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Gibson SG Special

Gibson SG Special ( 1961- present )

1964 gibson sg specialIn 1961 the gibson sg les paul standard and the gibson sg les custom were introduced on the market and until this day these gibson

guitars are some of the most popular electric guitars ever made .

They had 2 pointed twin cutaways , the sg les paul custom was finished in black or white ( 3 humbuckers ) and the sg les paul standard was finished in cherry red ( 2 humbuckers ).

In 1961 another double pointed cutaway style body emerged on the market and was called the gibson sg special , the sg special was basically a another but less fancy version of the sg les paul standard ,

it had 2 p-90 soap bar pickups , dot inlays ( not trapezoid ) ,pearl gibson logo on the peghead,

nickel hardware , wrap around tailpiece ,mahogany body ,small pickguards , bound neck like the standard and were finished in cherry red or white ( cream ) finish .

In 1962 gibson maestro vibratos were optional and in 1965 larger pickguards were fitted surrounding the pickups.

In 1971 gibson discontinued the gibson sg special and replaced it with the sg pro . The gibson sg pro had a tune o matic bridge , bigsby vibrato , and were made in walnut and natural mahogany finishes .

pete townshend playing on gibson sg specialIn 1972 the sg pro was discontinued and reintroduced as the gibson sg special with 2 black mini humbucking pickups ( some w/ p-90s ), tune o matic bridges , 3 point pickguards , unbound fingerboards and were made in cherry or walnut finishes .

In 1973 , block inlays , pearl logos and SG on the truss rod covers were added and were discontinued in 1978 .

In 1986 to present the gibson sg special was reintroduced again but with regular humbuckers and were made in various different colors .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1961 - 1962 > $6500 to $10000
1963 - 1964 > $4500 to $6000
1965 - 1966 > $4000 to $5500
1967 - 1971 > $3500 to $4500
1972 - 1978 > $1300 to $1800
1986 - 1999 > $750 to $900 ( reintroduced )

1971 - 1973 > $1300 to $1600 ( sg pro )

guitar price guide1961 - 1967 > Avg Upward Trend Of 12% A Year Since 2000
1968 - 1978 > 9% 1986 - 1999 > 3%

If your lucky you can find used or vintage Gibson Sg Special Guitars For Sale on ebay , seen some good deals on several occasions , however make sure you read the descriptions carefully.


  1. Hey there,

    I have a (possible) 71 SG Pro. the bigsby is gone but will be replaced. You indicate dthe features of this model. My SG has dot inlays and not trapazoidal? Dowes this cionfirm the 71 Pro? I have the small pickguard and the plate for the opots with the jack at the corner. The guitar is a 'natural' mahogany finish. By the way, it is sweet!!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    The gibson sg pro was actually discontinued in 1973 , however the post above does not mention that they had trapezoid inlays .

    Thaye also had 2 p90 pickups ...ps great guitar ! let me know if you want to sell it .

    my email : cglamour@yahoo.com

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    i have a gibson sg..not sure if it is standard or special. Was told it was a 1961 but thinking it is more like a 1963 serial #141455. It is in good condition. Would like info and the value if anyone knows.

  4. domenic9:19 PM

    The serial number indicates that it was made in 1963 .

    I don't want to get into too much details but if the fret board on your sg has dot inlays its an sg special

    If it has trapezoid inlays and a crown inlay on the peghead ...its an sg standard

    If its a special you should be able to sell it easily $4000 to $4600

    If its a standard its valued at $6500 to $8000 easy .

    hope that helped ....domenic

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I have 1966 gibson sg special white serial#700976,the pots date 66. what price range do these guitars go for?I traded a fender twin reverb for it.

  6. domenic9:32 AM

    The sg special guitars with white finishes are actually more sought after and worth a little more , however in 1966 they made some models in white with large pickguards and some with small pick guards .

    The models with the large pickguards can be sold for at least $2500 to $2800 . 1966 white sg specials with small pick guards are worth $2700 to $3100 ( one price guide lists it at $3300 ) ...domenic

    PS : dont sell ! will be worth much more in a couple of years .

  7. Hi, I have a SG-1, which is apparently from 1974. The body is unfortunately refinished, PU and tuning machines are not orginal but I was wondering about any kind of the approximate value?

    You could argue that the guitar is destroyed from a collector's point of view but on the other hand I got it originally for less than the equivalent 200$.

  8. domenic4:38 PM

    collectors dont like when they hear " refinished " , refinished guitars tend to be harder to sell , however i still think you got a fairly good deal .

    If its all original , good condition and with its original pickups and not refinished its worth $800 to $900

    I cant give you an exact value because i really need to see your sg guitar .

    from your description , i figure $400 to $500 but then again , i cant confirm the price value without seeing the guitar .....domenic

  9. Anonymous1:17 AM

    In 1982, at the doomed Kalamazoo factory, production began on three models under the Epiphone name: the Special (SG shape), the Spirit (LP Jr shape), and the Map (USA shape). The Special had a maple neck and poplar body, no pickguard, one or two open-coil humbuckers with volume controls, and one tone control. By 1983 the Special was being produced under the Gibson name in Nashville, the neck still maple but the body now mahogany. In 1985 it became the SG Special and the one-pickup version was dropped. FYI, I play a red one-pickup 1984.

  10. Anonymous8:47 AM

    In 1982, at the doomed Kalamazoo factory ........ Great Post !

  11. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Ive got a much travelled SG with a whammy bar
    and believe its from 1977
    The serial no.71098019
    ...what could I get for it

  12. Anonymous11:41 AM

    IS IT AN SG SPECIAL OR AN SG LES PAUL STANDARD ? Is it all original ? Was it refinished ? Can you post a picture ? And by the way your serial number indicates that its a 78'

  13. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I have a 62 SG les paul special, serial number 52004, it has dot inlays on the fretboard, a crown logo on the headstock, cherry with the small pick guard, anyone know what its worth?

  14. Anonymous3:39 PM

    if its in good condition with all original parts you should be able to sellit for more than $4000 , then again its quite difficult giving a price value on a guitar you can't see ....

  15. Anonymous3:41 PM

    seen some for sale on ebay for $5000 ...

  16. Anonymous4:14 PM

    are you sure you have an sg special ? in 1962 sg special guitars had no crown inlays ... do you have a picture ? more details would help ...

  17. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Hi i have a 1961 gibson sg special. It has a neck repair and work on the heel. Do you think I should send it togibson and have it gone over and professional fixed or leave it. the repair would be 8 of 10 on workmanship. What is the value?

  18. Anonymous7:59 PM

    your 1961 sg special in good condition and all original can easily sell for $4000 and more ... ( depends whos the buyer )

    I cannot comment on the value of the guitar with the repairs without seeing the guitar however ...

    i would definetily have it checked or seek advice by a professional luthier who can see it first hand ...

    having it checked by gibson themselves would be a great idea ... 61 models are pretty much in demand , prices will probably double within a few years ...

  19. Brian M Utica, NY9:01 PM

    I have a Gibson SG serial # 134750, which is stamped into the back of the headstock with "made in USA" below it. It has a natural mohogany finish. The fretboard has rectangular pearl inlays, not trapezoidal. The truss rod cover is plain black. It's not a crown emblem below the Gibson logo but something similar. It has two chrome pickups with black frames, and the smaller black pick guard. I have had it since I bought it used in 1978. Any idea how old? It's been refretted and has a neck repair but the repair is nearly undectable. Any idea about value?

  20. Anonymous3:15 PM

    according to your description and serial number ... its an sg special ,sg pro, or an sg deluxe , made in the early seventies ( 70-73 )

    I think you meant walnut finish not natural ....

    1970 - 74 sg special guitars are valued at $1200 to $1500 ,sg pro guitars are worth a little less but im pretty sure you have an sg special ( would need a pic or more details to confirm , gibson made various models of the sg special during the early seventies till today )

  21. Anonymous11:11 AM

    My 1961 gibson sg special has had a rough life it had had a heal repair and the neck was repaired in the middle and on the headstock they all look ok not great. the finish has worn down by the top e. All parts are stock.. What is this worth and how do I find out what it is worth

  22. domenic7:10 PM

    i cannot give a value on your sg guitar because i can not see the damage or repair on it ,

    A 61 sg special is quite valuable and if i were you i would definitely try to find a collector or someone who knows his vintage guitars who you trust to take a look at it ....

    A 61 sg special in mint condition can be easily sold for $4500 to $5000 ...

    I wouldnt want to fiddle with prices without seeing and playing the guitar,,,, domenic

  23. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I have an sg with serial number 530412, and I am guessing it is a 68 or 69. Could you tell me if I'm correct. Also a neck was re-attached and is slightly lighter shade. How much will that decrease the value?

  24. Anonymous5:37 AM

    according to the serial number you gave it was made in 1968 , if its a gibson sg special all original and in mint condition its valued at $1800 to $2000 ( easy ) , now i i dont know what condition your guitar is in but if the neck is not original it will decrease in value signicantly a 1968 neck is at least $600-$800 ...

  25. Anonymous9:05 PM

    My friend just gave me a vintage gibson sg. It's in pretty bad shape and I'm wanting to restore it. I'm not sure what year or make it is. The serial # is 513747. the previous owner sray painted it black so I'm sanding all that off. It appears to have to have a walnut finish with block inlays. It also seems to have two extra holes next to pickup selector hole.
    Can anyone can help me find out more about this guitar? thanks!
    here is a link to my journal with pictures of the guitar.

  26. wow , looks like your guitar needs a major makeover , great project to work on .

    the serial number dates it a 1974 sg . To me it looks like an sg les paul standard ( block inlays , crown peghead ) not an sg special . The two extra holes were for the vibrola ( tremolo bar )some models had factory bigsby...Andy

  27. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Hello, My SG has a Cherry finish, one pickup, small pickguard, no vibrato. The inlays are small round dots,(looks like mother of pearl). The tuning machines have been replaced with quality german machines with an S on the back. The Serial# is 968497 with made in usa stamped under it. What type SG is this?

  28. id be more certain if i could of seen a picture of your guitar , however from your description im pretty sure its a 1970-71 gibson sg junior , if the color would be white or yellow it would be an sg tv junior .... matt

  29. Anonymous7:49 PM

    matt, where can i send a pic of my sg to? i asked a question about my sg ser. no. 968497. you said you'd need to see a pic. to determine if it's an sg jr. or not. Thanks

  30. hi goadus, actually i really don't need a pic , sg juniors were the only gibson guitars with sg bodies that were fitted with one pick up.

    Gibson also made sg tv juniors with the same specs but were only made in white or yellow colors , sg juniors were made in cherry red colors so your guitar has to be an sg junior .

    All other sg guitars had two or three pickups ...

  31. wonderlife8:37 PM

    Does anyone know the value
    of a White Gibson SG 63, 64 ?
    Serial # 209227
    has the tremelo engraved Tailpiece

  32. domenic12:46 PM

    I CANNOT tell you the value of your white sg because there will be a spike in prices for 2007 on gibson sg's , vintage sg white guitars are even more in demand ... If your planning to sell it don't sell your guitar before the year end until prices are confirmed . Prices will be posted on this site by december-31

  33. Anonymous4:25 AM

    hi gud day im julius from manila philippines,i have dis sg pro no.615267 i inherited it from my father.i lend it to my friend when he returned it most of the parts was lost in no clear reason such as tuning pegs,tunematic,tremolo arm,spring,and nut for bigsby,and 2 witch hat knobs i want it to have restored so i can returned it to my father as a gift before he retired playing.my problem is i cant.remember the original part that im looking.can u help me where can i find the followingparts in order to restore it good.and where can i find a good 3d picture of an sg pro . this guitar has a big sentimental value to my father.thank a lot and more power

  34. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Take a look on ebay once and a while , place ads in guitar forums ... vintage guitar parts are hard to find ... Good luck ..

  35. Anonymous9:10 AM


    This is fantastic site with lots of good info.

    I've got a 1984 'The SG', silverburst finish, ebony fingerboard (no binding), dot inlays and small 3-ply pick guard. I can't even find references to silverburst SGs anywhere, so I know this one is quite rare. I believe that it may be part of the 'Firebrand' series, but Firebrands were apparently discontinued prior to 1984. The truss cover says 'The SG' and it came with a moulded case.

    Can you provide any insight on this guitar and a ballpark value? It is in very good shape. I have replaced the tuners with Schallers and put nickel covers on the pick-ups.


  36. Anonymous9:50 PM

    theres not much info on your guitar , "the sg" models were introduced in 1979 and were discontinued in 1983 with the same features but walnut bodies .... your guitar must of been a limited edition or some sort of special edition ... you can try calling gibson maybe they can provide you with more info ...

  37. I bought an allegedly '82 SG special custom it's serial is #82223511. it's got a kahler tremollo flying bridge and only three knobs, two volumes and one tone and a pickup switch. anybody got any info on this guitar? value? is it actually an '82? etc?
    thanks for the help

  38. Anonymous7:10 PM

    the serial number indicates thats its a 1983 sg , your guitar is valued at $800 to $1100 in the price guide ....

  39. Anonymous2:04 PM

    HI I have a 2001 Paul Townshend signature
    non limited edition SG classic can you tell me the difference between the limited edition and the non limited edition apart from the signed certificate I notice mine has pickup height adjusting screws on either side of the pickups and the limited edition does not also what`s mine worth.
    Great site
    ancient scotsman

  40. Anonymous9:21 PM

    theres a big difference , the limited edition was made with the exact specs of pete townshends original 70's sg special with the wrap around tailpiece , and full cover pickguard .....etc

    The limited edition also comes with a gibson custom shop hardshell SG guitar case which is much more expensive , the guitar also has his signature ( pete townshend ) in back of the peghead , and above all they only made 250 , which makes it more rare and more expensive .. the limited edition is worth $2000 to $2400 in the price guides ...

    the non limited edition is still a quality guitar however its not yet listed in the vintage guitar price guide .

  41. Great site!
    I have three questions- 1. Is a SG with serial number 103775, P90s and vibrato about a 1963? 2. Approx value of same. 3. Where could I find a cherry finish with p90s & bigsby. Is that configuration available pre 1968? It is also the SG pro from '71-'73 if read the abouve post correctly. Thanks!

  42. domenic6:01 PM

    Question #1 > If you have a maestro vibrato its definitly a 63 . also serial # indicates its a 63 .

    Question #2 > 1963 sg specials ( cherry colors ) are valued at $4500 to $5000 an sg standard is worth $20 000 to $25 000

    Question #3 > not with bigsby

    Question #4 > Not sure if i understood the question , yes they made sg pro guitars only from 1971 to 1973 in cherry , mahogany and walnut finishes ...

    By the way sorry for the brief answers , getting to many emails these days ..... domenic

  43. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I am trying to price my SG for sale. I want a fair price but I also want it to get out and be played again by someone who plays actively.

    I think it is late 60's early 70's. The serial number is 862707. It is stamped Made in USA. The serial number and Made in USA are in ink not stamped into the wood.

    There are rhombus shaped mother of pearl inlays in the frets. There is a large inlay of some sort on the front of the headstock, the same kind of material and color that Gibson is written in on the headstock in.

    There is also a bell shaped plastic piece that is screwed on to the headstock, under the strings, just where it meets the neck.

    There had been a tremolo on, but before I bought it so I don't know what it looked like. It may have had a different pick guard on it too.

    It is walnut finished.

    It now has Grover tuners on it, one original chrome pick up in the neck position, and a humbucker in the bridge position (butter finger or something like that). The action is low and it is awesome to play. The body has dings in it but nothing major. The neck looks great.

    Is there any other info that you need to know to give a ball park figure on what it is worth?

  44. DOMENIC8:52 PM

    Your gibson sg special was made in 1973-75 , it can't be a 60s model because they started making sg special guitars in walnut finishes in 1973 ... your guitar is valued at $1400 to $1600 presuming all original and in excellent condition . Price your guitar according to this price ..

    You can probably get $700 to $900 for yours based on your description , also walnut finishes are harder to sell , its not a popular color ... domenic

  45. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Thanks for the help

  46. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Looks like you got a pretty good deal , but i don't think its an sg special , im pretty sure you have an sg standard , sg specials come with dot inlays not rectangular inlays .

    if you had 3 humbuckers it would be an sg custom ... a 1972 sg standard is valued in the price guide at $1800 to $2000 .... Could sell it probably for more ..

  47. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I'd like to buy a Gibson SG "DIAVOLETTO" and the seller says that she's from 1962 but I guessed from the serial number that is not and I think is a 1968.
    This is the serial number "900481".
    She's got just one pick up.
    What do you think?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


  48. Anonymous8:22 PM

    The serial number indicates that it was made in 1970 ...

  49. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Ehj!Thanks for your answer! Just one more question, which is her value in your opinion?
    Thx a lot!


  50. domenic8:55 PM


    Most of these guitars were red , they had one pick up , they were student guitars that never made it main stream ... if im not mistaken they also have a wrap around bridge which tends to detune very easily ... i wouldn't pay more than $500 U.S .....

  51. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 1990 Gibson SG Special from a friend, the serial number is: 91210589

    The specs are:
    colour - TV Yellow
    pickups - 2x humbuckers
    vol/tone - 2x volume 1x tone
    selector switch - 3 way
    pearl dot inlays

    It also has a kahler tremolo bridge and locking nut which I'm not sure are original. I'm also not sure whether the vol/tone control knobs are original, they are of a black metal variety.
    There are a few chips and scratches in the paintwork but it plays and sounds really nice.

    Could you please help me find out exactly what model it is and what the approx value of it would be.
    The seller is asking about £400 ($800) is this a reasonable price?

    many thanks, dave

  52. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Compliments on your site, I found it very informative. I have a cherry red SG Special with the small pickguard and the serial number 900878. What year was this guitar made?

  53. Anonymous8:28 PM

    thank you for the compliment , your serial number inducates that it was made in 1970 ...

  54. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I am trying to find out the value of a 1964 gibson sg special. It is in mint condition, white w/ maestro vibrato original soft case with red plush interior. Serial # 225822

  55. Chuck2:39 PM

    My Sg has a serial of 535135 which seems to date it 1969. I also noticed another number under the pickguard stamped on the base of the neck which is 709-67 with a number 28 inside a circle( like an inspector's stamp). Does anyone know what this other number means? Thanks

  56. domenic6:56 PM

    1964 gibson sg special

    Your sg special is valued at $4200 to $4500 according to 2 price guides ... seen some early 60s sell for $5000 , depends also on condition and buyer .

  57. Hi, I have a 1964 Gibson SG Jr. that is all original and was trying to figure out about how much it is worth. It has minimal scratches on it and again has not been modified. I appreciate any help! Thanks much.

  58. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hi I have a Gibson SG...but don't know which one. It was my father's and he refinished it and put bigsby bridge with whammy bar, and grover pegs...also the finish was striped and an artist painted it. So in a attempt to find some sort of number or indication of age I looked all over the internet...eventually finding that the serials were stamped on the upper back of the head.

    This area has been painted over, but with a rubbing and magnifing-glass (ha!) I think it reads 02738. The fret inlays are round mother of pearl. Any thoughts as to which issue this is? Or if it's even a valid serial?

  59. domenic5:06 PM

    1964 Gibson SG Jr

    Cherry finishes are worth $2700 to $3200 , white finishes are more sought after and are valued at $3900 to $5000 .

  60. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hi I have a Gibson SG...but don't know which one ...

    serial number is not valid . Would have to see it ...

  61. Anonymous6:32 PM

    wow..thanks for the quick response. I took some pics of the'ol axe and the link is below. Hope it works...would the serial be valid if it were 102738? Any info you could give me would be really appreciated.



  62. Anonymous6:38 PM

    darn! it cut off the link..just string that all together;(


  63. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I have Gibson sg with serial number 127207. It also has a "made in usa" mark on the other side of headstock, near the serial nuber. Is it 1963 gibson? Man who sold it to me said that is 1971 gibson. ??

  64. Bridget

    Hi briget , just saw your guitar , if you are planning to sell it i would recommend you sell it in parts , you'll make much more money ..

    the bridge , vibrola , knobs and pickups look like they are original from the sixties ... the neck and body have been poorly refinished and damaged i don't think you'll get much for it ... also tuners are not original .

  65. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Gibson sg with serial number 127207

    its a 71 .

  66. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Thanks for the info! and I am absolutely NOT thinking of selling it, wholely or for parts. I was just interested in knowing what year it was.
    Thanks again.

  67. I'm thinking of buying a 1972 sg ,one single bridge pickup, no pick guard except at the knobs,all original. Wants $900.00. What do you think? Its in good condition.

  68. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Hi.. great site! I have an Cherry walnut SG, serial # 727366, indicating 1970-72, Dual Humbuckers, chrome covers, black plastic rings, black small sticker on back says PATENT NO 2727 842, square fret pearl inlays, the 'flower' on headstock, neck binding, small LP style pickguard with three 1/8" round spacers under 3 screws, knobs through wood body, #70-027 on volumns,#137721 on tone controls. Original tuners...'Half Moon' silver 'Grover' with 'Gibson' on them also, and an original tailpiece 'whammy' bar with 'Gibson' engraved in it with the same typeface as headstock Logo. Any pinpoint on year/model? Value? Not quite like any I've seen! Thanx!!

  69. Anonymous6:39 AM

    In the one above, It is (Mahogany, not walnut)

  70. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Hey i have a gibson sg, i am not sure what year it is from, there is no serial number on it, it has got a large scratchplate and a tremolo, i would say that it is cherry colour and in pretty good condition, any ideas on what year it might be from?

  71. Anonymous4:05 AM

    and a rough price?

  72. domenic3:54 PM

    Cherry walnut SG

    Do you have a picture online of your guitar, im quite curious ..

  73. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I'm thinking of buying a 1972
    sg ...

    i don't like giving buying advice without seeing a picture ... i would love to help you but i would prefer seeing a photo of the guitar your buying ..

  74. i am having trouble dating mt sg.
    it is walnut, trapazoid inlays, crown pearl inlay on the headstock. can you help?

  75. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Hey i have a gibson sg ...

    there's thousands of sg's with the same features .. you have to be more specific .

  76. Anonymous4:42 PM

    having trouble dating mt sg walnut ...

    Must be from the seventies , they made sg specials in walnut finishes from 1972 to 1978 ..

  77. Great web site! I've got a zinger for you.

    I saw what appeared to be a 65 Gibson SG Jr on ebay recently - however - the truss rod access was under the pickguard!

    Everything else about it looks genuine - peghead logo, fluting, shape, color, the chrome bits, vibrato and Kluson tuners are oxidized, the finish has an aged patina. It is very 'real' looking in all details. I like to think I have a good eye for fakes or refinshes, but I've never seen one quite like this.

    The only other odd bit was the serial on the back of the peg head was in larger font/type letters that spanned from one set of tuners to the other (not between them as is typically the case)

    Fake? or gonzo factory repair job? Or ???


  78. Hey, great site. Thanks for lots of info! I have a Gibson SG with a Serial # 142338 that I've had since high school and played in a band or 2 with, but am not sure if its a SG special or not. The cutaways are not as pointed so am question if the body is original? It had some repair-not the original scratch plate and not sure about the pick ups. Plays well though and has great sound. Any clues about checking on the body?

  79. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Thanks for all this incredible information. I have a Gibson SG Special, serial number 951024. Soap bar P-90s.

    I'm a bit confused, because the pickguard is not the 3-point smaller pickguard, but the larger sort with 4-points -- the information above indicates in 1972 the 3-point pickguard was put in place.

    The tuners are Schaller "Made in W. Germany" -- aftermarket, I assume. There also appears to be traces of a few mounting holes below the bridge, which have been covered up reasonably well. The neck was damaged and professionally repaired. Walnut finish.

    Any ideas what year this could be, and what its value could be?

  80. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I have a 82 Gibson special but cant seem to find out much about it. Serial # 82782536. Single pick up, black with no pick guard. Any history or idea of value would be much appreciated.

  81. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I have a 1968 or 1969 SG special, serial 851053 with no dot above the "i" in the headstock logo. Is that normal? This guitar is absolutley mint with original strings and tags. Does that make it worth more or less?

  82. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I am hoping to get a little more info on what year I've got. The serial number is 47183. I've been told it's a '62 and I would like to confirm this.

  83. SteveNtx7:44 PM

    My father has what appears to be an SG Special Sn 133XX (five digits only and all very clear). The finish is cherry with some checking in the varnish and some normal tarnish, wear and small dings here and there. My mother bought it from the original owner in 62-63 timeframe. It has a Maestro Tremolo that is short with the strings wraping around it and has a stainless arm that looks like a eating fork handle. On the phone Gibson told me by the serial number thier records show it to be a Les Paul Special made in 1961 even though it does not say Les Paul on it anywhere. It looks to me like it might have been one of the first SG Specials. Any idea what it really is and what it might be worth?

  84. Anonymous9:24 AM

    SG Special, serial number 951024

    it has to be a 72 because they only started making sg specials in walnut finishes in 72 . Its valued at $1300 to $1500 in the price guide .

  85. Anonymous9:33 AM

    82 Gibson special

    i think you have a gibson sg junior , not special .

  86. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I have a 1968 or 1969 SG special

    Yes its normal for a late 60s , no it doesnt make it worth more .

  87. Anonymous10:07 AM

    The serial number is 47183

    according to this serial number its a 62

  88. bensinister_at_earthlink_dot_net7:47 PM

    Regarding the poster with the 1982 Special: It's an early Nashville version of the guitar that began in Kalamazoo as the Epiphone Special. I posted earlier in this thread about the series. The one-pickup version is rare but not expensive. I paid $800 for a 1984 in excellent condition with a mahogany body. I've seen a few beaters with poplar bodies go for $400 on eBay.

  89. Mikey V12:09 AM

    I have either a 1959 0r 1960 Gibson sg special, serial # 2368.
    any idea what it may be worth? thankyou.

  90. I have what I'm told is a '71 S G standard. Cherry red,all original except the potts. A brass nut was installed in the '80's. Normal wear and tear, original (somewhat delapidated and duct taped) case.

    serial #679499 Should I hold onto this or sell; and what approximate worth today?? Great for blues, note bending etc! Thanks, Jim

  91. I have a '71 S G standard serial #679449, normal wear and tear, brass nut installed in the '80's, non-original potts, otherwise original equiptment. Original case (complete w/Dean Markley stickers and some duct tape) Plays great, especially for bending notes- what is approximate value??


  92. domenic6:43 PM

    1959 or 1960 Gibson sg special

    Its worth $10000 to $13500 according to 2 different price guides presuming its in excellent condition all original .

  93. Anonymous6:47 PM

    59 and 60 sg special models are extremely rare and i thimk you can sell it for more than $13000 , they were made with slab bodies , 59 models had high neck pickups , 60 models had lower neck pickups .

  94. '71 S G standard.

    Your guitar is valued at $2200 to $2600 , if you wait a couple of years the value will go up but it really depends on you and how badly you need the dough .

  95. domenic7:57 PM

    have a Gibson SG with a Serial # 142338 ...

    Would have to see a picture ...

  96. Anonymous8:01 PM

    65 Gibson SG Jr on ebay recently ...

    i wouldn't touch it if i were you , looks like a guitar that has been fiddled around with ..

  97. Anonymous8:18 PM

    SG Special Sn 133XX ...

    i dont think its a les paul special , looks like you have a 1961 sg special ... the first models were actually made in 1959 with slab bodies /// 1961 models are valued at $8000 to $10000 ,, you can probably sell it for more , very sought after by collectors .

  98. Anonymous8:22 PM

    les paul specials were renamed sg special in 1959 .

  99. mikey v3:20 PM

    1959 or 1960 Gibson sg special

    thankyou for all of the feedback. i have a curveball to add. this may matter to the collectors. It was owned by randy bachman & is rumored to be the american woman guitar...

  100. Anonymous8:42 PM

    are you selling it ? if so post your email .

  101. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I'm thinking of buying an early 70's sg special but instead of P-90's it has "mini humbuckers" which look as though they come from a les paul model...the price is £800 stirling...is it worth that or am i being robbed

  102. Anonymous9:02 PM

    thats about what they are going for ...

  103. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I have an SG Standard.
    it was bought in 71 and is well played meaning the finish is worn in some places on the edges and the back. Otherwise it is quite good shape. The serial is 852924. But then is that 1966 or 1969?
    The tuning pegs have been changed which is good for the playing but less good for the collector. What do you supposed it could be sold for the way it is? And what year and factory is it?

  104. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Your serial number indicates that it was made in 1969 , if your sg special has a 1 piece neck its valued at $4000 to $5000 ...If you sg guitar has a 3 piece neck its valued at $3000 to $4000 depending on its condition ....

  105. mikey v3:06 PM

    1959/60 sg special.
    yes we are entertaining offers on this guitar.....
    for info and we'll send pics out.

  106. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a gibson sg special project from 1962-65 for about $400 +or-. I don't want any parts. It can be refin, but no hum routes. Grover , schaller or other tuner holes are fine, headstock and or neck joint breaks are not what I'm looking for but it might be ok, neck resets are fine. But if it does, send me pics and I'll think about it. If one of you guy's have one and are intersested, Email me at
    Thanks, Addison

  107. Anonymous3:24 PM

    re: the Gibson SG standard
    that was bought used in 71
    serial 852924 I have 3 more questions:
    what if the serial is 952924
    what year would that be?
    it's really hard to tell if the first # is and 8 or a 9.
    looks like and 8 burned in but the indentation looks more like 9. how can you tell for sure?

    then how can I tell if its a 1 piece or 3 piece neck?

    and finally where and how would I sell it to get the
    value you gave to it?

  108. I am the proud owner of a 63' SG Special (#131457)

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it to intonate without replacing the bridge?

  109. if you have a 63 sg special , you should seriously take it to a luthier , i dont see how anybody can answer your question without seeing the guitar ,,,.

  110. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Heyy im a guitar player who picked up a used Sg at a shop and i want to know what its worth. theres not much about it on the internet at all so i had an idea in my head it could be rare?

    Its a either 88 or 89 Sg Special in good condition, it has 3 knobs and 2 open humbuckers. it also has no pickguard. which is the weird thing to me. because dont most sg's have pickguards? because this one doesnt even have screw holes. get back to me. oh yeah and its a black glossy finish

  111. CSEnriquez@aol.com10:46 PM

    I have a 1973 Gibson SG but am wondering what the serial number means? The 1973 Gibson catalogue shows the SG Standard as having the trapezoid pearl inlays and covered pickups, and the SG Special as having dot inlays and uncovered pickups. My guitar has trapezoid pearl with uncovered pickups! Ser. # is 175936, with a 2 above it and Made in USA below it. Headstock only says Gibson in inlay, no SG on truss cover. So, what do I have? Thanks.

  112. Anonymous5:17 PM

    88 or 89 Sg Special in good condition ...

    Its valued at $725 to $850 in the price guide ...

  113. What years did Gibson make Sunburst Sgs?

  114. Anonymous6:01 PM

    What years did they make Sunburst Sgs?

  115. Hi, I have an SG Custom and the serial # is 512327. I purchased it new in 1978. It is in mint condition. I was wondering what the value might be.

  116. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Hey guys, I have a 1973 Gibson SG II, it needs to be restored a bit, but it is in good condition. I have some questions about it. If anyone has the same guitar, could you please email me @ coyote9488@hotmail.com Thanks

  117. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I have a 1979 Gibson SG, thats all original, I bought it in 1980, but I've never seen another one like it, it has a 3 piece walnut body, half bat wing pickguard, ebony fretboard, open faced humbucker pickups, with a Zebra pickup in the bridge, its walnut finished, with a Gold Gibson Logo on the headstock, and the input for the guitar is down on the edge of the guitar, not on the face like most SG's that I've seen, it is the nicest playing guitar i have EVER owned and I've owned ALOT of BIG name guitars, it even plays better then my custom shop Gibson Les Paul Elegant, and My Special ordered PRS McCarty 10 top, any ideas on what is worth, or what it is, it has belt rash and a few dings, but its never been broken or repaired, and is rock solid and plays and sounds like a dream. Thanks

  118. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I just picked up an SG Pro that's been modified a lot throughout the years. It's definitely a player, rather than a collector's piece (the tuners, bridge, knobs and strap pegs are not original, the pickguard is gone, it has a couple of large, repaired but visible body cracks, the finish is trashed, the control plate is missing a corner, etc. etc.). That's fine with me, since I got it for playing and payed very little, but I would like to at least put knobs on it that are closer to the original design, rather than the poorly-fitting speed knobs the previous owner forced on. I've been having trouble finding similar knobs, though.

    Based on this photo of the original knobs -


    I'm guessing that these replacement fender knobs will be the best match I can find:

    Looking for a second opinion before I order $20 worth of knobs I'll have no other use for.

  119. Anonymous8:48 PM

    "What years did they make sunburst sg's?"

    Well without looking at it, they could have made it in 1979-82 as an sg standard or firebrand custom color. Or it could be one of the new ones made from 2003 to present. Addison

  120. Anonymous8:54 PM

    "modified sg pro"
    Those knobs would work but they don't say volume or tone on them. You said that it was just loose? You should just try spreading the pot threads. And those knobs on the guitar in the pic, They are original, same with the bridge, but not the pickguard. Also try out www.AllParts.com, they have alot of gibson parts too. Addison

  121. Anonymous8:59 PM

    "I have a 1979 Gibson sg"
    Sounds like you have an SG Firebrand, they are pretty good guitars, and I'd say $850-900 is good for the condition you say.

  122. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Correction. It is called a "THE SG" Addison and still is the same price.

  123. Anonymous9:52 PM

    "modified sg pro"

    The speed knobs are actually too tight, and barely fit on the stock pot shafts - the previous owner forced them on as far as he could, but they don't really fit on straight and are about 1/3" above the surface of the control plate, which makes them kind of awkward to adjust. It's far enough from stock I wouldn't really mind not having them labeled as long as they fit well and were a bit more authentic looking.

    Thanks for responding!

  124. Anonymous6:34 PM

    "modifed sg pro"
    The speed knobs and very shallow inserts so they don't go on all the way. Those fender amp knobs will work perfectly.

  125. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Switch "and" in prev. comment with "have"

  126. i have an sg #129555 made in usa below it walnut silver pick-ups any idea of the year and value? tyvm

  127. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I have an SG Custom s/n 129329 with all gold colored hardware, 3 covered pickups, rectangular fret inlays, inlay on the headstock along with Gibson logo. The pickguard is small with black over white layering, and no tremelo.
    I'd like to now the year of manufacture and approximate value.

  128. Anonymous6:46 PM

    "SG 129555"
    Your sg is from about 1972 to 1975 From the serial #, but it sounds like you have a sg standard. Thanks, Addison

  129. Anonymous6:50 PM

    "Sg Custom"
    You have a 1973 SG custom and the approximate value in good cond.(Meaning no modifications.) is about $1800-3000. Thanks, Addison

  130. Anonymous6:52 PM

    "sg 129555"
    Forgot the value!
    It would be about $900-1500 in good cond. Thanks, Addison

  131. Anonymous9:09 PM

    HI, dominic and every gibson player,

    i buy a Sg pro?? repaint in white in 2007 from a friend. It has 2
    black p-90 with Gibson logo on it. a vibrato and a plate control for volume and tone.and a small pickguard.

    the serial is #687319 made in usa .You said that the sg pro were made 71to73 but if i look under the pot i read 24week of 1970? it look very nice.
    It's the best guitar i have ever own the sound is amazing and fabulous! viva p-90

  132. Anonymous2:50 PM

    i would NOT buy any high priced vintage guitar that mentions a crack in the body ..

  133. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I recently purchased an SG Special that the seller said was a '68. It has no Made in USA and the pot # are 6852. I think it's a '69 but what has me curious is the back of the neck joint is completely smooth with no 'step' like on most other late-60's SG Specials i've seen.
    S/N is 829xxx - does it make sense for a 68 or 69 SG Special to have a smooth neck joint?

  134. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I have a Gibson SG, that I believe is from 1963 (cherry red, P-90 pup). The serial number is 195692. I have heard that the dot inlays indicate it is an SG Special model. True? The tailpiece has been replaced, and there are maybe two marks on the frets (string wear), other than that, VERY minor signs of use. The truss rod works and the neck is still beautifully shaped for a guitar so old. IF, IF I were to sell it, would a vintage show be best? Or another venue? Thank you all.

  135. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I have a Gibson SG Special Faded the serial number indicates it was made in 2006 (011660464)but the Gibson website said that the Gibson SG Special Faded was discontinued in 2003.

  136. Anonymous11:19 AM

    re: 829xxx
    Confirmed that it's a '69, probably early '69 based on the pots. Neck joints changed throughout the 60s.

    re: 195692
    Google "gibson serial provide.net" and it should turn up a site with great serial number info. You indeed have an SG Special. People usually shop for 'deals' at guitar shows so the best venue to sell it would probably be classifieds like Craigslist. eBay is hit-n-miss but could net you some good cash. You can narrow down the date using the pots - if they're original they should have a number like 137-xxyy stamped on the back. The xx is the year number and the yy is the week of the year. So 137-7421 would be CTS pots from the 21st week of 1974.

    re: 011660464
    Serial number indicates it was built on the 116th day of 2006. I think Gibson went to a 9 digit number in 2005 or 2006. Last four numbers are the batch number (first - zero for yours) and instrument number stamped that day (can't remember if the instrument number starts at 0 or not).

  137. Anonymous11:51 AM

    re: 195692

    Forgot to mention that if your SG has a single p90 it's an SG Jr., not a Special.

  138. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I have a sg with serial number 72787071 I believe us is a SG Special. It also has the word "Second" impressed below the Ser#. What does this mean and what would be the estimated value.

  139. Anonymous6:44 AM

    RE: 72787071

    According to the S/N your guitar was built on the 278th day or 1977 and was the 71st instrument stamped that day. I'm 100% sure but I think from that era, the last three digits being below 500 means the instrument was built in Kalamazoo.
    The "2" means it was a factory second, usually because of a finish flaw that would have mattered when new but doesn't matter now. The "2" doesn't mean a structural problem, it's just a cosmetic flaw.
    Can't help you with the value, but the "2" will affect the value (downwards) at least a little.

  140. Anonymous9:17 AM

    A friend of mine bought an Gibson 1969 SG special and states
    that it was never routed to accommodate full size humbuckers…
    He says that SG specials were routed the same as the regular
    SGs of that year and all you have to do is cut the pickgaurd to
    fit the humbuckers… I told the old man who sold you the guitar
    is full of it… to my knowledge 69 SGs like almost every vintage
    SG special were factory routed for the normal size p-90 and that
    would have to be routed to fit humbuckers.

    Can you give me some insight concerning this issue.

  141. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I just checked mine (early '69) and there's separate cavities for each pickup, not the bathtub route like the large guard SG Standards i've seen. The cavities are a little bit bigger than the pickups so it's possible a humbucker would fit in there but it would be a really tight squeeze.

  142. Anonymous11:37 PM

    can anyone me out? i have a left handed sg. bought in about 1972. it's supposed to be a 62. i'm not sure where the serial number is located without dismantling it. any info would sure help. it is white with tuning pegs made in germany. thankyou. bill

  143. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Bill, the serial number should be on the back of the headstock at the top. If it's not there the guitar has probably been refinished but it's probably possible that it wasn't stamped.
    If the pots are original you can also date it by looking for a number like 137-xxyy. The xx would be the year the pot was made and the yy would be the week.


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  145. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I have a 1964 special, the pickguard has 5 layers and appears to be original. Does anyone know when or if the number of layers in the pickguard changed from 3 to 5

  146. Addison6:02 PM

    The # of layers didn't change until the 1980's or late 70's. But the 60's, From 1961 to 1965-66 the beveling was really sharp and more of the white is exposed. After 1966 the beveling became more dull and less of the white is exposed.
    Hope that helped. Addison

  147. Anonymous11:34 PM

    I have got Gibson SG from 1974 (looked up in with the production number).
    Now I would like to get more Information on this model since I couldn’t find it out my self.
    The guitar is natural mahogany (doublecut body) and has a Gibson Bigsby. In the fingerboard there are rectangular Perl inlays and there is the (normal) Gibson logo on the peg head. Till there I could find out that it should be a “Sg Standard”. But what is different to the standard model is that the fingerboard is unbound, made out of Ebony and that there are Grover Tuners with tulip form buttons that look very much to be the originals. If somebody could tell me more about this model or tell me where I could ask / read for (resources) I would be very grateful. Thanks!!

  148. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I think that's the exact same guitar I have! The colour is probably Walnut (if it's not cherry red) and the Bigsby is original if there's no filled holes for a stop tailpiece. It's normal for a '74 SG Standard to have an ebony fretboard with block inlays - that's what mine has also, as well as the same tuners. I've never actually seen a '73 or '74 with the 'traditional' bound rosewood fretboard - every one I've seen (also owned a '73 but I sold it) had ebony boards with pearl block inlays and the thinner neck. You can nail down the date more closely by pulling the back plate and checking the pots for a number like 137-xxyy. The XX would be the year the pot was made and the YY would be the week.
    Hope that helps. Great guitar - enjoy it!!

  149. Hello, I'm selling a Gibson SG Special for a friend. Serial # 956652, seems to be early 70's. Dot markers, mahogany finish, P-90s, Vibrola vibrato. Cream lines along sides of neck (bound?). Kluson tuners replaced by Grovers. Repaired crack under neck where headstock curves. Any idea of the actual year? And potential value? Pics available.

  150. Anonymous8:35 AM

    The best way to tell if it's late 60s or early 70s is to check for a volute (bump on the back of the neck below the headstock) and a Made In USA stamped below the serial number. No Made In USA means it's probably from the 60's. By most counts Gibson started with the Volute and the Made in USA at the end of '69 but i've seen a few SGs without a volute that i'm pretty sure were 1970 guitars based on the neck joint and the "Gibson Deluxe" stamped on the tuners. The dot markers, bound fingerboard, and p90s means the guitar is from the very early 70s at the latest. Your serial number seems like a 1968 number and if the neck is one-piece (rather than three pieces of Mahogany) combined with no Made In USA and no volute your guitar is definitely from before 1969. If the pots are original you can pop the backing plate and look for a number like 137-xxyy. The XX is the year the pot was made and tells you the guitar was made after that date. Sorry can't help you with the value but the replaced parts and specially the neck repair will hurt the value. The quality of the neck repair makes a big difference also.

  151. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I have an SG special (cherry in good shape)) from the '60's, serial number 800XXX (no made in USA) with the small pickguard, P-90's etc, heads replaced with Grovers long ago and a Townsend style bridge that replaced the vibrato. The electonics have never been touched, original frets and there are no cracks or serious dings. I'm a little confused about when the pickguards changed because the serial number suggests 1966 but in your guitar history you mention the guards going big in '65. Was there some transition time or are their numbers just a little screwy and this is a '65? I tried checking the pots but the numbers on every one are obscured by solder and I don't want to tamper with originality! Any ideas??? Tony
    p.s. any value suggestions for insurance?

  152. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Tony, you're much better off dating the guitar based on the features and pots than the serial number. Gibson basically rolled dice to assign serial numbers back then. Even the pots can be a little touchy because a good tech could solder in new pots and it would look like unbroken solder joints unless you get it under a magnifying glass. The neck joint seems to be another good way to judge the year. Can't remember the exact features off the top of my head but the location of the neck/body attachment and the shape of the neck joint can help when combined with other features. BTW, the Townshend type bridge could very easily be original. The bridges on those guitars were wrap-around so you could just string straight onto the bridge without going through the vibrato and without changing the bridge. There's also always a transition when features change - they usually don't change on every guitar on the same day so you need to look really close for filled screw holes, neck attachment, pot date, backing plate shape, headstock angle, and all sorts of other crap that doesn't come to mind ;) I always steer clear of value questions (comes down to whos buying IMHO) but even if you got a value here my advice would be to ignore it as far as insuring goes. Maybe for a sale you could get in the ballpark but if you want to insure the guitar, it'll probably only cost you $50 to take it to a shop and have it appraised. With good pictures you can probably even get an online appraisal from a reputable dealer. Call your insurance company first though - if the wheels fall off and you need a payout they'll weasel however they can so make sure you get it appraised by someone they approve. All this is just my opinion of course.

  153. Anonymous6:53 AM

    These are truly beautiful guitars. I love them!!! I'm gonna buy a SG vintage 400 soon

  154. catastro8:31 PM

    Great site! quick question. Thinking about buying a Lefty 1969 SG special from a local guitar store. One pot replaced, but comes original pot comes with guitar in original case. its in "excellent" condition. How much do you think is a fair price? are 69' lefties super rare?

  155. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I'm trying to date an SG. I think it's a 73. Serial 172479 with Made in USA stamped. It also has "2" stamped above serial sumber. I believe this is a factory 2cd. Square block inlays, ebony fingerboard and came with tremolo that original owner must have removed. Serial dating sites only say 70-75. Anyone know exact model and year?? Thanks for any help!


  156. Anonymous9:40 AM

    re: Lefty special

    I'd imagine they're quite a bit harder to come by than right handed guitars from the era. The downside is they're probably equally harder to sell because the majority of players are right handed.

    re: s/n 172479

    The "2" does mean factory second - I think it's always a finish flaw and not a structural flaw. If it were structural (again, I think)they would have cut the guitar in half across the body.
    As for the year, if the pickups are embossed with "Gibson" it's probably a later '72. If not, it's probably a '73 or '74. Never seen a '70 or '71 Standard with an ebony board (haven't seen a '72 with one either though). Best bet is to check the pots... the removed trem was probably a Bigsby and for some reason that makes me think the guitar is probably a '74 SG Standard.

  157. Hey guys, great site.you have alot of information so tell me this. After going through and looking at some of the guitars posted I pulled mine out and was wondering if you'll tell me how much it's worth. It's a 1971 Gibson SG serial #675135.I believe it's the deluxe cuz it has the bigsby bridge.It's in very good condition.

  158. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I recently sold my all original 63 white sg special to a fellow in Italy for $7,100 via ebay. Viva Italia.

  159. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I'm about to buy a gibson sg special of which the serialnumbers are no more clearly to be seen. it has written gibson deluxe on the tuners- does this say anything about how old it is? according to the rest that can be red of the serialnumber it's either from 1990 ore from 2000 ore even from 1980 because it has got probably a 017 as end numbers which can't be from 1990

  160. Anonymous12:38 AM

    i have a 1964 gibson sg special and i have all the parts, but some of themare in bad shape would anybody be able to tell me where i can find the parts i need

  161. Anonymous6:55 AM

    re: '63 White SG Special
    Believe it or not, that's actually not such a bad deal for the buyer. A '63 white Special would be one of only a handful of guitars like that on the planet. You probably pulled a good return on that but the buyer would also likely be pulling a great return if he decides to sell it down the road!

    re: Special with obscured serial number
    You can check the pots to narrow down the date if they're original. Look for a number like 137-xxyy and the xx would be the year the pot was made. Also, prior to something like 1984 serial numbers with the last three digits ending below 500 meant the guitar was built in Kalamazoo. After '84 i'm not sure if they kept the same convention but I'm thinking numbers below 500 disappeared. You'd need to post pics for someone to narrow the date down.

    re: Special parts
    Tough to find and usually not cheap!! Best bet is probably eBay - there's a few sellers there that part out broken guitars but it's mostly a matter of watching and waiting. You could also try using a metal polish (Flitz works well) to clean the original parts. If you want re-issue parts Allparts can probably set you up but i'd probably stick to hunting for original parts.

  162. Anonymous12:08 AM

    hi- about the unclear age of the guitar with the unreadible serialnumbers again- can somebody help? the photos can be seen under http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130175327596&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:DE:11 would be great if someone could help...

  163. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I can tell you the serial number posted to the listing is a post-77 serial number that dates to 1970 so I wouldn't trust it.
    The features are post-86 (dot inlays and humbuckers). I don't know recent Specials so I can't identify the shape of the neck heal but my guess would be 90's. Also can't tell from the back of the neck shot if the guitar has a volute but because of the humbuckers and dot inlays a volute is unlikely.
    I'd say pass altogether unless it goes really cheap or you really, really want that particular guitar.

  164. Anonymous9:42 AM

    yes thanx a lot for your help. According to the 0 in the serial number which is still to be seen it should be then from 1990 ore from 2000, and probably more recently from 1990. I allready bought the guitar for 470 Euros and I hope when it is delivered it will be a good one cause I'm really looking forward to it.

  165. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I bet you'll love it - congrats!! People tend to knock Gibson quality but i've really found it's scales of 'good and up' and most of the quality knocks are due to finish flaws that don't really matter on used guitars - or even new guitars if your plan is to PLAY it rather than look at it!!

  166. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I've recently acquired an SG - Les Paul Std. I believe it's a '62. The serial is 47577. Any info on this model and est. value would be appreciated.

  167. Anonymous11:10 AM

    The five digit serial number would correspond to the early 60's. I believe it was around 1964 that Gibson went to a six digital serial number.
    In order to identify the guitar you would need to post pictures somewhere. Pictures should include close-ups of the front and back of the headstock, front and back of the neck heal, and front and back of the body.
    As for value, that seems to be the most common question asked here. Best bet to get close is to pick up the 2008 Vintage Guitar Price guide but even that only gets you close - the final value is dependent on a ton of factors, not the least of which is who's buying it.

  168. I have what I believe is a 1973 SG Standard. The serial number is 134565, it's walnut, block inlays, no whammy, two humbuckers with covers, and get this: an ebony fingerboard. Any idea if this is indeed a '73 Standard, and what's a fair selling price?


  169. Anonymous10:24 AM

    That sounds like either a '73 or a '74. You can narrow it down by checking the pots - look for a number like 137-xxyy. The xx would be the year the pot was made and the yy would be the week. Build date on the guitar would be after the pot date. If the yy is later than 40 you probably have a '74, otherwise it's probably a '73. Best bet for pricing is probably to check completed auctions on eBay or use the SG Les Paul blog here to get the 2007 book value.

  170. hotbodies8:03 AM

    We have a Gibson SG Electric- Serial 006188 (67?) in decent condition (some wear, light scratches, ect.
    Dont know if its standard, special, custom... How would we find this out and where can we get a value??

  171. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Pretty sure all six digit serial numbers starting with 00 are '67 serial numbers. If there's no made-in-usa, a one-piece neck, and no volute odds are real good you have a '67.

    A Standard or Custom would have trapezoid inlays on the fingerboard, humbucker pickups, and a Lyre trem. Three humbuckers would be a Custom and two would be a Standard. The Custom probably also has the "split-diamond" inlay on the headstock rather than the conventional SG inlay. If the fingerboard inlays are dots and the pickups are p90s (wide single coils with black covers), you have an SG Special. If there's only one p90 in the bridge position you have an SG Jr.
    If it's a Standard i'd actually be real interested in talking to you so if post contact info maybe we can work something out.

  172. hotbodies6:43 AM

    Hey Anonymous, Here's my email address jeannette51273@yahoo.com.Send me an email and I will send you a picture of the guitar, and you can tell me what you think.

  173. Anonymous12:47 PM

    don't mind me asking, but will vintage guitars alwaays be valueable. i mean, i bought an sg special a couple of years ago, and i wouldn't mind knowing wether it would be valuable in 70 years time. also, its serial number is1160524

  174. I have a Gibson Electric Guitar with serial number 940009. Can you tell me what year it is? I have owned since 1969 or 1970 and was the second owner. It is greenish/blue. What do you think it is worth?

  175. Anonymous7:50 AM

    re: Vintage guitar value

    It's really (really!) hard to say but my guess is there's a pretty safe bet that the value will go up. There's a few reasons for that but the most basic is that prices of new guitars seem to go up every year. Plus wood is a natural resource so odds are good 'tonewood' will keep getting more scarce as time goes on. Add in that music keeps getting more popular and guitars keep getting more accessible (to acquire, learn, and play) and you can probably say demand will keep going up. Look up Gruhn Guitars and you'll find a site with some good reading. About your serial number, it doesn't match any Gibson serial number style that i know of. Prior to around 1976 serial numbers were six digits, then after 1977 and up to around 2005 they were 8 digits, then over the past couple of years I think they went to 9 digits.

    re: 940009

    Tough/impossible to identify the year based on the serial number. Read this blog and you'll find lots of information for identifying your guitar (search for the word 'volute' as a starting pint). Your guitar sounds like a custom colour Melody Maker (Pelham Blue I think Gibson calls it). Not sure on the value but that's not a colour you see often so it could be more rare and worth more than your standard Cherry Gibson. I'm sure if you take it into a decent guitar store (preferrably a smaller one rather than a big-box) the staff will talk your ear off because they're probably guitar nuts.

  176. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Hi guys,
    I have an SG and the following number is stamped into the wood on the on the back of the head:
    I'm trying to find what year and model it is. It has rectangular inlays on the fret board and a real small pick guard. I can't seem to find pictures of it Any suggestions?

  177. mitch9:56 AM

    I have a 1962 SG Special, sn: 78607, in good condition with original case, p-90 pickups, all original, except the tuners: they were replaced with grovers in mid to late 70's. Not many blemishes, plays and sounds good. Looking to establish an approx value. Thanks.

  178. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Come on folks, let's all make 2008 The Year of Effort!!

    Read a little before posting questions. For the value question, just look at the top of this page and you'll see 2007 book values.

    Identification is much harder, but there's loads of serial number sites out on the 'net, plus lots of places that will give you an idea of the different features of different Gibson years. An easy start is searching this page for the word "volute" or even "year".

    Not meaning to whine, but answering the same questions over-and-over just chews up space, and generally makes the answerer stop answering at some point. Once that happens the new questions don't get answered either and we all lose.

  179. hi there!
    i've got an sg standard with two paf-pu (silver) which has bigsby vibrato and just a small pickguard beside pu. block inlays. on headstock is written gibson and it has kind of a small "anans" (is that the so called pearl?) on it too. but no word "sg" or "les paul" on truss rod cover.
    on the back of head there is serial no.: "104955" and "made in usa" impressed in the wood.
    is it 1970? what's the worth of it? it's all original.
    thanks and cheers michael

  180. btw: on the bigsby stands "bigsby" and not gibson.
    the neck has no white binding.


  181. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Hi Mitch, your SG seems like a '73 or a '74. The Made-In-USA started in late '69 or early '70 so it's probably from the 70s. Without binding on the fingerboard and with humbuckers it's probably an ebony fingerboard which I think they used only in 1973 and 1974. Also, your pickups are probably "Patent Sticker" rather than "PAF" pickups (little black sticker should say "Patent Number" followed by a number rather than "Patent Applied For". I think the "tar-back" pickups started sometime in 1974 so yours is probably a 1973 or possibly a late 1972. If it's a 1972 the pickups covers would probably have "Gibson" embossed on them.
    Hope that helps!

  182. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Original owner, 962417 - 1970, I think, SG Special, can't say if it is walnut or mahogany, but it has a 'brown" color. Large pick guard. Stop-bar vibrato. Everything 100% original, only a few knicks, not much checking (if any).
    I don't like the stop bar bridge. Would like to use a tune-o-matic, but only if I can get one that has the same size/style of screw-stud posts. Do not want to tear up the guitar.
    Is there such a thing?

  183. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Smart man not wanting to tear up the guitar!!! Bad news is i'm not aware of any studs that would fit your inserts and allow you to put a tuneomatic on. Best bet may be to take your existing studs to a machine shop and have them cut new studs that match the existing threads and would fit a tom. No idea how much that would cost but can't see it being all that expensive if you go to a machine shop rather than a guitar shop.
    Other options would be to get a bridge that can be intonated off eBay or from Stewmac. I purchased a PRS-style stopbar bridge from Wilkinson for my Special, but it's a wraparound and I don't use the bar. Saw a bridge at Stewmac (Pigtail I think it was called) that has adjustable saddles and might work. You could also send Stewmac an e-mail asking what they recommend and you'll probably get a clear an accurate response from those folks.
    BTW, this is unconfirmed but I remember hearing the studs on the early-70's SGs with the wider bridge ("Harmonica bridge" i think they call it) fits those threads.

  184. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I have a white SG special with trmeol. The Serial is 265446 and believe that is a 65'. I had a guy offer me 3000$. Should I hold out for more? What is it worth?

  185. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hi, I have a sg with a serial no of 616675. It has CUSTOM on the top and there is NO Made in USA on the head stock. It has two Gibson pick ups. I have been told that it is 1967 but all the information that I can find does not have this serial number listed. It is a dark cherry colour. Please help, Chris in the UK.

  186. Anonymous10:17 AM

    re: Value questions

    Sorry but can't help there. I think a white '65 would be worth quite a bit more than $3k though.

    re: 616675

    Serial numbers between '66 and '69 seem to be the most duplicated. I know if a s/n starts with 00 (with no made-in-usa/volute/etc.) it's most likely a '67. Most '69s would have a three piece neck so that's a good thing to check. Check real carefully though because it's often tough to see the seam, so a three-piece neck may look like a one-piece.
    Other than that, if it has a large pickguard (like Angus' SG) it's probably from 66 or later and if it has a small guard (like the 70s SGs and current 're-issues) it's probably from before 66.
    If the pots are original, look for a number like 137-xxyy. The 137 means CTS, the xx is the year the pot was made, and the yy is the week. If there's no 137-xxyy it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't original though - I think Gibson used Centrelab pots also.
    Another way to find out is by looking at SG pictures (on Google image or something) and comparing the shape of the neck heel to yours.

    Hope that helps!!

  187. Anonymous10:19 AM

    PS. I meant serial numbers between 67 and 69 seem to be the most duplicated.

  188. Anonymous10:40 AM

    re 616675, thanks fr the comments, but could yu clarify a couple of terms that you use. A three piece neck? Would this be a neck with 3 long pieces of wood side by side or like a laminate parallel to the fret board? Pots? Are these the tuning bits at the top end of the guitar? Sorry for the questions, but I have only recently decided to look up information about mu guitar. I have had it now for some 18 years. Is there anywhere here that I can post a photo of it? Thanks again, Chris from England.

  189. Anonymous10:51 AM

    re: 616675

    Looks like I made some assumptions ;)
    By three piece neck I mean three separate pieces of mahogany laminated together. The seams would be along the length of the neck (perpendicular to the frets), so the two seams would be running from the nut down to the heel.
    The pots are the volume/tone controls (short for potentiometer), so you have to take the plastic backing plate off. The numbers are often covered in solder but usually you can read the numbers off at least one pot. BTW, be careful not to strip the screw holes when you screw the plate back on. The screws should be snug but not really tight.
    For pics, I think if you google "Free image hosting" you'll turn a couple of sites up then just post links here. Not sure about identifying conclusively based on pics but we should be able to give you an idea. Best pics would be front and back of the headstock (include up to the first fret), and front and back of the body (include the neck heel).
    Hope *that* helps ;)

  190. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Another correction: I meant the seam will be running from the very tip of the headstock down to the end of the neck!
    If it's a one piece neck, you probably have a pre-69 but it could possibly be a very early '69.

  191. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I have just bought a sg 06134203, on headstock says sg standard, made in usa, small pickguard, crome covers, three piece neck, natural burst, says gibson on what looks like shaler keys and has binding on the fret board, what do I have? what year is it? where was it made?oh- rectagular inlay starting before the 1st fret, some dings but finish looks great, might be original case, 'gibson' on lower right with red on inside, looks all original with some wear and plays great...is it worth 900?

  192. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I think the serial number staring with 06 puts your guitar at 1976. Not 100% sure on that from memory but pretty sure the s/n means it was built between 1975 and mid-1977.
    The case matches the description of an original case, and if your guitar is all-original I think $900 is a completely reasonable price and maybe even a good deal.
    As for where it was made, it's tough to say whether it was built in Nashville or Kalamazoo.

  193. RROCK1:46 PM

    I have a 77 SG but it's a number 2Is it worth anything? It's a beautiful guitar. I bought it when I was a kid 31 years ago.

  194. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Can you clarify what you mean by "2ls"? If you mean it has "2" stamped above/below the serial number on the headstock then that just means it was a factory second. Gibson stamped "2" to indicate a guitar with a finish flaw that would be sold at a discount. It's almost always a really subtle flaw that would make no difference 31 years later on a used guitar. It would adjust the price downwards a little but probably not all that much.
    It's NOT a structural flaw, it's purely cosmetic and has absolutely no effect on sound or playability.
    Your guitar is certainly worth something, and likely worth more than you paid for it. Best bet would be to check completed listings on eBay to get an idea as to what people are currently willing to pay.

  195. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I have a c. '65 SG Special SN 700966 (I've dated it with various sources, this is close). It has two P-90s with PG around top pup, vibrola (detached now but easily reinstalled), original bridge, new tuners (I've got originals & they are fine), all stock electronics. These issues with it:
    1. It had the headstock area crack, repaired by a nationally known & respected pro shop way back when it was "not a valuable piece". Splinted & glued, very solid but the splint shows because it wasn't finished over that area.
    2. A chunk of the headstock veneer, V-shaped, maybe 1/2" at the top of the headstock and tapering down to a V extending 1" on the left of the D tuner is knocked off. Logo is intact & nice.
    3. I believe, but haven't proven, that it was originally white & stripped to natural. Looks OK but doesn't seem to be "cherry red" to me and I see white paint residue (?) around the back cavity, leading me to conclude it was stripped.
    4) A few side markers are missing.

    It sets up and plays well, all pots OK, pups powerful, sounds tremendous. My questions:

    1. Any rough approximation of value "as is", if I put back tuners & vibrola? It is eminently playable today.
    2) Should I get it refinished in white? Would hide the visible splint, overall improve appearance...but is it worth it? If I ever decide to sell, I'd disclose the break/repair with pics before/after anyway.

    Any comments appreciated?

  196. Anonymous6:33 AM

    hi.. I have a gibson sg #104892 with handle for vibrato but I don't know the year.. can you help me..?

  197. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I have a SG serial 625753
    from what i can work out it was originaly fitted with a bigsby.
    It was not on the guitar when i bought it.
    Should i refit one,would it increase the value of the guitar..

  198. Anonymous8:26 AM

    re: 700966

    I can only give you some ideas with your second question. If the guitar has already been refinished then refinishing it again shouldn't hurt the value as long as it's a pro refin. Lots of people prefer the white SGs so getting it back to white may make it easier to sell down the road. I really doubt the increase in value will pay for the refin though.

    re: 104892

    Scan this blog from the beginning for lots of info on how to date your guitar.

    re: 625753

    If you can acquire an original Bigsby from the same era as your guitar it'll probably increase the value/collectibility. If you put on a repro Bigsby it probably won't help the value. If the body has been drilled for stop tail studs you may be better off leaving it as is because unless you really want a Bigsby the playability won't be improved and the repair will hurt the value/collectibilty.

  199. i have a gibson sg. you can see the pics here:


    the serial number is 527975, i think. im having trouble pinning down the year. ive been told it was a 67 but id rather be sure.

    the serial is stamped on with just the serial number in black and nothing else. its very hard to figure out the numbers because they seem to have faded.

    thanks for any help/advice

  200. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Can you tell me if there’s another place besides the back of the headstock to find a serial number on a 1963/1964 Gibson SG Jr? Serial number is not on the headstock after a repair in the late 60’s.