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Gibson J-25

Gibson J 25 Flat top ( 1983-1985 )

gibson j-25The gibson j-25 in my opinion is a lower end imitation of the j-45, however its definately worth the money if you happen come across one .

The gibson j-25 was introduced in 1983 and was made in Nashville, the guitar is 16 1/3" wide , its a round shouldered dreadnought ,

gibson j-25 2/4 viewebony fingerboard , synthetic semi round back , laminated spruce top , it has a tourtoise pickguard ,

unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays , decal logo and were made in natural or sunburst finishes .

Guitar Price Value :
1983 - 1985 > $400 to $650

Pictures are from one of our viewers. ( click to enlargen )


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I own a J-25 purchased new in 1988 at the bargain price of $500 USD. The J-25 was on sale at the guitar shop because they were the "ugly ducking" of the Gibson line due to the composite back...nobody wanted one and the guy couldn't get rid of them.

    This guitar has a beautiful rich tone. The composite back makes it a good road guitar. It doesn't collect the invarible dings and scratches from normal use.

    I can send a photo if anyone is interested.

  2. domenic1:39 PM

    you can send a picture here and ill post it if you don't mind .


    i searched every and i couldnt find one single picture of the j-25 .

  3. Anonymous3:27 AM

    The J-25 is really under rated.
    It has a beautiful warm tone and is such a comfortable instrument to play.
    I am hanging on to mine as they seem to be so rare. They will be collectable one day

  4. I picked up a J-25 (and original case) through the recycler for $300 in the early 90's. The guy I bought if from worked at the Fender custom guitar shop. Needless to say he took great care in my newly purchased J-25.

    I like this guitar very much - it's my "daily driver". The tone is very nice - not as good as my J-45 or Gospel, but still quite good. Overlooked by many because of the composite body - too bad.

    If anyone wants picks of mine let me know.


  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I had to sell my J-25 to buy a plane ticket on a botched trip this year. I would like to replace it. If anyone has one for sale, please email at kyleivanblake at hotmail dot com, thank you!

    1. i have a j-25 for sale email robs10@outlook.com

  6. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I bought a circa 1984 J-25 recently that was a little beat up, but I had my luthier work on it, such as repairing a cracked bridge, refretting, etc.

    It now sounds terrific - very bright and loud. I played it for my wife along with my Guild GAD50 and she preferred the J25. This is my new travel guitar, since the composite back is quite durable.

  7. I have an 83 Gibson J 25 Natural in greaty condition. I would consider selling it or trading it. jbryant3@gcctv.com

  8. Anonymous12:53 AM

    this gibson is not as you say, i bought it in 1750$ and the sound is amazing, she have fiberglas back and it is very unique.

  9. Anonymous3:52 AM

    this guitar cost 1550$ and she is very qualitative

  10. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I have a Gibson J-25-E and am very interested in finding any information on it at all. The tone and action is amazing and surpasses, not equals, quite a few higher-end guitars I've played. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! robsutton@cox.net

  11. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I have a Gibson J-25 Natural that I have owned for about 18 years now and it still sounds good. I like the composite semi-rounded back which is a little more comfortable. It plays well and I love the sound. I don't have any plans on parting with mine.

  12. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I've had my J25 for 4 months now and it is my gigger, has a thinline saddle pickup of some kind which was installed back in the 90's sometime I was told. I have 11 other guitars but very few hit the stage, but my J25 will always be there!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous11:27 AM

    how much is it worth?

  14. Anonymous9:01 AM

    My husband passed away and now I'm forced to sell his j25. If anyone is interested please email me at s1debbie37@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  15. Anonymous2:57 PM

    My Gibson J-25 E is also electric.... s1debbie37@yahoo.com