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Gibson Centennial Guitars

Gibson Centennial Guitars & Models

gibson centennial guitarI've been getting quite a few emails and comments on gibson centennial guitars which surprised me because so few were ever produced .

In 1994 gibson introduced a small number of limited edition centennial models which featured a medallion or coin on the peghead of Orville Gibson ,

most of them had gold hardware , some had 100th Anniversary banner on 12th-fret inlay , and a centennial logos on the pickguard.

These gibson guitars are regarded as high-end collectable guitars and gaining value as the years go by.

Most gibson centennial guitars had serial numbers that started with a 94 followed by 6 digits ( 94 indicating the year made ).

Gibson also had a centennial guitar of the month program which featured a series of 12 special models (one model per month) and each model was produced in a run of no more than 100 guitars .

gibson medallionThese guitars tend to be more expensive and are more rare , they had 6 or 5 digit ink stamped serial numbers and the first 4 serial numbers were serial numbered from 1894 to 1994 ( which represent the number produced ) and the last digits indicate the month of the guitar released.

Gibson Centennial guitars are based on historic models and are not to be mistaken as reissues or historic collection guitars nor as any other anniversary models,

they were built to commemorate gibsons' centennial year from 1894 to 1994 .

Below are some models of gibson centennial guitars that were introduced in 1994 along with brief specs and today's' price values :

Eds-1275 Double 12 centennial
Gold medallion on headstock ( in the back ) ,and gold hardware ...

Price Value > $2000 to $2400

Es - 335 Centennial
Gold medallion on headstock, diamond inlay on tailpiece, and were made in cherry finishes .

gibson centennial knobsPrice Value > $3700 to $4200

Gibson Flying V Centennial
( see pics courtesy of ebay )
Part of the guitar of the month program , gold hardware , 100th anniversary banner on the 12th fret , gold truss rod cover , diamond on gibson logo ,

22K plated top hat knobs ,gold plated top hat knobs with embedded 100 Year Anniversary Logo , coined medallion on headstock ...

Price Value : $4500 to $6000

Es - 355 Centennial
Gold plated hardware , special quality custom appointments , were made in sunburst finishes ....

gibson diamond logo
Price Value > $3700 to $4200

Explorer Centennial
100 year banner on the 12 fret , diamonds on the headstock , gold knobs , gold finish ...

Price Value > $3500 to $4000

Firebird VII centennial
Fancy replica of the original , gold medallion on headstock , were made in sunburst finishes ..

Price Value > $3500 to $4500

Jumbo Centennial Special
Fancy replica of the original 1934 gibson jumbo and were made in natural finishes , exactly 100 were made .

Price Value > $2200 to $2500

Les Paul Centennial ( Goldtop )
Part of the guitar of the month program ,gold hardware including the truss rod plate , mahogany body , gold medallion on peghead .

Price Value > $4500 to $6000

Les paul Centennial ( Special )
Part of the guitar of the month program , gold hardware , p-90 pickups , were made in cherry finishes , 100th anniversary banner on the 12 fret , gold coin or medallion on headstock.

Price Value > $3500 to $4000

SJ -100 ( 1939 ) Centennial
Part of the guitar of the month program , were made in sunburst finishes .

Price Value > $1600 to $2000

Gibson Montana Flat tops that were part of the centennial 1994 monthly program :

- January > 1929 L-2
- Febuary > 1933 century
- March > 1934 jumbo
- April > 1934 smeck radio grande
- May > 1938 sj-200
- June > 1939 sj-100
- July > 1948 jumbo 55
- August > 1948 sj-200n
- September > 1950 cf-100e
- October > 1951 j-185
- November > 1963 hummingbird
- December > j-200

Gibson centennial guitars are not really sought after by vintage guitar collectors , however they are still collectable and make great guitars to keep for future investment , and of course great guitars to play.

If you have any gibson centennial guitars you are always welcome to post a review or detailed specs of your guitar.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I own a J-200 Black Rose Centennial that I might want to sell. The guitar is currently in Nashville, TN. Anyone interested can contact me at spothouse@gmx.de.

  2. Anonymous3:02 AM

    I own les paul special centennial that I want to sell or trade for a pickup. Pics available. nello46@netzero.net

  3. Hi fellow Gibson addicts! I own 5 of these beautiful guitars! the Gold Vee - Es 355 - Les Paul Gold Top - Les Paul Special - EDS1275 doubleneck - Anyone who has a serious interest (trade possible)in them, please mail me...at rjende@wanadoo.nl

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I am French from Toulouse
    My name is bobby
    I have one Es - 335 Centennial in cherry finishes.
    It's a wonderfull guitar,
    My mail is : bobby.cadillac@wanadoo.fr
    Long road Rock'&'Roll baby!

  5. I own the ES-350T Centennial model. Does anyone else own this model, or know how much it's worth? Also is the diamond on the heastock a real diamond? Anyone interested in this guitar can contact me at tcsatari@gmail.com.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I have a complete set of 12 1994 Centennial Models. All are still in Original boxes and have never been played. Comes with Cases and Documentation. Also included are 12 Commemorative Rings and 9 16x20 Color Prints.
    Wondering what the Set is worth.
    Bill wb1011@gmail.com
    Les Paul Special Double Cut, HC
    Les Paul Classic Gold Top
    ES 350T, Vintage Sunburst
    Explorer, Antique Gold
    EDS 1275, Ebony
    ES-355, Vintage Sunburst
    Flying V, Antique Gold
    ES-335, Cherry
    Firebird VII, Vintage Sunburst
    Les Paul Standard, Vintage Sunburst
    Les Paul ’57 Black Beauty, 3 PU
    L-5, Ebony

  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    have a gibson 100 year anniversary model flying v. They made two that year that came out of the custom shop - one with the gold knobs and inlays, the other without the gold knobs and inlays - I have one of the later, limited edition, signed, numbered, out of the custom shop.... need to sell it. Can be reached at brock.k@comcast.net

  8. bigmacca11:50 AM

    Hi, I own a Gibson Jumbo Centennial in sunburst, though the pickguard is missing, anyone know how I could find a replacement?

  9. Hey! I'm the photographer who took those pictures of the Flying V. Thanks for taking them and giving eBay the credit.

  10. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I was the lead machinist at Gibson USA, Nashville, TN from Nov 93 until August 94. I have been looking for the first Gibson Les Paul I made on January 1st. It was a single run guitar. I only made one guitar that morning. The guitar is black and has two cut-aways. The body is solid and made from mahogony and maple topped if I remember correctly. I was hung over from the night before so it's a little foggy. The people involved in making the guitar signed it in Gold ink. I was one of the first to sign it. The guitar was on display in the lobby of the plant where the employees would come in. Any pictures or info as to where a picture can be obtained would be greatly appreciated. Michael D Ancell

  11. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Hello everyone..I am a somewhat ham-fisted guitarist who by complete accident found myself today as owners of the acoustic guitar of the month for May and April - sounds a bit like a pin-up situation..I bought them at an auction in Leicestershire, UK, where I can assure you the guitar is not the area of greatest expertise. It seems the guitars, along with several others - January, May, again, or mislabelled for august, June, July and November, lay in a woman's garage for the last ten years, unplayed and unloved. They all went for around $1k. I'm tracking down a guitar maker to set them up again. Funny old world.. if anyone want to discuss them or the sale I'm on jerryconnolly3@aol.com Right now I am really, really thrilled

  12. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Hey, I have the January model 1929 L2. These came with a plaquard on the back of the headstock denoting the month and year. I have called Gibson to try and find out why mine says January 1993 when the Centennial year was 1994? The factory actually thinks this was a 'typo'! Kinda like a double struck penney I guess. Anyway, does anyone have any idea how much these are worth?
    I can be reached at mbell20@roadrunner.com

  13. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Hey guys, My name is steve and Im from Australia and picked up a Gibson in 1996 when i was in the states: Serial Number 94048519, Cherry Red with white edging and gold fittings,, would any one know how I can find out about the model and value,, cant find out down under (cricky)lol, my emailis scowling@live.com.au
    I would really appreciate some info


  14. hi, i wanna know if this model of a sg is part of the '94 anniversary series.
    i cant find any informations about it but i got a great offer (i think?!) for one of this. here are some pics of a guitar like the one that was offered me:



    its painted on dark green that looks like black from far.
    guitardaterproject.org said the following:
    Your guitar was made at the
    Nashville Plant, TN, USA
    , 1994
    Production Number: 039558

    can you help me finding out the price for that thing?
    thanks alot.
    greets, martin

  15. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Hey guys I have a ES335 Red with all apointments and gold hardware etc. etc. looking for an offer;


  16. Anonymous11:28 AM

    hi, i wanna know if a les paul standard heritage Cherry Sunburst prod number 94002953 is part of the '94 anniversary series.
    I cant find any informations about it.

    Where I have to look for when i buy it?


  17. HI,
    I've got a gibson hummingbirg centenial. it's an acoustic electric guitar that a bought in second hand. I don't have the documentation so i don't know if the pre amp is orinal. may someone help me. Thanks.
    By the way : i'm in France ;-)

  18. Hi,
    I've got a Hummingbird centenial. It's got a pre amp. i don't have the original documentation and i want to know if it's an original. may someone help me.
    ps: by the way, i'm in france ;-).
    thanks a lot

  19. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I have a 100th Anniversary 1934 Jumbo Model with case it came in.It came out in March 1994.Hardly ever played. Rosewood back and sides, nice inlay on head stock & Rosewood finger board. Tobacco burst,raised pickguard. I am open to any offers on it. email is cole765@fairpoint.net please put GUITAR in the subject line. Thanks!

  20. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I have the more rare Les Paul '57 Black Beauty 3 Pickup model with the cool gator style case and anniversary case cover. Rare and Rocking Les Paul.
    Will Sell or Trade. If interested email: mikesmisc.com@verizon.net

  21. Anonymous12:45 AM

    If you are a collector, this is a must have one-of-a-kind 100-Year Anniversary Gibson Firebird. I struggled to sell this, but I am no longer going to give this to my son as planned. This guitar is perfect - never been played. No need to ask a lot of questions. This guitar is truly a work of art. The pictures I took do not do it justice. The Diamond inlays on the bridge and knobs are spectacular. If interested, my E-mail is thorn69@tx.rr.com

  22. I have a "Black" Centennial "1994", Double Cut-away..Dual Pick-ups, two knobs and toggle..Solid Body design..I cannot play any more because of my arthritis in my hands...If anyone is interested in purchasing this legendary make, please contact me " wildwildwestfile@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  23. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hi I have a 355sunburst stereo,still has plastic on back plate,i am open for trade ,its in new condition.you can mail me at paddy_goes-to_hollyhead@hotmail.com

  24. Greetings from Barcelona (Spain). I am looking for the specs about all the Centennial models. Does anyone have this info? It would be greately appreciated. Cheers folks!

  25. Hi Im looking for a case for a 345 centennial 100anna, mine was stolen from the backstage without the guitar thank god.

  26. I am looking for a case for my 355 centennial