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Gibson Es-335

Gibson Es-335 Guitar ( 1958 to present )
Thinline Semi-hollow Electric Archtop Guitar Also Known As The Es-335 TD

1959 gibson es-335 guitarIn 1958 gibson introduced a guitar with a wood block that was glued to the top and back of the body which ran through the guitars' center leaving the sides empty , the guitar was called the gibson es-335 , the first semi-hollow body guitar .

The wood block not only made the es-335 guitar more solid but it also enhanced its woodiness warm sound and sustain .

Its ingenious body design structure plays a major role in gibson' history and paved the way for many gibson legendary guitars to come .

Cherished by many artists such as bb-king , eric clapton, chuck berry , joe perry, keith richards , george harrison, ritchie blackmore ... just to name a few .

The es-335 is coined by many as the best all around guitar in the world because of its versatility

In 1958 when gibson first launched the es-335 at a list price of approximately $270 the guitar became an instant success and continued its historical journey until this very day .

The first year in production the es-335 had a brazilian rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays , 2 humbuckers , bigsby vibrato or stop tailpiece , bound top and back , neck joins the body at the 19th fret , 4 knobs ( 2-vol 2-tone ) , tune o matic bridge , pickguard extends below the bridge , large fat neck , and were made in sunburst or natural finishes . ( this model is highly desirable and sought after by collectors)

1959 : Cherry finishes were added
1960 : The es-335 had shorter pickguards and thinner necks
1961 : Natural finishes were discontinued
1962 : Dot inlays on the fingerboard were replaced with block inlays
1965 : Trapeze tailpiece replaced the stop tailpiece 12 string version also introduced
1966 : indian rosewood fingerboard instead of brazilian
1969 : walnut finishes were available

gibson es-335-12Note : In 1965 a 12 string version of the es-335 was also introduced and was called the gibson es-335-12 , ( see pic ) were made in cherry or natural finishes , various colors in 1968 and were discontinued in 1971 .

In 1981 the gibson es-335 was discontinued and replaced with the gibson es-335 dot which was a reissue of the original 1960 es-335 with dot inlays .

The gibson es-335 dot was discontinued in 1990 and replaced with the gibson es-335 reissue in 1991 which are still in production today.

From 1981 to present gibson also introduced more variations of the gibson es-335 such as the :

Gibson es-335 artist :( 1981 )
had a large headstock logo , metal truss rod plate , gold hardware with 3 knobs .

Gibson es-335 Dot CMT :( 1983 - 1985 )
like the es-335 dot but with curly maple top and back , gold hardware , and were made in various colors .

Gibson es-335 Studio :( 1986 - 1991 )
No f-holes , 2 dirty finger humbuckers , cherry or ebony finishes .

Gibson es-335 Showcase Edition : ( 1988 )
black hardware , emg pickups ,white or beige finishes and were made in limited quantities - 200 made .

Gibson es-335 Centennial : ( 1994 )
Gold medallion on the headstock , were made in cherry colors , diamond inlays in tailpiece . ( not more than a 100 were made )

Gibson es-335 '59 Historic Collection : ( 1998 )
basically a replica of the original 1959 model with dot inlays .

Gibson es-335 '63 Historic Collection : ( 2000 )
based on the original 1962 model with block inlays .

Gibson also made es-335 custom shop guitars during the 80s and 90s with a custom shop logo on the back of the headstock .

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1958 > $60 000 to $75 000 ( Natural )
1958 > $50 000 to $60 000 ( Natural-Bigsby )
1958 > $34 000 to $41 000 ( Sunburst )
1958 > $32 000 to $39 000 ( Sunburst-Bigsby )
1959 > $75 000 to $100 000 ( Natural )
1959 > $50 000 to $65 000 ( Natural- bigsby )
1959 > $40 000 to $55 000 ( Sunburst )
1959 > $35 000 to $40 000 ( Sunburst-bigsby )
1960 > $25 000 to $35 000 ( Cherry )
1960 > $35 000 to $50 000 ( Natural )
1960 > $25000 to $35 000 ( Sunburst )
1961 - 1962 > $26 000 to $32 000 ( PAFs )
1961 - 1962 > $25 000 to $32 000 ( Pat # )
1963 - 1964 > $19 000 to $27 000 ( prices vary according to specs & color )
1965 - 1969 > $4 500 to $9 000 ( prices vary according to specs & color )
1970 - 1976 > $3 500 to $4 600
1977 - 1981 > $2 000 to $3 200

1965 - 1971 > $2 600 to $3 000 ( es-335-12 string )
1981 - 1990 > $2 300 to $ 2 950 ( es-335 Dot )
1981 - 1982 > $2 300 to $2 600 ( es-335 artist )
1981 - 1999 > $2 700 to $3 000 ( es-335 custom shop )
1983 - 1985 > $2 700 to $3000 ( es-335 Dot Cmt )
1986 - 1991 > $1 100 to $1 400 ( es-335 Studio )
1988 - 1989 > $2 300 to $3 500 ( es-335 showcase edition )
1994 - 1995 > $4000 to $4200 ( es-335 centennial )
1998 - 1999 > $2 200 to $2 700 ( '59 historic collection )
2000 - 2001 > $2 700 to $3 000 ( '63 historic collection )
1991 - 2000 > $1 700 to $2 300 ( es-335 reissue )

guitar price guide1958 - 1969 > Avg Upward Trend Of 21% A Year Since 2000
1970 - 1981 > 9% ( does not include the es-335 dot reissue )

Prices are according to 4 different vintage guitar price guides and rounded off to the nearest dollar .

Gibson Es-335 Guitars For Sale
Find deals on used and vintage gibson es-335 guitars on ebay .

New Gibson Es-335 Guitars
View the new es-335 gibson models and prices of today .

In june 2004 eric clapton sold his 1964 gibson es-335 for $847 000 to benefit his crossroads centre charity . They also made a 55 minute educational video on how they recreated a limited edition of this legendary guitar . If you want to watch the video go here > The eric clapton crossroads gibson es-335 ( Awesome clip )

Below is another video of yngwie malmsteen playing on a gibson es-335 guitar, the clip is short and quite crappy but ive put it anyways for those of you who are interested ....


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    awesome post , great info

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    hey goo information, but it was unusefull form me. i have gibson 335 fron the 60s with dot inlays and bigsby trem. can you give want its the price of this baby

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    im sure its an awesome guitar but i need the exact year, it would help if you have a serial number .... certain years during the sixties for the 335 can differ hugely in price value ...

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I have an extra switch on my 335 other than the switch that selects the pickup... can anyone tell me what this switch is called and what it does to the value?

  5. domenic7:56 PM

    it would help if you would be more specific , i think your talking about a coil tap switch that was added to the upper treble cutaway on the gibson es-335's in 1977 .

    the coil tap switch allows one coil pick up of each humbucker to be in operation when required thus giving it a fender stratocaster tone or sound.

  6. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I have a Tan 1976 Gibson SG standard in Excellent shape and everything is orginal. I would like someone to tell me the true value of this guitar. I bought it new in 76 and it hasn't been used that much, about 40 total hours playing time. Could you give me any idea what the value of this guitar is today?

  7. Anonymous5:56 AM

    they went up according to the new price guides , a 1976 sg standard is worth $1500 to $1700 .

  8. Anonymous9:47 PM

    did gibson ever make an es-340 in the late 60s with in and out of phase pickups

  9. domenic8:28 PM

    yes they did , the gibson es-340 was introduced in 1968 and discontinued in 1973 , they are valued at $2900 to $3200 .

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    by the way it's a custom left handed ordered in 68 and received in 69, would that affect the price?

  11. Anonymous7:38 PM

    left handed guitars are always worth a little more but they are harder to sell ...

  12. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I recently saw an earliy 70s 335 with a significantly shorter nut, slim neck width. How common is that?

    Being shorter fingered the $4000 was out of the question but intriging.

  13. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I have a 1964 ES-335 - excellent shape. One owner, my grandfather. He only played it for about 5 years. Case is in great shape too.

  14. thats a great guitar , if your planning to sell it email me here > auto1@yahoo.ca

  15. Anonymous6:43 PM


    My wife has a ES 335 TD with a serial # 121402 stamped in the wood on the head with "Made in USA" stamped below it. I have been told all kinds of dates, and other information. We do not play and are interested in selling it, any suggestions on asking price?

  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I recently saw an earliy 70s 335 with a significantly shorter nut ....

    In 1965 the nut decreased from the standard 1 11/16" to 1 5/8" or 1 9/16" ( known as the "small" neck )... some also were produced in early seventies , quite rare . Not many were made during the early seventies .

  17. Anonymous5:39 PM

    My wife has a ES 335 TD

    Your guitar is an early seventies , going price is about $3000 to $3800 then again depends on specs and color ...

  18. Anonymous5:47 PM

    In 1965 the nut decreased ...

    those are very sought after ! If you have one keep it . Those guitars will be worth a pretty penney in the future .

  19. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I have a dead mint closet classic es 335 from the 60's I bought years ago from an estate auction when a man passed on. I believe I am the third owner. Its serial number is 920222 from Kalamazoo in cherry with the black case with orange liner. Any idea what its worth? It has block inlays, all original. Thanks, virg1216@msn.com

  20. Anonymous9:09 PM

    your es-335 is a 1968 and is worth about $4500 to $5500 , color also plays a big factor , during that year they made some custom colors .

  21. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I have an ES 335, one owner (my Dad) He has passed away and we are unsure of what year the guitar was made. We know he bought it in high school. It is cherry red and a gorgeous guitar. The serial # is 800045. Could you tell me what it is worth before I sell it?

  22. Anonymous6:16 PM

    if you have No "MADE IN USA" stamp below the serial number it was made in the late 60s ( 67, 68 , 69 )

    if you have a "MADE IN USA" stamp below serial number , it was made in 1973 or 75 . ( also es 335 guitars during the early seventies were made in walnut finishes )

    if your es 335 is a late 60's you can get $6000 to $9000 depending on condition , specs and color .

    if its a seventies model ( 73-75 ) the guitar is worth $2800 to $3500

  23. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I am looking for a 1963 ES 335 with Tom Broeski engraved on the head plate. I sold it out of stupidity in the mid 70's to a Lackey's Guitar shop in Newport News Virginia. It's a long shot, but I figured I'd give it a try.


  24. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I've played my ES335 TDW for about 32 years now. It is a walnut finish with a Bigsby. The serial number is 950849. The serial number is stamped in the back of the headstock and does not have "Made in USA" stamped anywhere. The sticker on the inside of the f hole in the upper bout also has the serial number written in ink along with the model.

    Any info on this guitar? Like when it was built and how much it is worth?

  25. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I have an early 70's 335. The wooden block that makes these guitars so special is hollowed out below the pick ups and the sound reflects it. It has not been modified to my knowledge but all original. Can anyone confirm that Gibson made 335's like this and Why????

  26. Anonymous6:44 PM

    all gibson es 335's should have solid maple blocks down the center of the body ... never heard of hollowed blocks , unless i understood you wrong .

  27. Anonymous5:37 AM

    I have a Walnut ES-335-TD, number 250748, Made in USA (would make it a 1973 ?). Rectangular inlays in neck. Trapeze tailpiece, all metal in chrome finish. However it also has a coil tap switch (which was only available as of 1977 ?). What year do you believe it is and what would its value be ?

  28. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Again...my early 70's es-335 does not have a solid wooden block below the pickups. The block is solid at the tail and stops at the back of the rear pickup and the guitar is holoow all the way to the neck. Someone at Gruhn once told me that Gibson took shortcuts during the early 70's but this seems to be a little extreme. Can anyone confirm this story of have any other ideas? MC

  29. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Who has a lefty es 340? Is it natural finish with 3 piece maple neck?

  30. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Who has a lefty es 340?

    wow ,id be surprised if anybody had an es-340 lefty .. these guitars are extremely rare /

  31. Anonymous10:59 PM

    i have a gibson es 335 twd, serial number 632032... its a dark brown wood color, its in great shape and everything is original and also have the case... if someone can tell me what it is worth email me a ahayde6@hotmail.com.

  32. Anonymous6:03 PM

    i have a es-335 tdw with a serial n0. 903110 stamped on ther head stock. also the serial no. is written on an orange label as is es-335 tdw but there is no union made on the label. the serial no. i think is for 1968 but they didn't offer walnut until 1969. Also if i'm not mistaken they started putting union made on the labels in the mid 60's. Any idea what year it may be.

  33. Anonymous6:41 PM

    i have a es-335 ...

    pretty sure its a 1969 or even 70 .. there was absolutely no walnut finishes before 69 .

  34. Anonymous7:42 PM

    i have a gibson es 335 twd, serial number 632032...

    according to description its an early seventies model , valued at $2700 to $3000

  35. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I have a Gibson 335 black, made
    in 1985, can anyone tell me what
    its worth?


  36. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I have Gibson ES-335DotCMT that I bought at SFC GuitarCenter in 1989. It has gold PUs, gold Tailpiece, gold Grover Pegs and Ebony Fingerboard. However the serial number is "GC-34 1988" stamped in the back of the headstock, and also, on the sticker on the inside of the f hole, the model name is "ES-335 Dot CMT" and the serial number is "GC-34".

    I suppose it would be made by Gibson in 1988 as remaking DotCMT(83-85) for Guitar Center Custom Model.

    Do you have any info on this guitar?

  37. Anonymous9:04 PM

    My mother has an ES-335TD Serial #896523 in excellent condition. It is a dark wood with ivory or pearl trim. Could you tell me how old it is, and how much it is worth?

  38. Anonymous7:35 AM


    I have a Gibson 335td cherry its in mint condition all original i got the guitar in 1975 however i think the guitar may be older serial number 126644 made in usa stamped- I know Gibsons are quite hard to date any idea or values

    ta Paul

  39. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I traded an early 60's sg special for a highly figured natural finish dot neck es-335 back in 1999 at a vintage guitar show. It is a goreous guitar. The dealer from Oklahoma City stated this was a first year '59 reissue built in 1981. He said the first batch were special ordered by a Texas dealer (Jimmy Wallace I believe) and my guitar was one of this first batch. This guitar has no serial number or stamping on the back of the headstock. It has an orange label with Style "Guitar" Gibson"ES-335-DOT" Number"81252004"

    Can anyone verify the year and value??
    Thanks, jonbgoode

  40. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I have a sunburst es 335TD serial number 952093. I thought it was 72 model, but the sticker is orange oval type. Also, the sticker is not upside down (as is normal so you can look at it while in playing position and read it. It is right side up. Is this possible to come from factory that way? Looks old and real and has my serial number clearly on it. just wanted to know if anyone could date this guitar, and verify correct sticker.

  41. Anonymous11:49 AM

    "I have a sunburst es 335TD serial number 952093"
    According to "Blue Book of Electric Guitars
    Sixth Edition" which is what Gibson recomends as the best reference, 95xxxx would be 1968, but they note that durring the 1960s serialization was haphazard. For example my ES325TD Sn dates as 1977 but I aquired it before then. The Orange label was discontinued in or around 1970, so your 335 probably was made prior. You should also find the SN on the back of the head stock (like the other guy with 95xxxx SN).
    As for the label, I've seen them every which way, so I don't know what that means.

  42. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I have a 1989 Gibson Es-335 Dot LEFTY WHAT"S IT WORTH? THANKS< BRETT

  43. Hi. I have a late 70s 335 with the coil cut switch on upper bout. Guitar is natural finish but looks more like a previous owner simply stripped finish. I've considered get it refinished and wondered what the original available finishes were during this period. I know walnut brown was one but were there also sunburst or any other colors. Thanks great blog.

  44. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I have an es335TD #250614 is this early 70s? It does have coil tap switch

  45. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Thanks for the blog. Fantastic. I have a Gibson 1976 es335td (Walnut)in beautiful condition. It only had one unusual thing when I purchased it. The paper norlin era label was missing. I can't see any glue residue or trace of this label. After looking online at other '76 models that were identical I notice others missing the label. This model has the coil tap and has a decal or something with the model, make, serial number on the back of the headstock. I just wondered if there were some years that they didn't bother with the labels over at Gibson or something. I also wondered if that really impacts the value of the instrument. I can't find any other flaws. Thanks

  46. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I was reading about the '76 ES-335TD and want to comment. My 335 is a '76 Cherry Red, w/coil tap, block inlays, trapese tailpiece and also came without the label. No indication that one was there. It also has a 3-screw truss-rod cover. I've never seen this on another 335. I bought this guitar new in Oct. 1976.

  47. I have a 1968 cherry red es335td with serial number 981744 and no "made in usa" sticker. The original owner played with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and has a certificate to prove this. Will historical documents make this or any guitar worth more.

  48. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Hi, great information. Just got a little query: Are the 335's of the period from 1981 - 1990 inferior in build and sound compared to the current re-issue?

  49. I have a 70s 335 with a 3 piece center block. There is a space from the bridge pick up to the neck pick up that has a foam block. It is a great sounding guitar that is lighter than other 335. I would appreciate any information about my guitar's construction.

  50. I am a new guitar player. I am looking to purchase a cherry 335. There are so many types (fat neck, slim neck, etc...)and terms that I am unfamiliar with (TD, TDW). I am looking to invest $2K to $2,500 in a guitar. What type/style would be best for new player with aspirations for the future? Also, where is the best place to go to decipher es 335 terms?

  51. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I have a 1958 es335-1 sn- A27817 with orginal case in excellent condition and would like to know how you grade them and what its worth. I feel it is in excellent condition with mint being the highest and excellent next. What is the best avenue to sell this guitar.

  52. I have a walnut es 335 td. I am very sure it is 1969 since it does not have "made in usa" on the label. Beautiful guitar with an imperceptable crack near the headstock that has never been a problem and the tuners were changed to grovers. otherwise I have owned it since 1982. Anyone know what it would be worth?

  53. Anonymous6:02 PM

    what is the difference (if any) between an ES 335 manufactured in 1982 01983?


  54. Hi- Started reading this post and decided to research my ES-335. Serial # 42936.I bought the guitar used from a country western singer over 40 years ago, along with a Gibson stereo amp (not sure why he used this amp w/the 335).I replaced the heads with Grovers ~ 35 years ago. It's the basic cherry finish with a bit of yellowing; what do you think the year and value is?

  55. My father recently gave me his 'closet' ES 335TD. It is a cherry finish with the original case in very good condition. He remembers purchasing it used in 1965 for about $200 to $300. At the time, the music store owner indicated it was manf. in 1963. Here is my question (and confusion) the serial number is: 122328, Made in USA. Acording to the Blue Book list, this is a 1963 model. The guitar has block inlays, chrome pickups and trapeze and bridge, Gibson Deluxe gold heads with nickel posts which makes me think it might be a kind of transition guitar, but I could certainly be wrong. Is this a '63 and what would be an approximate value for me to insure it? thanks for any help.

  56. I neglected to mention that the nut width measures out to 1-9/16" thanks again for any help

  57. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I have a guy at work who is selling a Es 335 1965 for $4,000 or best offer...It looks in great condition...Is it worth it?...or should I offer less?

  58. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I have a guy at work who is selling a Es 335 1965 for $4,000 or best offer...It looks in great condition...Is it worth it?...or should I offer less?

  59. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I have recently trade some newer guitars for 335 PRO from 1980.
    They have tree pieces maple neck and Ser.No. "PAF", Vintage sunburst. Any idea what its worth?

  60. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I have an ES 335TD SR Nr. 183547

    It's Walnut with Block inlays, &white binding Trapeze and all original except I put Grover tuners on it. Any body have an Idea if I should sell it or hold on to it hoping to increase in value

  61. Chris9:42 AM

    Hi...I have a 64 (confirmed by serial #) tabacco sunburst Gibson 335 which I (my parents) bought new in 65. I've had to replace some parts on it over the years to keep it in shape. As a kid I didn't wipe it down as I should have so my sweat plus humid summers took a toll on the nickle hardware and it has since been replaced with newer chrome. The frets were badly worn by the late 80s so those are new. Also the shop that refretted and cleaned the pots did not reinstall the little metal reference indicator rings that sit at the base of the two tone and volume knobs. I either lost them or they didn't return them to me. And finally the black plastic pickup rings cracked and had to be replaced. Everything else is original. The finish is pretty good with two very small areas of show through to bare wood. It's my only electric. I love it and would never part with it but am always interested what it's worth on the market. Would it qualify in the low end of range posted on this site or be less due to the service mods I made?


  62. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I have a 70's es335 with a "partial" center block (SN 101336). This was confirmed by Gibson support saying that the "Norlin years were experimental times." Do you how may were made and the approximate value of this "Ugly Duck?

  63. I have a 1958 ES 335 Gibson guitar (suburst color) that I inherited. Can someone please let me know its approximate value?

    If possible, please email me at sjdqh91@aol.com.

    Thank you.

  64. The serial number is A-31182 and it's on an orangish-red label. Forgot to include that in my previous post.

  65. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I have two ES-335's and I am wonering what you can tell me about them. I bought them both used and have little information besides the seriel number information provided on your website.

    1)S/N 70809083 - This guitar is a tabacco sunburst - it has a dot inlay on the first fret; I have never seen on other ES335? It has regular humbuckers that are covered and I was told they are original. Could this be a PRO model? This guitar also has no label inside the f hole inside the body.

    2) S/N 82913583 - Custom Shop label on the back of the headstock - This guitar has a yellow label which says it is a DOT. Is it a reissue of what model? It is much heavier then the guitar above. It is custom flame similar to the tabacco sunburst, but without the burst.

    Any information would be great, thank you in advance!!

  66. I have an 335 with serial number 66212. No repairs, replaced original saddles. Fine original condition.

    In 2006 appraised at $12,500.

    What about today?


    I have played it for years, not so much lately, Approaching retirement age, may cash it in, in a few years.

  67. Anonymous2:11 AM

    The price ranges in this post helped me a lot in my search and I just bought my first ES-335, found it through the site www.buygibsons.com. Great guitar, great sound.

  68. I was wondering what I need to do to properly maintain a 1958 Es-335 Natural Bigsby if I own one thats in mint condition.

    Please email me back @ iam@huntersatterwhite.com

  69. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Very good info here!

    OK so how about my vintage 1968 Gibson ES335 I purchased new - would like to sell to a collector - all original (except the strings) - pics at http://www.northshoreclub.net/gibson/

    It has the typical finish cracks but absolutely no dings or other defects. Any chance it might fetch $15K ??

  70. To Blog Administrator,
    Would you be willing to post a link to my company's site? We have many listings for various gibson guitars.


  71. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I have a 67 ES 335 TD all stock with chrome PU covers, rosewood neck, sunburst that fades into black at the ends of the body, gold tuner knobs(4) and black pick guard. Is in excellent cond. with a few age cracks in paint, sides and back is mahogany. It had the orange label but unbeknownst to me was stolen when I took it to a music shop for them to dress the frets. Anyway, a serial # is stamped on the bottom inside which they couldn't take. My neice looked the # up w/ Gibson and got the model and date. Wouldd you have an idea of it's value at this writing? Thanks

  72. Anonymous9:40 AM

    i have a 335 from 1964, serial 176222, but could be a 1965... i don't know how i could see , can't read date on pots, with nice tabacco sunburst, pats' pu's, custom made plate and bigsby...
    can you help me to know if it's a 64 or 65?
    nut is 42mm
    many thanks for helps )

  73. About 5-6 months ago there was a mint 1968 ES-335 walnut for $900 at gear-vault.com for sale. I wish that I would have picked it up then. It was located in Ohio (driving distance from me). Vintage guitars are truly a form of art.

  74. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I have a ES-335 TD, #A34117 It is in very good condition. I am wondering what year this guitar was made.

  75. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Looks like it was built sometime between July and December of 1960

  76. Anonymous8:42 PM

    have a ES-335 TD, #A34117 It is in very good condition. If it was made between July and December 1960 and has natural finish approximately what it would be worth?

  77. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Scroll up to look at the chart with years and prices.

  78. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I didn't realize there was a chart. Thank you, based on the information I need to lock up this guitar as it appears it is very valuable. This guitar is natural finish and my husband took very good care of it.

  79. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I have just acquired a very nice 1966 ES-335 cherry.....all original except at some point, someone switched the Bigsby to a stop tailpiece. It was professionally done and is not at all noticable. I could get a mid 60s Bigsby and the "custom shop" plate to cover the stop tailpiece holes. Would that be advisable from an investment standpoint or would it be better to leave as is?

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. I have a es335 that is missing the tag inside the f hole. The headstock is damage so i can't read to full serial number. I have heard it is early 70's since is has "made in usa" stamp. But im not sure. My guitar has a fat neck & i though they made slim necks after 1950's. Any idea on the age of this stick

  82. Anonymous11:14 PM

    For those people asking this blog's author about the value of their guitars...

    ...it baffles me why people don't simply research these matters themselves. the information is at your fingertips. one very simple way of getting a rough idea what people are willing to pay for your ES 335's is to monitor ebay, or gbase.com.

  83. I have a friend that says that he has an early '65 335, it does have the trapeze tail piece, but feels better than most '60's 335's I've played.
    Is there a difference between the early '65 335's and the later '65?

    Are the early ones worth more?

    It has a very comfortable feel to me, not like the thiner ones that I've usually played

  84. Just bought a 1986 ES-335 Dot, tobacco sunburst, wondering what pickups it has in it?

    SN: 80986571 White label Gibson/Kalamazoo/Nashville

    Also wondering if it was possibly made in Kalamazoo or in Nashville & before or after company was sold in 1986.

  85. I have an artist proof gibson roy orbison number five. Do not want to sell it but might need to any ideas on the worth.

  86. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hi I have an ES-335 TD in Walnut with a stoptail bridge on it. It has no serial number or made in the usa markings on the headstock, It does not look like it has been tampered with. It has the Norlin badge in the f hole and Gibson engraved pickups. There is a volute on the back of the headstock. Everything checks out as authentic but i am running out of ideas on it's actual age. The guitar was purchased by my dad from new in the early 70's from a shop in London UK.

    Any info would be great



  87. Anonymous9:01 PM

    If the pickups have Gibson embossed/engraved in them the guitar is a 1972.

  88. Anonymous3:52 AM



  89. hi im looking to aqire a 335 iv found one but it has no serial stamped or made in usa etc stamped on headstock on the inside it has an oval orange and black label with a serial number which dates it as 79 at kalamazoo just wondering if this is common not to have serial on the headstock or could it be a fake thanks

  90. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Great blog! Please can anyone comment on the authenticity of a Gibson 335 looking vintage guitar with parallalagram pearl inlays starting at the 1st fret, a 6 switch tone selector and a trapezoid bridge in faded cherry. No serial number. Can this be genuine? What year? Thnking of either buying a bargain or a fake! Thanks Phil

  91. Anonymous8:43 PM

    re above comment.
    you're probably looking at an ES 345 if it's got parallelogram inlays. ES 355's are block inlays. However, I don't remember 345's having the inlays start at the first fret, they usually start in the 3rd fret. You'll have to do a bit more research about the inlays. With the varitone and trapeze, it could very well be a 345. fake gibson's usually have a logo that is slightly tilted with some other minor differences, and fakes often have a 3 screw truss cover, among a few other minor differences, like the pick up cavities and neck tenon.

  92. Anonymous8:45 PM

    regarding serial numbers...
    yes, occasionally gibson didn't put / or missed serial numbers. research the other ways to spot Gibson fakes to be sure though.

  93. I lived in Singapore in 1968-71 and when I was there I purchased a new (yep: new) ES335TD dot sunburst from a guitar store in Singapore city.

    After I returned home, about 1972, I sold it for $500 to purchase my first car.

    I know what you are likely thinking but I needed the money and no one was to know of just how rare those axes were to become.

    But at least I can say I owed one!

  94. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I have a Gibson ES335-12, SN 800013, cherry red all original in the the original case in excellent condition. It was formerly owned by Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco) but I cannot prove this. I bought in 1972 disassembled from a friend of a friend who had a shop on Hollywood Blvd. He closed the shop and had his left over stock in his room at his parents house. I paid $200 for it! He told me he bought it off of Richie a few years before. I found this page trying to find what it's current value is. What guides did you use to determine the values?

  95. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I have a simple question, but the impact of the answer is great.

    I own a 1968 Gibson 335 TDW.

    It is in mint shape, but the only missing piece is the bridge pickup.

    Can you please guide me as to where i can find a replacement pickup of the same vintage?


  96. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I have a simple question, but the impact of the answer is great.

    I own a 1968 Gibson 335 TDW.

    It is in mint shape, but the only missing piece is the bridge pickup.

    Can you please guide me as to where i can find a replacement pickup of the same vintage?


  97. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Re: above comment...

    - search on ebay for a rear pick-up that is the same year as your guitar.
    - also try gbase.com
    - another option might be to try shops closer to major metropolitans because more vintage inventory / repairs come in and out of their shops. there's a good chance that they can get the PU for you. (ie: Toronto: The 12th Fret)
    - i guess you could try to put an ad on Craigslist. you never know who's reading.
    - maybe try posting on Gibson's online forums.

  98. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Hi,I have gibson ES-335TD.Behind the head just top is 'Second' Then the Serial No.Can somebody tell me whats that mean.

  99. Anonymous11:28 PM

    re above comment...

    That's known as a "factory second". Factory seconds will also have a "B" or a "2" marked on the back of the headstock as well. Guitars marked with this of lesser value in the vintage market. Guitar marked as factory seconds were often marked this way because of a imperfection in the finish when it left the plant, or there was some other issue. It's been rumored that Gibson employees would also mark a perfectly fine guitar as a Second so they could buy it at a reduced rate. Often times, any imperfections are worn away over years and years of play. Regardless, the value of the guitar in the current market is still affected unfortunately.

  100. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I have a Gibson ES-335TD made in Kalamazoo. It's chocolate, I guess, at least that's the only color I can describe it as. It's a very dark brown. The serial number is 055060. Any idea what year it is and how much it may be worth?

  101. I really like the coverage on this site. I have a 335 custom shop w/P-90's and it's part of the Popular Demand series. I love this guitar to death!! I bought for my 40th Bday and it is the best guitar I have ever played. I was in love with it in the first 10 seconds my hands were on it. It's the perfect combination and it HONK's!!

  102. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I have a 1982 ES-335, Sunburst finish, Block inlays, Kludson tuners, last 3 digits are 020, which makes it Kalamazoo made.
    Thought only dot inlays were made in 1982. Any info please? Thanks!

  103. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I have a gibson es335 serial number 33633 it's got a long pickguard,pots date to 1959, has pearl inlays behind the bridge, with a bigsby, cherry color, all the knobs, pickups, tuners,bridge, finish, all check out as original. I've had this guitar for a long time, I don't think the neck is the fat one , but it feels great to me.also no breaks of anykind.I wonder what it is worth?

  104. Anonymous10:17 PM

    i have dicky Betts 68' b-15, given to him by Billy Joe Shaver and signed by the allman brothers,also,wille nelson, george jones , lou giamamno of the 1980' eagles sb team, jim varney, and many more. Bought it in a pawn shop in florida for a hundred bucks. Butch Trucks and I went to a notary and had it authenticated. I'm wondering what it might be worth?

  105. Anonymous8:40 PM

    The 1976 ES335 was produced without the label inside the upper f-hole for most of 1976; it was identified like the rest of the solid body guitars during that peroid by using only the transfer decal on the back of the headstock(all S/N beginning with 00). Prospective buyers might be suspicious of a guitar missing the constructor's label but somehow that adds to it's appeal.

  106. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I have an es335 tabacco sunburst (no bixby). According to Gibson's serial number data it's a'60. However, it has the characteristics of a '59 - long pick guard and fat dot neck. I'm assuming that Gibson didn't change features on a neat and tidy Jan 1st so, as far as value goes, would it be worth more like a '59 because it has the features of a '59? Or, could Gibson's production data be off?

  107. SpoonyLove2:53 PM

    Does anyone in here know what an all origanal Black 1967 Gibson Trini-Lopez Standard would be worth? I have no idea. you can look at the guitar in this video.


  108. I have a Gibson 335 first run Roy Orbison with cert and original case and box as well as others, always buying .selling,trading and consignments available Greg.

  109. I have a ES 335 ED i bought it in 1963 it is in excelent condition
    the serial number is 929510 is it a 62or63 model thank you


  110. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I have a sunburst es335td serial number 514968 that I'm almost positive I purchased from Sedola Music in Buffalo,NY in 1966. I looked at the serial numbers from others and now I'm not so sure of the year purchased. Any suggestions?

  111. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I have a 1979 ES 335 TDN with a factory stop tail bar rather than a trapeze. Did Gibson make limited runs of stop tail bar es 335s during the 70s or is my guitar a custom order?
    Thanks for the information.

  112. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Dear friends. I am in need of some information, I own a Gibson ES 335 TDC, Orange label, #955175 with made in U S A stamped under the number. It has a very thin neck and trapeze with valute. I need to know what year and what its worth in excellent condition. Please e-mail me at steveules@aol.com I stumbeled on this web page. Thank you

  113. your info as to the introduction if the tweleve string version of the 335 is inaccurate- I own a 1963 version. I think they were first sold in '60 or '61

  114. Anonymous8:11 PM


  115. Anonymous8:54 PM


  116. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I recently inherited an ES-335TD. The serial number is 817520. What year would this one be and about how much would it be worth?

  117. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Hi 335 players!
    Is there a definitive info source for all things ES-335 around? Maybe a book or someone that really knows about 335 details, especially the early 80's models? I have 3 ES-335's: '82 Sunburst (Custom Shop according to the headstock decal though nothing different from my other non-custom '81 & '82s) '81 Cherry Red Dot and a cherry '82 Dot.
    Among other things, I would really like to know when the 335 Dot RI's were first released... '81 or '82? I've seen both. Also, were there any manufacturing differences between those two years… anything important but not readily apparent?
    Thanks in advance.

  118. Anonymous7:12 PM

    i have a es 335 tdc serial # 630764 could you tell me what year and approximately what the value is.i thought i posted earlier but i must have done something wrong.


  119. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I had either a 1960 or 1961 dot neck and it appeared that the epiphone vibrato bar (I think it had a big "E" on it) had been there since new. There was no evidence to suggest otherwise, and I heard that there were some Gibsons that left the factory with Epi vibrato bars on them. Have you heard anything abou this? I paid $250 for it in a pawn shop in 1965 and unfortunately sold it in 1972 for $275. Now I own an 1963 Epiphone solid body (think it's an Olympic one-pickup) and the neck is slim and very similar to my old 335. I paid $185 for it in the late 80s and have learned from my mistakes and will never part with it, but was curious about Gibson using Epi parts.

  120. Anonymous6:57 AM

    What is the point of the little wire on the bridge? Is it able to tighten or removable?

  121. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I too have a es 335 serial # 700966 could you please tell me what year and approximately what the value is.

  122. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I have a cherry red ES 335 serial # 700966.
    Could you please tell me the age and the worth of this guitar it's in mint condition Thanks


  123. Anonymous8:44 PM

    To all of you who say on here that the walnut finish was not available on the 335 until 1969, I have a story for you. My dad special ordered a 1968 ES335TDC (LEFTY) in Walnut, it never showed up however. He called Gibson steaming mad of course. They called him back and tracked down his new guitar, it had been stolen off a truck in Chicago. The guy from Gibson drove across the country that night to bring my dad his new guitar, it was cherry red of course. So, whoever stole that walnut guitar could have a very rare guitar. If you see a 68 335 that is a lefty and is walnut in color, you probably have found the rarest guitar in existance, oh yeah and it was once stolen, so have the person who now owns it arrested.

  124. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I have a 1968 ES335TDC Lefty. Does anyone know how many of these were left handed. I found there were 1466 of these made, but not sure how many were lefties. I had it appraised at the local music store, the guy said it was worth @$3500.00 That doesn't sound right to me after looking on here and seeing people say they are worth $4500 or more, especially with it being a rare lefty? Can anyone help me?

  125. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I have an ES335 Tbc serial # 612252 with matching #s on the peg head and orangish red sticker inside. The orangish red stickers were discontiued in 1970. The guitar has block inlays, trapeze tailpiece, nad cherry finish.The serial numbers on the back of the volume and tone pots are CBA-811-115800KAT. I am the second owner and everything is original as I know and have spoken to the first owner. Gibson said I beleive the 4th and 5th numbers are the year, maybe the 6th and 7th. Gibson figured the year to be between 1970 and 1972. I have owned the guitar since 1978. The numbers don't match. Any help on the correct year would be appreciated.


  126. Anonymous3:16 PM

    looking for original knobs for 70-72 es 335

  127. Anonymous10:35 AM

    hi i have a es 355 red with three pickups on it any idea on the value of iti thins it was made in eight something

  128. Anonymous8:55 AM


  129. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Hey guys, Check out this 1964 ES-335.

  130. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I have an ES335TD, serial number 323245. Can anyone verify the issue date and approx. value?

  131. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I have an ES335 I just bought that is hard to identify, and just plain odd in it's layout of volume and tone pots- see my link for flickr photo at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/17631008@N03/4068058057/ Serial # is 977687, which supposedly is 1970-72, and is stamped on headstock with Made in USA. But I wonder if it's later 70's, despite the serial #, since it has a coil tap switch on the treble bout and is wine red. There is a funny push button switch on the lower body also, which may have been added. Also not sure if pickups are original, I have to take them out and ID them, as they don't even have covers. But what really throws me is the pot layout. They clearly haven't been moved around- no old patched holes in body, and it looks like this pot arrangement was how it came from the factory. Anyone seen anything like it before?

  132. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Hey im interested in buying a Es 335 Cherry from 1981 off a friend. Hes charging $2100 dollars for it. its in decent shape with adverage ware for its age and seems to have a new screws holding the bridge up but other then that all stock. It sounds great and has been takin care of well. My question is Do u think thats a good deal?

  133. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Re the '81 for 2100$. That's a pretty fair deal. They average from 2000-2800$ roughly depending on condition, etc..

  134. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I have a mint 67 ES 330/12 that is strung 6 string for a great buy at 2999.00 vintage ,clean. correct and sweet. Greg's guitars.

  135. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I have a Gibson ES335 TD serial #34953 color is sunburst. I may be interested in selling. What is the value of this guitar?

  136. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I have a 1970 ES-335 that is almost flawless, original owner, fender 650 princeton reverb amp, what is it worth?

  137. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Great site, I've learned a ton from these threads. Wanted to get your insight on the price of an early 1960s ES335 TD Kalamazoo, MI red with Trapese Bridge. Serial #:092377. Parting with this guitar would be tough, sound is incredible, but need to pay for my daughter's college. Can you price this for me?

  138. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I have a 1959 ES-335 and want to sell it. What is the best way to sell it and get the best price? Most guitar stores want 20%.

  139. Anonymous8:42 PM

    What is the best method to sell a vintage gibson guitar? Guitar stores want 20%.

  140. Anonymous1:35 PM

    My dad has decided to sell his Gibson ES 345 1959 or 1960 guitar. He bought it new in he thinks 1959 although the research I have done shows it might be a very early 1960 say in the first twenty serial numbers. It has a brown case with pink lining inside. I think it’s called a sunburst finish. It has not been played to much over the years.

    Could you help me come up with a value for this guitar?



  141. Chris5:58 AM

    I'm about to buy a vintage ES 335 in Pelham blue. The serial number says it could be a '65, '67, 68....would one year be more likely for this blue color?
    Block inlays, factory installed Bigsby, original case (orange interior); grovers (might not be original I don't know)
    Also, what do you think the price should be? I was asked $2600 for it.

  142. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I just acquired a Cherry red ES335 TD. I have no idea what year it is. My F-I-L bought it used some years before he died in 1978. The serial number is 620974, and has Made in USA stamped into it. The sticker inside says it was made in Kalamazoo Michigan.

    Can anyone give me more info about this beautiful guitar?

  143. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Can You help me??? I believe I have a 1969 ES335. It has the Orange sticker (Union Made), but no printing or the ink has faded away. It's walnut and the number on the headstock is 506563 does not say made in the USA. It has the short pickgaurd and trapeze. Any idea what its worth. keetonfamily@cox.net

    Thanks In Advance For Any Help

  144. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I had a cherry red 335 in '76. Parted with it in '79. However I now have gone full circle and purchased a Larry Carlton 335. I feel that it is a much more substantial guitar, heavier and beefier neck. Great to play. I am delighted that I got it. It was used, almost mint for $2600.

  145. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I have a 335td i got back in the 80's. Its a dark wine color. I cant seem to find the serial number on it. Inside the f hole is only the one paper stamp saying gibson 335td, but no number there or on the neck. Why do you think that is?

  146. Anonymous12:18 AM

    I have a 335td i got back in the 80's. Its wine red but i cant see a serial number anywhere. In the f hole is just the oval gibson paper stamp with wheres its made and that it is a 335td but no number. Why no number please.? email is abraxas39@comcast.net

  147. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I bought 1960 or 1961 gibson guitar for my son at age 9 and he is now 58.I paid $50.00 for it brand new with the case. It's blond wood stero, the case is light
    brown , inside is velvet.It's still in perfect condition . what is the guitar worth today?

  148. Anonymous2:52 AM

    makes me wonder what the 1964 es335 trini lopez custom in my family is worth now. esp if this list shows a 1964 of value in the 19 to 27k area

  149. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Ive been told that the 1979 Gibson ES 335 didn't have an inside label, only the numbers stamped onto the head. In other words; that it was one or the other, but not both...Can anyone verify that for me?

  150. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I have a 'mid '70s' (?) all maple ES 335TDN, which when bought second hand had a floating tail piece and a (none working) coil tap. ( I had earlier owned a 'plum red' coil tap 335 with floating tail piece and that coil tap switch was suspect too)

    What intigues me is the serial number

    73218080.EIGHT digits?

    Some erudite person care to comment?

    It is not for sale!


  151. Anonymous10:17 PM

    So your guitar was made on Nov 17, 1978 and was the 80th guitar to come off the line that day.

    The pattern is as follows:
    YY is the production year
    DDD is the day of the year
    RRR is the factory ranking/plant designation number.

    I may be wrong, but I think that's the format gibson started using around 1977.

  152. Anonymous8:40 AM

    This post just pisses me off. 'I want to sell my guitar. I bought it for 200 bucks, You people, who have never seen my guitar and post anonymously, tell me its now worth 40 thousand, so how can I sell it without having to pay a dealer to appraisem market, clean, set up, repair, advertise it and handle customers credit cards and take returns?" You greedy friggin' classsless hillbillies! Do you bring your own steaks to restaurants? If a dealer charges 20%, they lose 3% right off the top with a card, they have to pay you and risk getiing the guitar back, they have to pay advertising, light, heat, taxes, employess salaries, they have to clean, repair and set up the guitar you paid 200 dollars for and threw in a closet for 40 years and make it look like a 40 thousand dollar instrument, and make any repairs needed for sale, and deal with your greedy, ignorant ass. Get back in your trailer and put the damn thing on ebay and send it to that bidder in Ohio who wnat you to sent it to his brother in Indonesia, and GFY

  153. Anonymous9:34 AM

    You have a guitar you want to sell? or just venting?

  154. Anonymous5:19 AM

    A young man was telling me his dad gave him a old Gibson ES-335 dot made in 1958 and he thinks its the sunburst color. Says its not in good condition and was wondering ifits worth paying a small fortune to fix it up or if it has any value as-is.Also do you know of a good place in North NJ take look?

  155. Anonymous8:52 AM


  156. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Gibson ES-335 TDW 95XXXX serial number orange label with Made In USA stamped on neck although serial number is of 1968. what gives?

  157. I have a 1969 ES-335 with an extra switch. It came straight from the factory in 1969 and I don't know what the switch does. Can anyone give me any info?

  158. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Let me express my love for my 1965 ES335 12 string (It looked exactly like the one in the photo at the top of this posting) I bought the guitar in Indianapolis in late '64 or early '65 ($465) and played it until 1974. Instead of purchasing another guitar
    (I was using it as a 6 string at the time) I traded
    it in (G A S P...) and still can't figure out what I was thinking!! HA

  159. v. beechy9:52 AM

    I have a Right Handed Walnut finish 1968 and a half ES-335 TD. I called Gibson and they said it was made in Oct. 1968 I asked how many walnut finishes they made that year and he said their records did not say what color they are. Supposely walnut finishes were not started until 1969. I seen where some one wrote in and said his father special orderd a Left Handed 1968 walnut finish 335 but it was stolen before it was delived that may explain why they made my guitar with the walnut finish they probably stained used up all the walnut stain in the can they were using my guitar my have been stained right next to the guy's fathers . I did buy My Guitar personally brand new from a music store. I wonder what it is worth

  160. Anonymous2:40 AM

    I have two questions relating to the Gibson ES-335 Roy Orbison inspired guitar.
    How many were produced?
    Did all/any of these guitars have a replica of the proposed Roy Orbison postage stamp embossed on the back of the headstock?
    Thanks in anticipation.

  161. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I have a 1962 ES335 TDC, Block inlays , not sure if it has PAF's or not, I am hesitant to play with that.
    The Bigsby appears to have been removed, but it was well done, maybe the face was filled in at the factory (?) beautiful wood, the Klusons were replaced with Schallers. 9101 are the first of 6 in the serail #
    What is it worth please ?

  162. So I have a es-335td with a # on the back 71349066 second ... where do I look to find out how much its worth email me @ jordanjanusz@live.com

  163. David6:33 AM

    I live in Australia (for what it's worth) and want to declare my love for my '67 ES-335-12 )cherry). I collect vintage hollow body electric 12 strings, with a 66 Fender Coronado, 67 Epiphone Riviera, 60's Vox Starstream (teardrop), and numerous other "lesser" ones (Aria, Kent, Hofner, etc), but guess what? I pretty much only play the Gibson. It is BY FAR the best of them all. I guess no-one here will be surprised by that. :) And while I'm here, if anyone has a vintage 12 to sell, I'm at olias_oz@hotmail.com

  164. Anonymous11:18 AM

    ES335 walnut serial number 106320 Made in USa stamped below serial number - f holes - rectangle mother of peal type neck inlays. Mint. What year is this? approx value?

  165. Anonymous5:14 AM

    To anyone who is selling any guitar,the the guitar is only worth what a person is willing to pay.I have a gibson ES335 Studio.My $99.00 Fender (pink) Squier plays like $2000 fender. I play it all the time.I've been playing 35 years.I love my gibson but the squire is by far,for the money, a great guitar. It fooled me.

  166. I buy,trade consign vintage guitars gregsguitars dot net ..I have a Roy Orbison 335 limited edition Custom shop for sale.

  167. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Cherry gibson es-335tdc # 506590..How can you tell if it's from 1965 or 1968? Any idea of value? thanks

  168. 1966 Gibson ES-335 TD12, near mint condition with original case and maintenance leaflets.
    Serial # 403431

    I'm accepting offers.


  169. Anonymous11:42 PM


    RGF & CDB

  170. Anonymous12:13 AM

    RGF & CDB

  171. Anonymous1:33 AM

    RGF & CDB From the Gibson serial # guide, it appears you 335 is a 1976. Not positive about that if so the chart above would be 1970 - 1976 > $3 500 to $4 600
    depending on specs and color

  172. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I inherited a sunburst Gibson ES-335T (not TD according to the stamp inside the body of the guitar). It doesn't have the orange sticker inside like some I have seen online. It just has a very simple black stamp inside one of the F holes that says ES-335T. It has the original Gibson catalog in the pink interior case from the day that my Grandfather bought it. The catalog is dated March 1958 and it shows a picture of this exact guitar priced at $267.50 (for the Sunburst ES-335T) and $282.50 (for the Natural finish ES-335TN). My grandmother says that she was with him the day he bought it and it was in the fifties. I would never sell this guitar. I have dreamed of playing it for years. But I would like to know its approximate value. It is not mint, but has no major flaws. Just typical wear and tear from my Granddad's honky tonkin days. Thanks for your help.

  173. im looking for a black trini lopez if someone here has one

  174. im looking for a black trini lopez if someone here has one

  175. Hey guys,

    I am a design writer for the New York Times, writing a piece about a 1964 ES-335 in sunburst, and would love to talk to an established Gibson expert about the various strengths, assets and/or specs of this model. Could anyone direct me to a good person to talk to? Email me at davidocolman@gmail.com.

  176. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I have a 335 that I have been trying to find more information about. At the time when I purchased it I was under the influence that it is a '74, and it very might well be, but the serial number doesn't define exactly what it is according to all of the articles I have read. The number is 623905, it has Made In USA in the back of the headstock. It was made in Kalamazoo. It has a coil tap, although I believe it must have been professionally installed afterwards. Any help as to what year it really is would be greatly appreciated.

  177. Anonymous9:49 AM

    To the experts out there:
    Are there any Gibson ES-335 Block Inlay Types that were made in 2000 - 2002 that do NOT have the Gibson "crown" under the logo on the headstock?

  178. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I am trying to date my Gibson ES-335 TD. It looks as though the serial number has been ground out into and oval shape on the back of the head between the G and D tuning knobs ( which are made of plastic and the tuning hardware on the back of the head says Gibson Deluxe. It has the trapeze tailpiece, a nut width of around 1' 10/16ths. It is weird cause some aspects suggest 66-68 ish and others like the made in Kalamazoo sticker inside ( union made dark blue and purple diamonds facing each other suggest 70-79) Not sure how to date it without a serial number. Plus the place that would typically have the MADE IN USA stamp on the head has nothing there. no indent.

    Please if you have any suggestions. I have been doing tons of research and can't seem to figure this one out!

  179. Wanda4:35 PM

    I have a ES335 TD Gibson Guitar. Serial #182595/ Can You tell me its value. I don't remember the year I purchased it.

  180. Wanda4:39 PM

    Value of Gibson Guitar ES335TD
    Serial # 182595

  181. Anonymous9:19 PM

    If 2 es 335 were in the same shape and condition, close to the same price, would you buy a 1979 or a 1993 and why....I never owned one before and need someones good opinion.

  182. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Hi - I have a Gibson ES 335, serial #62550 in a dark brown color + case. Does anyone know the year and how much this guitar is worth? Very good condition.

    email Bob: mlinkcom@aol.com

  183. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Would anyone have an Idea what a 1970 blonde es335 custom ordered from the factory with.. a stop tail piece be worth? (block inlay)
    Thanks Rick

  184. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I have a Gibson ES-335 TD
    # 00107526
    Black trimed in white pearl inlayed blocked fret board passed down from dad, can anyone please tell me what year she is.
    please e-mail me at bhale1971@gail.com thank you

  185. Anonymous3:45 AM

    I have a Gibson ES-335 25DT with serial # 93359317 impressed on the headstock with "MADE IN U.S.A." and in the sticker in the "F" hole.
    Can anyone please tell me what year and model she is and how i can sell it?
    Vittorio (Italy)

  186. Hi I have a Gibson ES335, serial 103093, impressed in the headstock, and in the sticker in the f-hole. In the database this serial number only states, 1963-1967. Why the wide variation, and is there any other way to more accurately id the year?
    Many thanks

  187. Anonymous12:32 AM

    i have a 1964 Gibson ES-335TD in Vintage Sunburst with two very hot vintage patent number stickered humbuckers (stop bar tailpiece) model what's it worth.


  188. Anonymous2:13 PM

    hello. i have a 1973 Gibson ES 335TD in walnut color. serial # 108029. can someone tell me where can i verify that this is the year? do you know what is the price of this guitar?


  189. Anonymous7:57 PM

    ES-335 TD Serial Number 752615; Made in USA stamped underneath. Walnut Curious as to age and value

  190. I'm searching GIBSON ES 335 PRO, sunburst color, produceded in the period 1979-1982 with pickup blacks Dirty Finger.
    If someone have this guitar and want sell it I'm interested to buy it!

    Contact me: andreajf86@hotmail.it


  191. I'm searching this model: GIBSON 335-PRO, sunburst color, produced in the period 1979-1982 with Dirty Finger blacks pickups.
    If someone have this guitar and want buy it I can an offer to buy it!

    Contact me: andreajf86@hotmail.it



  192. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Everyone asking for prices and information. This gentleman has a priceguide on this very page. If you would be so inclined to post something, you should try looking for it. Thanks not a moderator, just an angry reader looking for stories and other peoples' findings on their own equipment...I for instance own a 1973 ES-335TD. Walnut finish, the original asking price was $5,800.oo. I bought it for $2450.oo. It is in dead mint condition except for a few scratches. It has been to my luthier twice. It plays, and looks absolutely fantastic. I am very proud to own this beauty. By far surpasses any other guitar I have owned. I play through a new Marshall Vintage Modern Combo, all tube. Great guitar, can play anything from classical, to jazz, blues, rock, punk, to all brands of Metal. This guitar takes the cake. The could not sell her for the original asking price and there were a few problems that were very easy to fix. So, after moving this baby to another store, the price was dropped, and I bought this great piece of history. I will not be selling her, I am in tonal heaven. Go Kalmazoo,Go Gibson Technicians and Builders. Be proud to own such a damn chunk of Americana, Rock On.

  193. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I have a 335 pro 1980 that has 2 coil tap switches under the pick guard....I've seen the ones that have a toggle switch .... but haven't seen any like mine....is this original or was it added on by someone. Thanks for any info.....teach685037@yahoo.com

  194. i just inherited a 1959 es 330 gibson. I don't see a vin number, but inside the guitar are the numbers es330td and s279913. Did 1959 gibsons have vin numbers on the head, neck or anywhere else?

  195. What a great site! I have two 335's, a '77 Walnut in good condition (a few scratches and 501 blues on the back) and a '68 cherry red serial number 950XXX in excellent plus (near mint) . I can't see dates on your estimates and wonder what thses are worth in today's market (May 2011). Thank you for your work!

  196. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I have an ES-335TD, SN: 620990, with embossed pick-up covers, trapeze tail and cherry finish. I am the original owner. All original, all in mint condition. Original case. I even have the price tag from the store where I purchased it. I thought it was a 1970. But according to this site, the embossed pick-ups make it a 1972. Best guess at value today please?

    (P.S. I have heard that "ES" stands for "Electric Spanish." And "TD" stands for "Thinline, Double cutaway.")

  197. Anonymous10:56 AM

    does anyone know how much a lefty 325 would cost?

  198. Anonymous5:29 PM

    1964 335's kick ass

  199. Hi can you tell me what TDC stands for in 1966 Gibson ES-335TDC Cherry Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar?
    Thanks from the Netherlands!

  200. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I've got a 1962 ES335TD Gibson serial number 81888 with a Gibson Explorer Amplifier. Amplifier has the foot tremolo, all in perfect condition. Is played everyday, everything works. Can anyone give me an estimate in value of these items?