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Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson Les Paul Custom ( 1954 - present )
Nicknamed : Black Beauty

1958 gibson les paul custom with 3 humbuckers1956 gibson les paul custom with bigsbyDuring the early 50s gibson went through some crucial changes on the les paul goldtop model with their hardware and electronics ,

their guitars had an intonation problem until the tune o matic bridges was invented by ted mcarty in 1954 .

The tune o matic bridge allowed individual string tonation and adjustments which was incorporated on a new model called the gibson les paul custom nicknamed the black beauty because of its elegantly black finish ....

ace frehleyIn 1954 the gibson les paul custom guitar was introduced with a single cutaways ,22 fret bound ebony fingerboard , raised black bound pickguard , multi bound mahogany body with a carved top ,

gold hardware ,tune o matic bridges with stop tailpiece and optional bigsby vibratoes ( see top pic to the left ) , 2 single coil pickups ( alnico v & p-90 ) , block inlays on fingerboard and were made in black finishes .

In 1957 gibson replaced the 2 single coil pickups with 3 humbucking pickups ( see top pic to the right courtesy of vintageoneguitars.com )

these gibson guitars were considered very prestigious but did not sell well until the demand got stronger during the sixties forcing the gibson company to make reissues ( with minor changes ) in 1968 .

jimi hendrix playing on a gubson les paul custom guitarIn 1961 gibson changed the body to an sg type body with 2 pointed cutaways , gibson decided to discontinue the name " les paul custom " in 1963 on these guitars and continue production under the name " gibson sg custom " until 1980 .

During the 60s the original single cutaway model was in high demand , therefore in 1968 the gibson company introduced the gibson les paul custom reissue with a single cutaway , one piece body/neck , maple top, 2 humbucking pickups , black finish , no neck volute and were made only in 1968 .

In 1969 Gibson decided to continue their line of les paul custom reissue models with a 3 piece mahogany/maple body , very similar specs like the 68 reissue except were made in various finishes and are still going strong today, 2 or 3 pickups were optional troughout the 70s , and 80s .

randy rhoads playing on a gibson les paul custom Throughout the years these gibson guitars were endorsed and played by numorous rockstars and famous guitar players such as eric clapton , jimmy page , ace frehley , zakk wylde , pete townshend , marc anthony , santana , randy rhoads and jimi hendrix ...just to name a few .

Gibson also issued some anniversary & historic models of their les paul custom guitars during the 70s, 80s, and 90s which were in addition very succesful .

The prices below are according to 4 different price guides , in my opinion from 1954 to 1959 les paul custom guitars can be sold for more due to demand vs supply. Also , the les paul custom guitars with no factory bigsby tend to sell for more .

Vintage Price Value For 2009 :
1954 - 1957 > $50 000 to $55 500 ( single coil , bigsby optional )
1957 - 1960 > $85 500 to $110 000 ( humbuckers , bigsby optional )
1961 - 1963 > $25 500 to $36 000 ( sg body)
1968 - 1969 > $8 000 to $9 000 ( reissue 1 piece body )
1968 - 1969 > $6 000 to $7 000 ( reissue 3 piece body )
1970 - 1999 > $1 600 to $2 500 ( prices vary according to features/specs )

guitar price guide1954-1957 > Avg Upward Trend Of 38% a Year since 2000
1957-1960 > 41% 1961-1963 > 28% 1968-1969 ( reissues ) > 23%

Note : Les paul custom guitars with PAF's can be sold for a considerable amount , I've seen a 1957 custom sell for more than what they are worth in the price guide ... keep in mind that the early models are rare and collectors are willing to pay big time for these guitars .

The gibson les paul custom guitars from 1954 to 1960 along with the flying V , gibson explorers , les paul standards and the late 50's goldtop models ( humbuckers ) are some of the most sought after vintage gibson guitars by collectors and players today.

You can find used or vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitars For Sale on ebay , however I recommend you read the descriptions carefully before you bid or buy .


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The 1959 Les Paul Custom is one of the most underrated rock guitars of all time. It did have small frets, but that's the only problem it had. Gibson will install jumbos and will setup the neck to perfection. I believe these guitars will increase in value because of their warm tones and scarcity. All the other Les Pauls sound the same.

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    They are already increasing in value , im sure if you will slap a 59 gibson les paul custom on ebay you'll get almost double of what its worth in the price guide .

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I have a Les Paul Custom approximately 1973 vintage. How can I tell exactly what year it was made ? I also have a classical Goya G-17 about 1970 , do these have any value ?


  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    whats the serial number of your les paul custom ? Ill tell you the exact year ...

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    i have a lp custom with sn#00115934

    i was told its a 70s but the sn scheme would say its 2005 (not).

    any other clues in the code?

  6. Anonymous5:18 PM

    your serial number looks like a typical 70's number , if you have "made in the usa" in two lines below your serial # it was made in 1973 , if it has "made in the usa" below the serial number in one line it was made in 1976 ...hope that helped .

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have been endeavoring to find an Approximate value for my SG Les Paul Custom, haven't found another one like it on the Internet (yet) but i would love to know what to insure it for, the serial number is 48715 (making it a 1962 model?) It has an Ebony Fingerboard with Pearl Inlays, the Tune-o-matic Bridge, three humbuckers and the Gibson sideways vibrato, The Les Paul logo is on the Truss Rod Cover and the Custom Logo is below the 22nd Fret on the Body, it was purchased New for my Father in 1962 and has since passed on to me, i found an advertisement from 1962 for "The Fretless Wonder" on Everything SG and it is almost exactly like this but mine has the Custom Logo Plate as detailed, Can someone give me an Idea of the Value as i think it is drastically under insured!


  8. Do you know uch about the 79-83 Silverbursts? They're listed out in the price guide as a separate category and they always generate a lot of action on ebay.

  9. Anonymous10:56 PM

    hi matthew , your sg les paul custom is valued at $24 000 to $30 000 according to 2 vintage guitar price guides ... You should insure it for at least $35 000 , these guitars will sky rocket in the years to come ... they only made these guitars from 1961 to 1963

    gibson made some with side pull vibratos and some with factory stop tailpieces and were renamed SG custom in late 63... they are very much in demand today by collectors ...

  10. Anonymous9:23 PM

    79-83 Silverbursts?

    Yes gibson made a small number of les paul custom guitars in silverburst , these were custom colors ... Actually they discontinued them in late 1982 not 83 ,, they also had a volute with 2 pick ups making them even more unique ... they are valued at $2500 to $3500 in several price guides ... these are guitars that are sure to gain value every year , that is why they generate lots of action ... some people actually pay more for what they are worth .. domenic

  11. I know the price guides say the Silverbursts were discontinued in 82, but I've got one with 83263522 serial number, a tremelo and no volute

  12. I'm trying to date a LP Custom that has turned into quite a little enigma. The sn is 965058 with "Made in USA" which I would think is possibly late 69 early 70's. But in reading I found the Black Beauty reissue in 1969 was a 3 ply body. This appears to have solid mahogany with the maple top so I'd say 1968. But here's where things get complicated, I looked up the pot number (137753) and it came back CTS 53rd week of 1947 or 1957. Now I'm scratching my head. Any ideas? Thanks.

  13. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Les Custom Silverbursts

    Hi Terry, i did a little research and they made some silverbursts in 1983 , in fact they started making them in late 1978 some had no volute .

    whats interesting is the tremolo , ive never heard or seen one with a tremolo . Do you have a picture online ? Domenic

  14. Anonymous8:21 PM

    many times pot numbers are not accurate ...

  15. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Any ideas on the value of my Les Paul Special/sg body guitar? Its twin p90 style pickups, with just an angled tailpiece instead of the normal bridge and tailpiece. Says LesPaul on the truss rod cover. The number on the headstock is 70575, which I seem to have conflicting info on the actual age. Thanks

  16. Anonymous8:47 PM

    from your description it looks like you have a 1964 sg spcial .. i would feel more comfortable giving you a price value if i could of seen a picture ... do you have a picture online ?

  17. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I have a 73 Les Paul Custom, Gold plated, with all original parts. This guitar has a maple neck. I understand that this may be a rare edition. Any thoughts on an approximate insurance value?

  18. Anonymous10:35 AM

    a 1973 les paul custom ( 2 pickups ) is valued at $2600 to $3000 according to two price guides .

    3 pickups are worth $3000 to $3500

  19. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Thank you for your answer. I am especially interested in the maple neck feature, as I was told this was a very rare edition. They made very few this way, and I was wondering what it did to the value. I can't find any information about this. Do you know where I could find out more?

  20. Anonymous8:32 PM

    try calling gibson , they have a toll free number on their site ...

  21. Anonymous2:19 AM

    I recently purchased a les paul custom made in the USA with 3 pick ups serial # 00119914. I was told it was made between 1967-72? Did les pauls from back then only come with the chrome or gold humbuckers? I think mine have been changed.

  22. Anonymous9:14 AM

    im no expert but i dont think your les paul custom was made in 67-72 , your serial number has 8 digits ... has to be a 77 and over .... miles

  23. Anonymous3:50 AM

    les paul custom, bought new april 1976, a special deal, some shop leftovers I was told..

    pancake body, 3 piece maple top.
    round routing hole.. should be square? this one of the strangest things..
    3 piece maple neck although heel looks mahogany.
    serial 555XXX stamped, made in usa (2 lines) no dotted i in logo.
    potcodes week 39 1975.
    big flat jumbo frets, no waffle tuners, no speedknobs, no ampstyle but tophat? (black, gold top)

    the regular custom at the shop at that time had waffle tuners, way thinner frets, body thinner like 4 to 5 mm

    no sticker on back of pafs.
    does have stamped patent number.
    no thick binding in cutaway.

    would love to hear if anyone has some clues of this puzzling guitar, that looks more like a 73 than a 75. bass(at)hetgelegevaar.nl

  24. Anonymous6:38 PM

    looks like you have a unique guitar , never heard of such specs on a custom .. i have 2 vintage les paul customs , i collect only les paul's ( i love them ) , are you selling your custom ? if so do you have pics ?

  25. Anonymous1:37 PM

    it is unique for sure and it will be the last thing I sell :D

    but I do want to show some pics as I'm still curious to know..

    my guess now is that some dude glued the bodyparts together and forgot the routing, they, an unknown number of guitars were put on a shelf for some time. it was the norlin years, I imagine one day a manager type saw them and told them to fix it..

    (emailed gibson, but got standard answer)










  26. Anonymous8:23 PM

    your paf pickup # indicates that it's an early seventies ( 72-73 ) according to gibson pickup serial numbers .

  27. Anonymous8:34 PM

    bass > les paul custom

    You can't tell the exact year of guitars by the pick ups or pots alone , serial numbers on pots and pickups are not 100% reliable , in many cases gibson would also use older parts to build there guitars during the old days ... by the way its a beauty and a keeper ...

  28. Anonymous1:54 AM


    I bought a Les Paul Custom (Ebony) back in 1993. It has this "Custom Shop Edition" logo at the back of the headstock. Does this mean anything at all?

  29. Anonymous7:56 PM

    its a special edition guitar , they made only a certain amount of those guitars ...

  30. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I have a LP Custom numbered 82380502. Natural finish, one piece solid mahogany body, neck volute, three piece maple neck. Gold OK, some fretwear, some rash on the back. Otherwise good condition. I haven't seen another one with this finish. The Gibson website makes no mention of maple necks on these guitars. Can somebody give a guesstimate of the value?

  31. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Hi all,
    I have a Gibson LPC Black Beauty SN70369581.
    So it's made in Nashville/1979. How much is mine going at?
    Another question I have is is:
    What action is being taken on this Chinese Fakes that even have serial faked on it!

  32. Anonymous2:16 PM

    The Natural is a 1980 model from Nashville. These go for around $2000

  33. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I have a Gibson 1970 CUSTOM Chery burst. what is it worth?

  34. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I have a Les Paul custom "Black Beauty" with all original parts but i don't know what year it is. the Sn on the head is 184447 and "Made in the USA" is on two lines underneath it. Can anyone help me out?

  35. Hi,
    I own a reissue Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" 1954. SN is LE773181, so I guess it is from the early seventees. I'm anxious to know what really is the manufacturing date and its vintage price on the market. The body is of one piece of mahogany. Pick-ups and tuners are not original, although pick-ups now used are a 50 and a 60ties original Gibson P90. Years I have been searching for a Gibson alnico V pick-up, which should be mounted on this guitar in the neck position, but here in the Netherlands I only saw one for sale once, and didnot buy it then...(aaaarggghhh). So maybe you know one for sale (a reissue pick-up is ok).

  36. Anonymous2:21 PM

    trying to find what the correct guitar case is for a 1976 les paul custom.

  37. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have a 1970 custom Les Paul, serial number is 70459635. Would like to know value.

  38. Anonymous11:42 AM

    This guitar from how I understand it was built on Feb.14th 1979 in Nashville. 136th instrument produced at the factory that day. Retailed at $849.00. (add 100.00 for case)


  39. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I have a black les paul custom electric guitar with a serial number of 966494. I bought it used in 74. I looked at the 70 and the contorl dials and nearly everthing else matched exactly. It is all in original condition. what year is it and what is it worth?

  40. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I've got a 1961 Les Paul Standard that I purchased in 1980. It's missing most of the parts for the vibrato (cover, springs, and levers) and the original bridge. Any idea where can I find these parts?

  41. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hi there, I got a Gibson LP Custom Made in USA with sn#127732, would be great if you guys took a look at my vid showing my guitar on youtube, just uploaded it so you could get a nice look at it.


    Thanks for this great blog!

  42. Anonymous3:02 PM

    oh, I forgot, what year and what value does my gibson have? (sn#127732) (the post before this is mine aswell, so check the vid)

  43. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Great blog, I just found it. I've got a '68 Les Paul Custom, which I've owned for almost 20 years. Most of the hardware is not original (EMG pickups, etc). It has the original finish (black w/ ivory trim). The guitar plays beautifully, its the smoothest playing guitar I've ever used. What would be the value on a guitar like this? Thanks!

  44. I have a Mint Tobacco Burst Les Paul Custom 1960 Reissue. Can you tell me what It might be worth?

  45. Anonymous11:49 PM

    I got a '63 Les Paul Custom Sunburst...i don't know much about these things but i think it's pretty rare...sounds awesome. I think it might have been custom-made for somebody as well. Any ideas of the market value, anybody? Cheers!

  46. Hi, I have an old Gibson Les Paul Custom, single cut away, sunburst, s/n 134984, it has Made in the USA under the s/n on the back of the headstock. Can anyone give me some information on what year the guitar was made. Thanks.

  47. Anonymous7:08 AM

    hey I have a 1980 gibson ES335 S custom firebrand and was wondering if u would be able to me what that was worth and also i have an older Les Paul but dont know the year can anyone tell me how to find out? thank you

  48. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I just traded a guy for a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. I noticed that it was pretty hard to see the serial number...maybe only 2 of the number are actually visable on the headstock. Is there any reason to this? Is there a chance my guitar was refinished? Is there a few definate ways I can know for sure?


  49. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Oh...I forgot to mention. There's some sort of almost oxidation or bubbling in the paint on the back of the headstock. It's definately not completely smooth.

    This is Nick from above...


  50. I have a Les Paul Custom with serial number 968776 with no "Made in USA" stamp below it.There is a slight widening where the neck joins the headstock, but it is smooth and not hat you would call a volute like on later mdels. Does anyone have an idea as to which year it was made?

  51. Anonymous9:36 PM

    a friend or mine has a 73 les paul solid cherry in color.does anybody know how many were made in this color. i was told 9 were. ps check out his web site ambrosonics.com.

  52. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Trying to date a black Les Paul Custom serial # 910299. No "Made in USA" stamp....very slight neck volute. Case has yellow/gold lining. All original. Late '69...early '70 ?

  53. just wondering what you think that a 1989-35th anniversary lp custom with 3 pu's is worth today?

  54. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Reguarding the gibson silverburst, I have a les paul custom silverburst and you are right they were made starting in 1978 mine has a serial number of 72088563, that is 1978 made on the 208 day of the year production code 563.
    This is an awsome guitar I purchased in 1980, about 3 or 4 years back (somewhere in there) I went to a Sam Ash store and saw one hanging that was not yellowed giving the green tint, I asked how they did that and was told it was a reissue, I always felt it would be worth something someday, and they told me the reissue was somewhere around $2800.00 and the man then said that if you had an original late 70's it would be worth a whole lot more, that' swhen I told him of mine. Needless to say mine stays put away now and is jused very little, I consider it to be in excellant condition, just wish I knew what it is really worth.

  55. I'm looking to purchase a Les Paul Custom probably with the vintage probably sometime in the late seventies but before no later than 1985. This was when Les Pauls were at their best and Gibson hadn't been bought out yet and been used to make shitty guitars at a high price. Does anybody know which year had the fastest necks? which year white was the most common color? is a volute a good or a bad thing? I'm not a huge fan of volutes because they've show up on ESPs as of late and they're kind of tacky but if they happen to be helpfull I'll be content with it. If there is a year where all the stars align atleast close enough let me know!!!

  56. Anonymous9:28 PM

    hi all
    i have a black gibson les paul custom wt a fingerboard in maple. the serials number is 00118424 made in usa and it as a "2" stamp in the wood wich i guess means second....
    but it also have a "T" stamped as well. no one ever know what was the "t" about....any idea ?
    what year could be this guitar and how much it worth

  57. Anonymous8:25 AM

    hi there, I found out today the guitar I bought at the market in our city couple years ago for 25 euro seems to be a 1969 Gibson lp custom. The head is glued and nailed at the neck. Even the "Gibson" is gone. Also the toggle is a new one cuz there wasnt one in :)

    1.What is it worth?
    2.Is it possible to get repaired for a decent price?

  58. Anonymous6:06 PM

    can some tell me about a gutair i have

  59. Anonymous6:12 PM

    can someone tell me about a gutair i have

  60. Anonymous6:16 PM


  61. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I bought a re-issue Fretless Wonder in 1973. It's black with the original pickup confirguration a black single coil P-90 [neck] and a Alnico V [bridge]. And gold hardware. I haven't seen any others but I sure they are around. It is in excellent condition. Anyone have any ideas of what it is worth.

  62. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I have a 1982 Les paul custom ,Silverburst in color. It has a greenish tint on the finish due to the laquer oxidizing. any comments?

  63. '82 Silverburst period is great. Any discoloration is like the perfect antique twist. I'd pay tons for a guitar like that haha. What do you want to know?

  64. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I am trying to find out the value of a Les Paul Custom 1970 Black Beauty. Any help where to look up information like this would be helpful. Thanks !!!!

  65. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hi what is the going rate on a left handed 79 les paul custom. Im looking at buying one and am not sure if it is priced too high.

  66. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Does anyone have an idea for the value of an 1985 Les Paul Custom in gunmetal gray with nickel hardware? It appears to be a rare color as I am having difficulties finding any info about it. Any insight is appreciated.

  67. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Any idea on the value of a 1954 Les Paul gold top including case, all in very good condition. Very rare guitar.

  68. Anonymous12:53 AM

    hi, I have bought a 1954 gold top with wraparound and P90 pick-up, s/n 93360441 on the rear of the headstock there is a logo "custom shop edition". Please, post me some informations. Thanks

  69. i have a 1985 silverburst lp custom
    the serial number states it was made march 12 in nashville i checked this twice under the serial number in made in the usa stamp i thought the silverburst was only made from 79-82/3 any thoughts it has the speed winder tuners thanks

  70. I have a black Les Paul Custom with serial number 539459. Gold pickup covers, black conical pots. I bought it as a used guitar in 1976 and my understanding is that it is a 1968 model. Any idea on the value and/or the accuracy of the year of manufacture?

  71. '69 model... reguardless a beautiful guitar.

  72. I have a Les Paul SN#06113753, it says made in the USA under it. Would like to know it's value.

  73. I have a Les Paul black guitar, SN 061137536 it says made in the USA below it.
    How muchis this worth and what year was it made?

  74. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I am the original own of a '69 LP Custom. It's in great shape. Original hard case with flame orange lining. Any clue what this might be worth?

  75. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I have a Les Paul custom , black SN 56604 I had owned this guitar for over 30 years, very confused by the SN by looking at the year would it be 69, what it be valued at

  76. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I have a Lp deluxe/standard
    this I was told is a rare model for it has the full size pickups and not the smaller deluxe ones.
    Not sure of the value but it is a cherry sunburst, in great condition i have the original pick ups but took them out and the original tuners as well were replaced with grovers other wise all in tact and still have the original parts as well
    Thanks for any help

  77. Anonymous12:59 PM

    i have a 1985 lp custom silverburst with speed winders and a factory origional gibson,kohler tremlo.i am the origional owner.do i have the only 1985 like this.

  78. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I am going to Alabama to pick up my Uncles 1973 Les Paul Deluxe sparkle Gold Top guitar. He is a Dr. and someone gave it to him along with a tube amp and a mixer in 1973. He does not play the guitar so it has never been played. I don't think the amp has ever been turned on. He wants me to sell all of these things for him. I do internet auctions but have never tried to sell something like this. Any ideas about value of these things in mint condition?

  79. Hi there-
    I am interested in a 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom, is there anyone who could estimate as to how much its worth/valued at?
    The SN is: 552211, it has a "made in the USA" stamp below said SN, all parts are original-aide from the replacement of one tone pot and the whole thing is in impeccable condition (seriously, like relic condition).
    Here are the exact electro/body specs as have been provided to me:
    (correct patent-number) Gibson T-Top PAF humbuckers
    The back of the neck is medium rounded, definitely NOT as thick as a '57, but not quite as slim profile as a '60 slim taper.
    Mahogany-meaning the wood in which its constructed from.

    ...... actually, that's all I have readily available, Nevertheless, anyone possible of postulating an estimate? Anything is greatly appreciated, thanks so much!


  80. Oh, I almost forgot. One last question:
    Between a Custom and a Standard-relatively same prod. years, both in great shape, and relatively in the same price price-between the two, which is the stand-out, higher quality guitar? In other words, if one had to choose between the two based solely on quality of craftsmanship, which would be a better choice?

    Thanks again!

  81. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I have a LP black beauty custom. Though it has an 8 digit serial number 72588105, my father in law bought it in 1964 and claims it to be a 59. Anyone have any clues??

  82. Anonymous2:08 PM

    We have Les Paul Custom guitar, Cherry Sunburst. According to serial number it was built in Nashville in 1983. It has no major flaws. The gold platin ig is worn some from playing. We have been told different things, but do not know how much it is worth. We would appreciate any information.

  83. Anonymous11:05 AM

    excuse me but a LP custom with sn. 61x14x and "gibson" mark on pick up covers? Excuse my bad english...

  84. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Does any one know if there were natural finish Les Paul Customs built in 1982? I cant find one anywhere?

  85. I have a Gibson 79 Les Paul Custom natural wood. with 3 pickups. need help with the value.

  86. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Searching for year on a Gibson SG. All pearl white inlays on fret board and Inlays of a golden pearl on head and logo with the split triangle. It has 3 humbucker pickups that look like nickle with gold plating. No tremelo. Tunematic bridge with the nickle/brass saddles witch is also plated gold. SERIAL # 7571863....which is 7 digits...I can't find anything with this numbering system...all the research I have done, Gibson had 5, 6 and 8 digits???? It looks to be Walnut or maybe Mahogany. It doesn't have the wrap around pick guard but the smaller one on one side...... Any Gibson pros out there got any clues? Thanks for any info....Its a beautiful guitar....was bought used in 1981/82.....

  87. Anonymous8:54 PM

    This is a pretty cool site that will tell you where your LP was manufactured and on what date.


  88. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Could anyone help me with the year & value of my Les Paul Custom ? I believe it's a 75 but maybe older ? The stamped serial number is 377199 and usa is stamped on the back. It is tobacco burst with the 3 piece sandwich body & 3 piece neck. Waffle tuners. Iv'e read that they stopped making the sandwich bodies around 73.

  89. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Hello I have a 1961 or 1962 Custom Les Paul Fretless Wonder in original case. It is black with the pearl insets and pearl tuners, does anyone know what this may be worth? Serial# 5-9414

  90. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Can you tell me how to remove sweat stains off a 59 black beauty (or should I not even try) . . . thanks

  91. Anonymous8:17 PM

    For serial# 5 9414, my understanding is that the first digit represents the year. Apparently solid bodies from '53 to '61 were stamped on the back of the headstock with 5 or 6 digit numbers, the first indicating the year it was made. I would think your black beauty is a '55. I have a 3 pickup black beauty with a serial# of 9 1834, which I always thought was a '59.

  92. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Can anyone tell me what tone annd volume pots I should use, as I am fitting Gibson 57 clssic and 57 classic plus to my SG.

  93. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Yes to poster about natural finish LP customs built in 1982. I have one and just looked up the serial. I knew it was 82 or 83. I have also been looking for one to get an idea of what it is worth. It looks a lot like some '74 naturals I've seen.

  94. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Have a '70 Recording bought new.Terry Kath had one. Had to have one. Changed everything. The only thing original is the wood and pickguard. Had to refret it 4x.Played it on 100 gigs a year for at least 12 years. Killer guitar. Trussrod adjustment only once the in '70. KILLER TONE!!!! Ever hear of the "Fretless Wonder" to describe their highend guitar necks back then??

  95. Hello, How can I get a picture when my guitar was built and what is the correct name and model for my Custom No. 81128508. It was ferryed over to scandinavia in the early 80s.

  96. Hello I have Custom sn. 81128508. Could someone help to find ou year make, colour and model of this beatiful guitar. It was shipped to candinavia back in 90s.

  97. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I have a 1954 Les Paul Gold Top that belonged to my father..It has been in the case and not played for about 30 years..has only a small chip and some cracking in the finish..Any ideas what it is worth??..The serial number is 4 1850..Thank you

  98. I have a 69 or 70 black custom #745135 with voluted neck, tailpiece. good condition. Anyone know what year for sure. I know value of 69 is much more than 70. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  99. Anonymous6:03 AM

    I have a Les Paul Custom Sunburst(Fireburst) with SN120580, any idea what year this may be? Or what it may be worth, although it is not up for sale. The guitar also has gold hardware.

  100. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Anyone know the value of a 1976 and or 1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 Pickup Black Beauty in excellent condition?

  101. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Hi,I have a 1981 Les Paul Custom with a Goldburst Finish.I bought it used. In the case was an appraisal from Georg Gruhn which states in part:

    "Gibson does not have exact production totals for the Goldburst finish,however,Wayne Greene at Gibson has informed us to the best of his memory 50 of these where made and that almost all of them were returned to the factory due to finish problems,typically problems of an "orange peel" dimpling effect on the finish as it aged."

    When I got the guitar most of the finish was removed from the back of the neck. The former owner of my guitar said this in reference to photos I had posted:

    "The paint on these was not well thought out as is evidenced by this neck shot.This is due to the fact that the laquer stayed unusually porous over the copper color, allowing sweat to get in, turning the paint green and 'textured' which lead to the whole finish flaking off in chunks"

    Did Gibson really only make 50 of these? Do you the ones returned to the factory repaired or painted over?

  102. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Met a man today selling a Custom shop 10th anniversary 1968 Les Paul. He wants $7500. Saw a picture but not actual guitar. It was a cream color. He said only 30 were made and that one was given to Slash and one to Les Paul. Scam or treasure????

  103. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I have a 1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom with a 3 piece body in a heritage cherry plain top real good condition and plays like a dream. What is this guitar worth and what could someone tell me about this guitar . Like is there anything special about?

  104. Anonymous10:43 AM

    i am trying to determine the value of a les paul left to me by my deceased friend.
    it goes back to at least late 70s or early 80s. it is a 2 pickup black custom, and there are no visible serial numbers or anything. the finish is pretty terrible. the value is needed in the resolution of his estate. the neck and head stock have all that mother of pearl inlay. please help

  105. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Actually with regards to the Les Paul Customs in the silverburst finish, they discontinued that finish in '84.

  106. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom SN 81195XXX - so, an ´85 in SILVER grey... not a Silverburst. I can´t seem to find any pics or reference on the guitar anywhere. Would appreciate some help... Thanks

  107. I'm trying to verify that my guitar was actually a Les Paul Custom, because a few mods have been made on it. The old style tuners have been replaced by Grovers, etc. I was told that it was a 1970s model, probably late 70s. The serial number is 72647523, which would indicate 1977, Sept 21, made in Nashville. The neck appears to be three pieces running parallel head to body. Can someone help me here?

  108. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I have a 1957 black beauty 2 pick up all original with original case in excellant condition was just appraised for 14000.00 for insurance does that price seem to low

  109. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I have a 1961 Les Paul Custom black single cut away w/3 gold humbucking,grover tuners & Bigsby. The serial # is 1 1070 which is stamped on the PegHead which is supposed to be very rare for this model. This was the last of the single cut away before they went to the SG double cut away and the last of the stamped serial numbers. So does this make this model worth any more than a 60 model?

  110. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I have a 1978 black beauty that has never been played with original strings on it with original case. All in excellent condition with no signs of wear or defects. What would be approximate value of this guitar if I decide to sell it?

  111. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I have a 2006 les paul custom serial number CS60147.
    Can you tell me how much it is worth?
    Thank you

  112. juanjomugo9:07 AM

    I have a 1972(i think) Les Paul Custom with 685647 ann Made in the USA but without point in i of Gibson.
    Please, can you help me to date my guitar?

  113. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Hi...I have a LP Custom, wine red, serial number 967932. Its in fair condition, gold pickup covers slightly pitted, otherwise looks and plays great. Can anyone tell me the exact year, (I forget) and approximate value? hbassior@aol.com Thanks

  114. I have an original 1957 Gibson les paul custom, Black, good condition, 3 Hambucker pickups, looks great and plays well. No stamp, possible PROTOTYPE 1957. Serious buyers make offer and ill send picture. My email is kennybork@sbcglobal.net

  115. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I have 2000 Gibson Les Paul Custom excellent condition,rough estimate on how much I should sell it for ?

  116. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I have a 2000 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Excellent condition,I need a rough estimate on what I should sell it for ?

  117. Anonymous12:41 PM

    hey, a buddy of mine has a gibson 88 custom but right now it's a wreck lol. There's a decent sized chip out of the headstock, the input jack was ripped out and the wires are cut, there's cracks in various spots on the binding, and the bridge pickup is shot. And cosmetically, it has dings and knicks in several places and the paints beyond faded and chipped in a few spots too. In other words, as far from mint condition as possible. I said I'd give him a few hundred bucks for it (about 500) and he laughed at me, said I knew nothing of it's value. How much would you guys value that thing at? I doubt it could be even close to its full value.

  118. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I have a 1968 Les Paul Custom with pot numbers #1377142 and a second set of numbers that are 70-027. All the info I can get on them is they are for a Gibson bass made in the early 70`s. The resistors say #.022 Sprague 400-dc 160p. All the hardware is gold plated. The pick-ups are engraved with the Gibson logo. I am looking to sell this and would love any information.

  119. Hi There!

    Asking all of you good folks for information on a Stolen Les Paul Custom from 1983. ALL SILVER / SOLID SILVER / PEWTER Les Paul Custom, with Speed-Winder Machine heads. Serial Number 80243588.

    Any help with information on the proper name of the finish, and production numbers would be great. LARGE REWARD for information leading to it's safe return.

    Many Thanks

  120. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I have an original Gibson Les Paul Custom with PAF's, it belonged to my older brother who bought it new in 1961. it appears to be in excellent condition. He played with a lot of very well known musicians including B.B King at jam sessions. I dont know how to play myself. Can you tell me what this might be worth to someone that would enjoy it. thanks, kevin_wright.micp@yahoo.com

  121. Anonymous12:49 PM

    i have a les paul custom dated 1990 it was alpine white with gold hard ware it is now aged and is more creamy what price would you give it

  122. Anonymous5:40 PM

    My dad has a les paul, he thinks is a 1959. Can someone tell me how to find the serial number??? Thanks!

  123. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I have a Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. I looked at Gibsons' web site and checked the serial number and it said it was made in 67. I called Gibson and talked to thier customer service department and they also dated it as being made in 67. The Black Beauty reissue date was in 68. Can someone explain this.

  124. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Have a vintage Les Paul..No serial number. Was told it was a prototype.Was given to me by grandfather. Said he picked it up in a card game back in '51.

  125. In 1993, i sold a 59 to 61 Les Paul Custom,to someone in New Haven CT. guitar then had gold 2 pickups, tuners changed to Grover pearloids, white pick up rings installed, tune o matic changed from gold to chrome.
    If any one fits the details, contact me I have the original parts for sale to enable correct set up.
    This guitar was bought in 1974 in Indiana at Kokomo music.

  126. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I have a 1983 gibson les paul custom. The serial # is 81083557. The finish is white pearlescent. Can you tell me if this guitar has swiss cheese holes so I don't have to take to the airport for the x-ray machine? Can you tell me how many of these guitars were made with this color? Should this have T-top pickups? What should the numbers and stamping on the underside of the pickups should be? Should the bridge be a beefy TOM with no holes for the studs to come through the top? Are heavy duty strap buttons in the shape diamonds stock? Are the initials MS in blue ink pen in the truss rod cavity from the factory?
    Thank you.

  127. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I'm considering selling my 1982 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3 Pick-Up.
    It's in perfect condition. Unmodified. Could anyone give me an idea how much this is worth?

  128. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Hi, I have a Gibson LesPaul custom and serial number is 82586572 what year is it and if so what is it worth maybe been asking lots of people and never get an answer lol. Its a pearl white les paul with an explorer neck. triple humbuckers on it and 4 nobs and a rhythm and treble switch on it heh. thanks in advance for reading this!

  129. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Hi Guys
    I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom, silver NOT silverburst bought by myself in the early '80s. I never learned to play, therefore, it almost never left its hardshell case (with dark orange lining). It is in perfect condition, maybe slightly tinted green, but not so much because it's always been cased. 2 pick ups, speedwinders
    Number on back of head: 81312592
    Any info on value?
    Thanks, Sally

  130. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom - White now faded yellow. No dot on the Gibson i.
    I was told it was a 1974.
    Serial number is 5 digit ?
    any ideas on it's age ?
    thanks Dave

  131. Anonymous9:47 AM

    The Les Paul Custom LITE series was first introduced at the 1987 January NAMM show.re-desgined by Matthew Klein who I think still works at Gibson.Not popular at first, they seem to making a comeback due to the rarity of the line,and the fact that it is thinner, and much lighter than a regular custom.

    There were 12 proto-types made for the NAMM show.The first being a honey sunburst which I saw sell for 4800 bucks in 2008. If you have one of the other 11 proto types , then you REALLY have something there.The serial numbers will be late 1986 stamps. With the Custom Shop Proto decal on the neck.

    When the line went into production in 1988, they made quite a few of them in many colors. Id say the gold tops were the nicest. They made 200 of them over the span of production. TWO of the proto-types were gold tops. One was sold and one was put into the product showcase at the factory. It also appears in the 1988 Gibson Calander.

    I was ripped off by a collector who said the one I have is one of the proto types. But it`s not. It`s just one of the 200 made. I can`t wait to see him again. And shove the receipt down his throat.Along with the bogus COA he had typed up for me by some goof ball at Gibson. Yeah I`m talkin bout you Bill Duff. I was only 19 yeard old when that happened. So I was just a stupid kid that couldn`t read serial numbers right.And he sure took advantage of that. So beware of guys like him.

  132. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Sorry Bill, even though you did rip me off, I should NOT have mentioned you by name.Not cool. I just don`t appreciate being lied to and taken advantage of.And that bogus COA ? C`mon man. But that`s usually how it goes in the world of Guitar Collecting. It`s like playing Poker. And I lost. My bad.................

  133. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I have a 1979 Silverburst which has turned greenish/gold over the years. I have to say I'm not keen on the color at all, although the guitar plays great. What can I do about the discoloration? Kind of fed up with it really!

    I guess I would be proclaimed insane if I said that I have considered a respray? It would lose some of its value of course, as it would no longer be original but then again I don't really intend to sell it - I'd rather play it under a different finish! As far as I can see from this thread it would only be worth the same as any other custom from that period. Am I right?

  134. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Thinking of selling my 1990 Gibson LP custom, Custom shop edition serial#... it's a Randy Rhoads looking guitar, wondering if anyone knows how many of these were made and approx. value? Thanks, love the forum, very informative, thanks

  135. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Hi Guys
    I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom, silver NOT silverburst bought by myself in the early '80s. I never learned to play, therefore, it almost never left its hardshell case (with dark orange lining). It is in perfect condition, maybe slightly tinted green, but not so much because it's always been cased. 2 pick ups, speedwinders
    Number on back of head: 81312592
    Any info on value?
    Thanks, Sally
    contact me:

  136. Hi Everyone,

    You can check out a bunch of Gibson guitars posted by our members including a "Black Beauty" here

    Great stuff on Gibson. Definitely add you to our blogroll keep up the good work!

  137. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Hi All!

    Another post for information among the many, but this is an unusual guitar.

    1961 Les Paul Custom, 3 gold pickups, seems to be all original except the sideways vibrato was removed and replaced with a stop tail piece.

    What color do you think it should be? It's not white/cream.

    It's dark cherry red. I've owned this guitar for over 25 years and I've never seen another one like it, and even the rise of the Internet has failed to replicate it.

    I have seen two pickup 1961 Les Paul Standards with the red finish, but this guitar is not a modified Standard model; the neck and plastic parts are all correct for a Custom.

    My question is: is this really super rare? Pictures available if anyone is interested in thinking about this. rickp@fairpoint.net

  138. Anonymous2:28 PM

    i have a gibbson les paul custom #B3137515 "Made in USA". i am thinking of selling it, what can i sell it for? Ben

  139. Anonymous12:15 AM

    having trouble trying to date my gibson les paul custom the SN# is 59092638 and its not a sticker its impressed in the wood and the guitar has a naturdral wood grian top with all gold hard ware but i tried looking for a pic of another one like it and can't find a single one and not only that it has no pick gaurd with it

  140. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Is it hard to replace pickup guards for a 1979 Les Paul Custom?

  141. Anonymous6:27 AM

    I have Gibson Less Paul bass. sr#175637,LGN,made in USA stamped on back of head. can anyone tell me about this guitar?

  142. Deborah Leeds4:06 AM

    Hi can someone please help me. My son is 14 and has fallen in love with a 1981 Les Paul deluxe in a vintage shop in London. The price is £2000 - is this a good price or not and how can we be sure it is an original. Sorry to sound stupid but my son is the musician i am clueless!!

  143. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I'm looking for parts for a 1966 Goya thin body hollow electric. I'd love to find a new tailpiece with a tremolo to replace the existing one, which is badly rusted. Cleaning only seems to reveal the brass base metal even more. Also, any suggestions at to an appropriate pickup to replace the existing shorted one? It's a bridge position pickup, single coil size with a rectangular profile. (as opposed to the "Fender" rounded-end shape)I could use a pick guard as well. This one was missing when I got it. I don't see any model number at all on it. On the neck plate it says "Made in Italy". Single cutaway guitar with a cherry burst finish. Very pretty, and quite a nice neck as well.

  144. Anonymous7:40 AM

    i have an 86 Custom in like a tabco burst. I was told it is rare. Is this true? its a really nice guitar i picked up for a song and a dance.

  145. Hi guys,

    I own a '78 Les Paul Custom, black with 2 silver (nickel) pick ups. Can anybody tell me a little bit about the pick up Gibson used during this period. I am thinking about changing them to Burstbucker Pro or Classic '57. Any thoughts?

  146. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I found a Les Paul Custom, gold plated guitar, in flame. I think it is from 1973, but the serial number was scratched off. Is this resellable? What is it's approximate worth?

    A girl with a guitar

  147. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I'm looking for two old vintage Les Paul (either a Standard or a Custom one) having their weight of 16lbs.
    A guy owned a '70 one and weigh 16lbs!
    So, at which year should I looking for?

  148. R.Mello9:43 AM

    What is My Gibson les paul custom worth? ser#70719501
    It has 3pic-ups blonde front and cherry back gold hardware maple neck. If someone could give me an idea how much to insure it for. I have had it since Jan/1980

  149. Hi, I have a 1984 Les Paul Custom. Serial #80514561. It is, I believe, Heritage Cherry Sunburst. It has the pop out nickel tuners and pegs. I'm curious about the other hardware though. It has chrome pickups and tailpiece. The binding is white with 3 black stripes. The pickup casings are white with white pickguard and it has clear volume/tone knobs. I thought Custom's traditionally were black plastic and gold hardware, but I've read online in a few places that chrome was indeed an option on Customs from around 1977-late 80's. Does this description sound accurate, or do you think some of the items have been switched out? With this body color I do think it looks much better with white and chrome vs black/gold.


  150. Anonymous12:23 AM

    2 questions. 1) When were the first burst(cherry/sun) made ? 69,70,71 ?. 2) DID THEY MAKE CHERRY BURST CUSTOMS WITH WHITE, CREAM, or BEIGE PLASTIC GUARDS/TOGGLE CIRCLE, not BLACK ? (i got a cherryburst with white plasic, gold silvr topped 'VOLUME' & 'TONE' knobs, wondring if those are original. And the big problem is it was stamped from the right, so the U in USA, the M in MADE IN, and (worst of all) the first of 6 numbers, ARE BARELY VISABLE WITH A MGNFYG GLASS AND PERFECT LIGHTING FROM A PERFECT ANGLE). im certain from the sellers close up photo and my own inspections that the first # is a 9, making it a 1970 cherryburst custom.

  151. I have a 1969 Les Paul Custom in what looks to be an Antique Natural finish. I was wondering if many of these were made as I usually see black ones. This is from the original owner and is very authentic. Serial# is 534536. Any info on this serial number would be quite helpful. Where would I look to see factory color options for 1969?

  152. Does anyone ever look at these posts? Just looking for answers, will look somewhere else I guess.

  153. I have what I believe to be a 1968 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, not altered, all original. Some neck wear in the back. SN 804487, no Made in America on it, no dot on the i in Gibson and the o is not closed. Is it a 68 for certain? Thanks. C. Mankin

  154. Hello,
    I have a custom black beauty 3 Lespaul pick up the sn is 70477. I would like to know the year of construction, on the journals they gave me in 1964, although theoretically this model was not made ​​at that time? it seems that it would be a model order for a "vip" where a special series?
    The logo "gibson" on the head stock to the following special "o" and "n" gibson are connected at the top, not the bottom for almost all models!
    Then the potentiometer housing, there is a cover shaped aluminum box that cover? I think it is the "feedback"? but I've never seen on other models. I'm sure she has more than 30 years since I bought it used in 1983.

    Can you enlighten me because I am writing "FRANCE" and at home, we have no real specialists.

    My email address is: rvmusic13@voila.fr

  155. Je suis rvmusic13.

    Je vous ai contacté, pour ma lespaul, mon article est paru dans vos courrier.

    Je voulais savoir, pourquoi ,vous n'avez pas répondu à mes quetions ?
    C'est assez "urgent" car j'ai plusieurs acheteurs , mais je veux la vendre à son prix le plus juste !


    Hervé de FRANCE.

  156. I am taking delivery of a 1979 Les Paul Custom in Wine soon. whether I got a deal or not isn't of concern to me at this point. I feel I probably paid the market price, but it is THE guitar I have wanted since the late '70's. Anyway, the serial # is 70759811. Supposedly, 1 oner, all original except for P/u rings. A little thrown off on the serial #. Can you help me there? Also, the replacement P/U rings are cream color. I thought they would have been black or a dark color. Ho can I fond out what they were originally? I would like to replace the P/U rings with something darker, but want to keep it as original as possible. Then again, the rings aren't the originals anyway. Thanks for your help.

  157. I am taking delivery of a 1979 Les Paul Custom in Wine soon. whether I got a deal or not isn't of concern to me at this point. I feel I probably paid the market price, but it is THE guitar I have wanted since the late '70's. Anyway, the serial # is 70759811. Supposedly, 1 oner, all original except for P/u rings. A little thrown off on the serial #. Can you help me there? Also, the replacement P/U rings are cream color. I thought they would have been black or a dark color. Ho can I fond out what they were originally? I would like to replace the P/U rings with something darker, but want to keep it as original as possible. Then again, the rings aren't the originals anyway. Thanks for your help.

  158. I would like some help trying to date my Gibson LP custom (Black Beauty). It has a 1 peice neck and body, 2 hmbackers, teared black and gold bell shaped tuner/volume adjusters with the #"s on the bottom of the flair (center of knobs are gold). 22 frets and all the hardware is gold, with pearl inlay and a 5 peice peral inlay insignea. The seriel # is in gold lettering on back of neck (not stamped) with no "made in USA", below or above. The #"s are 852796. Any invormation on this guitar would be appreciated as with the web sites and books I can only narrow it down to somewere between 1958 amd 1966.

  159. I have a LP Custom Black Beauty that I was told is a 80's reissue of a 70's version???? I have no idea. It has three pickups and all gold hardware. The serial number is 721524. I really need to figure out the date/value for insurance purposes, as it is a family heirloom now. It has the original hard case w/gold Gibson writing/logo on it as well. If anyone can help, I can email pics and maybe a little more info. You can email me at dlsummers1216@hotmail.com with Gibson in the subject line. Any help will be greatly appreciated.