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Gibson J-30 Flat Top ( 1985-1997 )gibson j 30 acoustic flat top guitar

The gibson j-30 originated in 1985 , the guitar is a dreadnought size flat top acoustic 15 15/16" wide , square shoulders , teardrop

pickguard , mahogany back and sides ( bound back and top ) , the fingerboards were made of rosewood and had dot in lays , decal

logo , plastic tuner buttons and were available in sunburst finishes . In 1989 gibson started making the j30 in natural finishes , in 1993 they made them with pearl logos , and in 1994 the gibson j30 was

j30 montanarenamed the J-30 Montana ,the guitar has an " only a gibson is good enough" banner on the peg head ( see left pic ) and a labeled sticker "Gibson 1894-1994 100 years" inside the body . J-30 Guitars were discontinued in 1997 .

In 1989 the acoustic production started at the bozeman plant and they started using 001 to 299 in their last digits of their serial numbers on their acoustic guitars and for prototypes .

Gibson j-30 prototype guitars had Rca logos on pegheads , with " nashville" on truss rod cover ( see pics below courtesy of david one of our viewers )

gibson j-30 prototype guitar
j-30 peghead

Guitar Price Value :
1985 - 1993 > $850 to $1000 ( J-30 )
1994 - 1997 > $700 to $1100 (J30 Montana)

guitar price guideJ-30 > Avg Upward Trend Of 4% a Year since 2000
J-30 Montana > 12%


  Posted By : Blogger Leelayz

I just love ur site.......

kepp posting .....

How about the toal history of the Les Paul


  Posted By : Blogger Anna

Thanks ,,, les paul guitars will be posted within a month .... I leave the best for last . ( lol )



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I just came across your J-30 information, and wanted to thank you. I just purchased a 'used' 1994 J-30 that looks about like the one you've posted - literally in perfect condition! It looks like it's been in its case since '94, and its tone just knocked me out..

It's unfortunate that demand wasn't where Gibson needed it to be to continue production. I feel pretty lucky to own it, though.. :)



  Posted By : Anonymous Guitar freak

Great site! I just got a 91 J-30 that is a limited edtition model that RCA had made. This what I can find out about it so far:

1991 GIBSON J-30 acoustic guitar. It is the NASHVILLE RCA custom edition. This guitar was never available for sale commercially. It was ordered and created specifically for the Nashville RCA Record Company to be presented to their recording artists. It was made in the Bozeman, Montana plant in a very limited edition. The certificate of guarantee is on the inside of the guitar. It is serial #92811xxx.

This guitar features the antique ebony finish on the body. It has an arrow straight neck and perfect action. The truss rod cover has NASHVILLE engraved on it. The headstock has the RCA logo and the NIPPER THE DOG logo on it, along with the Gibson logo.

The guitar is finished off with Gibson Deluxe tuning machines and mother of pearl inlay fret dots. It also comes in the classic Gibson hard case complete with magenta fur lining and a satin cover. The case has a combination lock on it.

Can you tell mne anything else about this limited edition? I could send a picture if you would like.



  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

Nice description ,

In 1989 the acoustic production started at the bozeman plant and they started using 001 to 299 in their last digits of their serial numbers for only prototypes .

Looks like your gibson j-30 is a prototype not a limited edition guitar according to your description

and im pretty sure the last digits are 011 0r 022 or anwhere between 001 to 299 .

Although its not listed in any price guide , it can be woth anywhere from $1000 to $1500 ( depending on condition )

for the long run - Prototype guitars tend to increase in value much more than limited editions

Great guitar to keep ( to play or investment ).


  Posted By : Anonymous Guitar freak

You sure know your stuff, you hit the the last three digits on the head with 022! Is there any way I could send you a couple pictures and have you reall see what you think of this baby?



  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

you can send me the picture of your gibson j-30 here, domenic@videotron.ca ,

if you don't mind ill post it on this site ,


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

can you tell me anything about my j-30 serial number 92532027, style AT?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Your gibson j-30 was made at the bozeman company in 1992 and was the 27th instrument stamped on september 10 of that year which is 1992 .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello and excuse my poor english i'm french...

I just bought from a friend a 92 J3O maohgamy top with no pickguard.

It sound great, very open whit a lot harmonics even if it's not the typical gibson sound.

I dont find anything on this all maohgamy model, can anyone tell me something about it ?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I'm looking at a 1993 J-30 rosewood (sn 93065049). In near- pristine condition, what should I expect to pay for this guitar?

Thanks for any guidance.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

hi dave , in the price guide they are listed at $900 to $1000 .

Are you sure its a 93 ? the serial number that you stated indicates that its a 95 .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

if its a 95 its a j-30 montana , gibson j-30 guitars were discontinued in 93 .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

The serial # is accurate. There is no "centennial" sticker inside the guitar, and the headstock logo is decal, not pearl (1993),and it has the "Only a Gibson is Good Enough" banneras well, so I guess it is a Montana. What is confusing to me is that the label inside says "J-30 Rosewood", which. I guess, sets it apart somewhat from the mahogany standard for this model.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

1994 to 1997 j-30 montana guitars with mahogany back and sides are valued at $1000 to $1250 ,

never heard of any rosewood model , but then again gibson is full surprises .

personally i wouldnt pay more than $1000 for it .... $1200 max .

if you get it under $1000 its a good deal, under $800 its a bargain.

i also want to mention that these guitars are on an upward trend year after year .

5 years ago they were worth $600 today its almost double .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I got it for $600 plus a Michael Kelly mando, used value around $3-400, so I guess I got it right. It sounds good and plays great. Anyone know if these are short or long scale? I haven't measured, and have yet to see any stats on scale length.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

For additional clarification, the serial # starts with "93" - I got the impression from previous posts that that means it is indeed a '93 model. How did it become a '95, according to a few posts above?


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

in 1977 gibson introduced a serialization method that is still in use today .

the first and 5th number of an 8 digit serial number is the date .

For example if you have a serial number like :

82765501 - its an 1985 model

this goes for all 8 digit ser # after 1977


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Thanks, domenic, that clears it up. As I mentioned, I've been away from Gibby lore for a very long time, so I've got a lot of catching up to do.


  Posted By : Blogger eric

I have been trying to find someone who can help me with this. Everything I've read states the J-30 began in '85, yet I've owned an '84 for about three years. It has a red tint back and sides like a Hummingbird and a real nice tight top turning that vintage amber color. I have pics..not sure where to post them. This guitar is one of 4 Gibsons I own and yes, I know how to read serial numbers. Even if I didn't, it has a 90th Anniversary sticker in it. Any comments, suggestions? email eric95076@yahoo.com and I'll shoot you a pic...oh yeah, it BREATHES:)


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi eric , its very possible , in some cases gibson introduced guitars a year earlier before they listed them in their catalogs .

Or , some guitars were made at the end of a particular year but only introduced on the market at the beginning of the new year .



  Posted By : Anonymous Jacob

do you have the serial number of your j-30 just for curiosity ?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

It can also be a prototype , most guitar companies make a significant amount of guitars for showcases for dealers before they are launched on the market .


  Posted By : Blogger eric

Here it is....82904619

any info appreciated



  Posted By : Blogger eric


one pic..more to come


  Posted By : Anonymous jacob

Awesome guitar, do not sell !!!

The serial number of your j-30 indicates that it was made in late 1984 on oct-17 and was manufactured at the nashville factory .

Could be a prototype .

Could have been worth much more if it was produced at the kalamazoo factory which ended in 1984 but your serial # indicates that it was made in nashville .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hey Eric are you selling it ? if so how much ?


  Posted By : Blogger eric

thanks for all the info...i am not considering selling it, but was curious as i've never seen another with this set of features/colors. What kind of value would you estimate? I had a bone nut/saddle set-up done professionally at Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz and have enjoyed it for the past five years (not 3 as previously thought) this one is my lifetime acoustic...


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

even though its not in the price guide i wouldnt sell it under a $1000 ( my opinion )


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello, I just purchased a 1990 Gibson J-30.This is the plain headstock without the banner ,the guitar has a sunburst finish . My question concerns a neck profile change 90-91. Some earlier necks supposedly play a little stiffer than some later models(from harmony central reviews)
Also,I have heard that these guitars have some specs in common with 1942 banner era guitars. Since this is a square shoulder model it would seem that ,at most ,it could only have a limited amount of features in common.I would really like to know which features it has in common,such as , size and location of bracing,bridge shape ,neck profile,etc.... Tonally , I would characterize my guitar as having a mixture of Gibson jumbo tones.It is not as raw sounding like some pre-war jumbo Gibsons I have played.The guitar has is very balanced ,with a sweet midrange texture,more responsive & louder than any 50's or 60's J-45 that I have played.My case is tan with a pink interior but I see some cases that have blue interiors.Did they change case styles at some point? Do the different era J-30 headstock logo's reflect any spec changes in the manufacturing process?
I love my J-30 and would love to have more information for extra stokage !!!!!!!!!!


  Posted By : Anonymous mike

"Some earlier necks supposedly play a little stiffer than some later models"

Never noticed and i never heard of such claims until now .

" I would really like to know which features it has in common,such as , size and location of bracing,bridge shape ,neck profile,etc.... "

Thats a difficult question to answer without being specific , there are literally hundreds of gibson guitars that share the same features ....

In 1936 gibson introduced the jumbo 35 which was 16" wide, round shouldered and had mahogany back and sides, without going into specific specs this guitar had a smoother tonal response, compared to their previous big raw sounding pre war jumbo guitars.

Later on in 1942 ,the jumbo-35 was replaced by the j-45 which had the same characteristics and sold extremely well , this lead to a whole bunch of different j models with slight changes in specs.

in 1983 gibson introduced a reissue of the original jumbo 35 but with a 15/16" body and square shoulders and called it the j-35 .

In 1985 the j-30 originated with basically the same specs as the reissue . In 1994 they added an "only a gibson is good enough " banner and renamed it the gibson j-30 montana ( specs stayed the same ).

In my opinion, sound wise , its more like a j-45 due to its body shape and specs ........ ( sounds great and very versatile )

"Did they change case styles at some point? "

You'll have to call gibson for this question , many times they will change cases and colors depending on the batch that are produced /...

Ps : i have a 1990 j-30 guitar and a j-45 and i love them both ....


  Posted By : Anonymous elblis

Great information. I am looking at a Gibson guitar that they identified by the serial number (92846001) as a J-30 Banner model. The strange thing is that inside the guitar there is a orange paper tag that says Gibson Formula 1L. The Gibson customer support says that he had no record of a Gibson ever making such a model. Any ideas as to what is up with this? By the way they are asking $950 for this. It sounds great.


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

i know they made gibson formula 1s guitars in 96 at the bozeman montana factory( very few were made ) but i havent heard of gibson formula 1L models either ... i would have to see it and play on it to give it some sort of value ..

its not in the price guides either and i have 4 of them .. domenic


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

could be a prototype guitar .... or a showroom guitar ..


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Gibson J-30 Serial Number: 91035055. It is a different color than the on in the picture. Any idea what it is worth?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

you have a 1995 j-30 montana which is listed at $1100 to $1200 in the price guides .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Looking at a 2000 Gibson Custom Firebird Acoustic. Western quilted maple ack, sides and neck.

I am unable to play it so i am doing some homeweork and was wondering if you have any info on the tone of the wood species in this model (essentially j-30). I have heard they are not as bright sounding but relative to what? What value do you think one in very good condition would have?


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

I wouldnt be able to help you because i never actually played on one , if im not mistaken these guitars were built in memory of the forest fires in montana in 2000

Guitars made with quilted maple back and sides , solid spruce tops should sound bright and full ... You can not go wrong .. Guitar price guide values the gibson custom firebird at $1750 to $2900 ...( $1750 is considered a deal , above $2900 is considered too expensive ... domenic )


  Posted By : Blogger thebionicblade

I have a J-30 Serial# 90945002 is it a joe montana? Thanks


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

no its not .... does it have a banner on the headstock ?


  Posted By : Blogger anzafrank

I have a j-30 S# 80246536. The guy i bought it from said it was made in 1986. It has a factory ding ( you have to look very close to see it ) so it's a second. Sounds and plays very nice and is in good shape. Was wondering what year it's from, and about what it's worth. Thanks,



  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

serial number indicates thats its indeed a 1986 , a 1986 j-30 is valued at $800 to $950


  Posted By : Blogger anzafrank

Hi, and thanks much for the site!!!

Was wondering if the J-30 is about the same Guitar as far as sound and playability compared to a J-45, J-50 and a Hummingingbird? I have had a 1972 Hummingbird, and a 1970 J-50, and if memory serves me right, my 1986 J-30 seems about the same.

Also, i noticed that the 1st. String (smallest) slips off (sort of) the Fret Board when making a quick cord change from lets say a "G" to a "D". It's sort of pushed off when i go back to the "D" quickly. I noticed that the String is close to the edge of the Fret Board. Closer than my old Yamaha, and my friends Martin D-35. I'm using extra lite Strings, and I'm wondering if switching to light Strings would help? Anyone else have this problem?




  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Why dont you just try it ...


  Posted By : Blogger anzafrank

Was wondering what gage and brand of strings you are using on you're J-30's? Thanks,



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

im using light strings , i find extra light strings sound to thiny and always break when i bend .. its all a matter of taste . Also depends the music you play .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


gage :
.0115 .014 .023 .028 .038 .047


  Posted By : Blogger anzafrank

Been using Martin Marquis, but haven't tried Silk & Steel, or Elixer.

One problem i have with my 1986 J-30 is the 1st. string at the 13th. fret is dead as in no sound when depressed. My 60's Yamaha does the same.

Anyone else have this problem?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Eeverything I read says the J-30 originated in 85. However I have just aquired a J-30 that has a lable that says 90th aniversary of gibson guitars and it has the model as a j-30 and the serial number is a 84 serial number. Did they make a few of these early to celebrate their 90th year? Anyone else ever see an 84 J-30?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just posted about the 84 J-30, then I found this great site,

My guitar was the 8th one stamped on Sept 13th 1984, So yeas folks they made J-30s in 1984!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I just bought a J30 from 84 in Nashville.

I also look for people who has the same series 90th anniversary to share information


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Can you tell me about my J-30...what year...what value?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Can you tell me about my J-30. S#90110010 solid black. What is the year and value?
Thanks, jim


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I have a WHITE J30, Serial number 82936575 made in 1986 in Nashville. Have tried to find another one worldwide but to no avail. Can find a couple of BLACK j30's just wondering if the WHITE ones are super rare, maybe someone out there knows ! THANX -- ROB.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a J-30 serial# 92340011 the bst i can figure its a 1990 made in august around the 27th and #11 off the line that day. Someone told me the 011 means its a prototype. Is this true or am I right?


  Posted By : Blogger Jerry


I have a J-30 that was sent to me by the Gibson company back in '92. Could you give me details regarding the date it was produced and any additional information? The serial number is 93492026


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Great information! I pursched one five years ago and about two years ago the neck slipped into the body. I took it to a luther and he's never seen anything like it. It turned out to be a prototype from Bozeman, and doesn't have the RCA logo. It was a manufacture defect and being the second owner, Gibson in Nashville was no help and didn't care since it was discontinued.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just came across an email I got from Gibson in 1997 asking for more information about my Gibson Formula 1L. Here is what Craig Hoover (choc@mcn.net) said:
The Formula 1L and Formula 1S were two models we introduced late in 1996. They were in a sense 'prototypes' only to see how the public would take to a satin finish on the guitar. The 1L is a J-30 and the 1S is a J-45, both with a reverse belly bridge and different tuners than the normal J-30 and J-45. I'm not positive, but I believed only 50-75 of each model was produced. That was the only time that we did the formula models.


  Posted By : Anonymous Phil

I have owned my J30 (91030015) from new since 1990 and have loved it since the first moment I played it. I always accepted that it was an 'entry-level' Gibson and because it was discontinued I believed it to be a 'failed' experiment on Gibson's part (why discontinue a success?). I have played other Gibson acoustics but they never come close to the tone and playability of my J30. I have had Taylor and Martin guitars come and go, but my J30 is here to stay. I am so pleased to have found this site and so many others who agree with me.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello...I have a J-30 which has the banner style logo on the headstock, but has serial # 90500009 inside the sound hole and on back of the headstock. The label inside says Gibson J-30 made in Bozeman Montana. What do you think?? Paul G.


  Posted By : Blogger peter

I have a Formula 1L and had always wondered about this. I bought it in like-new condition in 1997 or 1998 from an independent store in Indianapolis called About Music. It's a pretty good acoustic, far nicer than my limited skills. I always liked the feel of the neck but never cared as much for the tone and the way it fails to "ring" in a very balanced way like my friend's J-45. I've always considered selling it or trading it in for something like a J-45. Problem is I'd have no idea how to price it!


  Posted By : Anonymous Pete

I also have a Montana Gibson J-30 "Rosewood" listed on the style sticker (92802028). There is no Banner on the headstock and the Gibson logo is in peril. It seems the Rosewood style is less common than the Mohgany. Anyway it sounds very simalar to my Martin D35 (also Rosewood)though it is somewhat heavyer than the Martin. If I were to pick from the two, I would go with the Gibson because of the apparent lower price for the some sound.


  Posted By : Blogger Schlauhase

I´ve got a J-30 build in 1995. But i think i need a new saddle, ´cause there is some bad noise from the b-string. The old one is uncompensated, should i go for a compensated one now? What is better bone or tusq (is the original tusq?)?
Would it improve the sound if i also chance the nut?

Anyone experiences with that?


  Posted By : Blogger Schlauhase

I have got a J-30 sunburst build in 1995. But there is some bad noise from the B-string. I think i need a new saddle, but for which should i go? The old one is uncompensated and Tusq (is it right?). Will a compensated bone saddle improve the sound? Should i also chance the nut to bone or tusq?

Anyone experiences with saddle/nut materials on the Gibson?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I've got #90475005 a J-30 in natural finish solid spruce top and I think cedar back and sides - though there is not a sticker that says cedar. just seems like it's that wood, kinda an orangey color to it.

This guitar used to have the absolute greatest snap and a light, dry, choonk to it. Playing that first position A and this had a special character filled with sizzle top end. Not dull like a lot of Gibson's. But one day I knocked it off the stand (or probably leaning against something) and the neck went ping! Cracked it right at the headstock. My luthier had it awhile and finally decided to repair it by pushing it back into place and gluing it.

Alas the chiiing is gone. still nice and all, but rather pedestrian now. Not the same instrument. Maybe it just aged, but I don't know how to get the old sound back. I figure it's gone for good.

But if you come across a J-30, you should play it if you want a real sparkler for finger-style or just nice chord work. Spanky is my best description.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

My J-30 has the serial # 90152019. Is there anything you can tell me about it?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I'm looking at a J-30 serial # 90032009, made in Bozeman,MT. Could please tell me the year and price on it. It has a crack on the backside on two places.
Thanks Faith


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

hi, a friend of mine has a j30 made in mt in 1994. the guitar was originally donated by gibson and auctioned here in mt but not before being autographed by rob quist and ian tyson. can anyone tell me the value of this amazing guitar? thanks.


  Posted By : Blogger alon

ive got a j30 with this number...92631010 is that a 92? and the neck broke 3 times at the headstock! but its still has perfect intonation... u think its ok to put mediums on it still?
also if i want to sell it, whats it worth after the damage?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

does anyone know when the firebird acoustics started production? obviously after 2000. also i heard the specs are closer to the dove rather than j-30, any thoughts?
also, for god sakes why does gibson put plastic nuts, saddles and even bridges on their high end acoustics?? for shame, even fender-guild make theirs with bone, such a TRAGEDY!


  Posted By : OpenID Wilko

A HUGE feature that no one notices: THE TOP IS NOT FLAT.
J-30s have an experimental top shape that is curved from front to back It was called a "parabolic top" in Gibson literature.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Black Gibson J--30 seriel # 80667607 Can you tell me about what it is worth. Just curious.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi,could tell me how much i should pay for a j30koa special made in95 in great condition thanks. steve.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hidy Dave. I bought a Ebony colored Gibson J-30 with a brass top nut new in the 80"s in Norfolk Virginia when I was early in my 23 year Navy career. The guitar went with me on every ship and submarine or off with the Marines. It has been as deep as a 688 Submarine can go. I have played it for a long time... often, it was my only friend. He and I have written a ton of songs together, laughed, remembered, cried... It even performed with me at the Red Stegal annual Cowboy roundup in 2009 and 2010. In short, it is one of the best friends and family members I have.

Serial number is 82027500. Not for sale. Just wanted to share it with everyone...
P.S. it still sings real purdy.

Mark A. Wright, HMC(SS/FMF),USN,RET


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Here's some info on a 1995 Gibson J-30 Montana which suffered from bellying:


Has anybody else had this problem?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Very informative site. I just acquired a 1992 all-mahogany (including top) J-30 without pickguard -- just as one was described earlier in this sequence of notes. It sounds great. From what I've read, this model strikes me as being somewhat scarce (and I've reached that conclusion because I can't seem to find any information about it). What kind of experience have others had with an all-mahogany J-30?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

This is a great site. I have a J-30 Cutaway with gibson electronics built in. The serial number is 91724029. I bought this guitar new back in either 1994 or 1995. It's held up pretty well though I don't play it nearly enough... I guess this is the last year before they became Montana's

Just curious how much this model would be worth...



  Posted By : Blogger steven

Hi, All I have a j-30 sn 92504056 Best I have ever played bought it new in 94. In my 45 years of playing , I have never played any better Only a Gibson is good enough is correct. Had many good Guitar's high dollar brands, But Thumbs up to the 94 Montana j-30. God Bless you all....


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

As an Aussie collector, this site is great mate.
I have an 89 J30 serial # 82809002 . This must mean I have the second guitar of the official model. Is that right? Being a Guild lover, this is such a lightweight with a strong voice. Any Idea on the value? Orininal case in mint condition, but some chips in the finish on the head stock edge.
Happy to send a pic if that helps.. reply to rustydigits@live.com.au
Great work, Thanks


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a gibson j-30
serial number: 91422001
can you please tell me what year it was made.
also, is it a prototype.
lastly, what the value may be.
it is pretty much mint condition.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

not sure how old this thread is.. but I have a Gibson J30-E.. serial # 81686528... its stamped a factory 2nd on headstock.. wondering now from a post above.. where it was made? and is it also a prototype is a hummingbird red one also...and a value range??? pretty sure I bought it in 84ish or 85.. thanks Chris


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I figured it out.. no reply needed on the 81686.. thanks


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have an 80's J30 and I will never get rid of it. It is a tobacco sunburst (brown sunburst) and has the look like a vintage guitar. It has a mellow, deep tone ant sounds better than guitars of my friends such as Martins, Taylors and other Gibsons. I prefer the sound of the J30 to my dad's 1950's J45. Great sound and plays great.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a J30 with a serial number of 92323027. i know that it shouldn't be a Montane but the hard case that came with it says Montanca, any possibility that it is?


  Posted By : Blogger H Mill

Hi, hoping someone can help me! My mom worked at Gibson in the early 90s in Bozeman. As an employee she purchased or was given a j-30, serial 92070005. It's never really been used as she never played. My high school boyfriend played it a handful of times in early 200s but otherwise it's been stored in its original case. I was told it has original Kalamazoo strings, but after reading everything above have no idea if that's true or could be true. It's never been restrung as it's never really been used.
Anyways, I'm looking for valuation or info on the guitar. Can post or email photos if anyone can help me. I really appreciate any info.


  Posted By : Blogger Mrs. Tryon

I just bought a 1987 J 30 Gibson, serial #81587596. any information is much appreciated!


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