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Gibson Les Paul Recording

Gibson Les Paul Recording ( 1971 -1980 )

gibson les paul recordingIn 1969 gibson introduced 2 guitars with low impedance pickups these gibson guitars were called the gibson les paul professional and the gibson les paul personal .

Although the idea sounded great these guitars were short lived and off the market after 2 years in production , in 1971 gibson introduced the gibson les paul recording with higher expectations ,

the gibson les paul recording had integral transformers to make the output impedance compatible with normal high impedance amps, they had a single cutaway bound mahogany body , two slanted low impedance pickups with gibson logo on covers ( see pic ), rosewood fingerboards ,

2 high low impedance selector switches , bound peghead with diamond logo inlays and were made in various colors ( most early models 71-75 were made in walnut finishes )

the gibson les paul recording guitars were fairly succesful and led to the making of the gibson les paul signature and the gibson triumph bass in 1973 .

gibson low impedance pickups However these guitars never became household names like the deluxe , standard and the custom , they are known as techie guitars meaning you can get some great sounds but there can be lots of tweaking involved between the amp and guitar,

the gibson les paul recording guitars are considered vintage and somewhat historical gibson guitars but not very popular amongst players ,they were discontinued in 1980 . ( pictures courtesy of ebay )

Vintage Guitar Price Value For 2007 :
1971 - 1980 > $1700 to $2000

guitar price valueAvg Upward Trend Of 9% a Year since 2000

These guitars went up in price considerably since last year and they are getting harder to find , I remember a couple of years back I would see quite a few on ebay , you can still find gibson les paul recording guitars for sale on ebay but not on a regular basis .


  1. howsit fellow Gibson fans...

    this was by far the best Christmas i ever had! my ole man gave me his Les Paul Recording as a present! STOKED!

    im in south africa so i think it might be one of very few in the country...

    if anyone has any info on the availibilty or rarity of this magnificent piece of musical instrument, please post a reply...

    Sean Marshal Chisholm

  2. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Question: Les paul recording
    Can Someone tell me what the
    relative effects of the controls
    are. ( phase in-out switch,low - high switch,and especialy the decade knob. )
    This is a 1975 model.

  3. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I Have a Les Paul Signature that I would like to get any info I can about. It was bought used in 82 by my Dad. I cant find a SN or other numbers.

  4. I owned one of these but sold it in 1997 for about $300 to get a Taylor acoustic. Ahhhhhhhhhh.....if I knew then what I know now. Sigh.

  5. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Recently purchased a 69 Les Paul bass. The 3 position tone selector switch is broken and I can't find a replacement. Can anyone help?

  6. Henri2:14 AM

    I bought a Les Paul Recording in 1977. I still play on it. It's a marvelous instrument. A little complicated at the beginning but when you get it, sticks to you for ever. I'll never get rid off this one.
    Henri. Belgium

  7. Anonymous2:27 AM

    I have to replace the original now defective impedance transformer in my '74 LPR.
    Would someone enlighten me as to what transformer value to go with?Thanx Dudes!!!Or who makes them?

  8. Anonymous3:28 AM

    I have a '73 LPR - brand new in 1974 - still got it, and play it on a regular basis. In fact, it's the *only* guitar I play. there just isn't anything else like it - except another LPR :')
    for the defective impedence transformer - don't fret too much, it sounds better when you feed the guitar through a low impedence (microphone) cable, and then use a transformer (about $US20) into the amp - or feed direct into the sound desk (lowZ and NO to phantom power :')

  9. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I have had my 72 LPR since 1990 when I was 16 years old. It was the first thing I ever bought with my own money from my first job and I still have it to this day. I haven't seen a Recording model other than my own in person ever, and I have had many an offer for it and I will never part with it. I came to thsi site to find out it's value, but in all honesty the sentiment will never be covered with any dollar value..just curious tho

  10. Does anyone have specs on the transformer or how to get one? or alternatives?

  11. Anonymous7:44 PM

    My 1973 Triumph Bass was bought new in MS. I still have the original hardshell case. More bass than some can handle but I finished my gig life in 79 and put it back in the case. Still plays and looks great. Not many made in those few years of manufacturing.

  12. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I just bought a '73 Triumph bass...LOVE it but even with all the switches and knobs in the HI posistions, the volume of this bass is substantially lower than my Fenders. Anybody else have this problem?

  13. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Here are links to other sites regarding the Les Paul Personal, Professional, Recording, and other low-impedance pickup Les Paul guitars:

    http://jbwid.com/guitar/lpp01.htm (info on how the Decade knobs works)

    http://www.gould68.freeserve.co.uk/lprusers/lprusers.html (the most comprehensive)

    http://www.ntw.net/~w0ui/family_webpage/linkpages/music/music_lespaulrecording.htm (lots of history)

    http://vintageguitars.org.uk/LPrecording_showcasept1.php (much of the same info as here)

    http://www.coutant.org/matching/5.html (info on the Shure A95UF transformer)

  14. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Found this info about the LPR.
    (Shipping totals: 1971 - 236; 1972 - 1314; 1973 - 1759; 1974 - 915; 1975 - 204; 1976 - 352; 1977 - 362; 1978 - 180; 1979 - 78).



  15. Martie10:16 PM

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  16. Martie10:18 PM

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  17. Anonymous8:50 AM

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  18. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I bought my first Gibson LP Recording (a 1972) in 1980 from my old guitar teacher - he had just bought another high-end Gibson and didn't need them both. I cherished the guitar until I foolishly sold it when I was getting married (now ex-wife!). Happy to say that I recently managed to acquire another Recording - in pristine condition - this one I will keep forever!

    People always say it isn't a great guitar and not popular with players - but those comments only come from those who don't have one or who have not taken the time to appreciate what it can do. This model was Les Paul's guitar of choice in all his live performances in the NYC jass club until he passed away, and Jimmy Page himself owns and uses one as well - so dont tell me it isn't worthy to be recognized as a member of the Gibson Les Paul family...you just stick with your knock-offs and leave the vintage guitars to those who know better.

  19. Anonymous11:54 PM

    For Sale: Gibson Les Paul Recording Vintage Guitar
    with case 2700.00 USD

    contact buzznmee@hotmail.com

  20. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I own a Les Paul Personal and it´s a -69/70
    I bought this in a music shop in Sweden 10 years ago.
    It´s all original but the chord is missing :-)
    I think it´s a beautiful guitar but i don´t play it very often.

  21. I have a '72 that had been sent back to Gibson in Nashville and they went over it completely...everything works. Has a replaced switch tip and a repaired cracked pick guard, but it is a gem otherwise.

  22. 1975 Recording mode Les Paul all original except case. case is a new Gibson Les Paul case with white carpeting inside.