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Gibson Es-250

Gibson Es-250 Electric Archtop ( 1939-1940 )

t bone walker playing the es-250The Gibson Es-250 Guitar was actually introduced in late 1938 , it was an upgrade of the gibson es-150 models in the late 30s which had the charlie christian pick ups .

The gibson es-250 was just a little bigger , the guitar was 17" unlike the es-150 which 16 1/4" wide .

In late 1938 the gibson es-250 had carved maple back , special charlie christian pickups with 6 individual mini blades for every guitar string which gave a maximum tonal response .

It had a double parallelagram fingerboard inlays or rectangular , multi bound , and made in sunburst finishes . In 1939 natural finishes were available , In 1940 they were discontinued .

charlie christian playing the es-250The es-250 was one of the most advanced elecric guitars of its time and list price was only $175 .

The Gibson es-250 was played by many Blues and jazzmasters such as charlie christian (2nd pic) , T-bone walker (1rst picture) and oscar moore amongst many others ..

During 1939-40 ( pre war era ) in some cases gibson also used parts from the es-150 and vice versa to make these guitars for production .
Also , some speculate that few es-250 guitars were made after world war II with p-90 pickups .

Vintage Guitar Price Value For 2007 :
1938 to 1940 > $18 000 to $22 000 ( natural )
1938 to 1940 > $8 000 to $11 000 ( sunburst )

guitar price guide1938-1940 (N) > Avg Upward Trend of 24% a year since 2000
1938- 1940 (S) > Avg Upward Trend of 9% a year since 2000

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  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I have an es250 that belonged to my son and one nite at afrat party someone busted the back in a straight line from top to bottom, the instrument sounde great even while broren. I sent it to nashville and had it repaired by suposedly the best in the business , now the break is only bearly detectable . im curious as to its value. this is a used guitar with a beautifully aged look. I also have the case I think is original.

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    not worth much... I have a similar gibson broke the neck, professionally repaired... its worth about 20% of an original condition one.


  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I still have my original ES 250 (Z2436 4)that I played in our school dance band in 1955 to 1956. Seems that it is a rather rare item these days and hard to appraise.

    Dark finish with "starburst" top, trapezoidal neck inlays with black and white laminated finger guard.

  4. Anonymous5:47 AM

    I have one thats a 1940. Natural finish. Would you know how much this is worth nowadays?