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Gibson L-2

Gibson L-2 Archtop ( 1902-1926 )
1924 gibson l-2 archtop
Although I don't own a gibson L-2 archtop guitar , I've seen and played on a 1904 gibson L-2 model at a guitar trade show and let

me tell you its definitely not a players guitar , in my opinion these guitars are more for collectors or guitar enthusiasts .

The gibson L-2 archtop was introduced in 1902 , it had an old antique style design to it , "the gibson " logo on peghead,

mahogany back and sides ( some with birch backs ) , 3 rings around the soundhole , tuners with plastic buttons , available in several different sizes and had an orange finished top .

They were discontinued between 1908 to 1910 , however some speculate that they continued production till 1923 . The truth is , there is not much info on these guitars and there seems to be an absense of literature during this time , therefore it is impossible to know the exact details .

In 1924 they reintroduced the the gibson L-2 archtop ( see 1rst pic ) with 4 rings around the soundhole , raised tortoise pickguard , mahogany neck , bound ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays , and were made in amber finishes , discontinued in 1926 .

Vintage Guitar Price Value :
1902 - 1926 > $1200 to $1550 (12.5" wide body)
1902 - 1926 > $1400 to $1700 (13.5" wide body)

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 5% a Year since 2000

Gibson L-2 Flat top ( 1929-1934 )

1932 gibson l-2 flat top In 1929 the gibson L-2 was introduced as a flat top acoustic guitar , sold for about $55 - $75 and it was a considered a descent quality guitar at a bargain price because it had many features like the gibson nick lucas model which listed at $125 .

However , they didnt build many models and they were short lived , due to the depression the L-1 , L-0 and the L-00 guitars were more popular and even less expensive ( Under $50 ) .

The body shape of the gibson L-2 flat top was 14.75" wide , ( same as the nick lucas model but the nick lucas guitar had a greater body depth ) , it had a triple bound top and back , rosewood

back and sides , neck meets the body at the 13th fret , spruce top , pearl dots on the fingerboard , "the gibson" logo with a 6 point flame peghead inlay ( see 3rd pic ) , and were made in sunburst or natural finishes .

gibson logo with a 6 point flame peg head In 1931 the the neck meets the body at the 12th fret , mahogany back and sides and were made in argentine sunburst .

In 1932 they added an elevated pick guard , trapeze tailpiece optional ( see 2nd pic ) , rosewood back and sides , neck meets the body at the 13th fret and were made in natural or sunburst colors .

In 1934-35 the pick guard was glued to the top , neck meets the body at the 14th fret , traditional gibson logo and were made in natural finishes . Discontinued in late 34 or early 35 .

Vintage Guitar Price Value :
1929 - 1934 > $3500 To $4000 ( 14.75" body-Natural)
1929 - 1934 > $2500 To $3500

Avg Upward Trend Of 5% a Year since 2000

A Limited Reissue edition model of the L-2 Was Introduced in 1994 .


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I own an L-2, 14.75", natural finish, 13th fret, trapeze tail piece, elevated pickguard, adjustable bridge flat top, "The Gibson" guitar. It was the first guitar I ever bought, before I could play. I bought it in 1970 in Lancaster, PA for $250.00. As I say, it was the first guitar I ever bought and is such a wonderful instrument, that although I have lost almost everything over the years, I have kept it through a couple of divorces, bankruptcy, a dozen relocations, etc. It is an amazing instrument which makes you wonder why they don't build them like that anymore. It does have the characteristic depressed sound hole from the flat top bracing, but archtop hardware. I have absolutely no desire to sell, will leave as an heirloom (still very playable; played it yesterday) but have been curious about its' value.


  2. That's sounds like a keeper. They do still make guitars like your L2 in a Custom shop and the price is thousands more than you paid. Definitely hold on to it!


  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I recentley puchased a 19922 L-2 @ an estate sale with the OHSC.The guitar has a raised TS pick gaurd Guitar and case are a 9.5 out of 10 in condition. I think the above value is under estimated. This guitar is a player for the blues and jazz of that era Front color is the same as the sides and back its a dark two tone burst. Not orange front.SN#72392,FON11707.


  4. stan a miniszewski sr4:21 PM

    I have in my possesion a vintage gibson early 1920s i believe serial#113 spruce top rosewood sides&bottom pearl logo&pearl fret guide.Has trapeze patton#july19 1910.Body 14.75wide39"in lenght 13fret clear of body.Fair to good condition.So what am I worth?

  5. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I bought the centinery edition L/2 no 29 of the 1929 origional 12 frets to body.It mint,sounds fantastic when played gently,beautiful tight tone, harmonics and bright top end sound.Made in top quality woods ebony fret board,spruceflat top and i have been told koti sides and back but could be dark rosewood. Paid £1000.00 for it in 2006. Any comments would be welcome,have found it difficult to get any info but knew it was a very special virtuoso instument with limited appeal.

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    If anyone is looking to sell or trade their vintage L-2 please let me know.


  7. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I have a "The Gibson" guitar. Can't seem to figure out which one of the L series it is. It's brown, round sound hole, two rings around the sound hole, 20 frets, mother of pearl fret dots and I believe ivory outline and knobs.

    If anyone has info please let me know, I am considering selling it to someone who made me an offer but I want to make sure it's fair. carrielduff@gmail.com