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Gibson S-1

Gibson S-1 Guitar ( 1976-1980 )

gibson s-1In mid 1975 gibson produced the gibson s-1 guitar but released it for sale on the market in 1976 ,

the gibson s-1 had very similar features like the marauder , its 12 3/4" wide , has a les paul shaped body , bolt on neck , maple or rosewood fingerboard , dot inlay, pointed round

headstock , stop tailpiece , tune o matic bridge , large pickguard ( pointed at the treble bout ) , 3 single coil pickups , and were made in various colors .

The guitar actually sounded not bad considering its price , it gives you an original funky , bluesy , strat-type tone from its single coil pickups by playing around with its 2 way toggle and its 4 position rotary switch .

But the gibson s-1 guitar never made it mainstream , they were short lived even though it had the endorsement of ron wood from the rolling stones .

In my opinion gibson tried to make a guitar model with single coil pickups to compete directly with fender guitars which dominated the single coil market at that time , the gibson s-1 guitar never caught on . It was Discontinued in 1980

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1976 - 1980 > $700 to $850

guitar price guideAvg Upward Trend Of 12% a Year since 2000

In 1975 ( a year before the S-1 ) gibson also released the gibson marauder guitar which was a very similar guitar model but had a humbucker pick-up and a slanted single coil pickup in the bridge position .

If you want to buy an s-1 , you can find Gibson S-1 Guitars For Sale on ebay at a bargain if your lucky , however they don't have them all the time .


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I have a Gibson S1, and I really like it. There is a problem tho; some fool cut out all of the wiring under the pickguard.
    Can anyone email me a wiring diagram (preferrable to a wiring schematic). I can solder, and I am fairly intelligent, but the 4 position switch, 2 position toggle, 3 single coil pickups, volumn, tone and jack plug are a bit beyond my wiring experience.
    I am jimjaxn@yahoo.com

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    anyone know what tin/lead solder alloy Gibson used in the 1960's? I have a old Gibson, want to restore the pots to look correct, and the solder they use today is bright not dull/dark like the old solder, Was it 60/40 or 63/37% tin/lead????

    please reply directly to tnicboston at juno dot com. thanks

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I have an original S-1 bought in 77. The Bill Lawerence electronics always bothered me though and I eventually replaced the entire electronics with a double coil jeff beck pickup near the bridge end and a smoke black plexiglass pick guard and now that thing screams. It is factory black with rosewood fretboard on maple. The stock tuning keys were bad too - replaced them with schaller.
    Very playable guitar.

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I've got an S-1 that I bought around 1990 and have used it sporadically since. The neck is nice and it plays quite well but I never really liked the tone and the thing really is a serious rock. If you plan on standing while you play you might really want to consider a different guitar because this thing is probably around 20 lbs or so.

    I'm hoping the thing has appreciated enough in value for collectors so I might be able to trade it for a similarly aged Les Paul or S-G.

    Don't get me wrong. It's a nice quality good playing instrument. It's just really not as fun as a Les Paul so quite honestly, unless you get a good deal like I did I can't see buying one.

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I had one, it's heavey, ugly and doesn't stay in tune. A lot of the odd gibsons like the strange SG-1 are really good, and a great value. But theese are just heavey and might be seen as bad telecasters.

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I have owned a couple of S-1 models and yes, I actually liked both of them very much. I like the fact that you could toggle into all 3 pickups "ON" for full-tilt.

    I also liked the Stop Bar Tailpiece instead of the tremolo floating bridge on the Strats. The hardtail Strats have been out of my price range, the S-1 is value.

    I had the 1980 S-1 black with all maple neck (Factory 2nd) and a 1975 S-1 black with Rosewood deck.

    The vintage frets were so low, it made for very fast chord riffage. I found myself playing Iron Maiden songs and not realizing it. Cool!

    Also, the necks are Satin finish.
    Not all lacquered up like most Gibson's, so that is a plus there.

    I actually found the fabled Quack in my 1975 S-1 before finding it in my 5th 70s Stratocaster Reissue.

    It's different enough from a Strat that I will buy another S-1, even though I have found a 70s Strat RI that I will be keeping (Alder).

    Usually going for under $700, it is a great piece of USA guitar history, and it's a Gibson, too!

  7. Everett6:38 AM

    I broke a key off my 76' S1 Gibson. Can anyone point me in the right direction to replace it with an original. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I have a Gibson S1 from 1951 Accoustic. Can anyone tell me the value? Reply at mcconnon2@sbcglobal.net

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    saw it bought it looooovvvvvveeeeeit. i found that this guitar outplays all of my new guitars, so what did i do got rid of the new stuff, strats gone ,lp customs gone, replaced with 1979 gibson lp the paul all walnut, 1970 gibson s1 and a 1967 gibson mm sg with two sc pickups... these sound ten times better than all the new stuff i had....if you find one buy it,,,,if you dony like it call me i will take it off your hands,,,,,214 336 2195 thanks

    1. I have a gibson tenor real nice 1967 whats it worth to you

  10. Anonymous9:37 PM

    bought a Gibson S-1 in 1978. Rosewood fretboard on a tobacco sunburst body. Still have it and its all original. Never had a problem with it and I play it just about every day (since 1978!!). Paid ~$400 and i haven't seen them go for much more on ebay... I don't care since I would never sell it in a million years. I recall all the other guitars I could have bought in 1978 and the price they are selling for now. I remember almost trading it for an original used '72 tele thinline. I don't regret trading it one bit. I am now in the market for another guitar but I can't find one that plays or feels better. New guitars are crap.

  11. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I too have had my S-1 since new, way back in 1979! Crazy that it's been that long. Although I once contemplated selling it, I would never let it go today. It is an odd duck for sure, but it was once of my first guitars and has a special place in my collection. I haven't play it in a quite a while, but after reading some of the other comments, I'm going to restring it and go to town.

  12. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I don't know about you but if I see a famous guitarist playing one of my guitars, i try to get a photo of it. Well, i saw a picture of Frampton playing an S-1 in an old magazine about the movie Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (see for yourself on YouTube when Billy Shears comes on stage). However, the guitar is obsured by a mike stand. If anyone has a good picture of him playing it, I would love to see it. I wrote to 'ol Pete but he never responded. BTW: in the same scene, one of the BeeGee Brothers is playing a Gibson Marauder.

  13. I have a 1976 s-1 in the attic in need of a few bits and pieces [volume control,toggle switch,pickup springs] can anybody help

  14. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I bought my first S-1 in 1978. Like a dumd kid I cut the pickguard and put Dimarzio's in it....UGH. Sold it to Sam Ash for $150 in 1982, and regretted it! In 1994 I saw one in a box in an old music store. Snatched it up for $350 and still have it! I swapped out the clear pick-ups for the later year all black Bill Lawrence ones as not to cut the pickguard again! It sounds amazing and it's quite rare. You can find lots of original parts on ebay if you need them. BTY it's black with a rosewood fretboard....And is in Mint condition. Should be worth around $1200 now!

  15. Anonymous10:52 AM

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  16. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement pickup for my s-1? the plastic housing on the bridge pickup is cracked and the pickup keeps wanting to fall out of the guitar

  17. Anonymous10:57 PM

    have a s1 from the factory, got it from MS. lES PAUL, IT WAS way before they put them in the mainstream, this baby has the original soapbox pickups, that it was intended for ,a great deal at 0 dollars, and a chance to jam with the MAN!!! MR LES PAUL himself, His wife gave me the axe, and made me promise to never sell it or les would roll in his grave ,I have had it for 34 yrs and play it on a daily baisis!!! So the truth is the s1 was created way before you guys had a chance!!!
    Email me if you want a pic of the real deal, ME and les and axe included, it was the best exp. of my life!!hansglapa@ymail.com

  18. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I know the truth about the s1, and the soapbox pickups!!! Have had it for over 34 yrs , its a great addition to my collection, considering I jammed with the man himself on it, and was sworn to never sell it!!!The guitar was given to me on my word that it was never to be sold!!! that was 34 yrs ago , but the axe was created many trs before that, I have the pics and a collection of 50, 60,s and gold tops to prove it !! He is a great friend of mine that i think of on a daily basis!I hope you all enjoy!!!hansglapa@ymail.com

  19. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement pickup for my s-1? the plastic housing on the bridge pickup is cracked and the pickup keeps wanting to fall out of the guitar

    I have the same problem. cracked housing on the bridge pickup and the controls side screw likes to slowly unscrew itself. I put a little loctite in and that seems to be holding up for now, but if anyone knows where I can find an old bridge pickup please let me know.


  20. Anonymous2:10 PM


  21. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Got a Gibson S1 for sale. email me for more info jbranch4@yahoo.com

    1. Anonymous1:41 AM

      I have emailed you. Is it still for sale? Im very interested. Thanks eva

  22. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I'm looking for S1 from 1976. If you have one for sell let me know - vintageartem@gmail.com

  23. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Anyone have a gibson s-1 they would like to sell? My boyfriend has broken his he has had since he was 10 and is devistated. I would really like to replace it for him. Thanks evamartina260@hotmail.com

  24. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Hi im after a Gibson s1 neck if anyone knows of any can you e-mail me jamievwhite@gmail.com cheers

  25. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Does anyone have the original wiring schema for the Gibson S1? A previous owner put in other elements and I would like it restored, but the schema is not easy. It seems that the sigle coils can be combined to a humbucker or something like that. I am not sure that's what I get now. So please, if anyone can help that would be great.