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Gibson Acoustic Flat Top Guitars

Gibson Advanced Jumbo
hard to find and considered one of gibsons' best dreadnought shape flat top acousitc guitars because of its crisp ....

Gibson B-15 , B-25 , B-45
In 1962 to 68 gibson also came out with the gibson b-25 short scale version , meaning they had the same features as the gibson b-25 flat top .....

Gibson Blue Ridge
In 1968 Gibson introduced the Gibson Blue Ridge Acoustic Guitar , it was flat top , natural finish , laminated rosewood back ....

Gibson Classical Guitars ( C Models )
The gibson cf-100 are more of a rare find and are highly collectible , they were introduced in 1950 and discontinued in 1958 . They had a flat top ......

Gibson Classical Guitars ( GS Models )
In late 1938 before world war II gibson introduced 2 classical guitars with Gut Strings ( GS ) , the gibson gibson gs-35 and the gibson gs-85 ......

Gibson Country Western
From 1956 to 62 the country western acoustic guitar had round shoulders , From mid 1962 or the beginning of 63 and on they had a 3 point pickguard ...

Gibson Dove Guitar
In 1962 Gibson introduced a flat top acoustic dreadnought guitar , matched maple ( back and sides ) ......

Gibson Everly Brothers
Amongst the acoustic flat top guitars gibson introduced the gibson everly brothers guitar . During the late 50s , early 60s the everly brothers ....

Gibson Folksinger
The gibson f-25 folksinger acoustic classical guitar was introduced in 1963 and stopped production in 1971 .......

Gibson Gospel
The guitar was a flat top acoustic guitar designed for gospel music , the gibson gospel acoustic guitar is also a wise instrument choice for bluegrass , folk, country music .....

Gibson Harley Davidson
The guitar has a 16' wide body , harley davidson script logo on its pickguard , and an antique ebony .........

Gibson Heritage
It was introduced in 1965 ,the guitar was simple looking, it had square shoulders , spruce top ,brazilian rosewood .....

Gibson Hummingbird
First square shouldered gibson guitar , it opened and paved the way for other household named flat top gibson acoustic guitars with square shoulders ....

Gibson J Guitars
Includes all J acoustic flat top models such as the , j-45 , j-50 , j-25 , j-30 , jumbo models and more .....

Gibson L Models ( Acoustic arched and Flat top Guitars )
View all the gibson L guitars , some were archtop guitars and some were acoustic flat tops.

Gibson LG-0
In 1960 the Lg-0 guitar was listed in gibsons catalog as a top seller, early models ( 1958 to 1961 ) were superior in sound and quality .....

Gibson Nick Lucas Special
In 1929 gibson introduced a finer crafted flat top acoustic guitar endorsed by nick lucas and called it gibson nick lucas special ...

Gibson Southern Jumbo
Early models of these guitars are sought after by collectors and are expected to spike in price due to demand vs. supply over the coming years ....

Will add more gibson acoustic flat top reviews soon .


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have a 1970 Gibson Jumbo Les Paul Acoustic Electric with low impedance pick ups, brazillian rosewood back and sides and the original case. With the exception of laquer checking and a repaired crack on the flat top, the guitar is absolutely beautiful and just about the coolest acoustic electric I've ever seen. Can anyone tell me anything about thess guitars - I've been told that the brazillian rosewood was only in the first two years ('69-70) and that less than 100 were made. Any info or where I can get more info would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    These acoustic guitars were made in 1969 and were discontinued in 1970 (few were sold in 1971)eventually they were discontinued

    most of these guitar were with rosewood back and sides and were made in natural colors , and a small number were made with brazilian rosewood .

    i dont think anybody knows the amount of les paul jumbo guitars that were produced that year, theres hardly no literature on this guitar, and i doubt gibson would have either.

    However, for the price value , i have 4 price guides that values them from $2400 to $3000.

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Thanks Jake... I paid $2,300 a little over a year ago and I thought it was a steal so at least it looks as if I am in the ball park. I'd like to contact Gibson to get info on the serial number but I'm not sure they have any serial info/record history from the Kalamazo days.

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    i have a buck qwens red white and blue guitar bought in 1964 for 350.00 its in good shape.

    serial no# 9912Hi69.
    do you have any info for this guitar?

  5. Anonymous5:14 AM

    would love to help you but im not to familiar with these guitars...

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    In 1971 (as a young student) I bought a Gibson acoustic:electric guitar from a pawn shop which was the love of my life. Unfortunately, it was stolen a few years later. I have always wanted to know more about it as it does not appear to be listed in the usual information. It had a plain ebony finish with brass fittings, one pickup and two controls for volume and tone. it had the gibson logo at the head but no other features other than a thin white stripe around the body front only. any ideas or was it a copy/fake? i doubt it because of the beautiful action and sound.

  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    very difficult to answer your question without seeing a picture ... gibson made hundreds of models that can match your description ..

  8. Anonymous8:48 PM

    what type of logo ? what type of pickup ? what kind of wood ? serial number? .. missing lots of info .

  9. I have a gibson acoustic which was imported from the usa approx 20-25 years ago, and so may be 25-30 years old.

    It's really unusual and I've searched for another one like it, but never ever found one. I'd really love to know a bit more about it like where and when was it made. I'd also really like to insure it, but have no idea of it's value.

    It doesn't have the normal gibson shaped peg head, but one which is more long and slend and has a curved top. It has a serial number 06183574 stamped in gold on the back of the peghead, and also the words mk-81/made in usa. It is golden/orange on the front, and dark red/brown on the back. It has gold pegs, and abalone insets on the neck.

    Any of you gibson experts/fans out there have any idea what it is?
    Thanks Jo

  10. Anonymous5:48 PM

    would need to see a picture ...

  11. Anonymous5:51 PM

    sounds like you a have a limited edition , or historic model , would help if you had a photo online .

  12. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I am looking to identify a gibson from the fortys to the fiftys with a reverse bridge w/ adjustable saddle, sunburst finish,and a tortoise pickguard with a gibson logo printed under the fingerboard extintion. The numbers inside are gone and I can't figure it out. The shape looks like a J 45. Please help. sbj0209@ecu.edu thanks

  13. Anonymous12:18 PM

    lookin for info on a baby blue kalamazoo . there is no numbers on back where the neck coverplate is . i know this guitar is at least 40 plus years old . it has two pick ups and the neck says kalamazoo made in usa do anybody reconise this instrament

  14. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I have a Gibson flat top acoustic guitar that belonged to my father, and have identified it as a 1936 Nick Lucas Special. The label/serial number is still intact and clearly visible. My Dad purchased it as a very young country western performer during the depression. Does anyone know of it's approximate value? It is in good condition in the case, however he had an electric pick-up installed in it in the early 70's. Also does anyone know if it is better to store it with the strings on and tuned regularly? That is what we have been doing. It has been played off and on over the years, mostly by my father himself, who is now deceased. Answers, anyone?

  15. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I have an acoustic guitar that belonged to my brother, bought in the mid 60's (to early 70's )that has "the HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR co" scribed at the very top of the neck above the tuning screws, is this thing firewood? Is it a gibson... do you want it?

  16. Anonymous9:17 PM

    anyone know how much a 60's gibson b-25 12 string in pretty good condition is worth?

  17. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I have a gibson sj #960441 its ared stareburst it also has a huge pickgard it was my grandads he bought it in cleveland tenn.

  18. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I have posted a note about my gibson that i got through a death in the family its a sunburst the #960441 ihave not seen one with a big pickgarde it was a one owner my question is the keys say gibson deluxe and has SG on the head has anyone have info on this if so please help thank you Pat

  19. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I have a gibson vintage J200 from the sounds great,hardly no wear on frets.
    Oh like dude I saw this press release,this guy is the long lost son of elvis by DNA testing done was playing a vintage acoustic and also an ovation on stage in seattle,saw this press-release(I was at the GW Williams,Rock & Blues guitar concert last night in Seattle I couldn't believe what GW Williams did, neither could 102,000 other people Rock,Blues,Jazz Guitarist GW Williams Gets 45 minute Standing Ovation IN Seattle Concert
    what do you make of him? they sa\y he's ranked 3rd in the usa or world either one ?

  20. Anonymous11:53 AM


    The comments posted about GW Williams are part of a viral marketing campaign. This person has a home-made recording on Amazon.com . You can listen to samples and see why it's clear that they had to resort to this sort of thing.
    Reference to Eric Clapton, John Mayer or other prominent non-fictional guitarists seem to be drawing him in.
    Please feel free to delete this entry along with his.
    This seems like a nice place. It's too bad he's decided to invade it.
    We've been doing battle with him and his multiple personalities on Topix. There are several indications in his posts and IP addresses that point to him being incarcerated quite possibly at Folsom prison near Sacramento.

    Again, I apologize for barging in. Please feel free to block me and this other person as well

  21. Anonymous9:02 AM

    An older man I know has a Gibson Acoustic Guitar & all I could see stamped in the opening under the strings on the inside of the back looked like "LG1". He said he thought it was made in 1947. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME ESTABLISH THE VALUE FOR HIM? HE IS AN OLDER MAN & CAN USE THE MONEY. I DON"T WANT HIM TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY SOMEONE. Thank you. (828-837-5804) or wht@email.dnet.net

  22. i have a gibson g-45. can't find any information on it- or its value. help would be appreciated.

  23. I have a '34 Gibson Jumbo, thin-script, that has had a side replaced, and has been repainted. Is there a market for this instrument?

  24. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I had a Gibson, natural finish, but never wrote down the model or serial numbers. Unfortunately it was stolen from my car many years ago in Oregon. All I have left is a picture that I came across again recently, which got me to looking on the internet.
    This guitar, like the LG-0, had unique features as well: tortoise teardrop pick guard, ivory binding, tortoise resin tuners. However, the contoured edge of the bridge faces toward the base of the guitar and has a non-adjusting saddle, like the blue ridge model.
    I feel like I'm trying to find a long lost love. I sure would like to have this guitar, or one like it, back in my life again. It's nice to read comments from people who love their guitars. I have a picture posted on craigslist/portland,OR in the instrument section as Wanted: vintage gibson. Thanks for taking a look. Let me know if you have seen this guitar.

  25. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I have a gibson gospel guitar which i bought around 1970.. It has sat in its case for the last 25years and is in beautiful condition.. it has a one piece rounded back ...does anyone have any info on that particular model

  26. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I have a 1932 Gibson acoustic flat-top guitar that my Dad left to me. Where could I get info on this and possibly Pictures to compare.I am trying to get an Insurance value for my homeowners.
    Thank You.

  27. cornboymike7:46 AM

    Does anybody know anything about the LG H? It looks like an LG2 3/4, but has H-bracing. In Gtuhn's guide it only says 'Hawaiian, straight saddle, 1949-mid fifties'

  28. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I given a J45 Gibson Deluxe guitar by my uncle, serial # B000110. Wondering what year this guitar was made?
    Thank you.

  29. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I have a real nice refinished 1956-------- J-45....

    Very clean.... Real nice player, no issues. JLT Hard case.

    $ 2,400.00 Mike 859-393-2569 KY

  30. Anonymous4:45 AM

    to joandmeljones:
    you have a Gibson MK-81 guitar. Those were made from around 1975 to approximately 1978. There was a MK-35, MK-53, MK-72, MK-81, and MK-99. Those were designed to capture the sounds of acoustics like Martin, Gibson, and Guild, but in one guitar. They were the "child" of famous Luthier Ricardo (Richard) Schneider and Dr. Michael Kasha (acoustics physicist-engineer Univ. of Florida) who were hired by Norlin (owner of Gibson at the time) to come up with a very fine quality guitar of impressive sound, (and they do sound impressive), a very silky sound with loud forward projection. But the quality suffered because the MK guitars had delicate bracing and very fine woods which were not suited to mass production. The project failed, Schneider and Kasha resigned. I have one of the last MK-81 assembled and detailed by Schneider himself, then given to Norlin's Sales Rep for the Southeast Region of the USA as a "demonstrator". These guitars came with several bridge Saddles of different heights and materials, a removable pickguard, Ebony fingerboard and Bridge, flamed Maple Neck, a very fine Spruce Top, and choice Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The most desirable examples of the MK guitars have Red binding (body and neck, Schneider's signature), and translucent Mother Of Pearl inlays. Schneider made guitars for Segovia and other famous guitarists, all with the signature Red binding.
    Posted by Jose on 8-22-2009.

  31. Anonymous12:22 PM

    i have a 1955 gibson country and western J-45 in great condition,i was wanting to know what it's worth

  32. Anonymous10:08 AM

    For joandmeljones:

    It's a Gibson Mk-81 (MK for Mark). They were made between 1975-79. It was sort of a Gibson experimental project where Gibson contracted several university acoustic-dynamics professors (most notably Prof. Michael Kasha) to help them design the "perfect" acoustic guitar, which was the Mark-project line. They didn't go over particularly well with acoustic "purists" and were discontinued in a few years. The number (Mk-35 thru Mk-90) designated the decoration-level of the guitar, the 81 being near the top. The headstock was very "un-Gibson" in appearance and most have (or had) a removeable sound-hole rosette plastic-insert. Fairly collectible, but not extremely valuable compared to many vintage Gibsons. More of a curiosity kind of thing, but they are pretty decent sounding guitars. I have two (an MK-35 and an MK-90) in my Gibson collection.

  33. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I bought a Gibson Acoustic Guitar about 1950 and it was used. The number is LG2 and J730-6. Where can I get info re value.
    Pls. reply to email JackieKen@aol.com

  34. I think's gibson always show great guitar also acoustic version, not like another guitar, for me gibson acoustic is more great and beautifull than gibson electric version.. thnank's for nice article brother
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  35. Anonymous8:57 AM

    WHEN Ded GISBOM USE A BRASS PLATE,ON ITS HEAD.OTHER THAN BONE INLAY.SAYING GUBSON.THIS GUITAR HAS A LABEL INSIDE ON IT IS ( the super 400 )my dad played this guitar in 1938.it was used then.has no numbers I can see.thanks

  36. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I have a 1970's Gibson Ridge Custom that has a Heritage identification plate on the neck... even with my new Martin D28, it's still my favorite guitar.. a gift from the widow of singer songwriter T.W., who died in 1980. I understand that he bought the guitar new ...anyone know anything about the origin of this combined Blue Ridge Custom and Heritage?

  37. Anonymous5:14 PM

    In either the 60's or early 70's Gibson made a acoustic guitar in what I think was called smoke burst.
    It was white with black around edge fading towards the middle. I would like to know if anyone remembers it, and if any are still around. I know Gibson makes a les paul with a silver burst and this acoustic I'm talking about look simila to it.

  38. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I have a Gibson acoustic j50 serial#d7629-29 im pretty sure its from the fiftys can anyone help me out tracking down a year and aballpark price

  39. gary.miller6@cox.net6:51 PM

    I have a Gibson acoustic serial # S 1435 1

    I believe it was made in 1959 but do not know the model number.

    Can anyone tell me the model, or where to search. Also, estimated value.

  40. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I have a 1957 gibson guitar with serial number U116 L48 . can you help me with some info on this guitar? Thank you Terri

  41. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I have a Gibson 4 sting guitar tg25n does anyone know anthing about this instrument. kandcmccoy@comcast.net

  42. Alton Barger8:25 PM

    I have a gibson my dad bought around 52 or 53 i don't know if it was new i think he bought it at a pawn shop
    it is a round hole flat top SN# Y 6992 8
    I would like to know what model it is and when made
    Alton Barger at acbarger@aol.com

  43. Anonymous7:46 AM

    My father died and left me his Acoustic Gibson. The sticker on the inside of the guitar reads 1967 C-O-Classic, Serial number 873407. I learned on this site that the C-O model was discontinued in 1971. I'm no judge of guitars, but the condition of this guitar appears to be perfect. I'd like to have some idea of it's value for insurance purposes. gloriafreeze@yahoo.com

  44. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I just recently inherited my grandfathers guitar through research I have identified it as a Gibson L-48 that was made in 1957. does anyone have any ideas of the value? I want to make sure my home owner's insurance will be able to cover it if anything happens to it. please reply back @ positive_vibes_92@yahoo.com

  45. I have a 1964 gibson f-25 With original hard leather case 4 boxes of brand new never opend string. Great condition email me for an offer has to go.

  46. I have a 1964 gibson f-25 for sale great condition original hard case four boxes off antique nylon string included email offer at skymitch25@gmail.com

  47. Anonymous1:39 PM

    My friend has a Gibson acoustic, possibly early sixties model. I believe the first letter in the serial number is Z and the numbers are 164821. Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar?? nsuits60@msn.com Thanks.

  48. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I have a Gibson I cannot find online anywhere. The numbers on it are w1966 which I believe means it is from 1955. The other numbers are G100, which I cannot find online. I think it was a custom order. It's an acoustic/electric with pickups. It is shaped like a Les Paul with one side rounded ant the other cutout pointy. The numbers are stamped in ink; w1966 is on the neck inside and g100 is on the inside back, with no Made in USA anywhere on the guitar. The closest picture I've seen was of a Gibson cf100. Can anyone help me.

  49. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I have a 1991 Nick Lucas Special reissue, cherry burst in execellent condition (looks almost new). If anyone is interested, call Dan 314 650 4022 or email at Lentzins@sbcglobal.net

  50. Anonymous12:40 PM

    My son-n-law has a 1952 Gibson flattop Acoustic Vin is V3710-10 or 3710-10. In good condtion and all orignal parts. Does anybody know how much it is worth and info on it? Thanks MissusCrabby

  51. Anonymous11:31 AM

    i have a Gibson, solid Body Electric, i traded about 15 years ago for it. Not sure of the year or model. But think it is a 1968 SG. Can you help? six digit number found is 950240 and also there is a "1d under the USA Signia"

  52. Anonymous4:32 PM

    My father left me a Gibson acoustic, serial # dates it to 1972-3. Very plain, flat finish (no binding) with a gold Gibson decal on the head stock. had some minor repair done at Elderly Music in Lansing, Michigan. They thought it was an entry level J50. I cannot find out any info from the resources online, all the Gibsons from this time seem to be rather "up scale", this looks like a "student "model its so plain. It needs a neck reset to make it playable, just not sure it is worth it. Any ideas where I might continue to look? for info?

  53. I have a 68 LGO with ivory binding but a friend says they didn't come with that binding? Is that correct?

  54. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I'm lookin for a Gibson guitar that was owned by Jimmie Rodgers. This guitar had four 'F' sound holes and a round sound hole. It was once on display at the Roy Acuff museum but the museum is gone now. I would like to know where this instrument is and who owns it now? I would appreciate any info on this guitar. Please E-mail me at huddlo@vzw.blackberry.net

  55. Anonymous11:12 AM

    anyone tell me about a "fame" Hondo Gibson Elec Acoustic needs some workand have a chance to purchase has cracked bridge and missing round pc at the bottom where strings attach, missing vol knob and missing input jack??

  56. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I have a Gibson 1965 acoustic serial number 362522. How can I find the model of this guitar? Thanks

  57. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I have a small bodied Les Paul custom acoustic flattop with a serial # of 383553 with a "2" stamped above the serial#. It has a pickup between the bridge and soundhole, two adjustment knobs, looks like mother of pearl fret markers and turtle shell pick guard and trim. Near as I can tell (by the SN it was made in the 60's). Can anyone help me identify the specific year and model?

  58. I have a Gibson 12 string. The number on the headstock reads: 572092. Any and all information on this guitar would be appreciated. It was givin to me after my had passed.


  59. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I have a Gibson 1977 MK-81 Acoustic.(experimental...)
    The sound is exceptional.
    More details and a picture, please contact
    James jett@mhcable.com

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  61. My dad bought a gibson j45 back in 1944 and it is still in the family. It has no fon or serial number. It has the steel rod through the neck.Any Input?

  62. Anyone have any info on Gibson bluegrass special guitar? How many made? What woods are used?

  63. Looking for info on Gibson bluegrass special. Not a vintage model. How many were made and what woods are used?