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Gibson J Guitars

gibson j-25Gibson J-25
The gibson j-25 was introduced in 1983 made in Nashville , the guitar is 16 1/3" wide , its a round shouldered dreadnought , ebony fingerboard , synthetic semi round back ....

gibson jumbo Gibson Jumbo & Jumbo 35 (J-35)
The gibson jumbo is gibsons' first jumbo flattop , ( highly collectible ) at 60$ list price , the gibson jumbo was a direct competitor of martins ....

gibson j-30Gibson J-30
The gibson j-30 originated in 1985 , the guitar is a dreadnought size flat top acoustic 15 15/16" wide ... renamed the J-30 Montana it has an " only a gibson is good enough......

gibson j-45Gibson J-45
When people think of gibson acoustic guitars its the gibson j-45 that seems to stand out .When The gibson j-35 jumbo discontinued .....

gibson j-50Gibson J-50
The body countours , sound and the dynamics of the j-45 and the gibson j-50 permit them to be fairly versatile " its an all around players guitar " you can play country ......

GIBSON J-55 Gibson Jumbo 55 ( J-55 )
In 1939 the gibson jumbo 55 had a 16" wide body , mahogany back and sides , round shouldered , moustache bridge like the sj-100 but smaller ...

gibson j-60Gibson J-60
the j-60 is a direct competitor of the martin d-28 because their look and tone are very much alike, however the martin d-28 is more popular and in my ........

gibson j-100 Gibson Super Jumbo 100 & J-100
In 1972 Gibson reintroduced the super jumbo 100 and called it the gibson J-100 ,the guitar listed for under $500, the body was slightly deeper ......

GIBSON J-160E Gibson J-160e
The vintage j-160e guitars paved the way for their new models of today which are very competitive to the martin d-28 and in my opinion sounds brighter & better....

gibson j-185 guitars Gibson J-185
The Gibson j-185 is probably one of the most under promoted , underated guitar gibson ever made .......

Will Add more gibson J models and reviews in the near future .


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I am looking for a 1955 J45 in good to excellent condition. If you have one of know of one please drop me an email


  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I have got a J-55 that looks quite similar to the J-50. Bought in London in '76.
    Do you have any specs on that model?
    Hai, the Netherlands

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    In 1973 they reintroduced the gibson the jumbo 55 and called it the j-55 they had square shoulders , arched backs , laminated mahogany back and sides , square bridges and were made in natural finishes ( very similar to the j-50 ) , these gibson guitars were discontinued in 1982 .

    read the guitar review of the jumbo 55 for more details and prices ..

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Any information on a J300 artiste six string acoustic made in 1970/71

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    A review on the gibson j-300 will be posted this week . Just took a little break . Hope it will help .

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I have a 1993 J-200 100 years model can anyone help with info

  7. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Ill be surprised if anybody can give you any info on that guitar , they only made a limited amount, also during the nineties gibson made many model variations of j-200 with different specs ... you're best bet is to call gibson direct ( they have a toll free number on their web site )

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    If you have 100th anniversary label visible through the sound hole its the j-200 centennial , these guitars are collectable ( limited quantities were available in 93/94 ) they are now valued at $2500 to $3000 and will go up has the years go by .

    these were made with figured maple bodies flamed maple necks ( high quality wood for musical instruments which produces a very warm tone )

  9. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I have an gibson from the 60's (I think) and I am looking to sell it. In the sound hole, it's printed J-50ADJ. The 6digits on the pegboard are hard to read; I am quite sure about the first 3 digits (309) but the fourth digit could be a 5 or a 6, the fifth digit could be an 8 or a 3, and the sixth digit could be a 1 or a 0. This sounds weird, but it seems to have been stamped(?) more than once, which makes the numbers hard to read. Anyway, it's definitely weathered but the sound is beautiful. What's a fair asking price for a guitar like this? Thanks! chulo51@aol.com

  10. Anonymous8:25 PM

    i dont think anybody can answer your question without seeing the guitar , plus you need the exact year ... you can not just guess the year ...

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I have a Gibson sunburst guitar with a ink stamp R6931-27 that was my fathers.It is in good condition with the brown fake alligator case. Is this a 1960 J-45, and can anyone till me anything about and its value

  12. Anonymous8:18 PM

    the serial number you provided indicates that its a 1960 . Will have to see a picture to determine the model .

  13. Anonymous3:51 AM

    i found a j160-e square shoulder model bought at massiminos'in the early 70's. this was the best sounding acoustic ever heard. then in the early 90's while buying a 12 string for a friend, found a j185 koa at limelight in rochester, mi., now the best sounding acoustic ever!

  14. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Hi. Thanks very much for your time and efforts with this site. I have a '71 J-50 Deluxe in a sunburst finish. Is this possibly original, or were all J-50 models natural finish?

  15. Anonymous10:53 AM

    all j-50 gibson models were made in naural finishes ..

  16. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Hi, I have a 1957 Gibson J-200 sunburst in pretty rough shape and wondering if it's worth restoring or selling it to someone who will do it justice. Needs a neck reset and has cracks on both sides of where the neck meets the body (crack on soundboard) a few side cracks that have been repaired in the past. Headstock, body, bridge, neck, and frets all seem to be very nice. Finish is nice too with lots of finish checking. Has original case with pink interior but is held together with tape. Wondering how much I would expect to invest in repairs or what range I should expect to get if I sell as is.

  17. Anonymous5:58 PM

    you should bring to a luthier that specializes in vintage guitars for an estimate , i don't see how anybody can answer your question without seeing the guitar and the repairs ...

  18. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I have a Gibson J 185 natural from the mid fifties in excellent condition. Interested parties can email me at rere0311@yahoo.com

  19. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Hello everyone - I've got a J160E, with serial #947588. I'm trying to find out what year it is based on the ss and then, find out what it might be worth. Best I can tell so far it is either a 1968 or 1962. I will looking to sell it. Thanks - Dale

  20. Does anyone know when Gibson switched from adirondack spruce to sitka spruce in flat-top production (sloped dreads)?

    I have 2 1957's and a 1959

    (love them).

  21. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I have a Gibson SJ-200, serial number A-5008, I believe the production year is 1950. value?

  22. Anonymous12:43 PM

    i have a 1974 j-50deluxe i want to sell, serial #416134 and have no idea what price to ask...need help lionhunterr@yahoo.com thanks kelli

  23. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I have a Gibson J-50 Deluxe. The serial # is 600035 with Made In USA stamped below it. It is in excellent shape and been in a case for about 25 years. Any idea on the year it was made and value.

  24. Anonymous4:05 AM

    What is the value of a Centennial Limited Edition SJ-100?
    #17 out of 100 produced.


  25. I have a Gibson J-160e that I bought in 1969. I have not been able to find the exact year that it was made.
    It has 20 frets and a number stamped on the back of the head behind the Gibson name. The number is: 73157.
    Can anyone tell what year it is?

  26. I still have a Gibson L7 acoustic guitar, sunburst finish, in its original hard case. I purchased it in l945 and used it in the earlier years, but not recently. it is in mint condition. How can I find an estimate of its value?
    -Del in Missouri

  27. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I have a 1960 J45 in excellent condition. looking to sell at $4500 firm - I'll send pictures.


  28. Anonymous8:19 PM

    hello, I have an old gibson acoustic guitar that is imprinted inside j50 adj can anyone tell me what year it was made and any backround, approximate value thanks

  29. HI.

    Looking for information on gibson J-40, but see no reference here to anything with that exact nomenclature?? Could it have been released outside US only?? Looks like Maple /spruce top with Rosewood back and sides? thanx Jay

  30. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I've discovered that it is harder to find a replacement pickguard for my 1964 J-50 than it is to find the guitar! It's the long totoise shell style that was original "equipment." I need help "cause I can't find one anywhere. Any leads out there?


  31. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hi there, i have a 1968 Gibson sunburst j-200. Its in great condition for its age and has all original features. Can anybody tell me what its worth!
    With many thanks.
    Dave U.K

  32. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I have a 1971 J-40 that's still my favorite guitar. Nobody even mentions that model. I realize they didn't make them very long, but, geez.....

  33. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I have a beautiful J55 that I purchased in the mid 70's (haven't looked up the sn yet to see if I can decipher and figure out which year, since I can't remember). I am getting ready to sell it, since I haven't used it for probably twenty years, and I think it should be used and appreciated. But I haven't seen a single comment about this series in all these messages. Can anyone explain to me why, if it was a bad series, or something?

  34. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I put a Gibson J-50 on layaway at a pawn shop yesterday.I have questions about it's authenticity.
    It has Diamonds on the neck instead of dots.and the headstock don't have numbers.I can't find a J-50 on the internet like it.I looked up the serial number and it came back a 1999,made in Tennessee.Did Gibson make a J-50 with diamonds.And did they put the numbers on all the heads.Thanks.

  35. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Im trying to get hold of a Gibson J180
    (star inlay) 80's,90's or later.with or without moustasche scratchplate.
    Can anyone help?

  36. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I too have a lovely J-40 from 1980 which is in great shape despite a previous owner having removed the laquer from the top. I have applied a light oil to seal the wood and it looks and sounds fabulous but I wonder about the resale value. It's a highly under represented model considering the frequency one sees J models up for sale. Us J-40 owners should stick together.

  37. Anonymous2:31 PM

    looking for early 50s model j-200 sunburst phone #507-319-9389

  38. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I have a 1973 Gibson J-100 that I would like to sell.
    I am the original owner. Still in very good condition.
    some scratches on the top and two small cracks in the back. If you know of someone interested, please have them contact me at ellistuff@yahoo.com.
    asking $900 or b/o

  39. does anyone know what is meant by J45/50? There is a 2
    underneath as well (I think that means factory 2nd-
    First I thought it meant 50th anniversary.
    But now I don't think that's the case.
    serial is 00170248. It's sunburst.

  40. j-200 62-63 sunburst mint cond. orig. case, very sentimental. might have to sell 25,000. anyone interested.

  41. Anonymous1:53 PM

    We are selling a 1957 J-45, FON U2258 25.

    Asking $3,500

    In really good shape - has had the tuners replaced with replacement replica parts. We still have the originals. There is a small crack in the sound hole. The bridge is original and adjustable.

    Email me for pics.


  42. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I have a J-40.Can you give me some information on it? thanks, Jim Thomas JTbet123@aol,com

  43. dave in u.k./1968 j200 gibson.its worth a bunch! i can help if you get back..bluesgroove2951@gmail.com

  44. Anonymous12:03 PM

    looking to sell a j-30 acoustic, anyone know what the range of pricing is on these now? it's a '94

  45. Anonymous11:50 PM

    what about the elusive J40

  46. Anonymous8:26 PM

    hi my name is, my name is, slim shady.

  47. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hi, I have a, I think a 1938 J-35 Gibson, Sunburst Guitar, FON # Located on back of tuner, DG-2865, handed down to me by my father, he got the guitar in approx. 1940, while living & working on a farm in Geary, Oklahoma, worked 2-wks. his pay was the guitar. Any idea of value? EESCR@AOL.COM

  48. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I have a Gibson acoustic with the serial # 840216 which according to my research makes it a 1966 or 1969 but that is not my main concern.It has absolutely no markings or stickers or anything to identify it except the serial # stamped into the wood on the top back of the headstock.It is otherwise blank inside and out.Can anyone tell me anything about it?

  49. I have a 1948 J-200 that I might be interested in parting with for the right price. It was used quite a bit but is in good shape.


  50. i have what it appears to be a 1934-36 gibson jumbo. 3didget # on inside of neck it is black stamp 928.i went to all music stores in my area i have been told it was 1911.1934.1943. any advice on how i can find out moore on this guitar

  51. Anonymous12:35 PM

    To Johnny Mac: Your Gibson J160E was made in 1962. And the model you have is 4 serial numbers behind John Lennon's first Gibson J160E! Both yours and John's Gibson J160E were shipped on the exact same day!

  52. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I have 1941-1948 j-45 is there anyway to pinpoint the year. grandfather purchased during WWII. Alot of great stories about the old Gibson just dont know if he bought it in 42or43


  53. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I dont know what I have, its an old gibson .Ithas a hollow body about 4 inches deep F holes a tail peice
    with a seperate bridge. Its electric,single black
    pickup. no cutaways. Volume & tone knobs. Guessing
    1953. I cant find a model ,can anyone help?

  54. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I have a Jumbo Les Paul ser# J009701, made in 1968. This Guitar was made in Kalamazoo, Mi. It is both Accoustic and Electric, in it's original black case, with the red lining. Would like to sell to the highest bidder.

  55. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I have a j-45 Deluxe S/N B004872 that I would like to sell. One small crack on the face, but it plays well. In what I would consider average condition. What kind of price range should I expect ?

  56. Anonymous11:11 AM

    First off... great page! Second, I just purchased a 1966 J200 Custom. There are a few unusual things with this guitar that I was wondering if someone could help me with. First, there is no serial number on the headstock. The only serial number is on the inside label. I have heard that this was normal for this year, but just wondered if anyone had any other info on it. The next question is that the logo has no dot over the "i". Lastly, the neck seems to be much smaller than other years. Was this likely a custom order or is this the way they were made in 66? Thanks!

  57. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I have a Gibson Accoustic in good shape. The FON is Y6131 27. How do I find out the make & year it was made?

  58. I have a Gibson with the Printed code inside X9043-7 E-Mail suggestions as to theYear etc. to morrbud@ns.sympatico.ca

  59. Anonymous9:08 PM

    hi i have a 1953 j~50 acoustic guitar and was wondering if anyone could tell me an apox value it may hold . please?

  60. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I have a mint condition, one owner 1969 Gibson J-160. Custom factory pick guard and I added a Fishman pickup in 2004. Exceptional condition and comes with original case. $1,900 or best offer. minorrec@aol.com

  61. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I have a 1953 Gibson J 185 for sale as of today (14th Sept 2011). It is in good condition, with a non original bridge, and I have replaced machine heads but have kept the old ones to give to the new owner. I can send photos and serial numbers. Please Email me at revinc@gmail.com if you are interested.
    Many thanks
    darin m

  62. Anonymous3:37 AM

    I bought 35+ years ago a beautiful, all original yellow '66 J-200 with OHSC, gold-flashed metal parts & an incredible matchbooked maple back. The headstock plate says J-200 Custom. The neck has three black lines(laminates)up the back. I'm told this is a "7-pc. neck", likely a custom feature. There is no label & I doubt there ever was one(no glue). Nobody I've ever shown her to has seen another like her. I've never seen a "7-pc. neck" elsewhere. Is this neck a custom feature? Is this old girl collectible? I'd like to get an idea of value, but I know you are not looking at her. But for one 1/2" shallow scratch on top & some gold worn off, she is perfect. She has a knurled 'dampening' nut under the top(standard?) She plays great! Any info would be greatly appreciated. I can provide the hdstk#. Thank you. armadillo82292@gmail.com

  63. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I have a gibson j50ADJ with serial number 810251 impressed on the back of the peg guard. The guitar is in good condition. I think it was made in the early 70,s but not sure. Any help on the year and value would be greatly appreciated...

  64. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Hi! I have a J50 ADJ. Bridge Gibson Serial# 253278...so I know it's a 1965. It had a beautiful sound until I changed the strings. I put Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze strings on it....and now I feel like it lost it's warm tone. Especially on the higher E and B strings. Can anyone recommend strings that will give me the darker warm tone that I'm looking for? Thank you in advance:)

  65. Anonymous6:32 AM

    hi,i have a gibson acoustic i cant find much info on.its a j-45/50. serial no 00171627. if anyone can give some info on it would be much appreiciated

  66. Is there such an animal as a 1985 Gibson J-35? I have found one advertised as such for $800 and I don't think one was made in that year.

  67. I have a J-55, lovingly restored. The serial number on the neck A 733870 (Made in USA underneath) puts it at 1973, the first year it was re-introduced. The twist is the orange oval label inside. it's a different serial number entirely! (A 315068) Does this make sense to anybody? Or should I just lay off the LSD for a while?.....