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Gibson Marauder

Gibson Marauder Guitar (1975-1982)
gibson marauder guitar
When gibson introduced the gibson grabber bass in 1975 they also introduced the gibson marauder , this guitar was intended to coincide and compliment the gibson grabber bass which are very much alike lookwise and were constructed both with bolt on necks .

The grabber bass was very popular during the seventies , it was the first bolt on neck bass with a sliding pick up which gave it a fender like bright tone . Modified versions of this bass were used by gene simmon from kiss and john entwistle from the who .

However ,the gibson marauder guitars never became well established on the market and rumors are that gibson actually never intended to make it an actual gibson production model .

Some guitar players bought them because they were less expensive , they were workhorses , and made great project guitars .

Modified versions of the gibson marauder were used on several occasions by thurston moore ( lead guitarist for sonic youth) ....while other stars like paul stanley and ace frehley from kiss made it a ritual to play them and then smash them on stage .

gibson marauder headstock The gibson marauder was introduced in 1975 it was 12 3/4" wide , it has a les paul shaped single cutaway maple or mahogany body (some with alder bodies) ,

humbucking pick up in the neck position for rhythm and a single blade pickup in the bridge position at a slant for solo , large pickguard which covers

the entire upper body , unbound fingerboard (rosewood) , dot inlays and a triangular round top spear shaped headstock like the grabber basses ( see pic ), 2 knobs with a rotary tone selector switch which created an interesting tone frequency from the 2 pickups , and were made in nautural and black finishes . Discontinued in 1982

In my opinion the gibson marauder is not a legendary gibson guitar and are not sought after by collectors because they dont have the characteristics and sound of a true traditional gibson guitar ,

they were made to avoid expensive price tags and were experiment guitars that were built with single coil pickups to compete against competitors like fender who dominated the single coil pickup market during that time .

In 1976 Gibson also introduced the gibson marauder custom which featured a three way switch on the cutaway bout , bound fingerboard , block inlays on fingerboard , and were made in tobacco sunburst finishes . Discontinued in 1977 .

In addition, during the same time In 1976 the gibson S-1 originated which was very similar to the gibson marauder but with 3 single coil pickups . ( endorsed by ron wood from the rolling stones )

Vintage Gibson Price Value For 2007 :
1975 - 1982 > $500 to $700 ( gibson marauder )
1976 - 1977 > $600 to $800 ( marauder custom )

gibson guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 4% a Year since 2000

You can find Gibson Marauder For Sale on ebay if your lucky, seen some great deals on several occasions, however they don't have them all the time .


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    It is a question.
    Can you sell me this guitar?

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I have a Gibson Marauder that I bought used in Jan 76. It has no serial numbers stamped on it as described for most Gibsons but I unbolted the neck and found a manufacturing date in 1975 stamped on the body.
    Was this an early display model or something?

  3. no ,its normal , gibson started adding serial numbers in 1977 . You should keep it. I always keep guitars made in the first year .

  4. I have a '75 Marauder that I would entertain offers for.

  5. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I have been looking for a Gibson Marauder for a long time and I have just seen one on this website and it looks really nice and original. I am emailing you from England and was wondering if you would consider selling it to me. If possible please get back to me on this email address jjuchau_500@msn.com

    Thanks David

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage has a 1977 model tagged at $1200.00. Given the current vintage market, and the light production of these guitars, I believe they're significantly undervalued.

  7. There were serial numbers on gibsons way before 1977. there were some decals rather than stamps around that time - perhaps it has been removed. 1975 is not that special for marauders - as well as being the first year, it was in fact the year they sold the most of them.

    Check this page http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/marauder.php for more about marauders

  8. I have a Marauder (1975 I believe) and although the neck isn't the best by Gibson standards it has such a sweet tone - it sounds nicer than my other Gibsons (Explorer and RD Standard). As it's so light and looks good it was my favourite gigging guitar until recently.

  9. i bought a marauder on ebay a few years back for a steal ... and its awesome , great guitars to modify ... beats most modern guitars today in the $500 to $800 range ... great post by the way ... thnk you .

    1. What sort of mods to people do on these guitars ..

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I have a marauder But its very odd because it has one knob and 2 switches. but the guitar has a great look and sound!

  11. Anonymous1:15 PM

    The Marauder was made from the components from Gibson's parts bin. The neck was actually premade for the Flying V. On my Marauder the serial number is stamped on the back of the headsock and according to Gibson archives was made in 1972, yet the guitar itself was not available until 1975

  12. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Iv got one of these guitars too...its old and beatup...carved into and the whole deal. Iwant to take it in to get all fixed up cause it still sounds good...its just way to much feedback

  13. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I found a beautiful, unmodified 1976 Marauder Custom on EBay in May 2005, and I have enjoyed it's 3 distinct sounds ever since. It was going for a bargain price! The only thing it needed was for the action to be raised, and the pick up heights to be adjusted to allow for the power difference between bridge & neck pick ups. The neck / body join is excellent, but the neck pocket allows daylight through from some angles.

  14. Anonymous9:23 PM

    gibson marauder guitars are great , and i think they will be worth much more in the future .. i have one untouched all original and i would never modify it .

  15. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Saw Marauder, S-1 and other of the less expensive Gibson but why not the L6-S... I have one and it beats all Gibson even the high priced once I once had it's the only one I kept. I had many other big name makes and it beats them all for playability & comfort... Super fast neck and 24frets access. You can't get better than that pickups have less power than the Les Pauls but nice crunchy SG feel to it. Seems like it has the same value of the Marauders & S-1 moneywise on the market am I right. Have a 1978 Black Custom with silver hardware this is my main guitar. Should I still play or just look at it going up in value...Vintage guitar webs seems to say it's the best of the less expensive ones too such as www.vintageguitars.org.uk Anyone...AL

  16. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Im 16 And bought a Marauder about a year ago.

    But mine has one knob and 2 switches. I know its a 1976 but thats about it.

    is that odd?

  17. Anonymous3:11 PM

    no its not odd . they made some with one knob and 2 switches .

  18. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I've seen a few gibson marauder on ebay and notice that on the truss rod cover they all say only marauder. I own one that says marauder G .is there a diffrence and what does the G stand for

  19. I have a gibson marauder with serial number 403987. Can you tell me what it is worth?

  20. Anonymous12:21 PM

    if i were to buy this guitar, is ebay the best place to buy it? if not, where to?

  21. Marauders are great guitars, and I think they are getting more of the appreciation they deserve. True they are not high-end instruments, like some Gibsons, but they are interesting, original and highly functional. A cheap way to get into Gibsons.

  22. Kennyd12:41 PM

    I have owned a 1978 Gibson Marauder since it was new. it has held up well through the years. I also own a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe While I prefer the sound quality of the Les Paul I sure love the weight of the Marauder during the late night sets. There are also certain songs that sound better when played on the Marauder over the Les Paul, but the Marauder is no match for a Les Paul. Just as a side note I would never consider selling either one of my Gibson Guitrs

  23. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Very broke and decided to sell my Gibson Marauder if I can. Not sure what year it is but it has a serial number so I guess it's 1977 or later. Any ideas what it's worth? Good shape, hardly used, maroon color. Thanks. Erik Glasser - email me if you have any thoughts. Thanks again. erikg199@hotmail.com

  24. Anonymous10:24 PM

    You might mention the wide neck makes it great for picking vs. most electric guitars.

  25. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I've got a natural maple body on my Marauder just like the one pictured but with a 22 fret maple neck and fingerboard. I could only tell a 10 to 12 lb. difference when I stood on the scale with it but it feels much heavier when you pick it up. It has 2 knobs and a rotating tone selector by the cutaway that takes it from a treblee telecaster to a les paul crunch and all points inbetween. On the rear tip of the headstock it has what looks like an oval decal with:
    MADE IN U.S.A.

  26. Jesse Mingle8:57 PM

    I believe my Marauder is a "76 (tell me if I'm wrong), but it has a rosewood neck, "blonde" natural maple body, (originally) had a single coil bridge pickup, and (originally) the epoxy "dipped" humbucker in the neck. Also it has the earlier three-way switch by the horn.
    NOW... it has two harder/heavier humbuckers in both places, and I tapped the rear for some twang (just for fun) and sounds AWESOME... I love this guitar!!! Everyone that plays or sees it loves it.
    It's cool to see this many Marauders alive and well.

    How much are these suckers worth? Not that I'd sell mine. But I got mine at a garage sale for $100...when i was 13 in 1994, and you know...

  27. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I have a 76 Maurader that was a gift from my parents years ago! They are worth between 500 and a 1000 dollars depending on where you are looking but I was once offered $2000 for it. NOT SELLING! LOL! Any way I would encourage all that have one not to do anything differant to it! refinishing guitars destroys the value way more then having a worn finish. They are starting to make a comback into the music industry because they are unique!

  28. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I have a '76 Marauder that was my parents bought for me, used when I was 15. It was my first guitar I love it! It was right after they switched to the chicken head knob! The entire guitar has the natural satin finish to include the neck and fingerboard! From what I understand only made a few that were entirely finished that way!

  29. Anonymous11:26 AM

    The Marauder was made from the components from Gibson's parts bin. The neck was actually premade for the Flying V. On my Marauder the serial number is stamped on the back of the headsock and according to Gibson archives was made in 1972, yet the guitar itself was not available until 1975

    That is inacurate because they didnt actually stamp the serial number in the headstock until 77. Further more they didn't build one back in 72 and then sell it in 75. The first model actually sold in 74. I would like to know who has that one cause it was the only one sold that year!

  30. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I am looking to purchase a Marauder....i missed buying one in HS before i entered the AF. Please contact me @ Fedex4156@yahoo.com Thanks, Greg in Colorado...

  31. Anonymous5:13 PM

    These guitars are shunned by the so called "real" collectors for the simple fact they are very "un-Gibson" like. It's first strike against these is they were made during the "dreaded" Norlin era. To try and compete with the surging japanese made guitar market, Gibson tried some new things, Bolt on necks (cost cutting) computer boards (in RD's) and radical pickup designs (the Bill Lawrence pickups on the S-1 and Marauder)Even they sold pretty well, Gibson stopped most of this in the early 80's (I think the Challenger II was the bolt on neck neck)

    I have a 1978 Marauder in Tobbacco Sunburst (only 240 made) and I love it for the fact its unlike any other Gibson I own. I think over time people are do their research and these are gonna become very collectable.

  32. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I paid $400 Canadian for my Marauder and I have never found a guitar that even comes close to touching it.I modded it to be a dual humbucking guitar with the original pickup in the neck and a hotter pickup in the bridge. Way better tone than any Les Paul I've ever played. Super solid, heavy guitar and can take a beating.

  33. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I'm a professional honky-tonk and blues player. I bought my 78'marauder at a hock shop in seattle for 400 about 5 years ago. because of this guitar, my G&L tele spends a lot of time on the stand. The Bill Lawrence p/u's were one of the most forward thinking designs of the era, and would be copied a couple years later by EVH. The all maple construction lends a unique, clucky tone that makes it a real fun guitar. The neck seems to be about the same taper as the 59' LP shape, which makes it a great strummer as well. The bridge, which some mistakenly call a tune-o-matic, is actually a german schaller that Gibson contracted to have built for this and two other models(marked as such), fed into standard LP stop bar. My other fav. on this guitar is the 3-way switch between the knobs. Talk about nice convenient layout. Definitely an unsung hero. As far as traditional, I've never been a stickler there. If the Gibby purists want to turn their nose up at them, then it just keeps the ones that are out there cheap for the rest of us. Beware the fool who takes collectability over tone.

  34. Anonymous5:57 PM

    yeh i just wanted to know how much a 1972 gibson L6-S with hardcase.

  35. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Gibson didn't make the L-6S in 1972.

  36. Anonymous8:04 AM

    how do i find out what year it is by the serial number?

  37. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I have a Gibson Marauder FOR SALE. Natural,maple,original,comes with hardshell case. $800 obo. Email hdcorvette@msn.com

  38. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I have a '75 Marauder (the serial number starts with 99) Satin finish, Rosewood board, all original except for an additional volume pot (makes it easier to switch between pick-ups). It's a bit battered but I just love the sound and yes it is a lot lighter on the shoulder than a Les Paul.

  39. Anonymous5:32 PM

    You can google Gibson marauder serial numbers and get a pdf on info telling you the year it was made.
    I have a sn 907115. Because it is a 900000 series, this tells me that it was built in 1970,71,72. The 71 I believe means year 1971. I also believe the 15 means the 15th one made. It has been used and sounds great. Believe it or not, the action is fantastic, and when plugged into a Boss GT10 effects board through a Marshall 12, wow. I love this guitar even though I dont play as much as I use to.

  40. Anonymous1:14 PM

    okay my second guitar i bought at eds used guitars in miami in like maybe 85 or something is an all black marauder with sick action..........will love it forever, and it plays with some balls.......love the pointed tapered head too.

  41. Anonymous8:17 PM

    i have an old marauder. it belonged to my friend who died in a car accident in 1980. its not in good shape. havent played it in years. had a bad e buss.then it suddenly got a bad short n blew my old combo amp???havent played it since. the neck looks like someone coated the fretboard with urethane? its all chipping next to frets. i think its original otherwise? ive been thinking about restoring it as an homage to my fallen bro. plus ive never really heard it crank.id love to plug it into my 2/12 120 crate.so im not sure weather to have it hopped up n refinish it..or go original??? any feedback would be appreciated..p.s.i keep seeing you think its lite mine seems awfull heavy??

  42. Marauders are greaat! The world of the vintage guitars is amazing,!

  43. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Does anyone know where I can buy the mic knob for the Gibson Marauder '76?

  44. Anonymous12:21 AM

    My Gibson marauder or what i think is a gibson marauder has an oval indent on the back of the headstock with a decal that says 'Marauder made in usa 99xxxxxx. is the indent and decal normal for that guitar.

  45. rowdy7:37 PM

    i have a brown satin finish marauder that i payed 300 for in 1990 played it every day since tryed many different pick ups and recently put orig ones back in wow what a tone it smashes my tele my 69 goldtop sounds like a lespaul my 63 strat like a every other vintage strat but the marauder seems to have a different tone every time i play it if i jigle the togle switch between positions it gets different tones that give the marauder the edge if i had half a brain i would sell my strat and by every marauder that came up for sale as the tone of the cheap gibson is my signature now as a session muso it has featured on many different albums from blues to country artist often ask me to play all the solos one the cheap gibson so if you want a guitar that has its own stuff going on the marauder is the king just keep it to your self let the collectors most off whom can not play by up all the lespauls strats ect and when there priced out off this world i will bet the cheap gibson will become very hard to find and quite valuable untill then play the guts out off it dont change the pick ups and dont have it refinished distressed is best rock on brothers jeff beck has a stash off marauders and one was sold by yoko ono which belonged to john lennon and featured on the dubble fantasy album it sold for 78000 us rockers rule

  46. Anonymous5:42 AM

    My 76marauder needs a new epoxy pick up where do I get an original or can I get the old one fixed

  47. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I have a 77 in mint condition that I'm looking to sell. I love it, but I'm saving up for a nice tube amp and sadly need the cash. E-mail ajclark2008@gmail.com if you would like to make a deal.

  48. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I have a 1978, second halve of the year. Mahogany body and maple neck. I must say they don't 'sing'or 'twang' easy, a little stiff. But I like them because they are different. Mine is missing the chicken head knob. Instead of it there is a regular round one. I think it is orignally done so, because I also don't see this sweeping white line with a T and a R.

  49. I was just given a marauder yesterday. Been researching it. Mine has 4 knobs and a 3 way toggle. I havent been able to find a picture of another one with 4 knobs. Anyone out there have any ideas?