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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ( 1969-1985 )
pete townshend playing the gibson les paul deluxe
The gibson les paul deluxe electric guitar was originally released in 1969 , it was a renamed guitar and originated from the gibson les paul standard ( goldtop model ) . The main feature of the gibson les paul deluxe was its mini humbuckers .

The humbuckers produced a nice tite crunch and the result pleased many guitar players including pete townshend who used them in several concerts . The guitar appeared on the gibson price list in 1969 for $425 and was fairly succesful .

In 1969 the gibson lp deluxe featured 2 mini humbuckers ,maple top , mahogany body , a goldttop finish , pantograpgh logo and a 3 piece neck . During the mid seventies regular sized humbuckers were optional and few were also produced with p-90 pickups.

1972 gibson les paul deluxe goldtopFrom 1970 to 1985 features basically stayed the same accept for minor detail changes and were produced in various beautiful colors such as cherry red sunburst , red wine , goldtop , blue sparkle in 1974,76 and 77 , red sparkle in 1975 . ( custom sparkle colors are worth more and are highly in demand by collectors ) . Discontinued in 1985

In 1978 gibson also introduced the gibson les paul pro-deluxe which featured 2 p-90 pickups , chrome hardware and were made in various colors .

In 1991 and on gibson made several other models of the deluxe such as the les paul deluxe hall of fame , and the deluxe 30th anniversary....

Vintage Guitar Price Value For 2009 :
1969 > $4700 to $5500 ( Goldtop )
1970 > $4000 to $5000 ( Goldtop )
1971 - 1975 > $3500 to $4300 ( Goldtop )

1971 - 1975 > $2500 to $3000 ( various colors )
1976 - 1985 > $2000 to $2700 ( various colors )

1978 - 1982 > $1500 to $2100 ( pro-deluxe with 2 p-90 pickups )

gibson les paul deluxe price guide1969 - Avg Upward Trend Of 15% a Year since 2000
1970 - 1985 Avg Upward Trend Of 11% a Year since 2000

( in 1975 and 1977 red and blue sparkle finishes are estimated at $3900 to $4500 , they made them only in those years and are very rare , hard to find . )

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson les paul deluxe Guitars
If you want to buy a deluxe , on several occasions you can find used or vintage gibson les paul deluxe for sale on ebay ... However, before you bid or buy I suggest you read the descriptions carefully...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

does anybody know if all '76 Delux do have their serial number on a decal like this:
I got an offer for one with a stamped serial like this:
Could this be a fake?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

8 digit numbers were printed in back of the peghead on all models including the les paul deluxe from 1977 to present , 1st and 5th digits should tell you the year for example : 70098587 would be a 1978.

Numbers on decal were from 1975 to 1977 . So its probably not a fake according to the info you provided.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

But then it woud be made in 2000 (1st and 5th digit), not from '76 (leading 00).
Any way to distinguish between '76 and '00 ??


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

the 1st and 5th digits only apply to serial numbers in back of the peghead from 1977 to present.

from 1975 to 77 gibson used 8 digit #s on the decal which you can tell the year by the first 2 prefix numbers

if the first 2 serial numbers on the decal of your les paul deluxe starts with a :

99 its a 1975
00 its a 1976
06 its a 1977


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Sure, but it has no decal, ther serila number is stamped 00120409 with MADE IN USA above(!) it.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

it has to be a 76 because the last 3 digits is less than 500 which means your gibson les paul deluxe was made at the kalamazoo factory .

the factory closed in 84 , so if it was a 2000 model the last 3 digits would be over 500 which means it was made in nashville.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

That's valuable information, THANKS!
I viewed a lot of pictures of '76 Gibson guitars today and now it becomes clear:
Seems that just the first line with the 'LES PAUL-DELUXE' is missing, second line then is 'MADE IN U.S.A.' and third line is 00120409.
Ever seen before that the first line of the decal was missing?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

My gibson les paul deluxe is a 1970-72 model, cherry sunburst, with a serial number which is hard to read on the back of the neck. Underneath the serial number is 'made in usa' it looks like its inked in. It has a deluxe truss rod cover and gibson is inlaid in the headstock but it does not say 'les paul model'. The guy I bought it off said that it had been refinished. Are there deluxes that dont say les paul on the headstock? Any help appreciated.



  Posted By : Anonymous john

according to my knowledge all les paul deluxe guitars had the les paul model on the peghead,

especially during the early 70s, Ive seen some later models without the deluxe on truss cover but ive never seen one without the les paul model.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Does anybody knows if it's true that some models featured a mini-humbucker on the kneck and a Dimarzio Humbucker on the bridge?. I will really appreciate your help on this. Tanx.


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

yes they made a deluxe model 1999 to 2002 called "the gibson les paul deluxe limited edition " with mini humbuckers.

worth about $1300 to $1500 according to the price guide .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I was talking about a '76 model. This guy that is selling the guitar, says that a few deluxe models came with this factory configuration.


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

I know that during the 70s gibson offered regular humbuckers ( optional ) instead of mini humbuckers ,

but i never heard of factory made les paul deluxe guitars with the pickup configuration you gave me .

This does not mean that these guitars didnt exist, theres no mention of these guitars in the books that i have read...


  Posted By : Anonymous Marco

Thanx for your help dude. I think that probably the original buyer ask for the humbucker.

If you wish I can send you a picture of it. Just let me know.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Because of the optional pickups on the les paul deluxe guitars during those years ,

many guitar players modified these guitars ,

Lots of gibson soapbar p90 pickups were replaced with dimarzio humbuckers.

Im sure it sounds great , but if you want to know if its an original factory made model ,

Your best bet is to call gibson direct ,they have a toll free number on their web site .

If they are not sure ,or they cannot provide you with a concrete answer themselves ,

strong chances are that the guitar pickups were replaced or modified.

From my experience ive never seen a deluxe "factory made guitar" with those pick up specifications.


  Posted By : Anonymous Marco

Thanx again for your help.

I will try to contact gibson people to ask for more information.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I have a black Leas Paul Special USA (deluxe) and it looks very old.. The serial is 01542571. Anyone knows which year?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

if that serial number is on the decal your les paul deluxe is 75-76- or a 77


  Posted By : Blogger sornord

Just found this blog...

Advise for dating the guitar...SN's fm the '70s are often inconsistent. I have a LP Deluxe with SN 101882 (no leading zeros), which I had always thought was a '71. Checked the pots and they dated as '73.

Am passing same advice: check the pots.


  Posted By : Anonymous Gary

I have a les paul deluxe - the serial number is 927061. I believe this means its from the period 1970 - 1972. Is there any way via the number for me to know the exact year it's from?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

describe your knobs on your gibson deluxe and is there a serial number on them ?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I bought my gibson lespaul deluxe goldtop from a guy 30 years ago. I think it's a 1969 model but I'm not sure because I never found the serial number 905648 in the serial number lists I've looked in. The serial number is impressed in the wood and there's no MADE IN USA printing. Why I can't find it? Am I right about the model year?



  Posted By : Anonymous alex

many les paul deluxe guitars from 1961 to 1970 had no made in the usa in back of the headstock ,

all 6 digit serial # in the 900000's were manufactured between 1968 to 1972.

however you can find out the exact year by the parts and features of your guitar .

for example : a volute was added to the back of the neck behind the nut in 1970 .

1960's, Gibson used Kluson tuners. In 1969, Gibson starting using tuners with the name "Gibson Deluxe" on them .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

what is the correct bridge and tailpiece for a 74 deluxe ?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

tune o matic bridge and stop tailpiece


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

So I suppose it's a 69 since there's not volute and I got the gibson deluxe tuners.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i prefer seeing the guitar before confirming but according to the info you provided its a 69 gibson deluxe


  Posted By : Anonymous Iain Ross

Man I'm confused . I have a nice LPDeluxe with serial number 176167 on back of peghead. It also has little plastic trims around the pickups (goof bands?)Its a nice Red sunburst colour what year is this ?


  Posted By : Anonymous mike

thats weird because all serial numbers on solidbody guitars from 174223 to 176643 were manufactured in 1964 or 1965

but they didnt make any gibson deluxe guitars in 1964-65

is there a "made in the usa" stamped in the back of the peghead ?

When did you buy it ? whats the history ? some more details would be nice .


  Posted By : Anonymous Iain Ross

It was bought around '75 from a reputable guitar shop in Adelaide South Aust , no reason to not believe its the genuine thing but it has been suggested that it was a very early one and the goof strips are there to hide the fact that it was routed for normal humbuckers , . I forgot to add that it has "Made in USA on the back"


  Posted By : Anonymous mike

all gibson deluxe guitars with 6 digit serial numbers from 100000 to 199999 and "made in the usa" stamped in back of the peghead are early seventy guitars 70-72

should have the "USA" below the "MADE IN"

in 1975 gibson started adding 8 digit serial numbers


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi - we are trying to find out what year our guitar is - Les Paul Deluxe with large humbuckers - natural maple finish - six digit serial number that starts with 89xxxx - stamped "made in USA" - we think it is between 1969 and 1973...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

all gibson les paul deluxe guitars with made in the usa stamped in back of the peghead with 6 digit serial numbers were made between 1970 and 1975

if your serial number starts with an 89 im pretty sure its a 73 to 75 model .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I own a 1969 Gold Top Deluxe, serial #845715. It has a one piece body, three piece neck and mini humbuckers. The pots are dated 69'. I'm wondering if this guitar might have actually been equipped with P-90's because the paint has been chipped away around the pickup routes. Should this guitar have come with booboo rings to cover up the chips? There are no signs of the rings ever being there (no nail holes). Just wondering if it started out as a 68' Standard reissue and fininshed as a 69' Deluxe. Would this have been something Gibson did back then to get a new model started? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

The serial number states that it was made in 1969 which was the final generation of the les paul standard , in mid 1969 the les paul standard became the les paul deluxe .

so its possible that you have a guitar that was made during the transition period wheras gibson could have used excess parts from their les standard guitars ( very common during those years ) .

Early 69 deluxe guitars had "made in USA" Beneath the serial number and a "volute" on the back of the neck in the nut area and 3 piece pancake bodies .

Later 69 deluxe models had 4 piece pancake bodies and pantograph logos .

Yes , there are many 69 deluxe guitars that had p-90 pickups , chances are that your guitar was equipped with p-90s .

I also want to mention that in 1968 there was no made in the usa below the serial number .

Would of helped more if i could of seen a picture of your guitar .... domenic

How does it Sound ?
Are you selling it ?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I recently accepted as partial payment for a '74 precision bass what at the time seemed to me as a strange Les Paul (I had never seen a sunburst tone like that). Later I was told it's a Les Paul Deluxe, but cannot determine the date because it was refinished and I suppose the serial nr (as well the made in USA) was somehow "deleted" in the process.

I've sent it to a very good Luthier for a refret and he doesn't think the refinish had anything to do with the disappearance of the serial Nr and "MAde in USa".

I would appreciate any help in determinig this Lp's date of manufacture. What I know is the following:

- It has a 3 piece neck
- It has "Les Paul Model" on the front of the headstock
- It has standard humbuckers (Dimarzio) but the cavity was (roughly) rerouted for their size. There is a sticker on the back of each pickups - One says "LP Deluxe Hals Pickup", and the other "LP Bridge pickup"
- It has a volute on the back of the nut
- The tuners were Kluson-style but not original. No visible brand whatsoever.
- The Pot knobs it came with recall some amplifier knobs (like fender), sort of a tall hat (like witches use :)). I think I may have seen similar knobs in an old SG.
- I saw one of the Pots and it reads 137722 / 70-034

I tried Gibson support an they answered the following: "Based on those pictures, it appears that this model has been modified in a few ways, and it’s hard to tell from pictures, but it also appears to have been refinished. However, it should have a serial number. There was a time in the 1970s (from 1975-77) in which some serial numbers were on a decal on the headstock. If this model were refinished, the serial number could have been taken off during this process. Because there is no serial number and the guitar has been modified, it’s too difficult to put a date on the guitar."

Well, any suggestions are welcome... If there is anyone who would like to see some photos of it, please mail me to fernandoguerraepaz@gmail.com and I'll be glad to send them the ones I have.

Thank you very much

Fernando Paz - Portugal


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

thank you for posting ... can you send some pictures to domenic@videotron.ca ... thanx


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

If it has a volute it was definitly made in the seventies , Volute added to back of neck behind the nut started in 1970

without pictures , serial numbers and without original parts its almost impossible to tell you the exact year.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Ok, pics sent! Thank you.

Fernando Paz


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

hi fernando ,

the guitar is very difficult to date , it is totatlly refinished and most parts have been changed ,

my opinion, the guitar dates early 70s because of the knobs ( if original ) , your guitar has amp knobs which were only used by gibson from 1966 to mid seventies .

and volute necks were only added in 1970 .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


The pot code 137722 indicates it was made by CTS (137), on the 22nd week of some year ending in "7".. but the pots may not be original. In fact, the luthier I sent it to mentioned that they probably weren't.

More: I was told at the Guitarscanada forum by one of the members that 6-digit pot codes were used until 1960, after which they were replaced by 7 digit codes. So the "7" on my guitar's pot code would mean the pot had been manufactured in 47 or 57, while the guitar is a 70's guitar if not more recent.

As to the knobs, I found out they are Les Paul Custom knobs, thus not original to this guitar...

I'll ask the luthier to check out the body construction (pancake or not - apparently Gibson restarted making deluxes with one piece bodies in 1977) and what type of wood was used for the neck (it seems maple necks were only introduced in 1975). When the guitar returns home I'll try to take some pictures of the cavities too.

Thank you very much!



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Ok, so finally the quest ends!

I asked the luthier I sent it to to take a close look and find out if the body is pancake or not, as well as the wood used on the neck.

He said that the neck is made of 3 piece maple and the body is "pancake".

If maple necks were introduced in 1975 and the pancake body was dropped in 1977, the guitar must have been manufactured during this period. That also explains the fact that it has no Serial Nr (decal)...

Thank you all for your help!


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

great point , it actually crossed my mind about the pancake body .....


  Posted By : Anonymous kasper


I have a deluxe with made i usa stamp on back of head. Serial number is pretty faded out but it seems to be 055634.

Any idea of when this guitar is dated??

Thanks in advance.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

all les paul deluxe stamped " made in the usa " in back of the headstock with 6 digit serial numbers starting with 0 were made in 1973 ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

What year is a LP deluxe ser# 1000000 How does one tell whether it is a 1970 or 1974 (Made in the USA is also stamped). What is the devaluation due to repaired cracked neck (at the top) and other "lumber" problems?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

are you sure thats the serial number ? i don't recall gibson ever making serial numbers with 7 digits ....

below are the serial numbers for early 70's les paul deluxe models : some 74-75 models had a letter before the 6 digits

000000's 1973
100000's 1970-1973
200000's 1973-1975
300000's 1974-1975
400000's 1974-1975
500000's 1974-1975
600000's 1970-1972
700000's 1970-1972
800000's 1973-1975
900000's 1970-1972


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

They are right its a 74-75 model .


  Posted By : Blogger shawn

Hi I just bought a gibson, it doesn't have any inlay under the name gibson on the peghead and it doesn't say les paul, stamped into the back of the peghead it says made in USA and the S/N is 90256577...any ideas about what I have and what year?? Thanks alot shawn


  Posted By : Blogger shawn

Hi I forgot to add on the above post that my guitar is an electric solid body, all black, the gold tuner boxes say 'gibson deluxe' (but the tuners are plastic) and it has a gold 'can' pickup near the neck in addition to a diagonal humbucker near the bridge, the bridge is gold, the plate where the cable connects is gold, . Not only that but it only has 2 knobs, not 4. According to another earlier post, going by the serial # on the peghead, it looks like this was made in '96, (my S/N is 90256577). So is my guitar a Les Paul deluxe, or just a gibson deluxe, or what is this beast??? Thanks alot for any input... shawn


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i don't think its any of the two you mentioned , gibson les paul deluxe guitars were discontinued in 1985 .

the company reissued the les paul deluxe in 1999 ( 30th anniversary ), plus i never heard or seen a deluxe with a diagonal humbucker near the bridge ..... im not sure but i think your guitar is a gibson epiphone model .. i would have to see it ...


  Posted By : Blogger shawn

let me know where to email or post my photos, I would be happy to send you some pix. and very grateful for any info!!



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Goldtop that was sold to me back in the early 80's as a 68. The serial number is 914996, no Made in the USA, no volute, Gibson logo is missing the "i", neck is one piece and the body is a 3 layer pancake with the top being the thin piece. It is a Deluxe, the P90's were removed and humbucker were put in before i bought it. Trying to figure out if this was in fact a 68 since the parts don't add up ( neck 69, body late 69 or early 70, serial number 68).


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

Hi shawn , you can send the pictures here ... domenic@videotron.ca


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


are you sure its a gibson deluxe ? looks more like a late 68 les paul standard to me .

If not , your guitar was probably made with some les paul standard parts during the transition period in 1968-69 when les paul standard guitars were renamed les paul deluxe .


  Posted By : Blogger shawn


Hi shawn here, I was wondering if you saw my pictures, any idea of what I bought with my hard-earned money?? I'm wondering whether to keep it or take it back to the music store and throw a fit..


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

hi shawn saw the pics , its definitely not a deluxe , theres supposed to be the name "deluxe" on the truss rod cover and "les paul" on the peghead under the gibson logo , its a total different guitar .

If the music store told you that it was a gibson deluxe , bring it back because its not ... its not made in china , but i can tell by the pictures that the guitar was tampered with ,,, also depends how much you paid for it ...


  Posted By : Blogger shawn


I guess the next Q is, is it even a gibson?? You think it's a frankenstein that was thrown together or something like that?? thanks again


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

hi shawn , if your in it to make money id trade it in for something else , the guitar looks like a low end student model guitar with gibson parts ... not to discourage you but it looks like a cheap immitation of a deluxe


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hey Shawn,

I have a Gibson LP Delux with sn#752878. My father gave it to me over 25 years ago. From reading the posts, I am guessing it is a 70'-72' model. The top of the guitar has a clear finish. Someone must have refinished it. The original tuning pegs have been changed out to Grover pegs. Assuming the guitar is in good condition, can you estimate the value of this guitar having been altered a bit. Everything else is original.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Sorry, I'm new to the site...the above post is for Domenic...not Shawn.


  Posted By : Blogger Sherry

I'm new to all of this, But I really need some advice.
I've just purchased an Epiphone Les Paul with the serial number 167212 it is a label no made in the usa on the guitar at all. But there is a label that says limited edition on the back also.
It is a blue sparkle color. I have checked everywhere, but have had no luck finding an epiphone that is the same. I have seen on ebay another blue sparkle epiphone les paul but it is not the same at all. Mine looks exactly like a gibson blue sparkle top that I'd seen on another site. http://www.davesguitar.com/collection.html
I know the guitar is old, as I bought it from a friend of mine who's grandmother owned it, but no one remembers when she bought it,, it has just been stored for quite some years.
If anyone has any info please let me know.


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

hi brian , i can not give you an estimate value on your guitar without seeing it , if the guitar is refinished there are many factors that can determine the price ..... domenic


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

hi sherry , do you have a picture ? epiphone serial numbers are not reliable ... they also made epiphone blue sparkle limited edition guitars in 2001 ... if its not this model it could be an epihone from the 60's which is worth more ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a goldtop deluxe, def. 71 or 72.a vintage guitar shop checked it out said it was a 1971.However the minihumbuckers have gibson embossed on them which I was told is rare.is that true? Someonesaid they only came on 1972.is that true?


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

hi brian ,

.... i took a look at your guitar and to my surprise its actually a beautiful guitar ,

Are you sure its been refinished ? because gibson made deluxe guitars in natural finishes from 1971 to 1975 ... your serial # indicates thats it was made in 1972 ... from the pictures you gave me the pegs were replaced ... i cant really tell 100% from the pics , but i don't think your guitar has been refinished and if it is , let me tell you the guy who worked on it did a hell of a good job ...

these les paul deluxe guitars are valued at $1800 to $2000 ( mint all original ) , you can easily sell yours for $1500 to $1800 ...

they are not worth as much as the deluxe goldtops but they are still quite valuable ..... domenic .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Mini Humbuckers ,

gibson embossed pick ups were introduced on several models in 1969 , and were slowly added to other models during the early seventies . i wouldn't say rare , more like uncommon .


  Posted By : Blogger André

Hi, my friend have a Les Paul Deluxe that lokks pretty old. Its a Cherryburst with the serial number 757628. Can u tell me what year is it? i'm guessing something between 1970-72, is that right?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


if the guitar has "made in the usa" below the serial number it was made in 1972, if it does not have "made in the usa" below the serial number , the les paul deluxe was made in 1969 ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


i just got an 1982 GoldTop and i love it.
It has an ebony fretboard so the question is: is it a rare thing to see ebony on a DLX ?
Most i seen so far all have rosewood.
Thank you all for your answers.


  Posted By : Anonymous mark

no , its not rare .. just a different feature on the guitar ... you have a great guitar , i had an eighties deluxe goldtop regret selling it ... mark


  Posted By : Anonymous Don

thanks mark.
It really sound great and plays very well.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a wine red Les Paul Deluxe that has the numbers stamped on the back:
made in USA
Any idea what year it is?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

your guitar was made in the early seventies 1970-72


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have what was called a 1975 LP standard; I bought it in 1992:
It is a dark tobacco sunburst, very heavy mahogany, Serial number 688796 stamped in back , below is Made in USA stamped, then the volute. looks like a 3 piece neck but hard to tell since the wood all blends in. has 2 double coil black humbuckers (Dimarzio?)(no evidence of routing), pearl trapezoid inlays, rosewood fboard, look like gold LP Custom knobs. The body has a very thin single "stripe" /sandwich layer separating the mahogany body from the top. It has the classic Gibson name, the Les Paul signature but the truss rod cover is un labelled;
Always thought it was a standard but maybe some transition guitar.
help confirming vintage and identity please!


  Posted By : Anonymous domenic

1975 LP standard

do you have a picture online of your guitar ?


  Posted By : Blogger Don

Hi, I have a Les Paul Deluxe, Goldtop, that I purchased new sometime in 73 or 74. The serial number is 173027, stamped and says "made in USA" and it has a pancake body. In the serial number info that I can find on the internet, this series of numbers where used from 1970 - 1975. Since it was purchased in 73 or 74, that eliminates 75. I wrote Gibson an e-mail explaining what I just wrote, and they said to look at the numbers on the pots. I took the cover off but the only number on the pots that I could see was what I think is a part number, 70028. Is there anyway other way to tell exactly when this guitar was built? Thanks, Don


  Posted By : Anonymous mark

it has to be a 1972,73,74 because i know pot part number "70020" is a 1971 ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

wondering if anyone can tell me about a 1963 Gibson Deluxe. It has the serial number 139300. Thank you


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i don't think its a deluxe , les paul deluxe guitars were introduced in 1969 .


  Posted By : Anonymous ACE

1963 Gibson Deluxe

your guitar was made in the early seventies according to your serial number .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I recently found a Deluxe Tobaccoburst in a pawn shoppe but there is one problem, there is no serial number on the back of the headstock, no sticker, no stamp, nothing at all. Its pretty beat up &&& the nut seems to be peeling off the neck; also it has two p90 with double coils...Dimarzios maybe?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Gold Top Deluxe with sn 751896 pot nr 1377142 , 70-027 Is this a 1971 or 72?


  Posted By : Anonymous Cameron

i have a gibson les paul deluxe pro from 1979, it's a cherry burst almost in mint condition i'm just curious to know the value, are deluxe pro's more valuable then deluxe?


  Posted By : Anonymous stan

Deluxe Tobaccoburst

All les paul deluxe have serial numbers , if theres no serial number i wouldn't touch it if i were you ... can be two things , the neck has been changed or it could of been refinished ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Gold Top Deluxe > it was made in 1971 according to your numbers ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

gibson les paul deluxe pro from 1979 ...

Its listed at $1700 to $2000 according to 2 price guides ... They are a little less valuable due to their short history ,,, more or less the same quality . the pro deluxe guitars had 2 p90 pickups and were fitted with chrome plated hardware , they also have " PRO " engraved in the truss rod .


  Posted By : Blogger Noel

I have a gold top les paul deluxe left-handed that appears to be a 1970-72 from reading these posts. Can anyone confirm that or find the exact year and perhaps give an estimate of what its worth. Cause rats!!! Im not left-handed :(

practically mint and all original


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

the serial number indicates that it was made early seventies 70-72 ... its valued a $2800 to $3500 .


  Posted By : Blogger Ken

Hi, my Les Paul Custom has no made in USA but it has a volute. The music store had it advertised as a '69. What's up with that? 919008


  Posted By : Blogger Ken

Could this Custom be a crossover '69-'70? Hopefully on the '69 side!!!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

your serial number indicates that it was made in 1968 . serial # from 910000 to 999999 with no made in the usa were made in 1968 .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I have a 71 LP Gold Top which has been modified to replace the mini humbuckers. I want to re-install the mini humbuckers but also need the additonal pickup ring that was put on these guitars. Any idea where i can get the mini humbucker, its pickup ring and the additional ring that was installed on some early 70s LPs


  Posted By : Blogger maschera

I have a LP de Luxe serial n°175 926
Anyone knows which year?

tanks enrico


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I am looking for a 1975 LP Deluxe. That was my birth year and I would like an LP from that time. I was curious what the availablity is on these guitars. Meaning, can I afford to look around, or do I need to jump on one the minute I find it. I want it to be Wine Red, all original, and in reasonably good cosmetic condition. As for the pickups...I don't really care.

Thanks for any insight you might have regarding the availability of these.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

71 LP Gold Top ...

take a look on ebay once and while , very hard oparts to find .


  Posted By : Anonymous mark

I have a LP de Luxe serial n°175 926 ...

if it has MADE IN U.S.A. stamped below the serial number its an early seventies ...70-72


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I am looking for a 1975 LP Deluxe ...

take a peek on ebay once and a while ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

vintage gibson les paul guitars are getting harder to find as the years go by ... most people who have them keep them . if you find a les paul deluxe from the 70's at a good deal i suggest you jump on it .


  Posted By : Blogger sache


i've found a left handed les paul deluxe from 76, all original, very good condition - they're asking $3500 and I can't talk them down from that... this seems a lot higher than the guide price - is this because of a premium for left handed, or is this a bad deal and i should keep looking?

any thoughts on this this really appreciated, thanks


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

the price is fair , not the best deal but not bad either ... vintage left handed guitars always sell for more ( harder to find ) .... if your left handed and its in excellent condition and all original , go for it ... these guitars don"t lose value .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Can anyone help me? I have a 1969 Goldtop Deluxe, no made in usa, no volute, etc. In the cavity where the volume and tone pots are, a B in a circle is stamped on the underside of the Gold top. What does this mean?? I have seen it on other Les Pauls but don't understand it's significance.

Thanks, Tony


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a les paul deluxe, mini humbuckers, black with cream trim, no volute on neck, original grover chrome tuners, serial number stamped on back of headstock # 886680 and no 'made in usa' stamp. vintage guitars info website shows this serial number as 1967, guitar dater project website dates it as 1968 kalamazo. gibson says the deluxe model debuted in 1969, and black ones aren't listed until 70's. the pots have so much surface corrosion it's not possible to make out any numbers. the capacitors are cylinderical black with red numbers and are huge. any ideas on the nature of this one?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

It cant be a 67 or 68 because started making les paul deluxe guitars in 1969 ...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi there,- Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a nice LP deluxe cherry sunburst and I have a few questions about it. The serial is 206112, but what year is that ? (pancake body)Further more it has pickuprings/cheater rings, but are they original. Some guy told me on the web that some deluxe models where factory fitted with those rings around the mini humbuckers. It that true ??
They look though very genuine.
Hope soneone can help.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi there,
Does anyone know if an EMG P90 will fit in the mini-humbucker cavity on an LP Deluxe? Pickup dimemsions are 3.36" x 1.365" and I'm at work and can't measure the cavity.



  Posted By : Blogger pjdragon5150

I have Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop.
The serial number is as follows:

The 2 is stamped above the 503177, also "Made In USA" stamped below serial number.
I have been told in the past that the 2 means that this is a factory re--issue. Any truth to that?
Any idea on the year?


  Posted By : Anonymous Brian.

I bought a Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Deluxe in the very early 70s second hand. Serial 620044 Made in USA on the headstock, it has the smaller pickups and cream coloured flat plastic pickup surrounds as well. Never seen any other like since. I was told it was a '69 when they first tried out the smaller pickups. Any help on dating it?


  Posted By : Blogger Leon

Hi - I think I have an early 69 with a lot of '68 in it which makes me believe it was some sort of experimental or transitional guitar made in Jan or Feb of 69. The frets are wide, it's sunburst in color and serial number points to ‘69

68 characteristics:

6-digit serial number starting with 533XXX with NO “Made in USA” stamped on the back of the neck
One-piece mahogany neck with NO vulute
No “Volume” or “Tone” printed on the knobs
“Les Paul Model printed on a fairly narrow headstock
Pronounced dot on “i” in “Gibson”
No “pancake” body – solid mahogany right up to the maple top
Binding covers all of maple in cutaway – no maple stained with mahogany finish
Sprague “Black Beauty” capacitors

Can anyone help me?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

It sure sounds like a transitional guitar , however many vintage gibson guitars especially during the 50's and 60's had parts from the previous year ... its not as rare as many people think it is .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Deluxe

brian your guitar was made in 1971-72 according to your serial number .


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase a Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top 1971 (I guess) .

The serial number is 957495. Everything on it is stock except the tuners & the bridge. There’s a lot of small cracks on the finish. Not on the wood but only the paint (on the top, the back & the neck of the guitar, almost everywhere). The neck is big & straight.

Are you able to confirm to me the exact year, the approximative value of that guitar ( I probably can buy it for 2500$ Canadian).

Also, could you tell me what would be the value of that guitar if everything was original on it.

I can find tuners & bridge on Ebay for this guitar (it’s wrote early 70s). If I buy it, can I say that guitar would become original?

My last question is: Is there a serial number on tuners & bridge to be sure that is the same year of the guitar?

Thank you very much for your help…

*** Excuse my bad english....


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

ok , I have a 1970-74 les paul custom tobacco sunburst-fretless wonder-pot "s are 1377401, and the other is 70-028. any idea of the exact year?


  Posted By : Anonymous jesse

i have a deluxe goldtop, mini-humbuckers with gibson stamped on them serial #727289 made in usa stamp. where it has the les paul model logo the "L" in model is on an angle is this a common flaw and what year is this guitar and approx. value?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1973 I believe Les Paul. It has a Deluxe truss rod cover, but am wondering if it's been changed. It has serial #891839 stamped on the headstock with Made in U.S.A. stamped below it on 2 lines. However it has two large Humbuckers in it. I got it in 73,maybe 74, second hand with no info. I can't imagine someone buying a new L.P. and immediatly routing the P.U. holes to install larger ones. It Has a Blond finish. Can anyone tell me if this is actually a Deluxe or not. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

700000 series Les Pauls WITH Made in the U.S.A. under it were made from 70-72. The value totally depends on the condition and how original it is. Oh yeah on my 73-74 the l in model is straight.


  Posted By : Blogger glenkupser

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  Posted By : Blogger glen

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  Posted By : Blogger bill

Hi.I have gibson les paul deluxe,tobacco sunburst,mint shape,the number on the back is
00134436,any idea what year it is,and what it is worth,thanks


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi all - A little help would be most appreciated from anyone.
I've been looking for a 70's Les Paul Standard (can't afford a 50's or 60's but figure these are close in sound and somewhat affordable) but found one that is a '75 Deluxe with 3 piece neck, sandwich body, says Standard on the truss rod cover, and has full sized humbuckers.
A few questions:
Is this essentially the same as a Standard, or what is the difference? i have heard the Deluxes have a routed body?? What is that?
Is the 3 piece neck as good compared to a one piece?
What is a sandwich or pancake body? Same value, same sound, etc? Are they also lighter (a good thing I suppose?)
It looks in fair shape, original case, not played in 20 years, buckle rash, but otherwise OK. Ballpark fair price?? Serial number 99218903. Thank you! - bob


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a chance to pick-up a Les Paul Deluxe but the serial number does not fall into the groups. I think it may be a 69 or 70 because the Made In USA is NOT under the ser# which is 398860. What do you think???


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I own a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe, serial number 891565, no volute and no "made in USA" stamp under the serial number. When you take off the back plate to view the underside of the pots, the is a letter B enclosed in a circle, both in red, stamped into the wood. Does anyone know what this stands for? Before I bought this guitar, I was looking at an ad on E-bay and there was a similar guitar with the same marking and in the description it said, "it has a B stamped into the underside of the Gold Top and we all know what that means". Well I don't and if anyone could explain it, I'd be really grateful.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Is there any way to date the mini humbuckers from a Les Paul Deluxe?
Thanks a lot


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

My les paul deluxe has the serial # 0013123. I'm guessing that it's a 1976? made in kalamazoo? I bought it used in 1979 but had no details on it's origin at that time. I was a youngster of 14 and have played it ever since. Did have some fretwork done about 15 years ago but that's all. just filing to even them out. Still going stong and sounding better than ever, though the finish is gone in two places on the back and the bare wood shows through.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, does anyone know anything about a LP Deluxe goldtop '78 where the gold finish looks original however there does not appear to be a clear finish ... i have been told its an original finish however i dont understand why there is no clear finish ... hence the surface of the finish is not smooth .. it is a little rough .. could it be origibal or not?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


I appreciate this forum, and I learned a lot reading through it.

I have a Deluxe from 1970-72. Does anyone know how to distinguish between those? It has serial #730307. Made in USA carved in under the number at the back of the neck. It is cherry sunburst.

This guitar has two full-sized humbuckers. Is it possible that it left the factory like that in the very early 70's? It says Deluxe on the truss cover...

Thank you very, very much for all answers!!



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

these are AWESOME guitars, but VERY expensive.


  Posted By : Anonymous Pete

I have a Gibson Les Paul goldtop, I can't figure out the year - the serial number is 70889574 - also, where was it made?


  Posted By : Anonymous Shannon

Enjoyed your blog. I bought a 1970'ish Deluxe a couple years ago and it has been a real treasure.
check it out



  Posted By : Blogger Doug

I have enjoyed reading all these posts. I have a nice sunburst LP Deluxe and I believe it is a 1971, mainly because of the fellow I bought it from said it was a 71 & he bought it in 1971 and that was the best info I had to go on.

The serial number is 735320 & it has the smaller pickups with "Gibson" embossed on them & although I've never seen another LP with the embossed pu's, I understand that it was not all that rare, not sure.

I opened up the back cover to look at the pots & discovered I have some cleaning to do, the pot backs are covered in a thin layer of light greyish pasty grunge, but there appears to be a 6 or 7 digit number on one pot & the other one I can see starts with 70.

I have used this guitar for decades with Schaller tuning heads on it, but recently, I returned it to the original Gibson heads for that classic look.

This guitar is my favorite of the 24 I have at the moment, but reality & the value of them makes me think about selling... I doubt I would be so hasty though because I know it would be gone & I'd probably never get another one.

Time to clean it up top to bottom & inside out, then play it for a few more decades.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Anyone who is interested there is a 70's les paul deluxe cherry sunburst for sale on ebay right now.



  Posted By : Blogger Smash

Hi everyone..
for others detail about Gibson universe (serial number, V.O.S., & more..) please visit my blog to: www.smashngrab.altervista.org

Leave a comments if you want..
Thanks, Smash


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I'm wondering what the value is of a 1970 Les Paul Delux that I acquired a few years ago.

I bought a 1970 les paul delux on ebay, had it kicking around unplayed for abit then decided to have it set up - holy crap - this thing is amazing!!!

The beast got hit with a few severe mods during its pre-me life, including a kalher and two dimarzios complete with two toggle switches that go from single to double coil (I have not opened her up to see if any routing has taken place to accomodate the pick-up changes - other than two holes added to accomodate the extra two pick-up toggles and the Kahler) As well the tuning pegs have been changed to Shalers. A locking nut has been added, and a refret has been performed...ha ha..lots of work indeed - but I love the sound and feel of all these mods...now again for my question - what price range could this puppy be worth?
She is a cherry sunburst



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Les Paul Gold Top. the tuners say Gibson Deluxe. The only number I could find is on the back of the head at the top and the number reads exactly as follows
7 5048. It is not worn off as this guitar is in perfect condition. There is no other information any where on the Guitar.
Could you give me some information about where and when it might have been made?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I forgot to include that the number is inked. Again the number is a 7 with what appears to be two blank spaces then the 5048. The 7 appears to be a smaller font then the 5048.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I think I just found the info on the site given. So as I can understand it it is a reissue of a 1957 Les Paul and it was made in 1995, and the 48th made that year.

In 1992, the serialization of reissues became standard. The configuration
of M YNNN is still in use by Gibson. The M indicates the model code,
specifically the last digit of the year of the reissue. The Y indicates the last
number of the year of the guitar, and the NNN are the production numbers.
For example, 4 8256 indicates a 1954 Les Paul reissue built in 1998
and is the 256th instrument of the year. The following codes represent
most of the reissues:
2 1952 LES PAUL
4 1954 LES PAUL
6 1956 LES PAUL
7 1957 LES PAUL
0 1960 LES PAUL


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I've got a 76 Deluxe, 00131xxx, but it has a truss rod cover that says standard. Les Paul gold script on peg head. Is this truss rod cover correct?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

In what year did they start using the threaded bushings for the tuners?


  Posted By : Blogger Joe

Hey all,

I'm looking at picking up a particular '83 Les Paul Deluxe gold top. I've been researching in order to find out if there are any reasons that I should or should not buy such a later year in the line. Does anybody have any information one way or the other? It appears to be in fine shape.




  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I purchased my Les Paul Deluxe used from a private party back in March of 1972. I had always hoped it was a 69 model, but reading the comments here it appears it might be 70 or 71. Serial number is 897837 imprinted on back of the head stock. Anyone have a better idea of its age?


  Posted By : Anonymous Doug

According to the goinstrument.com site, which Gibson refers you to, thi onse could be a 1967, although they say it could be anywhere from 61 to 69, since the numbers were repeated suring those years.

This would assume that it is stamped into the wood & that there is no "Made In USA" with it.

Go check this site & plug in your sn:



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i am looking to buy a 74 les paul deluxe and i was wondering if it is a good guitar sounding guitars or one of the less desirable ones made during that period.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi...I'm just looking for some more info on a 1975" L.P Deluxe Pro on ebay...item number 270207833310 the seller thinks its a 1975, but the last 3 of the serial number would make it much later than 75' right?


  Posted By : Blogger Stephen

hi, great site. thank you.

did kluson make double line single ring tuners in the 60's? i'm not sure if i'm seeing period replacements or original tuners on many guitars. any light you could shed would be helpful.

thanks again for the great gibson resource, stephen


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi does anyone know if there is a les paul deluxe with original natural finish I have a serial number 71938545



  Posted By : OpenID DeathofanAngelic

I've got a '77 Deluxe that has 8 digits in the S/N so to the guy with the 75, I'd say it's absolute bull. Maybe a reissue or just a counterfeit?

I just finished putting all original equipment back into it (matching 76 minis, original tuning machines, original truss rod cover, original pick guard, etc...) but I'm concerned that the bridge and tailpiece might not be original because the tail piece has no name molded into the underside and the tune-o-matic bridge says "made in germany" really small on the bottom!

Did Gibson USA exist in the 70's? Did they outsource work like part molding, or should I look into finding what appears to be a more likely authentic bridge that has "GIBSON ABR-1" molded into the underside? Very urgent!


  Posted By : OpenID DeathofanAngelic

As a side note, can anyone tell me the type of mounting screws were used on deluxes for mini humbuckers?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i just purchased gibson deluxe
with 99 123378 serial on it.
does anybody have an idea what year this guitar was made?
The seller seems to think it's from 1974. I belived his word but i want it to be sure.



  Posted By : Blogger gill

help what it is this serial numbre # 8 1100

no sey( made in usa) en the headstock

this guitar is a les paul delux o classic thaks

i am mexican


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I think the gibson deluxe with serial number 99 123378 could be 1975 rather than 1974.

I also have one of these (serial number 99 123147) which is a 1975 according to the Gibson website when I checked a few years ago.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Great site! I've been offered a 1974 Deluxe GT for $2600. Dates check out, has the mini HB's, original pots and tuners. There are some minor dings on the body and a small split on the headstock (outer piece) it is minor.

Is this a good deal or should I push lower?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a cherry red sunburst Les Paul DLX. I bought it when I was a kid (am 53 now) for $375 (that was a lot for a kid back then of course). The manual that came with it said the guy I bought it off of, paid for it on 12/17/71. So it has to be at least a 1971 model. And as the manual mentions Kalamazo, it must have been built in that factory.

The S/N# is 612532 and has Made In USA on it too. Any idea if this is a 71, or maybe a 70? And where could I get an HONEST evaluation on it? I once tried to at a Guitar Center, but the guy was extremely RUDE to me, and tried to tell me it was only worth $1000! JERK!!!

Sadly, as I have been laid off from work (and am over 50 so it will be hard to find a job), I may have to be selling this someday :(


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a question about mini-humbuckers. I have seen only a few early '70s LP Deluxe guitars with Gibson imprinted into the top of the chrome pickup cover. There is one such 1971 example on eBay now.

Are these after market covers? Did Gibson ever make the mini humbucker covers with the Gibson logo imprinted as standard on the stock LP Deluxe?

Just have so rarely seen this that I am wondering if this eBay guitar is truly 100% original.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

My 1970 :es Paul has the small stamped pickups & they are original.

I'm not sure how many guitars got these, but they are relatively rare among the 70's LP's.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, my name is mike. I bought my Paul deluxe back in 77 when I was in the navy,from a shipmate. Would like to know what year it was manufactured, if possible. Serial #181365 stamped on back of peghead and does not have made in USA stamped under serial #.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hey. I own a Gibson SG Faded.
Instead of 8 digit at the back of the peghead, it has 9.

The Serial numbers are,030060395
Below the serial number,"Made in U.S.A"

Could this be fake or original???


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hey. I own a Gibson SG Faded.
Instead of 8 digit at the back of the peghead, it has 9.

The Serial numbers are,030060395
Below the serial number,"Made in U.S.A"

Could this be fake or original???


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

The back of the headstock of my Les paul standard says SN/94013773 what year is this guitar? and how much worth?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I have a LP Deluxe with a SN that lines up with 1969. Also, no volute or Made in USA stamp. I have seen many similar guitars on ebay except mine has no Les Paul decal on the headstock, but the truss rod cover has in small letters "Les Paul" and a second line that says "Deluxe." All of the other guitars that I have seen only have "Deluxe" in large letters on the truss rod cover. Is mine more of a rarity? Has anyone else seen the two lines of text on the truss rod cover?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Deluxe with minis, goldtop
The SN is 00130696.

What year is that? In what factory was it made? What is its real value today (aprox.)?

Thank you very much in advance!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

i have a les paul with a serial number 67812.. whats this mean.. i do not know what year it is made.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hey, lots of people are asking what year their Gibson is. Go to http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Support/SerialNumberSearch

Also, Google something like "Gibson serial numbers" and you will get some interactive web sites that you can just punch the SN into and get information. Hope this helps.

Anyone ever see "Les Paul" and "Deluxe" in small print on the truss rod cover? All the LPDs that I have seen have "Deluxe" as the only word on the truss rod cover. Mine has the two lines of smaller print. Maybe it's a rare prototype from 1969 worth 2 million dollars! Someday you will see it in the Gibson museum...


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1980 LP Pro, Goldtop. The serial # is 80370800 and it is impressed in the head stock. also it says SECOND under the serial #. Im looking into selling it, but i have no idea what it might be worth. There are holes at the bottom as if there were a bigsby there at one time and the pick guard has been taken off. it has P90 soapbox pick-ups. Any ideas what i might be able to sell it for??



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I presently own a Gibson Les Paul Pro-Deluxe that has me with some questions. The serial number is the decal 1975-77 model, 2 digit prefix followed by 6 digits. Mine begins with a 99 12XXXX, which puts this one at 1975. There is a 2 stamped on this one to indicate it was a 2nd from the Gibson plant for what ever reasons.
I have seen that the Pro-Deluxe did not come out until 1978. Yet-Mine has the Pancake body, 3 piece neck, P-90 Soapbars, Ebony board, Schaller M-6 tuners and "Pro" truss cover just like every Les Paul Pro-Deluxe I have ever seen.
Yet again, serial number indicates 1975. Do I have a 1975 or 1978??? I'm really confused on this one-ANY answer, leads or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks, KLR


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

This is for reference and to clarify some info in this post. Gibson serials numbers in the early 70's were a bit random. Although '71 used 6XXXXX serials, so did 1975. Best to check your pots to get a possibly more accurate feel. Usually 137YYWW, using the YY as year (WW week).

For reference, my Gold Top Deluxe is serial 660XXX, Made In USA, and the pots date to 1974. Good luck all, and maybe some of you do some better research rather than go "help, tell me when my guitar was made and what is it worth...?" etc etc...


  Posted By : Blogger 54lespaul

Does anyone have advice on how ot determine the value of a 1954 les paul gold top in an anvil case> The guitar was actually used in recording a number one song and a couple top ten songs on a number one album back in the 70's. Everything is original except the tuning heads which were replaced back in the 70's.

I'd also appreciate advice on the best forum to use to sell it.


  Posted By : Anonymous chris reid

hi, i have an org. 1969 gibson les paul gold top deluxe does any one know how much its really worth because i saw one on ebay mint for 15,000 US.dollars and this website says only between 4-6 thousand??? im confused mines not mint but its in very good shape


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a 1970-1973 les paul deluxe. I know that based on what I've read on this site, since the serial number is 1235XX. Does anyone know how I can determine the exact year? Thanks!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a les paul deluxe cherry sunburst. It is serial number 618173 with "made in the usa" stamped below. It has the double humbuckers. All origninal, can you give me your opinion on year and vaule?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have got a Gibson Les Paul serial number 402182 was bought in 60 or 61 brand new oe owner never been played. always in the case


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I posted a comment yesterday about my 61 or 61 les paul serial number# 402182 mint condition was passed down to me by my grandfather who dont even play he bought it brand new has bee in its case ever since I want to sell it do you know who buys these instruments.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

When did Gibson make reissues of the Les Paul Deluxe? (with mini hums)
Did they make a run in 2004?
No decal, Stamped
Made in the USA
Wine Color
Thanks if anyone can help


  Posted By : Blogger thejosephs

Hi everyone,
i have in my hands a lespaul deluxe with the following sr number 175965 , wich according to the Gibson serial num ber list is probably a 1965!!!
is that correct??
i´m amazed!
tanx for the help



  Posted By : Anonymous Ralph

Yo. Can't seem to find the right info on this one.

Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. Has a volute but no "Made in..." stamp. 6 digit serial starting with 101xxx. What year would this be ? 68/69 or 70/71 ?

Thanks !!!


  Posted By : Blogger HvyKvy

My natural top Deluxe has 706595xx so that means it's a March 1979 from Nasville?


  Posted By : Blogger Mike

I am looking at a sunburst LP standard with full humbuckers, serial no 727289 with no made in usa. The pots are gibson enbossed, I did not see the date code. Possibly refinished, the serial number is present but hard to read, about 1/4" tall numbers. Any idea what year, and if the full size humbuckers are correct?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I've seen so many of these with the mini himbuckers ripped out, the cavities routed and humbuckers thrown in. Shame.

Also, I know those are the rates I see in price guides, but in a stores the prices are always very inflated.


  Posted By : Anonymous Eric

Hey I'm pretty sure this is a very early 69 deluxe gold top, but just to make sure, here's the info:

Serial # 814694
Truss rod cover says "les paul deluxe"
NO made in USA stamp or volute
Tuners are double band, double ridge style, and say "Kluston Deluxe" on back in two vertical rows.
Gibson logo on head has open "b" and "o", and the dot missing over the "i"

Thanks for the feedback


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

HII i was wondering if anyone could help me?? My dad passed away and left us with a Les Paul Deluxe in sunburst (I HAVE PICTURES) from either the late 60's or early 70's. We would like to know about the estimated value or such a guitar..

please email me @ maaaeve@aim.com


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous


Can someone verify? I have a 1971 or 1972 LEs Paul Deluxe, with Gibson stamped on the pickup covers. I have heard that this was only done in 1972. The serial number is 682404, which puts this in the 1970,71,72. I am the original owner and I bought it in '72, but wanted to confirm the year the pickup was stamped with "Gibson" . Please e-mail me at dalehob555@comcast.net


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Looking for any info on a 74 Goldtop, at least thats what the pots are. Mini Humbuckers seem correct.
It is the pancake body but with a 3 piece neck with NO VOLUTE.
The head to neck transition is smooth with no sharp corners or edge lines.
The "Gibson" has a doted I.on the headstock.
It had gold tuners and bridge pieces, now in a sock in the case.
Noe has a more adjustable bridge but no lives were lost in the conversion.
The numbers are stamped in the back of the head 109XXX no USA anything.

Everything seems consistent with a 74 except the gold hardware and the neck.

Had an appraisal and they thought the neck had been replaced at the factory.

Was it a limited model?
Was the neck replaced?
Could it have been ordered that way?
Any info would be appreciated.


  Posted By : Blogger Ira S.

Hi, Noel, if you ever want to sell your left-handed goldtop Deluxe, please get in touch with me at info @ irasiegel.com


  Posted By : Blogger Fidelic1

SO I have a Deluxe here, serial stamped 181775, without the 'made in USA', I looked it up on a site but this would mean it was made in 1964 which can't be right. There's also a volute (I think, no-one's ever clear as to what it actually is but there's a lump of wood on the back of the neck opposite the nut so I suppose that's what it is).

Any help? :o


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi i'm thinking about buying a black late 69 left hand les paul custom. This is a late 1969 model.
Serial number is 898375
3 piece neck with small volute and no 'MADE IN USA' stamp.
Pancake body.
Late 1969 pots.
Stamped factory 2nd on the back of the headstock. Stamped factory 2nd worries me, should I be worried?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi i'm thinking about buying a black late 69 left hand les paul custom. This is a late 1969 model.
Serial number is 898375
3 piece neck with small volute and no 'MADE IN USA' stamp.
Pancake body.
Late 1969 pots.
Stamped factory 2nd on the back of the headstock. Stamped factory 2nd worries me, should I be worried?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

^I think I saw that one on ebay

It looks fine. Second just means you have to pay was less for it because there was a cosmetical flaw somewhere so Gibson couldn't sell it.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a gold top, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. The serial number on the headstock is 130408 and has MADE IN THE USA under the serial number. It has no 00 before it. Can you tell me what year it is?


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I have a LP de luxe, volute, sandwich construction. Made in USA stamped above serial 113827. I suspect 1973. Can anyone confirm or correct please?


  Posted By : Blogger Pat Jennings


I have a Gibson Les Paul guitar that i tried to sell and started getting too many questions regarding it originality. The serial number on this guitar is 92761482. From Gibson this is a Les Paul Deluxe in bullion gold, with chrome hardware from 1991 through Rosetti. It is a Hall of Fame edition and should look like original version of the Deluxe model from 1969 with mini humbuckers.

From the feedback from Gibson my guitar looks to be original. I'd like to know if anyone has any links to the guitar that it has been designed to look like. Also, the truss rod cover says "Standard" not Deluxe and how can I confirm if the pickups are mini Humbuckers?

I can provide photos if you request.




  Posted By : Anonymous J.D.

I have a Les Paul Deluxe. S/N 653304 Wine Color, I changed the tuners years ago to Schallers. I am thinking about selling this one as I no longer use it. It's in very good condition and would want top dollar for it.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top #106172,,,is it a 1972 model?



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I believe I have a 1976 Goldtop LesPaul with standard humbuckers, but can't confirm the year. SN 00136xxx. Odd thing is, it has large double humbuckers and says Standard on the trussrod cover, but Deluxe and made in the USA on the peghead decal. I'm the original owner and made no mods on it. Can anyone tell me anything about the history? It's got a two piece layered body. Thanks Mike


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have a les paul deluxe that i purchased in 1973 can any one give me some info. it is cherry red sunburst with serial # 175989 inprinted in the wood with made in usa under the serial #. I was told it is a 1972.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

hi,i have a Les paul Deluxe goldtop with number 821735.
wich year should be and how much can be valued?
by the way....sound's GREAT!
tx a lot


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Personally, I don't think that there's much cause for concern about "counterfiet" vintage les pauls. The scumbags in China making the rip-offs are only copying the current high-end models, like the supreme, plus, gold-top and black beauty reissues, etc.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

My grandfather gave me a Les Paul , serial number 82291563 and I was wanting to know something about it. About all he can remember is he bought it in the early 80's used. It looks to be in very good shape. Thanks for any information you can provide. Scott


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have one of these Deluxe "Hall of Fame" Edition Guitars as well I Bought it at Mannys Guitar Shop In NYC in 1991 New. In Sept of 1992 i had the chance to meet Les Paul and have him sign the guitar. He was Unaware at the time they were making this run of 400 all GOLD 69 Reissue Deluxe LPs. I have found some docs. on line that account for this ltd. run. It is Real.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I have just inherited a Gibson ES-150D in the original case. I cannot read the serial number due to minor damage to that area. I took it to a local "expert" who told me it was made in 1972 due to the pickups. They have GIBSON embossed on the top. I mean the metal was acctualy cast that way! He says that is the only year they did this. Can anyone confirm this info? Also, from my research I have seen that the the cases from the 70's were red inside, mine is in yellow which indicates an earlier year. The sticker inside is rectangle in blue and white (Kalamazoo MI, Union Made, etc). The unit is in perfect condition other than the serial number damage. Another guy said the crown on the front indicates it is a 50's model. And of course I am wondering what it may be worth. Any help would be much appriciated.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I bought a Les Paul used years ago in 1971, I believe it to be a 1969 Gold Top. The interesting thing about the guitar is it has a one piece walnut finished body (non pancake), small head stock and a kind of chubby neck. It also has large humbucking pickups which are original. I've never seen another like mine. The i in Gibson is dotted and the o is open. The head just says Les Paul model in gold. Does anybody know anything about this model? I'd appreciate and input. Peace Al


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