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1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Guitar For Sale - Deal

1957 gibson les paul goldtopI was browsing on ebay today and I stumbled on a 1957 les paul goldtop for sale at a bargain price , 1950s gibson goldtop models have increased significantly according to today's vintage market .

To be quite honest if i had the money right now id probably buy it , gibson les paul goldtop guitars were introduced In 1952 , they were gibsons' first les paul models and solid body electric guitars ... you can read the full goldtop guitar review here .

The seller's starting bid is $38 000 , the guitar is listed in 4 different price guides at $55 000 to $100 000 ... A 1957 goldtop with p-90 pickups can easily sell for at least $60 000 to the right buyer or at the right location ( vintage musical instrument auctions ) .

The guitar is a rare early 1957 factory darkback goldtop with black back plates , he's also throwing in a 1950's original case which is a generous bonus considering the price .... Whoever buys it is not only getting a piece of gibson history and a great guitar but is also making a clever investment as well ... I would be surprised though if the auction ends at $38 000 .


  1. I play a 1957 LP Custom that I bought from the original owner for $750 back in the 1970s. Last I heard it was worth about $300k. My best investment ever! I plan to leave it to my son with instructions to hold it forever. This is just about irreplacable.I play through a 1959 Fender Tremolux - what a sweet sound :-).

  2. Now there about $400,000 so sell it for more and buy a new house ;D