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The Es-335 & History of Gibson's Semi Hollowbodies

I found this great article and info on the es-335 and the history of gibson semi hollowbody guitars , im sure some of you will find it very interesting and informative ... they also have guitar videos of popular guitarists such as bb king , chuck berry , otis rush , and others playing gibson hollow body acoustic guitars ...

" The ES-335 brought hollowbody tradition and solidbody performance together in 1958,and it is still one of the all-time classic guitar designs .. "

"The result was one of the most beloved and enduring instruments of all time, the Gibson ES-335. The "ES" stood for Electric Spanish, as opposed to the EH line of lap steels, which stood for Electric Hawaiian. The number that followed referred to the instrument's price. At the time, an original 1958 ES-335 would set players back a whopping $335 ...." ... Read More From Gibson .

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