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Gibson Southern Jumbo

Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo ( 1942-1978 )

1967 gibson southern jumboIn 1942 the gibson Sj Southern jumbo according to the literature i've read was intended to be a promo model for the J-45 until gibson decided to include them permanently in their line of production alongside the j-45 , j-50 ,and j-55 .

The southern jumbo was made famous by country music icon Hank Williams Sr. and are known to be finer versions of the j-45 . Early models of these guitars are sought after by collectors and are expected to spike in price due to demand vs. supply over the coming years .

In 1942 the gibson sj southern jumbo was 16 1/8" round shoulder dreadnought, mahogany/back/sides/neck , thay had parallelogram inlays , bottom belly bridges , teardrop pickguard, 2 pearl dots on bridge , "only a gibson is good enough" banner on peghead , unbound 19 fret fingerboard and were made in sunburst finishes . ( few had no truss rods until 1944 )

Note : the first batch of the sj southern jumbo guitars were made with rosewood back/sides with FON # 910

In 1946 -47 they had double parallelogram inlays , no banner on peghead , & bound fingerboards , in 1948 gibson added a new modern style gibson logo ,

hank williams srthe following year 1949 gibson used the upper belly bridge towards the soundhole which by then was a standard feature on most of their flattop acoustic guitars .

In 1954 natural finishes were optional and were introduced as the SJN southern jumbo , a year later in 1955 one fret was added ( now 20 frets ) with a pointed style pickguard ( some still had teardrop pickguards ) .

In 1956 gibson renamed their natural versions of the SJN to Gibson Country Western with few minor changes . ( pearl crown inlays on the pegheads were added w/pearl gibson logos) .

In 1962 , due to the success of the gibson hummingbird the round shouldered body that characterized the southern jumbo was changed to a square shouldered body .

From 1962 to 1968 the southern jumbo specs went through minor changes until 1969 when the guitar was fitted with a bridge below the belly, cherry sunburst finishes were also available from 61 to 68 ( see pic courtesy of mandoweb.com ).

In 1970 to 1978 the SJ southern jumbo was renamed the Gibson SJ Deluxe Southern Jumbo non adjustable saddles in 1970 , unbound fingerboards in 1972 and 4 ply binding from 1974 to 1978 .

Round shouldered sj southern jumbos were reintroduced in 1991 in vintage finishes and hank william jr guitars were introduced in 1997 and were renamed Southern Jumbo in 1999.

Vintage Price Value For 2007 :
1942 - 1944 > $5000 to $6000 ( sj southen jumbo )
1945 - 1950 > $4000 to $5000
1951 - 1961 > $3500 to $4500
1962 - 1968 > $2500 to $3500
1969 - 1970 > $1800 to $2300 ( below belly bridge )
1970 - 1971 > $1500 to $1800 ( sj deluxe southern jumbo )
1972 - 1973 > $1100 to $1500
1974 - 1978 > $900 to $1200

guitar price guide1942 - 1950 > Avg Upward Trend Of 13% a Year since 2000
1951 - 1970 > 8% - 1970 - 1978 > 4%


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Ive recently bought a 1973 Gibson sj deluxe, the machine heads are grover but all the machine heads i have seen are Kluxon?

  2. Junior10:04 AM

    im pretty sure your machine heads have been replaced .

  3. in 1974 the original kluson company went bankrupt , its possible that gibson started replacing some of their machine heads with grover tuners during the early seventies.

    On several occasions they also made grover machine heads optional on certain guitars .

    you should call gibson direct on their site before jumping into any conclusion , they have a toll free number , im sure they can help you ( hopefully ? ).

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Cheers guys, the machine heads are original i checked with Gibson.

  5. junior12:45 PM

    Great,good to know for future purchases....

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Really like the site, some good stuff. Just a quick one. Ive got a sj and was wondering what type of strings sound good,any suggestions would be welcomed.

  7. domenic5:17 PM

    much of it is a matter of taste,as for me i like to use light gauge ( .012 .016 .025 .032 .042 .054 )or ( 11.5-14-23-28-38-47 ) acoustic strings

    especially if its a vintage or expensive guitar because they don't put much tension on the bridge ,

    also look for silk-wrapped ball ends it helps reduce wear on the bridge and bridge plate,which is idea for valuable or vintage guitars .

    they also sound great, the highs have brilliance and bass is rich .

    i know martin sells these strings but i think other makes like dadario or ernie ball should have them too .

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Just got into looking up the age of my Gibson. Note that there was a FON #927 stamped on the bottom of the neck bridge. It appears that this was made in 1942? It was my father's, who gave it to me and now I am passing it on to my eldest son in 2006. I do hope it stays within the family for may other generations to come?

  9. Anonymous1:33 PM

    wow , a 42 southern jumbo ... there are not many around thats for sure , you can sell it for quite a few dollars ..

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Looks like I have the late 60's model. It says SJ Deluxe on the label inside, no numbers anywhere. My grief is that the strings are so high off the fret-board. By looking at it I don't see anything else out of whack, except it looks like the bridge should be a quarter of an inch lower. I wonder why it's messed up?

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    poor maintenance from previous owner , take the guitar to a good luthier.

    You have a great guitar in your hands ... worth the repairs .

  12. Anonymous6:27 AM

    The more I look at it and play it (even though it's boogered up) I can see where it just might be worth putting the money and effort into it. I've contacted a reputable luthier already and we'll see where it goes from here.

  13. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Thru the recent death of my brother I now own his old Gibson flattop guitar that he purchased used in 1960. I've determined thru research the guitar is a 1943 Southern Jumbo with the gold banner on the head "Only a Gibson is Good Enough". The only legibile numbers on it is a stamped in black "28" on the inside neck brace. It has Gold Kluxon tuners but I'm not sure the are original. It also has the "skunk stripe" down the middle of the top. Did some of these SJ's come with gold tuners originally?

  14. domenic6:51 AM

    Great question , i did a little research and according to my resources southern jumbo guitars made from 1942 to 1947 came with no gold kluxon tuners ...

  15. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Thanks. I assumed the gold tuners had been added to the 1943 SJ before my brother bought it in 1960 but couldn't be sure. I am going to replace them with the original type to keep the guitar totally original.

  16. Anonymous8:55 PM

    very possible , gold kluxon tuners were added sometime in the fifties ... take care of your guitar , early 40's southern jumbo's are in demand ... very few are all original on the market today ...

  17. Anonymous9:37 AM

    OK thanks. I know the gold tuners were on my 1943 SJ when my brother bought it used in 1960. I was with him when he bought it for $50.00. I guess the previous owner added the gold tuners. Do you know if the original type tuners are availabe and where I may obtain them? The guitar is totally original except for the tuners and is in beautiful condition and sounds great. I plan to keep it as long as I live and pass it on to my grandson.

  18. domenic4:17 PM

    unfortunatly i don't know where to get them , that is why these guitars are so valuable , parts are scarce ... you can try ebay from now and then ... good luck .

  19. Hello

    I just bought an early 70's model Southern Jumbo Deluxe. After playing and goofing around with it for a week, I dropped it off at Elderly Instruments for a few issues. Nice guitar, I have wanted a decent Gibson acoustic for a while. However, Elderly tells me the guitar is from an era "not known to be the best" at Gibson . . . any thoughts?

  20. domenic6:01 PM

    first time i here of such thing // ... maybe its because during the late sixties and early seventies gibson started making many reissues of their earlier models , they also sold to a company called norlin in 1969-70, which lead to some changes with different marketing strategies ..

  21. David Hannes8:37 PM

    On Saturday the 31st of March 2007, I went to a farm auction in southern Missouri to bid on some hay balers. As it happened, I didn't buy a baler. What I did buy was a c.1973-1975 Gibson SJ Deluxe. I paid $300 for a real beauty. The owner took very good care of this guitar. All I had to do was clean and polish it and put new strings on!

    I have been wanting a primo guitar ever since my EX-wife sold my Ovation Custom Legend to a pawn shop in 1998. (Just one of the many reasons she's my ex)

    What a joy to have this excellent instrument! After playing an "Abilene" for 8 years....you guys know what mean I'm sure. What a difference.

    Anyway, I'm VERY happy to have this guitar and though I'm not interested in selling it, I would like to know the value of it. The back and sides are mahogony and the top is natural...sort of an orange color after all these years. The machine heads are Gibson Brand. It has a split, two piece bridge. The serial number is stamped into the headstock A820275 above the "MADE IN USA" stamp. The action is excellent. It's in "very good" condition.


  22. Anonymous10:46 AM

    david hannes

    the serial number that you provided indicates that it was made 1973-75

  23. Anonymous3:42 PM


    I just got my hands on a 55 Southern Jumbo. This thing has been laying in a box for practically its entire life. This guitar is so clean, theres no scratches on the pickguard. I think the strings has been changed....once... If anyone figures themselves experts, what would you value it to?


  24. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I just acquired an SJ Deluxe (Ser. #613897), it's somewhere between a '70 and '75.
    There has been some decussion about tuners, mine are Grover (rectangular shaped) and appear to be original. The top is sunk in between the front edge of the sound hole and the neck. Oddly enough it plays great and the intenation seems to be very good.
    I had been looking for a J-45 but I'm happy I found this one.

  25. I've just checked the serial # and though I bought it new in 1972, it is a 1969 SJ. One of the machine heads (all Grover) failed about 73-74 and the replacement was round where the originals were all rectangular.

  26. The first batch of less than 40 Brazilian rosewood SJ's were called Southerner Jumbo, and I have been told that was the official model name throughout 1942, even for the remaining 1942 mahagony models. Changed to Southern Jumbo in 43. I have had four Brazilians through my hands, two had metal adjustable truss rods, two had ebony inserts in the truss cavity ala Martin, with the adjustment access cavity filled in with a triangle of wood, almost invisibly. These 40 are said to have been made in one run by one luthier, alone. The non-truss I kept has hand plane marks along the side of the headstock, and is the best Gibson flat top I have played, including pre-war AJ's. These are not listed in VG guide due to low numbers of instruments, and re-sales. My last years appraisal from a top restorer was $28-40k in its perfect structural condition with minor playing wear. Any ideas from the Gibson community as to 2008 value, as it most likely will not appear in VG guide once again?

  27. I'm writing a story and was wondering, would the description "a 1954 Gibson SJN 19-fret" be accurate or make sense? I'm not familiar with how these old Gibsons are referred to. Thanks for the help.

  28. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I USED to own {wish I still had it} what must have been from the second batch of SJs made, it had a maple neck, mahogany back, rosewood sides, spruce top and a poplar neck block, folks thats FIVE differant varieties of tonewoods! The neck had no truss rod, and was of the baseball bat type, reinforced with ebony. I sold it to Gary Burnette of Bee3 vintage {one of the nicest guys in the biz} about fifteen years ago. At the time, he had a 1922 Loar F5 just lying around in his living room. He let me play it a little. Asking price was $30k at the time, and I thought that was high! The SJ was all original {case too} and Gary said it was a 8.5 out of 10, action was GREAT, no repairs ever, no modifications, super guitar. Tone for days. I really miss that guitar!

  29. Anonymous10:24 AM

    i have a 1943 "banner" SJ that was my grandmother's brothers.
    it's all original including the case....except for the frets.
    does anyone know if having a refret brings down the value and by how much?
    i play this guitar every night (only at the house of course) and just had to have frets put in it.

  30. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I own a 1965 SJ all brazilian rosewood/spruce top. This guitar has an all rosewood adjustable bridge. Do I have something unusual as I cannot find any pictures or information on the bridge?

  31. Anonymous12:33 PM

    ihave a sj it has gibison deluxe keys #960441 and has sj on the head have case org. i know the history of it what dose deluxe mean

  32. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I am offered a sj-45, rosewood back and sides, build in 1995 with Headstock Banner "only a gibson is good enough". Is that really something? What is it worse?

  33. Daniel Rudowski1:02 PM

    i recently acquired a 1970 sj deluxe with unusual grover machine heads. they do not have the scalloped ends; just simple oblongs with "grover" printed on the front at a slight diagonal with "usa" under it. i'll send photos if you like. i can't find any like them and i need to replace one.

  34. Trying to find out when my sj was made. No serial number to be found,. Number 328 is stamped inside the heel of the neck. It has 19 frets and a belly up bridge. Has a number 2 stamped on the back of the peghead. And the letters "SJ" inside the body. Am guessing it was made between 1949-1954?

  35. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Interesting site and blogs I have a SJ Southern that was given to me by my dad in 1955 have enjoyed playing for 53 years now and the tone only gets better. Until now I had not been able to identify the model. Only knew it was a Jumbo Gibson. Original purchase price in 1955 was abt $600

  36. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I have a 55 SJ 45 that my dad bought from my grandfather in 1963 for 50 dollars! My dad gave it to me when I was around 10 yrs old and its the one that I learned to play guitar on.Its had plenty of bluegrass played on it and it is now family treasure. I have never seen another just like it and it still has the original tuners on it.The ones with the small ivory color buttons on them.


  38. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I have a Gibson Southern Jumbo- with the # 951475 on the back with Made in USA stamped there also.
    Does anyone know what year this would be?

  39. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Why is there a pic of Hank Sr. playing a martin?

    AND...what is a "below the belly bridge?" Was that only in 1969? as I've seen pics of 70's and early 60's with the same style/shape bridge. HALP ME!

  40. I love Vintage guitars because its sound was very cool. However, Vintage guitars is hard to find guitars brand especially in my small town.

  41. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I have an SJ which I bought new in 1969 or 70. S/N 851939 is on the back of the headstock and it came with a tag that says "Diamond Jubilee - 75 years of excellence". There is no label on the inside though. Was this usual at that time and do you have any comments on SJs from that time period? Thanks

  42. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I have Gibson SJ 1946 in original condition with a few professionally fixed cracks on the back side. Straight neck, low action , boomy basses and fantastic trebles. Any idea about the value? Paralelogram dots , made from mother in pearl (not the pearloid)Thanks

  43. I have a SJ deluxe with the stamp on peghead is A60107.... what year would this be? I thought it was a 1967 but now I am not sure

  44. serial # on back of peghead is A60107 I thought it was a 1967 model but now I am not sure,Gibson SJ deluxe,Thanks....

  45. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Comrades! Good to find you. Bought my SJDeluxe in Ann Arbor, Mich. around New Year's '72. Looked at Guilds and others which had better action, but the sound on the SJD was incomparable! A bitch to play, though, since it had heavy gauge strings. It's always been strung through the years, but rarely played--only on "special moments". Still going strong as it's been well-protected in its case (lined with purple felt). s/n: 687017

  46. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I have a Gibson SJ DELUXE numbers on it is, A 601210 I would like to know what year it was made and the value of it Thank You

  47. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I have a Gibson SJ DELUXE numbers on it is A 601210 I would like to know what year it was made and the value of it Thanks

  48. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Does anyone have a closeup picture of the adjustable saddle on the Gibson's, like the 1963 Southern Jumbo? I'll pay a bit for one. email me at bbob1216@hotmail.com

  49. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Regarding the question on the year the A601210 was made, go to http://www.sundownsongs.com/gibson-guitars.html

  50. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Anyone interested in a 1970 Gibson SG. One owner, original hard shell case in excellent condition. I bought it new after the service. Just play it at home, not a musician. Love the guitar but need the money. Contact at roger271@comcast.net

  51. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I have the 43 gibson southern jumbo, given from my grandpa, a thing of beauty

  52. i have a 71 SJN
    color: natural (not sunburst)
    definitely rosewood sides and back - almost certain that it has a spruce top (not sure)
    only markings are a ser.# in back of head stock
    ser# 956254 and under is MADE IN USA
    no stamp or label inside

    came with new grover tuners (90's) and a crappy martin pick-guard. you could see the shadow of the original 'pointed' pick-guard (same as hummingbird). Gibson-Nashville was nice enough to send me a PG that they said should match the original perfectly. (PG that was being put on the Sheryl Crow model at that time)
    I bought Gibson vintage style tuners mostly for the look but the headstock did have the shadow of the distinct points on these tuners.

    my questions;

    ~ what tuners were on it originally?
    ~ what PG was on it originally?
    ~ does anyone know the original wood specs and is this Brazilian rosewood? what is the top?
    ~ any other facts that anyone knows based on the
    ser# 956254


  53. Anonymous7:47 AM

    there's a guitar on ebay that is supposed to be a SJ but it definately has a Hummingbird pick guard...the seller says it is a 60's model....I know Gibson changed the round shoulder shape to square in the 60's because of the success of the Hummingbird...would they have messed with the SJ pickguard as well...the seller tells me it has SJ stamped inside the body.

  54. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I, too, am amused to see Hank Williams playing a Martin. Is there meaning in this?

  55. Anonymous11:37 AM

    The SJN 1971.
    ~ It probably had white Klusons (the pills).
    ~ A typical 3-point Gibson guard with or without cartoons.
    ~ Cannot belive it's Rio-rose. What makes you think so.
    The top is Spruce.
    ~ Stick to the 71 or early 70'ties idea.
    Best Thoughts

  56. Anonymous11:42 AM

    P.S. Did I get the 'Klusons' right, , , ?
    And by the way, it would have been the tulip shaped if we imagine the pick guard with nature scenery.

  57. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Gibson's numbering got a bit messed up in the 60s and 70s. I have an SJ which I bought in 1971 which I was repeatedly told was a '73 because of the blue book showns the SN as a 1973 one (no-one willing to comment why the receipt I have was dated July 1971 and clearly shown the S/N!).
    I eventually sent photos to Gibson, who told me it was made in 1969.
    Just to make the point that the books on these things aren't infallible.

  58. Anonymous5:27 AM

    he 71 rosewood was from Honduras and it would have had white button klusons, I think. Top is spruce. The mahogany is from Brasil, I think.

  59. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I have an early "70's SJ with the "belly down" bridge; it's been altered a bit: new PG, teardrop; Gold Schaller tuners(?); the adjustable bridge has been changed out for a non-adjustable. It is one of the square shoulder types. Plays like a great J-45/50 (I had a '63 J-50), the only difference being that it is very heavy, maybe by a pound over most of my other acoustics. I'm wondering if lightening it (by, say, thinning the braces) would improve it's tone or not?BTW, the adjustable bridge is just wider than the non-adjustable and has a screw at each end that allow it to be raised and lowered. Mine (on the J-50) was ceramic. Sounded terrible!

  60. Anonymous6:07 PM

    i have 69 Gibson sjn with a disintegrated pick guard...ordered new pick guard...hope i can do the repair myself.. need double sided.. tape? can ya help?

  61. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I have a 1969 Gibson SJN with a deteriorating pick guard. Was able to order Hummingbird style guard. Need to know the correct double sided tape to use in order place on guitar. wkf@cpws.net

  62. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I just recieved I think a Gibson SJN but I am trying to make sure what it is and what its worth. The only number I found on the inside up against fretboard. The number is 5276 23. Does anyone know what this means?

  63. Anonymous5:11 PM

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  64. CHRISTINE1:58 PM


  65. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I have a 1968 SJN, with some issues...but a wonderful sound. There has been some cupping of the box around the bridge...affecting string height...and the bridge saddle itself, through leaning and tension (ebony I think)has cracked and worn.So I need to replace it with something. I have contacted the Gibson factory and am told only there are no replacements available. other than hand carving or whittling a new one, any ideas out there on this?

  66. Randy8:34 PM

    I have a 72-73 SJD ... needs a new top.. would like to save pickguard though.. was given to me by my grandfather who bought new in 1972. the top is warped due to my grandfather leaving it in the trunk of his car. Is there any hope for my gibson? it also has grover tuners.

  67. mikey7:30 PM

    I just bought an vintage sj, i checked the serial number and all that I could get back from that, was that it was made between 66-69. Are there any identifing characteristic to narrow it down...i love the guitar, it has a beautiful tone. But i would like to know exactly what year it is..

  68. mikey1:07 PM

    Hi again, i left the comment above, sn# 840881. As I said all i could was that it was made 66-69. any help would be great!!

  69. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Hey all! It seems like most of you know lots about gibsons... I have a SJ Deluxe in mint condition. The only numbers that I could find on it A140692. Does anyone have any info on this guitar?? Year... worth?Thank you!!

  70. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Just bought a 1967 Southern Jumbo. I was told it's a one owner guitar from an estate sale. Looks almost brand new is completely original and hasn't had any work done to it. Just wondering what it might be worth?

  71. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Just bought a 1967 Southern Jumbo. I was told it's a one owner guitar from an estate sale. Looks almost brand new is completely original and hasn't had any work done to it. Just wondering what it might be worth?

  72. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hello everyone, I don't understand all this "70's-Gibsons-are-substandard" nonsense. I have a 72 SJ deluxe. I've played it for 20 years and I'll never need another. The thing is built like a tank, but very mellow tone. A beautiful guitar.

  73. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I have a SJDeluxe number B004259 stamped on the head stock and inside a paper stamp with SJ Deluxe What year would this be and what would be the value as it is very excellent as it stays in the case and never played very much.

  74. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I have a 1943 Gibson SJ Banner with truss rod. It is very hard to read the FON. It starts with 2 and then maybe 5 or 8 I see the red pencil number, kinda looks like 24 or 29. It has a truss rod. Here is a link to a small video clip I made.


  75. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Does the 1967 Country Westarn SJN have an adjustable bridge? My '64 does but I recently saw a 1967 that had a nonadjustable saddle. Has it been replaced perhaps?

  76. I can buy a 2011 Sam Ash Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul 1960's neck reissue for $1500, IF I win the bid...OR a 2011 Banner Logo Gibson Southern Jumbo near mint for $2000 today. I've ALWAYS wanted an SJ, but the prices were steep. $3500 to $4500 brand new plus taxes. A Gibson Les Paul seems to be a must have. I'm a touch insane, so? In ANY more seasoned guitarhead's heads, what one would YOU buy if you had to choose either or and NOT both? I own a '57 Gibson J50 that sounds gorgeous but requires a truss rod tweak or a bridge saddle sanding due to high action down the fretboard. The SJ would suit me more while having an actual luthier tweak the J50, but that 2011 Sam Ash Gibson Les Paul is haunting me. It's one or the other...or both if I make myself do it. Collecting guitars is an addiction, but a good one. HELP!

  77. I'm buying a mint condition 2011 Gibson Southern Jumbo Special Edition for $2000 plus the extras to get it to Canada from Texas USA. What does he mean by "Special Edition"? It ain't the Sheryl Crow or Aaron Lewis signature model. I don't really think having Sheryl Crow's signature on it will make it a better SJ, nor do I think an SJ, like the vintage 40's one Aaron Lewis likes and/or plays is designed to be like, for $3000 to $5000 more, would be a much better playing and sounding Southern Jumbo. SJ's are nice, big and sound great. Any opinions on this?

  78. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I just bought a 2011 Gibson Southern Jumbo Special Edition. It's at the post office until tomorrow. The only thing different is the "Banner Logo" on the headstock "only a Gibson is good enough". What does he mean by "Special Edition", it ain't the Aaron Lewis or Sheryl Crow SJ? I know it'll be nice. I'm sure those old vintage SJ's are nice, but these new ones MUST be close to as nice.

  79. I own a Gibson 1954 SJD. I've had her since 1972. She's in excellent shape. Only mod was new tuners. She sounds so sweet, she puts you to sleep while you play her. I just want to know what she's worth if you can help me.
    Bionic Bruce

  80. I have a 1974 Gibson SJ Deluxe and as one comment said, the wood has sunken near the sound hole but only cosmetic. Amazing sound! If the 70s was a bad time then I'll take a "bad" guitar any day ;)