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Gibson LG-0 Acoustic Flat Top ( 1958 - 1974 )

gibson lg-0In late 1958 gibson introduced the gibson Lg-0 , this guitar was a very popular guitar amongst students ...

it was an overall great sounding guitar and out performed most guitars in its price range ( listed at $85 in 1960 ) .

Price was low and affordable , the small neck made it comfortable to play,

the action was just right and the tone was full with a deep quality bass sound found on more expensive guitars.

In 1960 the Lg-0 guitar was listed in gibsons catalog as a top seller, early models ( 1958 to 1961 ) were superior in sound and quality because they were fitted with a brazilian rectangular rosewood bridge which works well tonally with mahogany tops.

In 1958 to 1961 the lg-0 had a straight rectangular rosewood bridge ( see pic courtesy of ebay) , mahogany top/body, round soundhole, black screwed on teardrop pickguard ,rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays , 24 3/4 scale , black peghead w/screened logo and were made in natural mahogany finishes .

In 1962 these guitars were selling so well that gibson was concerned with warranty repairs, gibson replaced the rectangular rosewood bridge with a plastic bridge screwed on by 4 bolts from the inside of the guitar , the plastic bridge was cheaper to produce and repair ,.

In 1968 gibson replaced the plastic bridge with a rosewood bridge and an adjustable saddle . The gibson lg-0 was discontinued in 1974 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1958 - 1961 > $950 to $1200 ( lg-0 rosewood bridge )
1962 - 1966 > $600 to $950 ( lg-0 plastic bridge )
1967 - 1974 > $500 to $750 ( lg-o rosewood bridge )

guitar price guide1958 - 1961 > Avg Upward Trend Of 14% A Year Since 2000
1962 - 1974 > 3%

If you want to buy an lg-0 take a look on ebay once and awhile , you can find Gibson LG-0 Guitars For Sale at bargain prices .


  Posted By : Anonymous James

I've owned several of these over the years. These are great, and sound a lot better than you might think. One interesting fact: Every one of these I've seen or owned was slightly different than the rest. Some have black pickguards, some have tortoise shell pickguards, some don't have body binding, some have tortoise binding, some have Melody Maker necks, some have other necks, some have small, Melody Maker head stocks, while some have larger headstocks. The neck width at the nut, and overall neck shape and fret size vary just like other Gibsons. I personally have yet to encounter one of these with the plastic bridge. All the ones I've seen or owned so far had the rosewood brige.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Im glad you mentioned this point because many gibson lg and l guitars were made with other gibson spare guitar parts ,

never seen two identical lg guitars with the exact same specs .

However , According to their literature , the plastic bridges were added to the guitars in 1962 and started replacing them with rosewood bridges in 1966 .

I've seen one with a plastic bridge , wanted to buy it but the owner didn't want to sell it .


  Posted By : Anonymous ggunsch

I'm not knowledgable about guitars - I just inherited one. More precisely, my daughter inherited one from her grandmother, then her idiot boyfriend kicked a big hole in the side. So I am looking for two things: its model, and a good place to get it repaired. All I have figured out so far is that it was manufactured in 1967 (S/N 865644) and that its finish is custom. There are some knowledgable bloggers on this site, so I hope someone out there will be able to help. I'll post pictures on my website www.gunsch.net. Thanks!


  Posted By : Anonymous manny

its an lg-0 , however, although im not a luthier i dont think your guitar is repairable , the damage is nasty .

your best bet is to call a music store in your area and ask them if they know a local luthier that specializes in vintage guitars .

i also think your machine heads have been changed .

if its repairable , which i doubt , you have to ask yourself if its really worth it.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

hi manny ,the machine heads on the lg-0 look genuine to me , i dont see why they wouldnt be original.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

its not repairable , unless they change the whole body which is not worth it , your better off selling it for parts on ebay .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous



  Posted By : Blogger ash89

my LG0 has the blond spruce top, and rosewood bridge. '68-'69 job.

can anyone confirm whether the lg0's had ply back and sides?


  Posted By : Anonymous Eric

I've played a 1966 LG-0, and it had a plastic bridge.

Tortoise binding, tortoise pickguard.


  Posted By : Anonymous Les

I had a Gibson, natural finish, like this but never wrote down the model or serial numbers. Unfortunately it was stolen from my car many years ago in Oregon. All I have left is a picture that I came across again recently, which got me to looking on the internet.
This guitar had unique features as well: tortoise teardrop pick guard, ivory binding, tortoise resin tuners, and the contoured edge of the bridge faces toward the base of the guitar and has a non-adjusting saddle.
I feel like I'm trying to find a long lost love.
Any ideas as to what model? I sure would like to have this guitar, or one like it, back in my life again. Thanks. It's nice to read comments from people who love their guitars.


  Posted By : Anonymous Les

PS: I have the picture of this guitar posted on Craigslist/portland, OR in the music instrument section as Wanted: vintage Gibson acoustic.
Let me know if you have seen this guitar.
Thanks for taking a look.


  Posted By : Anonymous Sam;

I just acquired a Gibson LG-0 with the plastic bridge. The guitar is is very good condition (given age, etc) with a little "bellying" of the sound board and possible issues with high action as you work your way up the fretboard. I'm taking it to a local luthier, but are there any opinions about whether to make any changes (rosewood bridge instead of plastic, possible neck reset, etc) or to keep this baby as original as possible. Thanks for any input. The guitar has a decent voice as is, so I think it's definitely a keeper. I'm just wondering if it's worth putting some money into repair work and if it will improve the tone enough to justify the expense. Thanks for any input.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have an LG-0 1961 natural finish with a plastic bridge and tortoise pick guard and banding. Original owner and hardly ever played. Been in the case and in the closet for over 30 years. I just took it in to get the bridge replaced because it's coming off the body. I'm having new strings also put on since the other ones were over 30 years old. It still sounds good even though I never really learned how to play. I'm going to sell it once it gets spruced up. If anyone is interested, keep me in mind. I will even include the Mel Bay book that cost $2.50 new. Now you know how old it is.!!! jphuff0601@sbcglobal.net


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

It's worth noting that the Epiphone Cabellero FT30 is virtually identical to the LG-0. They were both manufactured in Kalamazoo and featured solid Mahogany bodies.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

An LG-0 was my first guitar in oh, 1959 or so. Over the years it got fairly destroyed and I gave it away. When a friend showed me one for sale in 2004 or so, I jumped on it, had the plastic bridge replaced with a rosewood one, and it's been a pleasure to play ever since. It was my equivalent of buying the vintage car you used to drive when you were younger.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

A great guitar. I lost one in a fire several years ago and have looked for one ever since. I'm in the Niagara region in Canada. If anyone has one for sale in the area please let me know. Thanks Ed Smith


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just acquired an LG-0 from 1959..And i just want to say ...YYYYEEEAAHHH..


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I had a B25 with a plastic bridge,so I had a rosewood one made,the difference was astounding!The tone&volume were improved considerably!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I learned to play on one of these in 1966 & I still have the guitar. Never thought the tone was all that good, but it plays like a dream & I wouldn't part with it for all the world.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a LG0 serial # 170499.
Any idea what year it is from?
My father bought it in the sixes I beleive or it could be in the late 50's


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I had 2 of these beauties (both 1960 models), both identical, both lost in hurricane katrina (I grabbed my rickenbacker on the way out of the door). it broke my heart as both were handed down from my mother and her best friend "who took up guitar" in 1960 for about 1 month. both were in brand new condition. these are excellent beginner guitars, are small and if the neck is in good condition are quick to play. the sound as not as "big" as larger guitars, but this guitar sounds pretty sweet. If you want something "more professional", go with a martin; but would would give anything to have my two back.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have LG-0 with no serial number any clue what year? or where I can locate the serial number if there is one.I believe it to be a 59 it soundns and plays beautiful. in great cond.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

what can you tell me about gibson acoustic number on it is 59625


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hello, I am a french guitarist and I own a lg0 (308547). I bought it to an american tourist in Paris when I was a student (I'm currently 53 years old). I still play it : great sound to play arpeggios, blues and jazz. I thank american (tourists and gibson guitars...). This type of guitar is very rare in France.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

OK, more LG-0 mystery... An old LG-0 just came into my possesion and I'd like to get a reliable date and value. The folks I got it from believe it is from the late 50s. However, as I am learnig, Gibsons are difficult to accurately date and LG-0's all seem to have slight variations between individual instruments.
So, if anyone out there can help me date this guitar it would be much appreciated. Here we go... It has a 6 digit serial number (950334) stamped or printed lightly on the peg head followed by "MADE IN U.S.A."
It has a factory order number printed on the inside back (1141 followed by unintelligible smudge) It is ladder braced. The nut appears to be plastic. The bridge is wooden and adjustable, but as I have learned, EVERYONE replaced the stock plastic bridge. If it's a replacement it's very good work. The pick guard is black plastic and glued onto the guitar. The fretboard is, I assume, Rosewood (it's definitely not ebony). I am not an expert on wood by any means but this guitar appears to have a Spruce top with Mahogony sides and back - which in my research I have not seen any mention of. All LG-0's are supposed to be 100% Mahagony back and sides. However, I read somewhere that Gibson often used whatever woods they had in abundance at the factory for their low-end models. Does the Spruce top add to the value of this guitar?
I know that postings like this are just a shot in the dark but I'd appreciate any insight that all you Gibson guys/gals out there that can supply (I'm a Martin guy). Please respond to ssize@yahoo.com
BTW, Although the guitar needs a trip to the Luthier for some minor adjustments, it sounds/plays damn nice. These things give 80 yr old blues tunes a whole new dimension! Thanks to all!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I own what I believe is a 1962 Gibson LG0. My parents chipped in with me when I was 10 years old to purchase it new in Spokane, Wash. It is still in beautiful condition, as I took really good care of it. I always liked it because of the small neck size and the good sound for a mahoghony guitar. After learning on an old warped guitar from my grandma's attic, it was a joy to play.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I would like to buy a hard shell case for my 1959 LG-0. Does anyone know what size would fit it? I want to stay under $125.00


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Check out Barry Clark Music on Ebay nice fitting case for 69.99 bought one for my LG1


  Posted By : Blogger andrew

You bought my case lol, was looking at same site, have heard a martin 00 case will fit. M looking at alligator cases but they aren't plush. My Lg0 '67 played in super sweet once set up great tone n sustain.I know the pros say to not refinish it but I bought 1lb of garnet shellac for a french polish bc the 58's look so nice n rich. I'm not planning on selling anytime soon. Oh yeah paid $300 for the '67 plus $60 for the set up :D


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi. Spent two hours today comparing a '72 LGO (has original warranty and handbook) with a Martin with plastic composite back and sides (doesn't seem right to me) and laminated mahogany neck. LGO is priced £699 and Martin £525. This is my first 'serious' guitar purchase.

Can anybody please offer advice?

I mostly play finger-styles and hope my new guitar will be used to perform on a small scale but possibly through my Marshall Valvestate 100 watt.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Anyone have a LG-0 like the one I have? It has the LG-0 engraved onto the truss rod cover @ the headstock, unlike most that have it on either the back of the headstock or inside the soundhole! I researched it and dated it as either a 69 or 70 model. The original case has a tag that indicates it was the Diamond Jubilee edition. The sound of this 40+ year old guitar is mesmerizing! Keep On Pickin!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

IMHO, the LGO is worth a lot more than a plastic laminated Martin.
Sheesh, I can't believe Martin would stoop so low.
But competition is competition and price point is price point.

I own a '66 LGO: Mahogany top back and sides, Rosewood fretboard and a Rosewood bridge which I had installed because the plastic bridge was lifting off the top. Same saddle though. Everything else is original.
I think some truss rod modifications are order, though.
And probably lower the action a bit more.

I've owned it since 1985-86. More than half it's life.
The narrow neck will surely help those with smaller hands who find wider necks difficult to deal with.

It has a mandolin-like sound to it. I haven't heard any other guitar quite like it. IMHO, these should be valued higher.

Date: 2-19-11


  Posted By : Blogger William

I've had my LG-0 since 1973. I had taken a friend's Hoyer 12 as collateral on a $100 loan as he was leaving for the Navy. He bought it from another sailor for $45, and when he returned and we started up the band again I accepted it and $55 to settle up. Mine has the melody maker headstock with a rosewood adjustable bridge with a rosewood saddle, all original. Made a few minor repairs (cleating a top crack, and cutting new brace near the soundhole). It is just about as bulletproof a guitar as one can find anywhere. One son took it to college, my other son also learned on it, my wife and I have taken it on numerous trips, including overseas, for which I invested in an SKB ATA case for it. When Ed King (Lynard Skynard) offered to buy it during a mutual engagement as he fell in love with the neck and the sound, I graciously nixed and never looked back. It is the best acoustic neck I have ever played, bar none.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just recently bought a 1961 Gibson LG-0 for $500 with the original alligator skin case. Its in very good condition. I emailed Gibson's customer service to find out what year my guitar was made (give them the serial number). Hope this helps!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

to date a gibson lgo go to



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I just bought one with a plastic bridge for $12 at a thrift store. The sound is deep - I love it.


  Posted By : Anonymous ken bailey

I have

e repaired several of the lgo gibsons with plastic bridges 62-68 years. They have a. Cool growlly voice when done right with a wood bridge and proper set up. They are nice for bluesy folky
americana styles. ...baileyacousticshop.com...ken


  Posted By : Blogger Bob McCallum

I bought two LG-0s today. One is a 69 (rosewood bridge) and one is a 63 (plastic bridge). I had one in the 60s and loved it. I have to sell one to afford the other one. Look for it on E-bay.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I own a 58 LG0. it is the wooden bridge with bone or ivory saddle. black pickguard, tortoise binding on the top, ladder bracing. i got it in the early 90's with a broken neck(I wanted to give it a new life one day),otherwise intact and solid. I repaired it myself(learning luther). this guitar is amazing, i didn't even know what it was till I got here, i thought, wow what good sounding, well playing guitar that is very low end. serial # S 2xxx Glad it is up and running again.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

then her idiot boyfriend kicked a big hole in the side. So I am looking for two things:
Should have kicked a hole in the boyfriend


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I bought my LG-O in 1964. It cost $125 and I paid for it with babysitting money - for which I was paid 50 cents an hour! Had a little work done on the neck a few years ago. Body has some battle scars...just like its owner! Still have it, still play it and I wouldn't part with it for anything!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Anyone else have an LG-O with a Spruce top and "X" bracing?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Have a 66? (plastic bridge) LG0 SN 383553 "2" with a Pickup between the soundhole and bridge. The truss rod cover says Les Paul custom. Anyone know if Gibson "electrified" any of these at the factory?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Does anyone know when lg-0 with serial number 43926 was produced?


  Posted By : Blogger Pastor Paul

I have a 66 LG-O that I picked up in 1992 or so for $300.00 I had the neck reset ad the top flattened. The bridge we also reset and it still plays good. I gave it to a friend about 8 years ago and regretted it ever sense. A few months ago I traded another guitar for it and got it back. This was my first real guitar and I will never let it go again.


  Posted By : Blogger Steve

Anyone have a LGO they want to sell me for a gold price like people seem to be getting them for. I cant find one close to me in BC.
E mail me some pics and info on what you have. Thanks hod333@hotmail.com


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