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Gibson Es-295

Gibson Es-295 Archtop Guitar (1952-1958)

1953 gibson es-295 The gibson es-295 was introduced in 1952 and shared the same finish as the original gibson les paul goldtop model which originated during the same year .

In 1952 the es-295 guitar was fitted with 2 p-90 cream covered pickups, it had gold plated hardware , a gold body and neck finish , individual tone controls for each pickup,

pickguard embossed with a gold floral design , trapeze tailpiece , parallelagram fingerboard inlays , and had crown inlays on the peghead .

From the very beginning since scotty moore ( guitarist of elvis presley ) played on the es-295 , it was coined as the ultimate rockabilly guitar , the guitar was also considered as a prestigious version of the es-175 but with 2 soap bar pickups .

scotty moore and elvis presley playing guitarIn 1957 , gibson replaced the 2 p90 pickups with 2 gold plated humbuckers to comply and blend with the gold finish .

Although the gibson es-295 guitars were short lived in 1958 , they set the stage for the succesful gibson es-175d models which were introduced a year later with 2 p90 pickups, natrural or sunburst finishes ,and are still in production today.

In 1990 gibson introduced a reissue with a gold finish 2 p90 pickups , bigsby and called it the gibson es-295 reissue , discontinued in 1993 .

In 1993 they introduced a more prestige version with an antique gold finish , bigsby and 2-p90s , and named it the es-295 '52 historic collection , discontinued in 2000 .

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1952 - 1957 > $7900 to $8700 ( p90 )
1957 - 1958 > $18 000 to $22 000 ( humbuckers )
1990 - 1993 > $2400 to $2700 ( reissue )
1993 - 2000 > $2500 to $2700 ( historic collection )

guitar price guide1952 - 1957 > Avg Upward Trend Of 11% a Year since 2000
1957-1958 > 22% 1990-1993 > 8% 1993-2000 > 0%

You can find Gibson es-295 guitars for sale on ebay at very good prices , however they don't have them listed all the time .


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    What an awesome site , keep it up ...wish you had fender and grestch too .

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    had a 1955 es-295 and i sold it in 98 at a ridiculous price , i still regret it till this day . Never found one since then .

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    My Dad still has one, but we can't figure out exactly what year it was made, as the serial # is worn.
    It has the P-90 pickups.
    He bought it used in 1963 for $125 w/ case.

  4. I have a 1958 es 295 with humbuckers. it is all original as is the case. My drummer took a small chunk out of the headstock with his cymbal! I kept the piece. Did he knock off a lot of $ by damaging it?

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Didn't the reissues have P-100s? I read that somewhere.

  6. Patrick9:24 AM

    Yeah I have a 1990. P100's. Awesome guitar.

  7. Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) has me drooling for this guitar. I can only dream about owning one . .

  8. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Never understood why the "re-issue" & most of the"Historic Collection" models were fitted with a Bigsby when the originals were not! My 2000 model has the original trapeze style tail.. Much much more authentic (and rare). A friend of mine has an original `52 model that sounds better and plays easier the my Historic Re-Issue could ever hope to. The Scotty Moore connection has always bother me also. He only used a 295 on a few early recordings, and it was modified. He soon switched to an L5 & a Super 400.

  9. Yeah Geordie is one hell of a rhythm guitarist.
    You can own one for 5-8k.
    Not bad value when you compare it with a 1957 goldtop les paul. 70-150K

  10. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I purchased my ES-295 in 1952. Was on the road for a few years. Metal parts and paint tarnished. Had the guitar refurbished by gibson in 2008. It is still a fine playing guitar.

  11. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I just bought a 1955 model and man i have to say it is the sweetest sounding guitar i have ever played and i have been playing for over thirty years. It is also very easy to play and feels like butter in my hands(without the greasy feel ;)...Mine has no original finish left and i am contemplating whether to have it refinished or not.I am leaning toward the not as i want to keep it as original as possible.Also Scotty Moore signed the pickguard.I love this axe! I also have a small collection of new and Vintage guitars,but i would rather play the es-295 than any. I have some decent one's too.Les Paul push tone,gibson sj-200 Danelectro etc....any advice as to refinish or leave alone?

  12. Anonymous5:27 PM

    My mother in law recently was moving and behind the couch in the living room was her fathers ES295 gibson in original case. looked in the cut out and the serial number is A15761 from the kalamazoo plant in mich. Can't seem to find the value as of yet but also haven't looked into it that much either, except here. Any ideas? contact me mpanet8@hotmail.com

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Although some say Scotty Moore either never or rarely used his es-295 on recordings,the facts bear out he used it on almost all of the early Elvis recordings and the best cuts imho. He loved the body size and the general feel as well as the Rockabilly tone.

  14. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I loved my 1955 es-295 Goldtop so much i jumped when i saw a 1953 original sunburst es-295 for sale. I just got it today and it is so sweet. As far as i can tell this is only the third sunburst known to exist. Probably made more but i haven't been able to find out about anymore sunbursts. I have been picking it since it arrived this evening. Great and rare guitars.

  15. I inherited a 1954 Es-295, being the only other musician my family other than my uncle who acquired this beautiful guitar. It will never leave my family as long as I have a say in it :)

  16. I have a 1953 Gibson es 295 same exact one in case my dad passed I do not know how to play contact me for details

  17. 1953 Gibson es295 for sale original case my father passed contact me for details bartling65@gmail.com