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Gibson Super 300

Gibson Super 300 ( 1948 - 1955 )
Price Update For 2008

gibson super 300While gibson was enjoying their success with their gibson super 400 guitars , they also produced a more simple version with the same performance of the super 400 and named it the gibson super 300 . ( click pic to enlarge )

They are extremely rare today because these guitars were mostly on special /custom orders .

There is no solid literature on how many of these guitars were sold but good sources indicate that only under 300 of them were produced and shipped .

The gibson super 300 has raised black edged pickguards , brazilian rosewood fingerboards with parallelogram inlays ,

black face peghead w/ crown gibson logo , 18" wide body ,beautiful finished maple back and sides ( birds eye view on most of them ) ,

2 f-holes , bound body , neck and headstock, nickel tailpiece , and were made in sunburst finishes . Discontinued in 1955 .

In 1954 gibson also introduced the gibson super 300c which was basically the same guitar with the same specs except for a rounded cutaway and some natural versions were optional . Discontinued in 1958 .

If anybody has a gibson super 300 for sale I would be interested , I played on this guitar at a trade show and was quite impressed . ( Nice warm woody tone )

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1948 - 1955 > $5500 to $6400 ( super 300 )
1954 - 1958 > $5500 to $7000 ( super 300C )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 7% A Year Since 2000 ( for both )


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    According to the Gibson website, the serial number on my Super 300 places it somewhere in late 1956 (it's a straight 300, not a c)

    And no, I'm not selling :)

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Its possible ,

    on some occasions gibson would discontinue their guitars from their catalogs but still would take "on demand orders" .

    if you post your serial number maybe i can tell you if its really a 1956 super 300.

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    i have a gibson super 300 made around nov 1954 with a p-90 pick-up factory installed...any idea on value?...i'm interested in selling it....joe

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    according to the price guide its worth anywhere from $3900 to $4500 .

    you should post your email if you want to sell the guitar .

  5. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I have an old guitar (30's or 40's). sunburst with f-holes. acoustic , archtop, small circular m.o.p. inlays on fretboard. headstock says 'kalamazoo' label inside of body says 'made by Gibson , inc . no visible serial number.Genuine Gibson or not ?

  6. Anonymous9:32 AM

    from your description im pretty sure its a genuine gibson . During the late 20s through the 30s some low end gibson guitars had no serial numbers .

    Is there any way you can provide a picture ? it would be much more helpful.

  7. Anonymous7:47 AM

    My Super 300 only has an ink stamped number inside. I have been unable to date it. Also it's black which I have been told all were sunburst but your comment about most being special order leads me to beleive it was ordered as such. The only way I could tell is was a Super 300 was by the 18" body. Any help to date it would be appreciated. The # looks like 5642. I can be reached at info@acousticpreamp.com

  8. Anonymous3:02 PM

    most gibson guitars during world war 2 have 4 digit Factory Order numbers stamped in ink followed by 2 digits in red pencil.

    after the war the 2 digit in red wasn't used anymore .

    If the numbers you indicated
    "5642" is stamped in ink on the neck block inside the guitar it was made in 1950 .

    all 4 digit FON numbers from 3000 to 5999 were manufactured in 1950 ...

  9. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I'm selling my 1954 Super 300. Non-cutaway, and has a factory installed P-90 pick-up. (I'm not Joe, but I've exchanged emails and photos with him several times...)
    sean@adairproductions.com. It's also on craigslist NYC now with pictures, but that will only be for 6 more days.

  10. Do you know of any prominent Super-300's? Celebrity owners or conspicuous recordings, that sort of thing. I've been playing mine for 35 years and have yet to encounter any really 'famous' Super 300's.

    But I will add this: We were playing the Harbourfront stage in Toronto and after our set this little old man came up to the stage and asked, in a thick yiddish-sort of accent, "Is that a Super 400, or a Super 300?" -- I said, "It's a Super 300" and he replied, "Best guitar ever made." and walked off.

    I didn't even need to hear him play. I already liked his style ;)

    Mine has an oval sticker inside the upper f-hole, "GUARANTEED" it says, but the form entries are pretty faded -- it looks like 'A-' written in pencil, and a very faded 8409 or maybe 84095 barely visible stamped beside it.

  11. Anonymous7:34 PM

    consider yourself lucky , there are not to many super 300 around .. very rare , even more so than the super 400 .

  12. maybe one of you gibson guys can clear this up for me. I am a fender guy, so shot me if you wish. I have had this ols flat top around for a long time, there is a number stamped inside, when looking through f holes,( X471-34 )
    anyone clear the air for me??

  13. Joe, I might be interested in your Super 300, where are you located?

  14. 3/27/08
    Selling my 57 Super 300C. goes on ebay tonight for a week.

    This guitar has been featured in a number of publications including The History of the American Guitar From 1833 to the present day by Tony Bacon (pg. 67). Apr. 1957 serial # A25494 MY GUITAR is this one formerly in the CHINERY COLLECTION.

    I have only occasionally played this guitar as I usually play either my 54 J200 or 53 Super 400 but it is extremely playable. There is one fret that the high E string will catch under if you bend it too far, there is no pickguard (as pictured in the book and I have not attempted to find one) there are however the holes from where it once resided. I was told that they believed Mr. Chinery had had some neck work done and a minor headstock repair (see photo). I can only assume this was done professionally since he was not known to cut corners.

  15. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I own a Gibson S-300-C, Number A24929 (additional stamped numbers inside the body are W 3356 12). I also have the original case (which is somewhat the worse for wear since it followed me around the world, including Japan, during my 21 years on active duty with the United States Air Force)

    I am trying to determine the guitar's age, rarity, and approximate value before I begin a full restoration.

    This guitar has special sentimental value because my Dad gave it to me over 40 years ago. However, it would benefit from a complete restoration at the hands of a skilled craftsman.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


  16. Hello everybody,
    My name is : Pascal from Paris (France)
    I have the chance to have a SUPER 300 totally original from 1952.You could see my guitar on the book : Acoustic guitars(Dave Hunter) Page 94.
    MY E-MAIL : pascal.brisset@storaenso.com.

  17. Anonymous9:25 AM

    ihave super 300 would like to sell it my #4014807385

  18. Anonymous9:29 AM

    i have super 300 would like to sell #4014807385 fred ciampanelli

  19. Anonymous12:46 PM

    hi i have a super 300 im interested in selling it call me at 401 480 7385 my name is fred

  20. Anonymous3:45 AM

    im selling my Super 300.its from 1950-51 ind im located
    in Norway. Great instrument.
    e-mail: torbj-kr@online.no

  21. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hello everybody
    I have a gibson super 300 from 1950 with original case for sale. I live in switzerland.

  22. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I have a Super 300c (celebrity owned) that I'd like to consider selling......37terraplane@gmail.com.

  23. Hello,
    I'm looking for a Gibson Super 300 if you have one to sell.