Gibson Firebird Guitar

Gibson Firebird I ( 1963 - 1969 )

1965 gibson firebird I NON REVERSE BODYThe Gibson firebird electric guitar is a combination between fender style guitars and the gibson explorers . In early 60s gibson firebirds were built to compete with fender electric guitars which at that time were main stream guitars .

In 1963 gibson introduced the gibson firebird I , It had a reverse body shape , one humbucking pick up , no vibrato ,dot inlaid unbound fingerboard and a bar bridge-tailpiece , the firebird I at that time was the least expensive and was considered the economy model .

In mid 1965 gibson redesigned the gibson firebird I electric guitar with a non reversed body shape ( see pic) , 2/ p90 pickups and were discontinued in 1969 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 - 1965 > $6500 to $7500 ( reverse body )
1965 - 1969 > $2500 To $4500 ( non reverse body )

Note : Prices can vary depending on guitar finishes (color). Custom colors can be sold for double the value .

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 16% a Year since 2000
Non Reverse > 11%

Gibson Firebird III ( 1963 - 1969 )

johnny winter playing on a gibson firebirdDuring the same time gibson also introduced the the firebird III , the guitar featured 2 humbucking pickups , reverse body shape ,three way toggle switch , a bound fingerboard , a bar bridge with compensating ridges and a short gibson vibrola .

In mid 1965 to 1969 the firebird III was redesigned with a non reversed body , and 3 black p 90 pickups

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 - 1965 > $13 000 to $16 000
( reverse bodies )
1965 - 1969 > $3500 to $5500
( non reversed bodies )

Note : Prices can vary depending on guitar finishes (color). Custom colors can be sold for double the value .

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 12% a Year since 2000

Gibson Firebird V ( 1963 - 1969 )

The firebird V had crown inlays , 2 humbucking pickups , a tune o matic bridge , gibson deluxe vibrola , and a metal tail piece cover engraved with gibson . These guitars were available in many unique colors such as cardinal red , pelham blue , frost blue , polar white , sunburst ... etc ( mid 1965 to 1969 were redesigned with non reversed bodies and nickel plated hardware )

Guitar Price Value For 2007 :
1963 - 1965 > $16 000 to $21 000 ( reversed bodies )
1965 - 1969 > $3500 to $4500 ( non reversed bodies )

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 9% a Year since 2000

Gibson Firebird VII ( 1963 - 1969 )

The gibson firebird VII guitar was the only firebird in that era to feature 3 humbucking pickups and gold plated parts , the guitar also had a block inlaid ebony fingerbooard . ( mid 1965 to 1969 were redesigned with non reversed bodies )

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1963 to 1965 > $15 000 to $18 000
1966 to 1969 > $4500 to $7000

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 11% a Year since 2000

The guitars above were the original firebird models from gibson , and later on they reintroduced more firebird guitars such as the :

Gibson Firebird V Medallion ( 1972 - 1973 )

The firebird V medallion was a reissue of the original firebird V , It had a reverse body shape , 2 humbuckers , logo embossed on pickup covers and a 2 piece neck . Limited edition ( 366 made ) and had a medallion mounted on the body .

Price Value For 2007 :
1972 - 1973 > $4000 to $5000

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 8% a Year since 2000

Gibson Firebird 76 ( 1976 - 1978 )

The firebird 76 had a reverse body shape, gold hardware , 2 pickups , an unbound rosewood fingerboard , 4 knobs , and straight through banjo tuners with metal buttons . These guitar were made in various colors .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1976 - 1977 > $3500 to $4000 ( white finishes)
1977 - 1978 > $2500 to $3000

guitar price guide(1976 white finish) Avg Upward Trend Of 19% a Year since 2000
1976 - 1978 Avg Upward Trend of 5% a year since 2000

Gibson Firebird V Celebrity Series ( 1991 -1993 )

The firebird V Series had reverse body shapes , gold hardware , white pick guards and 2 humbuckers . ( colors were available only in black )

Vintage Price Value :
1991 - 1993 > $1200 to $1500

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 5% a Year since 2000

During the past years gibson firebird electric guitars were played by many artists like Johnny Winter , Eric clapton , Paul Mcartney , and many more . The original firebird guitars ( 63-69 ) are very much in demand and sought after by collectors .


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    i have a 1981 gibson firebird tobacco sunburst. just wondering what's it worth ?

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    gibson made various models of the firebird and im presuming you have the firebird 1 which was a reissue of the firebird 76 , these reissues were only made from 1980 to 82 .

    they are now valued at $2100 to $2500

    they also made the firebird 2 in 1981-82 with a maple body and tp6 tailpiece >> valued at $1700 to $2000

  3. How collectable are the non reverse 12 strings then ?

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    the firebird v-12 is actually very sought after by collectors , they only made them in small quantities in 1966 to 67 , the guitar had a split diamond headstock inlay and special humbuckers sort of like mini humbuckers . These firebird gutars are valued at $10 000 to $12 000 ( custom colors ) , sunburst colors can be sold for $5000 to $6500 ... AWESOME and RARE guitars , under 300 were made.... domenic

  5. What do you think that a re-finished 1969 SG standard is valued at ?

  6. Anonymous3:24 PM

    1969 SG STANDARD

    It depends on the features , 1 piece neck , 3 piece neck , color , condition , how its been refinished .... will have to see it .

  7. greetings...i have a 64 reverse firebird III and i am looking for an original Vibrola Short Nickel tailpiece that went with it...any ideas? please let me know..thanks

  8. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Very hard part to find buddy ... good luck , take a look on ebay once and a while .

  9. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Just bought a firebird V (new). Two questioins:
    1) what do you think of the new ones and will their value increase with time.

    2) I bought the V , cherry red, but I can't figure out why it was $200 less than the three other color choices?
    1499, vs 1689 for the other three. checked out the specs and they're the same?

    R D Smith, Ct.

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    you will have to contact gibson for that question , they probably made lots of firebirds in cherry red finishes which drives the prices lower .... just a guess .

    I haven't tried the new firebirds yet so i can't comment on them ...

  11. Hi, I own an original 1964 Firebird VII in SG Cherry Red finish.
    Did Gibson offer this finish or do you have to request it special back then.
    Secondly, does SG cherry finish all original on a 64 Firebird VII boost it's value if condition is the same as standard sunburst?
    What would estimated value be of SG cherry 64 VII.

  12. Hi,
    What's with the oddball 1981-82 Firebird 2 made by Gibson with maple top to body? Are these things desirable now or just a freak?

  13. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Hi, I own three Firebirds, one recent nineties model, one mint condition '76 'centennial' bird and the other is an orginal sunburst FB XII from 1966. This guitar plays very well, has all it's original parts and a lot of original and very cool finish checking. The original pickguard is not cracked at all and the pots date 0766. It's a very light guitar and despite the large headstock it's not neck-heavy at all. The original crocodile leather case is OK, but roadworn. If you want, I can post a picture of it. You mention $5000 to $6500 as a value. Which I think is a bit overrated. There's one for sale on Ebay since ages for $5500 though not in too good condition. FYI: I paid under 3k. Guess the bird was meant for me...

  14. Anonymous10:05 PM

    There is a 1990 Firebird on eBAY ($1549). Can you verify if it's a 1990, and can you tell from the photo if it's a I, II, III, V, or VII?

  15. Anonymous7:14 PM

    There is a 1990 Firebird ...

    whats the item number , theres a 1990 firebird on ebay but its at $829.99 , is it the same one ?

  16. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I was wondering if Firebirds came in different scale lengths? I remember playing a 60s or 70s(?) Firebird that seemed to have a shorter scale length.

  17. Anonymous6:52 PM

    theres no mention of different scale lengths in the gibson literature that i have , i dont think and i never heard of firebirds made with shorter scale lengths ...

  18. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I have a 1965 Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird I that is 100% original and in nearly perfect condition. The serial number is 349219. Could this possibly be the 98th (or less?) Non-reverse Firebird ever made? What would this guitar be worth?

  19. I have a '64 Firebird l that was modified by adding a second humbuker (same firebird type) complete with 3-way switch and pots. The body milled at the factory to accommodate the 4 pots and a channel was routed underneath the pick guard for the wiring of the neck pick up. It looks like a FB-3 and is in excellent cond. How much was it devalued by these mods?

  20. Anonymous3:22 PM

    hi! i have a 1965 golden mist firebird v can you tell me the value?thanks!!!

  21. Anonymous3:24 PM

    i have a 65 golden mist firebird v!can you tell me the value?

  22. Anonymous6:45 PM

    would have to see it , you can not just value a guitar like that simply by the year .

  23. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Hi- I came across an older Gibson Firebird, I need some help identifying model, age, approximate value. It has;
    1. Reverse Body Shape
    2. 2 Humbucker Pick-ups
    3. Bounded Finger Board with Crown Inlays.
    4. Looks like made from mohogny-1 piece neck. Dark color.
    5. White pickguard with Firebird Logo.
    6. I believe it has a metal tailpiece but was covered over with a stick-on woodgrain decal.
    7. It had four knobs but looks like two were removed and hole plugged but a very good job. Backside has a black acces plate.
    Thanks-Rick (

  24. Anonymous9:47 PM

    does it have a serial number ? It has to have one ..

  25. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hi! I have a Gibson firebird V(reversed)with the deluxe vibrola wich was re-painted in white in the 60. Can you tell me the value?thanks!!!

  26. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I have a 1963 Gibson Firebird V Reverse that belonged to my husband. I am planning to have it appraised to
    see what condition it is in and what
    it is worth. I have not seen very many of this particular model with the vintage guitars and was wondering if it is in demand.
    Thank you.

  27. Firebird I's did come with Gibson vibrola, and some without. I gigged with Firebirds exclusively for ten years, a 63 burst III and a very early powder blue I, which I bought from the original owner in 1972, who was the bass player in my high school band years earlier. Not marked prototype, it was reverse body in rare ice blue, with non-reverse Fender style headstock sporting white plastic tipped Klusons! I don't know how few they made like this, but Fender threatened them with a lawsuit, and they came up with the reverse headstock w/banjo tuners, heavy enough to knock the teeth out of anyone on stage with you. Any bird player will tell you balancing them takes some getting used to. The ice blue Firebird I w/vibrola and non-reverse headstock is authenticated original by coming from the original owner, and by the fact that when I needed to trade something for a Super Reverb in California in 1975, Norm Harris of Norm's Rare Guitars said in about ten seconds: "I'll take THAT!" out of all my stuff, the blue bird. I believe it was destroyed when his warehouse collapsed in an earthquake. Later reverse-head Firebird I's were also available with vibrola for about $100 more, I've seen as many as stops. I would have paid $100 to leave it off. My III was converted to stop, infinitely better. Stolen.

  28. I have a 1976 firebird Ltd bicentennial in a sunburst finish w/ orginal case. I'm trying to find out the approx value I noticed the estimate above had white colour in brackets. If anyone could help that would be great.

  29. I have a 1976 Suburst Firebird Ltd Edition w/ orignal case. It's in good shape, minor heastock repair and a few surface scratches but all original. I'm trying to place an approx. value on it. I noticed that the estimated price above was for a white '76. If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks

  30. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I have a 1991 black Firebird V (sn 91451735) that also has "promotional not for resale" stamped on the headstock. The store that sold it too me said it had been made for display at a NAMM show. Would the increase the value?

  31. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I have a 1968 Non Reverse Firebird. It is in close to mint condition, and it served me very well playing Rock n Roll gigs for almost 40 years.

    In trying to learn more about the various Firebirds, I guess that this would be a Firebird V.

    Since I have recently become an acoustic player, and have not been playing rock anymore, I am thinking of selling it - though I'm not sure I can part with it. Does anyone have an idea about the worth of a guitar like this. I have seen e-bay auctions running from $3,000 to $13,000.

  32. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I have a 1963 Firebird Reverse Sunburst with solid documentation it was owned by 2 rather famous guitarists...does this increase the value? If so...what might it be worth?

  33. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I have a Gibson Firebird V in Kerry Green. I purchased the guitar in 1971. The s/n indicates 1967 production. Have the receipt,
    hang tag and the original hard shell case. Does anyone know how
    many were produced in this color.
    Any idea on desireability, value?

  34. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I'm looking for a Type I Ideas?

  35. Anonymous2:11 PM

    hello i own a 1963 firebird in frost blue with very unusual appointments has plastic banjo keys[not nickel] the routes are all done by hand ,different shaped truss rod cover with gibson in a font that ive seen on super 400s.....the pickup covers are handcrafted nickel .they are not from the press that all firebird pickups were pressed from ...i have been told the guitar is a prototype any info would be appreciated ,,,,thanks

  36. Anonymous9:28 AM

    In reply to Jimre: the short vibrola trem, if you are still looking for one....try " Paqrts Is Parts" I'm can't remember if they are engraved, I think perhaps not, but they had them in chrome/nickel and gold. about $170 and up. Hope this helps.

  37. I'm trying to date my Firebird, non-reverse. I know Gibson serial numbers are not accurate for some periods, but where do I find it?

    The guitar has three P90 pick-ups, sunburst finish and original tremelo arm.
    Many thanks


  38. what can you tell about Gibson Firebird 91 Custom Shop Vintage ReIssue, White. How many items has made, value etc.



  39. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Can someone tell me the exact model of firebird that Steve Winwood used with traffic? Green

  40. I have a 1972 medalion series firebird that is finished in white. any idea of the value? some dumass in the early eighties put humbuckers in it and I broke the headstock off and had to have one made for it. I play it out frequently and it sounds killer though.

  41. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I just bought a Firebird 1 from 1968. It doesnt have the original bridge. How much do you think its worth ? Also do you know any place to buy replacement hardware such as the bridge + trem ?

    Thanks ! / Olle

  42. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Over 2K easy.

  43. Anonymous5:31 PM

    i have just purchased a 1980 gibson firebird reverse with 3 pickups i have emailed gibson with photos and they do not have any records of having produced an instrument with those specs in 1980
    from the photos i sent of the pickup cavities they believe it is a genuine 3 pickup model
    does anybody know anything more about what firebirds were produced in 1980-81-82 cheers barry

  44. i desperately need a good hardshell case for my 1969/1970 non reverse firebird. any ideas of what might fit or where to look? quality of protection is more important to me than the vintage factor. thanks!

  45. Anonymous4:47 AM

    I bought a used Firebird reverse with medallion through a friend living in London. That was in the Fall of 1975.

    Medallion was numbered 282. Banjo tuning pegs, Bigsby vibrato. Neck through body. Trapeze inlays. No visible "stamps" on the pickups.

    The guitar had neck problems. Suspect banjo pegs were the cause, as they'd bend the head up a little when placed in the original Gibson case.

    Eventually traded it for a very good, brand new Gibson RD. World class neck on that guitar, but very ugly.

    The Firebird was a thing of beauty. A real work of art.

    Jimmy McCulloch of Wings had another one of those ltd. edition Firebirds with medallion. He was the only one I ever saw pictured playing one.

    So... I thought the guitar was a '68 re-issue, but more likely from 1972-73?

    Kalle, Norway

  46. Anonymous7:27 PM

    i have a gibson les paul jr. its my first guitar and im only 13 so there

  47. Anonymous7:29 PM


  48. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Does anyone know if a stamp saying "promotion not for resale" has any impact on the value of a Firebird?

  49. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Hello there. I've got what looks like an early Firebird 3 finished in what I think is cardinal red. Trouble is I can't read the serial number due to the paint thickness - however, it doesn't look like a re-finish to me. Anyone else experienced this?

  50. All medallion series firebirds were produced in 1972-73. There were only 366 total produced.

  51. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I bought an old Firebird V many years back. It's been one of the best guitars I've owned.

  52. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I looked high and low on the internet for a bird then walked into a local guitar shop and found a worn 81 red reverse III with Duncan pickups. This baby had been played, a lot. They let me plug it into a Marshall and I fell in love. I paid $1,400 and will never sell this guitar. It's my main stage/studio guitar now. The only drawback was the case which looked like it had been in Beruit with big white letters spelling MURDER CITY DEVILS. I've contaced the band but no feedback yet.

  53. can someone link a picture of a firebird, that has 3+3 tuners on the headstock. chris shiflett of foo fighters use a white firebird with 3+3 tuners style, and i can't find a picture about this guitar.

  54. Anonymous11:37 AM

    hi, i was just wandering if you can recommend a good way that i can find out my gibson's value in the UK? thanks a lot

  55. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I have Gibson limited edition model
    50, serial number 617116. It looks like a firebird V.
    It had a 2 years warranty starting
    6-20-84 from JTG of Nashville.Can some help?

  56. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I'm thinking about buying a 1976 gibson firebird Bicentennial Limited edition. It is all original parts and it comes with the original hard shell case with the Bicentennial logo on it. I'm not sure what the finish on it is, but it looks like sunburst. There are few scratches on it and the headstock was "professionally repaired". The owner is asking for $2,500. Should i pay that much for it/ is it worth it?

  57. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Is there a difference between the pick-ups on the 1963-65 (mini-humbuckers) and those on the bicentennial Firebirds? I can find some information about the history of Firebird/Gibson pick-ups but not this. What about the Medallion (1972) Firebird? Thanks for the consideration.

  58. Anonymous8:30 PM

    "76 Firebird"- Headstock repairs were very common on the earlier firebirds due to a design flaw. As for $2500 I would say that's the average I've seen them going for. The sunburst was the more common of the Bi-Centennial Limiteds but still a very nice collector piece! If it was a white one I would say jump on it as quickly as you can, they are extremely rare and worth significantly more!! Hope this helps!

  59. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I am the original owner of a 1963 Firebird III Reverse body 2 humbucking pickups, three way toggle bar bridge bound fingerboard I am missing the vibrola does anybody have an idea how much this is worth if sold on the open market as is

  60. i am looking for a firebird vii gibson custom shop ember red.

    Or a vintage firebird vii in cherry, or ember or metalic red.

    My budget is approx $2,oo USD

    any hope?

  61. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I have a Pelham blue Firebird III. It's serial number is 99047* (I left the last number out, just because this is the internet.) I am not sure when it's from, or where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  62. Anonymous11:27 PM

    When did the pickups on firebirds go to shit? I've read alot about how they replaced the alnico's with single coils and the reissues don't even compare. Is there any truth to this? What years would you recommend?

  63. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I have Jorma Kaukonens '71 black firebird, two-pickup reverse model (Reissuue no.33). As noted in Guitar Player magazine june 1976, vol. 10 no. 6 issue as his "hot guitar" at the time. any guesses to value?

  64. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Ok so my uncle died, and he had a 1964 Gibson Firebird Guitar, its a right handed guitar, great condition, and the serial number is you know how much it would be worth, also a marshall amp from probably the 1970's, any idea on the cost their?
    Email me back at THANY U SO MUCH

  65. Anonymous12:52 AM

    My work is giving away new Gibson Guitars like the one used in the new Billy Ray Cyrus move Flying By on their website

    Not allot of presson this so I thought I would sneak the word out.

    Good times..


  66. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I have a 1965 Firebird III. It is a reverse model. However the headstock is a nonreverse headstock. I have heard that there were very few of these made. Any idea as to whether this would increase the value?

  67. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I have a Cherry red Gibson Firebird (Serial # 51913_)
    left last # off. It's in beautiful condition and in the original case. Has been in it's case for 99% of it's years to protect it..seldom played..stays in tune great. I bought in 1970 from a friend. Would like to
    find out year built and possible value.
    Can you help? Guitar Mama

  68. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I have a cherry red Gibson Firebird (serial #51913_) left last number off. Case and guitar in beautiful condition..have had it safely stored since I bought it.
    Any idea of year it was made and the value?
    Guitar Mama

  69. Anonymous10:42 AM

    looking to buy custom colored firebirds and sg' please email me at

  70. Check out this 71' Gibson Firebird!!

  71. Anonymous4:59 PM this is a 71/ Firebird that I found at a pawn shop

  72. Anonymous3:27 AM


    I need your advice.

    Just bought a 65 non reverse Firebird I, 100%original.

    One major issue: if I attach the strings on the wraparound bridge (therfore disconnecting the Vibrola), the action is ok and the guitar stays in tune.

    If I attach the strings on the Vibrola, I have to raise the bridge but the strings are a mile away from the neck. Otherwise, the strings attached on the vibrola are over the bridge, without even touching the bridge!!

    And of course, the guitar become out of tune afer 1 minute of playing when the strings are attached to the vibrol instead of the wraparound bridge.

    What can I do if I still want to use the vibrola AND get low action AND stay in tune?? Thanks for your help!!

  73. I have a 1963 Gibson Johnny Smith that I purchased new in 1963. It has a blonde finish (was also available in Sunburst), and one humbucking pickup. Case is hardshell, and there is a lined case for the hardshell case. Orig. designed as an 'acoustic' electric guitar.
    I'm willing to sell this great instrument for the right price. It has been played pretty regularly for over forty five years. Nice finish and great neck/frets.

  74. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I own a gibson electric guitar serial number 138560 MADE IN USA.
    Could you advice on its caracteristics and sale price?
    Thank you.

  75. I own a reversible 1968 Firebird V or VII. Serial number is 685795. Double cutaway, sunburst, solid body maple. I've owned it since 1970. Bought it new. Does anyone have any idea how much my guitar is worth? Please let me know. Thanks!

  76. Anonymous12:01 PM


    I bought my non reverse Firebird 3 about 35 years ago from Orange Music in Denmark Street, London.
    It has a stamped serial number I've never been able to get to the bottom of, and wonder if anyone has one similar, or any information?
    The s/n is PP46.
    Gibson have confirmed the guitar is one of theirs, but can't help with the serial.



  77. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Was the serial # of a '76 Firebird stamped on back of headstock? Also, how many digits? I have a converted to VII specs FB that has no serial # on the head stock. It was refinished by owner. The cts pots indicate a 1976 model, although the sales receipt says 1970. The control cavity has a 5 digit # stamped on it.

  78. Harry1:27 PM

    I have a Firebird VII with no serial number (maybe the guitar has been repainted) with pickups that have a Jan 16 1980 date, pots with 1981 dates.
    There is no information anywhere, that Gibson had made Firebird VII's in 1981.

    The guitar is Pelham Blue, with gold parts, the paint to so clean, it could be repainted.

    What is this??

  79. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I still own my Firebird V Medallion #78 with matching case which I bought new at Lipman Music in Gainesville Florida.My Birdie is still a kick case guitar-bridge mini humbucker can put a Tele's treble to shame.

  80. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I have a "63 Firebird VII gold covers and tuners, vibrato, all original, Tobacco Burst. Been in the family since bought new, still plays good. what's the market like these days?

  81. I am still crying in my beer, even after 20-some years after my 'MOJO' 1963 Sunburst Gibson Reverse Firebird-1 was stolen out of the place I was staying at back in the mid-80's. I call it my 'MOJO' Firebird because I bought it from the late, great, Danny Gatton, and he told me that it had previously belonged to a extremely famous guitarist, though he wouldn't tell me who! He could have ment himself for all I know! Anyway, I called it my 'MOJO' Firebird because I could play things on that guitar that to this day, I cannot play on ANY guitar! And I even went as far as saving up my pennies and bought a new Gibson Firebird V, thinking it would replace my stolen bird... NOT!! So, I got back to the place I was staying at one day after work, to find the door open, and my Firebird gone.... total depression for MANY weeks, months, years!! I still miss that axe, it was just plain magical, and I haven't been able to find another guitar that could 'fit' me like that guitar did. I'm still looking in the Vintage Guitar Magazine's, and website's hoping to one day maybe get reconnected to my 'MOJO' Firebird!! And I sure hope it happens soon, my finger's are getting crippled from being crossed for so long!!!

  82. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I was left my dad's 1967 Gibson Firebird 12 non-reverse body with the classic sunburst paint. The only reason I would price it is for insurance purposes.

  83. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Hi Gang:
    I need to replace the tuners on my 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird. They don't need to be vintage (i.e. actually made way back then), but I'd like them to be accurate reproductions, which hopefully work a little better than the originals. Anyone know where I can find them?

  84. Anonymous10:33 PM

    my bird is an 84' artist cmt. it's for sale, but i'm not sure what to ask for it.

  85. Anonymous9:42 AM

    i'm selling my '84 firebird artist cmt. i don't know the value.

  86. i want to sell my '84 firebird artist cmt; but i don't know of their current value.

  87. fuck you, asshole....

  88. anyone know what an '84 firebird 2 artist cmt is worth?

  89. Anonymous8:06 AM

    i have an '84 firebird 2 cmt artist edition. i need to sell it but i don't know wahat to ask for it.

  90. what's an '84 firebird 2 cmt artist worth?

  91. how do you get a post up?

  92. Have a vintage 1976 bicentennial Firebird with standard finish in excellent shape, original case, some fading of pick-up finish, otherwise great shape. Banjo tuners. Through body neck, no later modification. A ballpark figure of it's worth?

  93. I bought a nice guitar a long, long time go. Gibson Sunburst FB-12, 1967. It's a very rare bird, indeed.There were a lot 1966 models...just over a hundred maybe 120...but only 24 of this year. Very hot sound and familiar. (Eight Miles High-Tambourine Man-Turn) Nice guitar...

  94. I guess it's so rare...this article skips over it even existing......


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