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Gibson Jumbo 55 J-55

Gibson J-55 (Jumbo 55) ( 1939 - 1943 )

1940 gibson j-55In 1934 gibson introduced the first jumbo flat top which was called the gibson jumbo , this guitar led to the gibson jumbo 35 (j-35) in 1936 , the j-35 then was replaced by the j-45 in 1942 .

While these historic gibson guitars were making history , in 1939 they also introduced about 400 guitars that were very similar to the J-35 with some features like the SJ-100. These acoustic guitars were named the gibson Jumbo 55 or J-55 and were priced at $55-$60 .

In 1939 the gibson jumbo 55 had a 16" wide body , mahogany back and sides , round shouldered , moustache bridge ( see 2nd pic ) like the sj-100 but smaller , stairstep peghead shape with pearl inlaid logos, sloped scalopped pickguards , and were made in sunburst finishes .

In 1940 standard gibson pegheads replaced the stairstep pegheads , in 1941 moustache bridges were replaced with batwig bridges ( see 1rst pic ) . The jumbo 55 was discontinued in early 1943 .

In 1973 they reintroduced the gibson j-55 with square shoulders , arched backs , laminated mahogany back and sides , square bridges and were made in natural finishes ( very similar to the j-50 ) , these gibson guitars were discontinued in 1982 .
moustache bridge
In 1994 they made a Jumbo 55 limited edition, they were 16" wide more like the original model and only 100 were made . ( sunburst finishes )

Vintage Price Value :
1939 - 1943 > $15 000 to $17 000
1973 - 1982 > $900 to $1100 ( reintroduced )
------->1994 > $1600 to $2000 ( limited edition )

guitar price guide1939 - 1943 Avg Upward Trend Of 25% a Year since 2000
1973 - 1982 Avg Upward Trend Of 5% a Year since 2000


  1. I have a J-55 that I believe is a 1940. It was marked by the original owner as 1939. It is in good condition and in the original case. It is for sale.

  2. do you have a picture ?.....how much do you want for it ?......steve.....sirredface@ mac.com

  3. I cannot tell the date of these comments. Mine is Nov. 23, 2007. Is the J-55 still available for sale, and if so, condition and price please. Does it have the stair-stepped peghead and/or mustache bridge? Frank fbsimpson@pharmacy.wisc.edu

  4. I have one of the reintroduced J55s that I would like to sell. By the serial number it was produced in the 1974/75 range. I purchased it for $350 from the original owner just a few years after manufacture. I played it for many years and kept it in excellent condition. It has been in storage now for many years and developed a hairline crack and the sound hole. I'm hoping someone would be a better caretaker than I. felicett@hotmail.com

  5. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Can some one tell me how much a J55 is worth? I have one that is in great condition and in its original case. jswiney@elmore.rr.com

  6. Anonymous7:56 PM

    How can I tell which J-55 Gibson I have? Can you tell by the last 2 digits of the serial number if that is the year it was made?

  7. Anonymous1:39 PM

    How About a Sunburst Gibson, with a FON# of DG-2865, think its a 1938, or 39, J-35, but not sure, can you tell from the FON Number ? EESCR@AOL.COM

  8. Anonymous2:00 PM

    what happened to my post ?? EESCR@AOL.COM

  9. I have a j 55 A 1939 stairstep head and mustash bridge that my dad bought when he was a kid and he was born in 1925. I have 8x10 pics of him at 16 years old with it in his band and it shows evey detail. I had it refinished to the exact pictures in 2004 bu a guitar builder and then my dad died in 2005 and the man who refinished it also has died. I would like to know what to insure it for.

  10. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I have a j55 and I believe it was the reintroduced series. How can I tell what year it was built? The serial number is A-733875.

  11. I have a j55 with serial number A130903 which I believe is a 70's reproduction