1965 when i got home from the service.it is a great guitar,it still has a wonderful sound.i use a medium string.got a new snark tuner to help keep it sounding great.go gibson

  50. Anonymous10:04 AM

    For what its worth, I have found several Gibson Blue Ridge models that were in fact solid back/sides. I am sure Gibson did not always go by the books on these things--really, a trained eye is the best way to assess a guitar's build quality and specs. (This is in response to the comment above that Blue Ridge models were all laminates)

    There are several other folks online who also claim they had solid back/sides models.

  51. Anonymous8:42 AM


    I have a 70's Gibson Heritage which I bought around 1993. I understand it was found stored in a hot attic and suffered some face cracks which were subsequently repaired. I've had it for over 25 tears (I mean years) and the cracks haven't worsened. This is the model with the fancy appointments like side inlaid neck. The truss rod plate over the headstock says something like "Heritage - A True American" or something like that..all looks original so I'm wondering whether this was a factory "Gibson departure" on the truss plate words...any ideas? Please email me at seatrane@gmail.com. Thanks.

  52. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I have a Gibson Heritage but not sure of the building year, so i want to know how to see the difference between brazilian or indian rosewood..